Monday, May 30, 2016

Happy Memorial Day

Hello Y'all!!!!     I hope and pray that this weekend has been a great one for all of y'all.    For us here in the United States of America, today has been set aside as a day of Memorial, remembering the ones who have fought and shed blood and given the ultimate sacrifice, their lives, for us to be free.    Freedom isn't free and never let us forget that.    I am sure that every family in the United States has been touched by either service to their country or sacrifice for their country.    Service and sacrifice comes at a great price.    We have the right to to burn the flag of the United States of America.     For the life of me, I can NOT imagine why anyone would want to, but the same men and women that has fought and died for my freedom also fought and died for the same freedom that allows someone the right to burn the flag.    Yes, we have the freedom to do a lot of things.    Just because we have the freedom to do some things, doesn't mean we should!!!!!!     It has been said that Christ died for our souls and American soldiers died for our freedom, I can't imagine why we would want to take either one for granted.

I was having my hair cut at a local establishment a couple of years ago where the employees were young enough that they could have been my grandchildren.   They were just out of school and I just happened to walk in on a conversation they was having and none of the older people was saying anything.    They was really talking down about our country.    I set there as long as I could and kept my mouth shut till I could keep it shut no longer.    I finally asked them where they had went to school at.     One of the little gals spoke up so proudly and said the local high school.    I told her to go home and tell her parents to ask the school system for their tax money back that was spent on her education, because the school system had failed her miserably.    Because they had not taught her that men and women had died for her freedom to have such a poor attitude and misunderstanding of American history and World history.    I even asked her what they taught her about the Holocaust and she said not much and that she didn't even believe what she had heard about it.    I told her to go home and if she had any grand parents or great grand parents alive, ask them what they thought about her attitude and mindset and if they knew any survivors or even anyone who had served in WW 2.    I told them that their school system had failed them miserably and they should be very upset at not having been taught to take pride in their country, because if they had been, their speech would be totally different.    When I finally shut up, all the older people that was in there clapped at what I had just said.  

I left there fuming mad and went to the Dollar Tree and as I was leaving the store, I was still fuming mad over that situation and I almost missed an opportunity to hug a soldiers neck!!!!!!    I was coming out of the store and he was going in the store, I walked passed him, and then all of the sudden I realized that I had just caught a glimpse of uniform fatigues.    I wheeled on my heel and ran back inside and walked the aisles till I found him and he had his back to me and I said "Excuse me sir", while I was tapping his shoulder.   He turned around and looked down at me and I looked up at him, I already had tears in my eyes and I said "I just want to thank you for your service to our great country and for my freedom as the tears fell from my eyes."    His face lit up like a Christmas tree with the most awesome smile, and he took my hand and shook it and said, "It is an honor to serve my country and help keep America safe".     I gave him a hug and I walked away from him and something told me to look back, and I did, and people was lined up to do exactly what I had done.    I don't know how long he stood there and shook hands and hugged the public, but he was due that and much more from all of us.    Had I not just been in that situation earlier, I might have missed that opportunity.   So, I can truly say that something good does come from every situation.     I hope you have had the opportunity to thank a soldier or a veteran this weekend, they will appreciate it.

So, if there are any soldiers or veterans who actually read my blog, to you, I say, "Thank You!!!   God bless you with His hedge of protection.    I also pray that He protects your heart from the harshness of what you may have seen.    We are proud of you!!!!     We pray for you!!!!     And we will continue to remind those who may have forgotten about your service and sacrifice!!!!!!

My husband and I got out today and went for a drive over to Clarksville.   It was such a pleasant drive and we seen many flags flying and lots of picnicking and fun everywhere.    We had a very nice meal and then we drove over to the Cumberland river and found a good parking place and just watched the water, boaters, and some of the personal water crafts and the like.    It was a very pleasant hour or so. We have had so much rain here that the river was up quite a bit and it was really muddy and murky and lots and lots of debris floating in the water.    It was actually dangerous, or certainly could have been.    My husband brought his good canon camera and took some pictures.    I just wanted to share some of it with y'all today.
This was a tug boat coming up the Cumberland River with a bunch of coal, going to the Old Hickory power plant on up the river several miles.   It was a pretty huge barge of coal.    I really enjoy watching these barges of coal or rock or sand, whatever it may be, come up the river and go out of sight.
This one is better shot.   It is a brighter picture and you can really see the coal on the barges and just how large this single load is.
This is my fav of the barge pictures.     My hubby had gotten out of the car and was standing under the tree and it made the perfect forefront for this picture.     We was parked in front of a small boat dock, you can see the walk way to it and then the walkway out in the water.   It's kinda like a sidewalk in the water.    You'll see it better in the next picture.
"Yeah, this is my sidewalk, you got a problem with that?"     hahahaha      Guess who rules the roost.    He was really strutting his stuff on that sidewalk.    You could tell he was one of the locals.    It was funny, he didn't seem to be afraid of all the hub bub going on.    He just strolled up and down the sidewalk, but then he had a purpose for that and you'll see that in the next picture.
Well, today was BYOC day.    Bring your own can.    "Yeah, I like Sunkist, you got a problem with that?"    hahahaha      I think we solved the age old question.   You know, the question about what our feathered friends like to drink.    Well, this one likes Sunkist.    Who knew?     hahahahhaha     At least he was drinking responsibly.    Not everyone out today could say that!!!!

So, this is all the news that is the news on the waterfront sidewalk.    It looks like he has everything under control and looking out for unsuspecting wayfarers while wetting his whistle with a beak full of Sunkist ever once in a while.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures that I had to share with you this Memorial Day.  

Take a look in Joshua, I think it is Chapter 4 in the first few verses where the Israelites crossed the Jordan River, God had stopped the flow of the river and He had them take stones from the river and build a memorial for all the generations to come to see and know that God had done a great miracle for them.    God wanted them to build a Memorial as a remembrance of His faithfulness.    We still need to be reminded of the faithfulness of God and how He makes a way when there is no way.    God is still in the business of making a way.    Make no mistake about that.    Are we still passing on from one generation to the next about God's faithfulness today?    I pray we are!!!     Are we sharing with those is our circle of influence, the faithfulness of God in our every day lives?     I sure try to.    I was blessed to have lunch with a sister in Christ this week and that is what most of our conversation is always centered around, how Christ has been actively working in our lives and we recognize it and we share it with one another and with others.    It makes our faith grow stronger when we see how God is working in the lives of other people.     I want to be a living testimony to just how good God is!!!!     I want the people in my circle of influence to be a testimony to how good God is also.    We need one another as a reminder of God's mercy, grace and love so we won't forget where we have been, where we are now, who we are and whose we are.   For me, a memorial is a sign of hope.   My hope is in the Lord.    I love to see how God is working in the lives of others as a reminder to what He has, can and will do, if we let Him.     Are we passing that on to the generations coming up behind us?    I hope so.

Ladybug, it was great seeing you this weekend and I hope you have an awesome time this week and look forward to seeing you again Saturday.    Have fun!!!!!     Sweetpea loves you!

Well, that's it for this go 'round.     I hope you hugged a soldier or a veteran sometime this weekend and thanked them for their service and for your freedom.     I hope you liked the pics that I shared.   And now you know the rest of the story.....about what our feathered friends drink.    hahahaha     I hope and pray that you also know and remember the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for you.    That is ultimately, the greatest sacrifice that has ever been made for you.    Tell someone about it.

Until next time, enjoy the scenery around you and remember that God loves you, so do I.    hugs, Patty

Monday, May 16, 2016

Art or not?

Hello folks!    I hope and pray that where ever you are on this planet, that you are high and dry.    I recently started contemplating whether we need to start trying to build an ark.    I decided against it.   I think I'll just get a pair of floaties next time I'm at WalMart and call it good.    It'll stop raining when God's ready for it too and not a second sooner.    We need rain just like we need sunshine and we're getting a sampling of both right now.    And the cool mornings have been so nice too.    Here it is the middle of May and still having mornings down in the upper 30's to the low 40's.    The best that can be said is to enjoy it, because summer is just around the corner and I know I will be craving some of those cool mornings.    Bet some of y'all will too.    hehehe

I'm usually not one who talks much politics on my blog or anywhere else for that matter.   But this year is a big year in politics.   We either vote for the same old, same old and get the same old, same old knowing it will another 4 to 8 years of more of the worst that the politicians have to offer.    Or we vote for someone that is not in anyone's hip pocket yet and get what we get, not knowing for sure what we're gonna get.    It is a conundrum!!    I do and will continue to pray on this matter and pray for all of our leaders to just open a can of "common sense" somewhere along the way.    Common sense and doing what's best for the country at large has gone by the wayside, in favor of doing what's best for the "good ole' boy" establishment.    One thing I will venture to say here and I'll say it loud, "Hell is getting hotter every day!!!"     I do believe, since all government was established by God, our politicians will have to answer to God on that "Great Getting Up Morning" and will be held responsible for their actions.   That gives me a bit of satisfaction, knowing that God will judge righteously, whereas I know I wouldn't.     We don't have leaders like we once had!!!!    Leaders that was not afraid to bend the knee to call on God in prayer.    Leaders that would stand up for what is right and would strike down anything that was wrong, immoral or perverted!    They used to welcome great men of God, like Billy Graham and others, to speak to them and have prayer with 'em.     With that said, I'm anxious to see the outcome of this presidential election.   You see, a lot of the "hollywood elite", (hahahahahaha, thats's so laughable) have promised that if one contender over the other gets elected, they will pack up and leave the United States of America.   Ohhh lawdie, I pray pray pray......     To them, I say "don't let the door hit you on the way out!!!"    I dream of hearing that great wooooshing sound of all of 'em leaving!!!!!    In fact, I would happily hold the door open for 'em.     Heck, I might even be willing to chip in for a couple of one way tickets out of the country!!!!    What do you produce for the American people?    What good do you really do?    Do you pay the taxes that you SHOULD be paying?    Come on, admit it, you look down your face-lifted noses at the very people who put the money in your pockets, don't you!!!   What do you stand up for?     We know you by the fruit you produce!    Rotten produces rotten!!!!    Do you speak truth or do you promote perversion?     I say to them, "I don't need hollywood and the immorality that hollywood is all about!!!    I don't need hollywood telling me how I should vote!!!   I don't need hollywood telling me what I should think about anything!!!     I enjoy watching a little television, but you know what, I don't need actors, apers, mimic-ers telling me ANYTHING!!!!"     They're JUST actors!!!!!!!!!    But alas, I'm afraid it's just another big hoax, just getting my hopes up like they did about 12 years ago!   Oh well, it doesn't hurt a girl to have a dream does it?    Join me in praying for that great wooooshing sound!!!      And I wouldn't care if the news media followed suit!!!!    They don't report the news, they fabricate what they want to tell.    They spin their own stories just like spiders weaving a web and they have fed us garbage for the last 30-40 years and we have gobbled it up!!!!    They tell the people what we should think and how we should vote and what we should believe.    I don't need that bunch of immoral vile lie spewing people telling me anything either.    My desire and prayer would be for all of 'em to trip over one another finding the nearest door outta here!!!!    I'll hold it open for ya!!!!

2 Chronicles 7:14 (ASV)  if my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Those words are as applicable today as they were when God spoke them to Solomon many years ago. If you are a professing, believing, born again Christian, you belong to God!!!!    God wasn't talking to the pagan world, but to His people who had called on Him as their God! Where is humility today? Everyone wants to stand and beat their chests and claim king of the mountain all the while, the mountain is turning to a rubbish heap.    We need to humble ourselves prostrate at His feet crying out for mercy!!!      God help us before it's too late!!!    God does not hear the prayers of the unrepentant, so we as God's people need to repent and seek God.    God never hides Himself from someone who is seeking Him.   But, we will not find God if we are still happily rollicking in wickedness.    We, as a nation, are happily rollicking in wickedness and God will not tolerate it forever!!!!!    But, God says He will forgive us of our sin and He will heal our land!!!!    Come on people of God, trust that God will do what He says He will do!!!    The first chapter in Romans says that God will turn the people over to their reprobate minds and that is exactly what we are seeing, now more than ever, in the upside downness of sin. What used to be evil and vile is now the norm!!!    I don't know about you, but I don't like it!!!!        I despise what has happened to the morality of this nation!!!!    We either stand up and say something or we sit down and shut up and take it.        Somebody once said "if we don't stand up for something, we will fall for anything".    We have fallen for everything that is perverse, despicable, detestable, evil, immoral and vile!!!!       God wants to heal us and our land, what do you want?

In reality, I do pray for what is best for this great country!!!!     I do pray that God's chosen vessel will be elected for president, whomever that is.     In reality, I do pray that whomever it is, will determine in their heart to serve God and do what's right for the people!!!!    I realize that one person can't make everyone happy, but it's not hard at all to tell where someone's loyalties lie.    If the presidential contender has the intention of going to God before any decisions are made, then wise decisions WILL be made, just sayin'.     I'm not telling you how to vote, but I would suggest that if you have a relationship with Jesus Christ, talk to Him and listen to what He says before you cast your vote.     In any kind of race there can only be one winner, but in this particular race, there will be lots of losers and that is us, the American people, the VOTERS!!!!!    What are we willing to take a stand against?   Is anything worth standing for?    Or nothing at all?    We decide.    I pray we make the right decision!

This is something I have been working on this week.    I have had a blast with these, as I get to hammer out a lot of frustration.    hahahaha     These day's there's a lot to be frustrated about.    Anyway, these are bookmarks hammered from 14-16 gauge copper.     I am gonna look for some larger copper this week.    I hope to find 10-12 gauge.    Lowe's will have it, so off I will go sometime.
These are about 6 or 7 inches long.    I pulled some ribbons and threads and braided them once I got them looped onto the bookmark and then I put beads and buttons and rolled paper beads on them.
My next step is to make a pretty presentation card to put them on.   I appreciate all the suggestions from some friends on the Google+ Kraafters Kommunity group.    I was stuck and they pulled me out.   Thanks!!!!   I have a few more shorter ones that I am working on and will share pictures of all of them once I have them on the presentation cards.    Hope y'all like them and I will take any more suggestions that you may have under consideration.

Out in the crafting world there has a really good question that was asked.    One person wanted to know if what he had done in a digital format was considered "art".    It has provoked a great conversation, from the ones that have actually responded to the question.    It was something that really stirred me.    And I started questioning within myself what I think about art, and what do I consider art to be or look like.     This is just gal's opinion and nothing else.

When I was growing up and still in school, for some reason or another, I had pre-conceived notions in my head of what art should look like.    But when I started seeing works of the so called "great masters", I'm left with mixed emotions and a lot of it is not so good.    Who determines what "great" art is?   Just like with writers, we were always being told to try to figure out what the author was actually talking about or what the author was trying to say.    I'm not taking a test on what someone is "trying" to say, but I will take a test on what has been said.    I don't like trying to analyze what someone else is trying to say, they either say it or they don't.    It's not up to me to put my words in someones mouth/writing.    I think it's pretty much the same way with any other art form.    For me, I love colors and color combinations and different types of base materials to work on and with.     When I work on something, I'm expressing myself..     Shoot, I may not even be trying to say anything with what I do.    I may just be doing something for the sheer delight of it.   I'm not trying to tell the viewer what to think of it, period.    I wish I could go back to school and tell some of my teachers to "just get over it" and move on and don't tell me what I think about something is wrong.    Art is 100% perception.    I'm not taking a test on what someone else sees in a piece of art, but I will tell you what I see.    So,,,,,,,maybe I don't perceive something the way someone else does, don't tell me I'm wrong and I won't tell you you're off your rockers.    hahahaha     My sense of humor is different to most peoples, and when I look at something or read something, I'm always viewing or reading through the filter of my humor.    If something makes me laugh, then my perception is that it's pretty good.    The same thing may provoke someone else to tears, it doesn't mean my perception is wrong, it just means we see things from a different perspective.    Am I wrong?     Not any more so than the person who doesn't see it the way I do.     I truly believe it all goes back to one's perception of what we see and read, nothing more, nothing less, and nothing else.   Perception, perception, perception!!!

So, I would really love for someone to tell me who determines whether art is good or bad.   No one has the right to tell you that what you do is NOT art!     I'm just a country gal with country ways and country ideas and I guess I live my life based on practical principles.    Based on what I actually see in a piece of art and what I read that an author has actually written, instead of based on what someone has told me I should be seeing and reading and interpreting it a certain way.   Anything less than that and it then becomes their point of view that I am seeing and reading and I don't like seeing life thru anyone's eyes but mine.    I love art and I love trying to create art in what ever form it takes and I do it for myself and if someone else happens to like it, then great, if not, that's fine too.

Colossians 3:17   And whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father.    (New Living Translation)

What ever you do, do it as if you are doing it for the Lord!    After all, He is the First artist and the Greatest artist of all time!!!    Any skill talent or ability comes from Him.     We either praise Him through our art or we don't.    At the end of the day, I want Him to be happy and pleased with whatever I do and that's truly enough for me.    No matter what your artistic ability is, serve God and praise Him with your gift of art and thank Him for it.   That's what I try to do with my art and I pray that He will help me develop more skill as I try to serve Him.    I pray for God to be seen more and for me to be seen less in everything I do.

What about you, what's your artistic point of view?

Ladybug, I hope and pray you have a great day today and that it is dry in your neck of the woods.   Hope to see you soon.   Sweetpea loves you very much!!!!

Well, that just about does here for me on this episode today.    I will be gearing up shortly to try and get some items made for the county fair and the FCE Creative Day coming up pretty soon.    As I do, I'll share my pieces with y'all.    So, stay tuned and be on the look out.     Till next time, God loves y'all and so do I.    hugs and love, Patty

Sunday, May 8, 2016

"Happy Mother's Day"

As I sit here right now the sun is shining beautifully, but it is just a wee bit cool outside and "I LOVE IT"!!!!!!!     Oh yes I do!!!!!     The rainy weather makes me hurt so bad, but the hot weather makes me glisten!!!!    hahahaha     I heard on a movie one time a few years ago a wonderful saying and I haven't forgotten it.     The setting was the "Gone with the Wind" type of movie, not that particular movie though, just another one similar.    A southern belle was sitting in the upstairs window fanning herself and a maid came in to wait on her.     The maid said something about being hot and sweating.  The southern belle looked at her, with sweat rolling from her brow, and said in her best southern drawl, "ladies glisten, gentlemen perspire and horses sweat!"    I cackled out screaming and laughing, and said that's it, I always knew I was horse!!!!     Let me tell ya, it's hard to be a lady when you're sweating like a horse!!!   hahahaha     I have to admit that I do love the creature comforts of today.    I think we have the capacity to make do in what ever situation we happen to find ourselves.    I just always hope and pray that where ever I find myself that they have excellent air conditioning!!!!    hahaha  

I went shopping for a new pair of Crocs on Thursday and met a new crafting friend while she was helping me look at some tops.   I was over the top excited.    I had on a "tree of life" necklace that I had made a few weeks ago.     I was dining with a wonderful Sister in Christ and she has a "tree of life" necklace and I was admiring it and mentioned it to her and she told me, "Make one", you can do that.     I told her it made my head hurt just thinking about trying to figure it out.    Well, I went home and watched a few Y T videos and seen how to do, and lo and behold, I did it.    Everyone loves it.    So when my new friend and I was talking, she mentioned my necklace and I told her it was the very first one that I had made, she was really thrilled about it.    That sparked a conversation and we chatted for a few minutes and I left knowing that I had wonderful new friend.     I can't wait to get together with her and chat some more.     We will make it happen.  
This is my "tree of life" necklace.     I am very happy that I made it and I hope to be able to make some and get it to the point that it's not such a struggle.    It is kinda crude, but it is still an attention grabber.    So, I am very thankful that God helped me to get this done.    Had it not been for my friends insistence that I could make one, I would never have attempted it.

So, here it is Sunday night and I just got home from  a weekend visit with my Mom.    I got to spend Mother's Day with her and I am truly blessed to still have my mother and get to spend a few days with her every now and again.      It was such an awesome visit.    I got to see ALL of my brothers and that means more to me than words can express.    We was looking at old pictures and one of my brothers had posted a couple of pics on face book so I decided I would share some of them here.    We'll call them "then and now".      It is always fun to take a few trips down memory lane and see how the years added up.   gggg   We are all truly blessed by God beyond measure that He has let us have each other as long as we have.    We'll go from black and white to color, or from the "old days" to the new days and somewhere in between.    

Ok, so this is the "old days'!!!     Hahaha     I just love it!!!!      This was an Easter Sunday and we was ready to go to church.    I was about 10 years old in this pic.    Lots of sun frowns.   hahahaha      Daddy was taking the picture.    At Father's Day, my brother plans to post the one where daddy was in the picture and mommy was taking the picture.     I wish you could see mom's and mine outfits real well.    She made all of our clothes for many years and a lot of the time our outfits was very similar and I always thought that was so neat.          
Ok, this one was at Christmas several years ago.    All 8 of us are in this one.   My husband was the photographer and we all loved this picture.     I went to Mom's a couple of weeks ago and she had found this picture in a frame and had it setting out and I took a picture of the picture, that's why there is a glare on it.     I was about 25 years old in this picture.     We was all slim and trim and young looking.   hahahaha     I had all this long hair with a spiral perm in it and LOVED it!!!!!     hahahaha    We were rock stars, or so we thought!!!!     Someone said, "A picture that only a mother could love", and my mother said, "Yes, and I do love it!!!"    And she does love her family.  
25 to 30 years later, this morning, as a matter of fact, here we are.    Mother's Day 2016.    We all got together at Arby's and had breakfast this morning.     It was wonderful time!!!!!    The waitress was in awe that we all was there.    Still a family that only a mother could love, and my mother does love her family!!!     I really wish this picture wasn't as dark in the back as it is.    I really tried to lighten it up in my software, but it's still pretty dark in the back.

At nine o'clock, we all parted ways and some went on home and some went to church.     Mom and I went to her church and it is always good to go to church with her.    She got a beautiful big pot of flowers for having the most children.    She held up all the fingers and thumb on one hand and the thumb on the other hand to represent the head count of her children.    I reached over and grabbed the thumb on her hand and said, "this one represents me, "I'm thumb-body!"   hahahaha

It was a blessed day!!!!    A day I thank God for!!!!     I hope and pray that everyone of y'all got to spend time with your mother today.     I hope and pray that you made good memories today.    I pray that you have good and great memories in your memory banks to reflect on if she is no longer with you.    I pray that you all have had a "Happy Mother's Day"!!!!    I am so thankful and grateful to God for my day today and I hope and pray that y'all are too.

Ladybug, it was such an awesome time this weekend and I look forward to many more with you!!  Sweetpea loves you!!!

As I leave you tonight, I hope and pray that y'all have had a wonderful praiseworthy day and that you have a rest filled night.    And I hope you have taken the time to thank God for your mother.     Remember, God loves you and so do I!!!      Until next time, love and big hugs, Patty

Monday, May 2, 2016

Gelli Plate Pulls Play Time

Good afternoon everyone.     I hope and pray that y'all are high and dry today.     We woke up with rain today and I don't think it has stopped all day.    It's still raining even as I type.    It is a good day for the ducks and geese out at the city park.    As my husband drove off to work this afternoon, I was at the kitchen widow praying for him as he drove on up the road and looking out over the front yard.  There's  some places in our front yard where bradford pears used to be before they were attacked numerous times with the wind blowing up the hollow.     After having branches and limbs and even the whole top of one twisted off, hubby decided to cut them down.    They were really ratty looking after all the wind damage.    The areas where the root systems were are still rotting.    He did rent a stump grinder and got most of the stumps out, but there is still this big root system under ground.    We noticed early on that where the root system was, there would be mushrooms to come up.    Sometimes there is even what we used to call as kids; a fairy ring.    Today, when I was watching my husband drive off, I noticed there was a very large mushroom where the middle tree was.    I hope it gets dry so I can go out and get a photograph of it before it starts deteriorating.    At some point in time before the wet season is over, there should be a very large fairy ring in our front yard.    If there is, I will get a pic of it too.    So, stay tuned, you just may be seeing some mushrooms here.

I had an afternoon yesterday of playing with my gelli plate for the very first time.    Today, I played with a couple of them and here's what I came up with.    The befores and after.
 This is one of them from yesterday.   I like the circles and colors.
This is another one from yesterday and I really like the feather and colors.
This is how they turned out today and I just love them.   I used some of the paints to put tiny dots on them.    I drew squiggly lines on the edges and I traced around the feather and I colored the white circles that was left behind when I used the little white lid.   It was just some fun little extras and I love the little pieces of art that I have now.     The ladies over on the Kraafters Kommunity and the Gelli Plate Anonymous Club can do some very awesome things with their gelli plate pulls.     I love watching what they do, it makes me soooo happy to see them do their "thang"!!!!    So, this is my homage to them.    Thank you so much for all the inspiration that I have gleaned from all of you!!!!

I hope y'all have enjoyed a peek at some the pulls I made.    I sure did enjoy making them and sharing them.     I hope to venture into more different types of arts and crafts.     Tonight is Card Making Ministry night at church, so I hope to have some beautiful cards to share soon.  

I hope and pray that y'all have a wonderful evening and a great night of rest.     I pray for the peace of God to settle over each one of you and that you have a wonderful restful night of healing refreshing sleep.    Take care and remember that God loves y'all and so do I.     hugs, Patty

Sunday, May 1, 2016

My VERY First Gelli Plate Pulls

Good Sunday Y'all!!!   As I sit here typing this blog post the sun has been shining, it has been raining hard and the thunder has been banging all around.   The weather is about fussy as I am, I don't know what I want to do so I make a lot of noise.   That's what the weather is doing.    hahahaha     If you don't like the weather in my neck of the woods, just wait for a few minutes and something you like will roll around.    hahahaha     Just praying it stays mild and does not kick up a bad storm.    I hope and pray that where ever y'all are today that you are safe from the weather.    Even more than that, I pray that you are resting in the arms of Father God this blessed day!!!

Did you see the title of today's post?     Hehehehehe, I am so stinkin' happy, yes I am!!!    I done my very first gelli plate pulls!!!!     Ohhhhh, yes I did!!!!     I'm just silly giddy with excitement.    In a Google+ community that I belong to, Kraafters Kommunity, the ladies over there are always experimenting and doing all sorts of cool fun stuff.    They talk of their love hate relationship with the gelli plate to do printing with.   If you don't know what that is, google "gelli plate" and you will find more than enough info to keep you busy for years.   hahaha     Anyway, I have watched with envy and joy and happiness as they have lots of fun and have been very hesitant to do it.    Why?     Heck, don't ask me, I don't know why!!!!    Anyway, about 3 weeks ago I gathered the supplies to make my own gelli plate and set out making one.     (You can also google "how to make a gelli plate" and find recipes and how to's.)    The purchased ones are better and will last longer than the homemade ones, but making one is a good way to determine if it's an investment you want to make, because they are kinda pricey.  

With all that said, this afternoon, I bit the bullet and played with my gelli plate!!!!    The gelli plate I made is about 9 x11 inches.    I took a spatula, hahaha, and cut off a corner that is about 3 x 4.5 inches.    It didn't seem to be quite so intimidating when I cut it down.    I used a very small water color pad to make my pulls with.    It is 2 x 3.5 inches, so they are really tiny little pieces of art, or will be when I get thru with them.    I had a stinkin' blast!!!!    I used Folk Art paint, Apple Barrel Paint and some Martha Stewart Glass paint.    I had some very specific images in my mind of what I wanted to do and what I had hoped my pulls would look like.    I had had those images in my mind from the very first time I seen gelli plating and I guess that's why I had not ventured to do it.   I was actually afraid that I would not be able to recreate the images in my mind.    Well, I am very happy to report that with the help of God, I did just that!!!    Now, with the pulls that I have on the heavy water color paper, I just have to do some finishing touches on them to get my tiny pieces of art to look exactly as I had wanted them to look.
Woohoo!!!  Yay!!!   I did it!!!!
I just used a few stamps to make images and impressions.
On a couple of them I used a lid from something to make circles and I used some feather stamps on some.

This is some of the paints I used.
This has a mini quilt stamp on it.
I think this one with the faint feather image is close to my favorite one.
 This is the mini water color pad I used.   I hope to get more of these.
This is another one that I really like.  I stamped the images after I had used it on the gelli plate to lift color.

 I really like the purple and bronze circles.
 These quilt pieces are fun.

This is the one I really like.  
I just have to say that I am now hooked, like so many others!!!!!   I can honestly say that there are many more worse things to be hooked on!!!!    Ain't that right y'all?   Woohoo!!!!    I can"t wait to play more!!!

I hope and pray that y'all have had a great day and that what ever you done today, you kept God first place in all you done.    God loved you enough to give His Son as a pardon for your sin and that if you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior, you will be saved.

Ladybug, hope you had a great day today and look forward to seeing you soon.   Sweetpea loves you.

Have a great night, y'all!    Share what you seen here today with someone you love.    Stay safe.   Remember God loves y'all and so do I!!!    hugs, Patty