Friday, September 6, 2013


Hello, friends!!   I pray that you have had a blessed day, so far, in the name of the Lord.

Did you know that today is a red letter day?  I will wait for you to go check your calendars.  Hurry back, okay.  Now, tell me what today is.  No, not that.  Huh, not that either.  Wrong again.  Okay, so what is it you ask?  Maybe it's just my calendar that is marked in red. gggg

Thirty four years ago today, my DH and I wed!!!!  Other than the day I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior, that was the best day of my life.  God surely was looking out for me when He blessed me with a GODLY husband.   I thank God every day of my life for my husband and for what he means to me.  He truly has been a blessing to me and for me and I look forward to the next thirty four years with him. No, we are not perfect in the eyes of the world, but in God's eyes we are being made perfect, because of what Christ Jesus has done for us.

"Because by one sacrifice he has MADE PERFECT FOREVER those who are being made holy." Hebrews 10:14

I mentioned in my bio about some of the christian ladies God has also blessed me with.  One of those ladies sends me a daily devotion every day from the daily encourager.  Today's devotion was an awesome one.  Thank you sweet lady!!!  I absolutely love it and I'm sharing it with you.  I hope and pray that you will let God speak to you through it and let Him tell you who He is to you.

About three years ago God revealed to me through a bible study with these ladies that He has been my "El Roi" my whole life.  The God who sees and is ever aware of all that has happened and sustained me through it all!!!  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!!

A Prayer Using the Names of God

I KNOW You can create something out of nothing, please create something out of any nothing areas - the impossible situations in my life.

El Elyon,
I KNOW You are in control, sovereign, and I give You my circumstances today.

I KNOW You are my Lord and Master, I choose to follow You instead of the ways of the world.

El Shaddai,
I KNOW You are God Almighty, and I trust that You are sufficient for my deepest needs today.

Jehovah Jireh,
I KNOW You are my provider, and will supply everything I need today.

El Roi,
I KNOW You are the God who sees me, and that I am never alone, and nothing in my life goes unnoticed, for You know it all and see it all.

I KNOW You are the one and only, self-existent, eternal, covenant-keeping God and that You will always love me.

Jehovah Rapha,
I KNOW You are my healer and I come to You now with every area of my life that needs healing today.

Jehovah Nissi,
I KNOW You are my banner, and the victory in every situation that threatens me today.

Jehovah Mekoddishkem,
I KNOW You are my sanctifier, making me holy, doing for me what I can never do for myself.

Jehovah Shalom,
I KNOW You are my peace, and bring calm in every storm I face in life.

Jehovah Sabaoth,
I KNOW You are the LORD of Hosts, and bring deliverance as You defeat my enemies.

Yahweh Ro'i,
I KNOW You are my shepherd, and intimately care for me even if no one else does.

Abba, Father,
I KNOW You are my Father and that I can run to You and rest in the security of your everlasting arms.

In Jesus' name,

I pray that this prayer is a blessing to you!

As I mentioned, today is our anniversary.  So, instead of going out today, (we will sometime in the next few days) I cooked.  Nothing extravagant.  But it is one of my husbands favorites, and I love cooking for him.  He appreciates the fact that I love to cook for him.  So, I fixed an electric pressure cooker full of great northern beans and ham.  While that was cooking, I fixed a skillet of cornbread wedges.  He is a happy camper when he has beans and cornbread.  Just one more reason I love him so much!!!!

I hope you have enjoyed your visit today.  I hope you have someone in you life that you love or someone that you remember having loved and still do.  But most of all, I pray for your first love to be Jesus Christ.  When He is first, it really is easier to prioritize everything else.   I hope you have been inspired to fix your family a big batch of beans and cornbread or some other good comfort food that you can enjoy together.  At the end of the day, thank God for all the people in your life that you love and ask God to help you be able to make Him first place in your life.

Hugs, Patty