Sunday, November 4, 2018

November, a new Tip, and a few pictures

Good morning Y'all!!!    I hope and pray that where ever y'all are, on the face of this planet, that you can say it is great to be a part of this day that God has created just for us to enjoy.    This is the first weekend in November!!!   Can you believe that?   Here we are with another year just about wrapped up!!    I just can't believe it.   I don't know where this year has escaped to.    It has vanished, just like the vapor hanging over a body of water on an early morning when the sun finally reaches it.   It just sort of disappears without making a big deal.   This year has been disappearing without making a big deal too.    I guess it is fair to say that it has been a pretty good year if it can start wrapping up without much of a big deal.   That certainly means I have a lot to be thankful for!!!!   So, for November, I will be thankful and grateful in it.  

God has certainly blessed me in this life of mine and in this year.   I can never thank Him enough for His watch care and protection over me and the ones I love.   I can honestly say that I have never been hungry in my life.   Oh, I've had my tummy growl because a meal was overdue.   But I have never been hungry and not know where my next meal was coming from.   Thank you God!!!!    I have never been without clothes.    Oh, I've never had the best that money could buy.   But I've never had the desire to have the best!!    I just want to be able to cover my nakedness and there has never been a time that I could not do that.   Thank you God!!!   I have had a wonderful life with my husband for the last 39 years.   It has not always been easy, but it has always been right.   For that, I am thankful that God has always been the deciding factor in our marriage.   Thank You God!!!   I have never been without a roof over my head.  There was a time, between selling one house and buying another that we lived in a motel for a short time.   Laying my head on the pillow at night was a little uncomfortable, but that didn't last long.   For that short period of time, I can actually say that I know what it felt like to not have a home to call our own and that was very uncomfortable, but it wasn't a permanent situation.   For that, I can say, Thank you God!!!   I am not the picture of perfect health, but I am also not the picture of someone who is desperately ill and has no hope of every feeling better.    Oh, I have my aches and pains as most people do, but I know that I could be so much worse off than I am.   The last 2 years have actually been good years for me getting a little bit healthier.   So, for that, thank You God!!!!!    Through the years I have lost a lot of people that have meant a lot to me in the process of living and dying.   My life is better for having known them.   With all the losses, I still have some pretty wonderful people in my life that I get to do life with.   Thank you God for those precious people that are my family and my friends.

So, as I look back at what I just wrote, I realize that although this year hasn't been really eventful, it has been a blessed year!!!   And I am so thankful to God for it!!!   I hope and pray that as you evaluate where this year has brought you thus far that you can come away from the evaluation with a "thankful and grateful" heart, and a heart full of praise and adoration for The One who responsible for it, that would be our God!!!   No matter what has come our way this year, we have to know and realize that it could be worse.   God loves His own!!   God never leaves His own!!   God never forsakes His own!!   Now us, on the other hand, we fail to love God, we find it easy to leave God and we find it easy to just forsake and walk away from God.   Even when we do those things, He is still there, waiting for us to come back Him.   I am so thankful to God that He is ever present and never leaves us.   So, for the rest of this month, I plan on finding ways to thank God for all He has done for me and the people in my life.   For those of you who read my blog, I pray that  God will bless you in a mighty way and that you will be thankful for His presence in your life.   Praise God from whom all blessings flow, praise Him all creatures here below!!
For my tip today, I would like to revisit the wonderful Air Fryer.   I use mine just about every day and love it!!!!    I do have to keep it clean or at least try to.    One tip for helping keep our air fryers clean is "do not spray cooking spray in the basket of the af".     The lecithin in the formulation of the non stick spray actually sticks to and makes the af hard to clean.    Whatever I cook, I always spray the food items before I put it in the af with my non-stick spray or I brush olive oil on it before hand.  But if you do get a build up of oily gunk, run a sink full of hot water with good dish soap and sit the basket in it and let it set there for a while and then use a small brush with a small head on it to scrub lightly around the vents in the basket.   Do that every time you use it and it won't be long till the cooked on gunk will be gone.   If you have an af, use it and enjoy it.

Another tip I will give you is this.   If you haven't got one yet and you are looking at getting one, I would get the largest that my budget will actually afford.   If you don't have the funds right now to get a large one, start putting back a couple of dollars a week or save your pocket change till you can get the largest one possible, without going into debt.   I got a small one and realized that it wasn't large enough.   So I got another one and blessed a friend with the small one.   Now, I really wish I had the largest one on the market!!!   But, I can't afford the largest one now, maybe some day.  I'm saving for it.   So take my advice, and get the largest one you can possibly afford.   You won't regret it.   The next one I want to get is the Paula Deen 8.3 af from Evine.   I think that is the largest on on the market right now.    If it is just you, one person, then the small one may be perfect.   But for 2 or more in a household, larger is better.   Everything you cook in an af is so much better!!!!   My husband and I have got to where we can't eat a lot fried foods away from home.   The grease in it will make us sick.   But food cooked in an air fryer doesn't have much grease if any at all.   The only reason you would want to use any spray or oil at all is just so foods that should be browned, will brown properly.    I recently bought some avocado oil in a pump spray bottle and it is awesome!!!   It is expensive, but I did get to use my Ibotta app and got back a dollar for it.   So look for ways of being able to purchase items that you may not be able to otherwise.   For me, it is by using Ibotta.

Another small tip is this.   Use the Ibotta app!!!   That is a great way to save money!!!   The money that I get back in the Ibotta app is my money to spend on my crafts!!!   Thanks to my sweet husband!!  He said that I earned the money and since he has retired, our finances are pretty tight, but this app makes it possible for me to still be able to craft.   So this is also on my list of "thankful grateful" praise for the month of November!!!   There is always a lot to be thankful for.
I do have a few pictures I would like to share with y'all and I hope you enjoy them.
This is from a walk on our greenway here in town.  Part of it is actually out in the country.  This is at the place where the old water plant for our town used to be.
This is a close up of the above picture.  We had a lot of rain and the creek was high and some drift wood got caught in the undercurrent of the falling water and it made for a very beautiful scene.
This is a few pictures from our Quilt Show back in October.   It was a huge success and everyone enjoyed it so much!!
Beautiful quilts was all over the place.   Oh my gosh we have talented people that shared their labors of love!!
This is a very intricate quilt to look at.  It almost plays with my vertigo.  hahaha   The movement in it is awesome.   I think it's called a Bargello quilt, not sure about though.
I got to teach a class at Creative Day in an adjoining county in October and this is some of the pins that the ladies made.   Each one was beautiful.
Each one is totally different also.   I really enjoyed doing that and hope that I get to do it again sometime.
 This is a shot of my butternut squash fries that I made in my air fryer.   They were so delicious.
 A close up of them.  Don't drool now, it's not nice.   hahaha
This was Hat Sunday on the last Sunday in October at my Mom's church.  I took an "us-ie" of us before we left.   I love this picture because on the wall behind us is the last family picture that was made while my Dad was still alive.   That picture was made Dec. 25th, 2011 and we laid him to rest on Jan. 25th, 2012.   The picture wasn't planned, but we was happy it turned out like that.

I hope y'all enjoy this little sampling of what I have been up to this Fall.   I do have some craft pictures I want to share also, but they are not on this computer yet, but I will get them on here so I can do that.  I think y'all will like them.
Well, that's just about it for today.   I hope you enjoyed your visit here today.   I do pray that we will all take this month to reflect on what we have to be thankful for.   Whether you are in the states or not, we all have a LOT to be thankful for and now is as good a time as any to thank God for all His undeserved blessings.   I hope that is you have an air fryer, maybe my tips will be beneficial to you and maybe if you don't have Ibotta on your smartphone, you will check into it.  Everyone can use a few extra "free" dollars.   I hope you have pictures that you can look at to help you remember the blessing of everyday life.  If not, I invite to look at mine.   Tell someone you know that Jesus loves them and that God is the answer to all their problems.   Makes no difference what it is, He can help.   You just got to want to be in relationship with Him through the shed blood of His Son, Jesus Christ.   I am so grateful to Christ for all He has done for me!   I know He is waiting to hear from you.   Have a blessed day and just know that God loves y'all!!!  I do too!!   hugs and thankful blessing to you all, patty

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Cultural Arts 2018, a Tip, and Fun stuff

Good morning from my neck of the woods!!!     It's a fine October morning from here in my neck of the woods.      We are in a rainy spell and I guess that has to be ok, since I can't change the weather.     I just have to go with the flow.     I am definitely ok with that because with the Fall weather comes cooler temps and I am a happy camper with that.     I just don't do hot weather very well.     When I get hot, I don't turn red like a lot of people do.     No, I bypass red and go directly to purple!!!      Now, you would think that since purple is my favorite color, I wouldn't mind that.     I love purple, I love wearing purple, I just don't love BEING purple.   hahahaha     It is very hard to camouflage!!     Oh, it's impossible to camouflage!!!!!      So, that's why I dislike heat and hot weather.     So, if you see someone that is purple, just know that they are as close to meltdown as a human can get without bursting into flame!!!!   hahahahaha

With Fall being official now, we can expect to see a lot of beauty in color.    I guess that has to be my favorite thing about Fall.     Pumpkins and all the fall squash, the beautiful mums, not to mention all the many hues and colors of leaves.    God can certainly paint a gorgeous picture with all that He has designed just for our viewing pleasure.     Fall is also the time of year that we start seeing fresh Sorghum being made and sold.    Oh my, how I do love me some good ole Sorghum on a freshly baked, homemade biscuit with hand churned, homemade butter!!!!     Now I must tell you that this conjures up all kinds of childhood memories.    Mom's fresh homemade biscuits!!!    Mamaws freshly churned hand made butter!!!!   And Mr. and Mrs. Beliles fresh home made Sorghum!!    There is nothing any better than that!!!!   Nothing in the realm of eating that tops that!!!     Those are just some of the foods that I remember vividly from childhood as if it was yesterday!!!     There is very few times in life that I would go back to for a few seconds if I could, but for this one time that I would go back long enough to eat a biscuit with butter and sorghum, all made by the hands of the ones that I mentioned.

We have been walking a lot at our local green way and have been enjoying that tremendously.    I have taken several pictures along the way and have enjoyed looking at them as a reminder of all the beauty that is close at hand, it's just up to us get out and find it and ENJOY it.    If you have an area that you can walk in that's out in nature, seek it and take advantage of it.    We see lots of animals, mostly deer and turkey.     I haven't been very successful at getting good pictures of them, but I have enjoyed seeing them.    It's always good to get out in God's nature and see just exactly what He has created for our viewing pleasure.    Do you have any idea just how beautiful a decaying tree is that is still standing and full of nature?    Such as a habitat for birds and squirrels and all kinds of insects.   There is a big tree just off the walking path that has long since died, but it provides life and shelter for lots of creatures.    There is even all different kinds of mushrooms growing up the side of the tree.    I am happy, that for now, the farmer has decided to leave the tree.    If at some point in time, it starts shedding so much that it gets in the way of him putting a crop, I'm sure he will take it down.    But for now, we get to enjoy it.    Well, anyway, I hope that if you get the opportunity to get out, that you go for it, it will be a blessing.   Plus it will help strengthen your immune system, for the upcoming winter season.
This time of year, my Family Community Education Club starts ramping up for all the late summer and fall festivities.   Just as school has started back in my neck of the woods, we also had our Cultural Arts and Fashion Revue for the county clubs to show off all their arts and crafts we have been busy with since last year.   It is always a great time to get together to see what everyone else has been up to.   Just a few of weeks ago my club hosted the Creative Day for our county and it was a pretty good success.   I was one of the teachers and shared 3 things to make.   One was a "take and make" and the other two was "make and take".  It was fun.   One of the ladies that done one of my classes entered her canvas pin in the Cultural Arts and came in 1st place with pin!!   It also won place in the County Fair!!!    Yay!!!  Woop Woop!!   I had entered several items and actually did place on several of those items.  I can't wait to find out everything that I actually placed on.   We used to leave with ribbons of color to distinguish what place we garnered a ribbon, but we haven't had ribbons for about 3 years now and it is very disappointing to not know exactly what you left with.   So, I think I may have to lovingly speak on this matter soon.  

We had the County Fair, and we all was busy for few days getting those last minute entries whipped up.    But before we had our Fair, several of us went to a neighboring county to be judges in their fair.   That is exciting for me.    This is the first time I have gotten to do this.   Back earlier in the summer, four of us from my county went to another county for a new program that is just starting.      As  a matter of fact, this was the first class of it's kind and my former Extension Agent wrote most of the curriculum for the class and it will be tweaked and more added to it in the years to come.     We are trying to get a more uniform method of judging instead of judges just giving ribbons to the type of craft they like.     We will have guidelines to base our judging on instead of our own personal likes.     I think this will be a more fair way of judging any of the items entered.     I have always said that I know a lot about a lot of crafts, that's true.     But even if it's something I haven't done or don't care to do, I can look at it objectively and see how much work went into it or not.     I know some of my early fair entries was judged based on what the judge liked, not on the overall product.    Had they been scored on uniform scoring guidelines, there is no doubt they would have placed and probably in 1st place.     That is water under the bridge and hopefully when judges are chosen this year, they come from the pool of ladies who went to the Judging class.

Then after the County Fair, comes our 3rd annual Quilt Show on the first Saturday in October, also sponsored and put on by the Family Community Education Clubs.     People that have visited our Quilt Shows have said they are far greater than some of the larger quilt shows they have been to.    And I know that is a fact, because I've been to several myself and the one we put on was far better than anything I've been to.    Last year we about 128 items on display, maybe more.   It is an awesome way to spend a day of your time.  I don't know exactly what I will be doing this year, but in the years past, I have tried to learn as much as possible about the quilts as I can.  Then if I'm monitoring the quilts, I could walk up and share some of the info that I had gleaned form the person or people that brought them in.    They all seemed to enjoy that and I certainly enjoyed sharing the info.   Some of the old quilts are totally unbelievable!!!    To look at the size of pieces used in some of the quilt squares in remarkable!!   We had the Quilt Show and it was a huge success!!!  People keep telling us that it only gets better and better and I do believe that.

After the Quilt Show, another project comes about and that is the Presidents Luncheon.     It is for all the presidents of all the county clubs and the County Council members.    Since I am v. p. of my club, this has nothing to do with me.    hahaha    I can't remember if the Christmas Sampler comes before the presidents Luncheon or not.     The Christmas Sampler is where all the artisans meet at the Civic center and sell their wares.    And also, this is not a project of the Family Community Education Clubs, we just support the event and one of the clubs always has a vendors booth selling kitchen knives as a fundraiser for their club.    Years ago, the majority of goods at the Christmas Sampler was hand made, but now the majority of it is made in China and it's not as fun as it used to be to go.     There are still a few vendors who sell their hand made goods and those are the ones I try to support.    Although I don't have as much to spend as I used to, I still enjoy looking at the hand made goods more than I do the cheap stuff from China.  But the Christmas Sampler is the kick off the Christmas season and then all the stores and shops in the downtown area will have special nights for shopping until Christmas.    The Christmas Parade will be in the mix also and that's always a good day for the down town shops. 

Anyway, this is just a rundown of what's on my agenda from now till the end of the year.     I hope all y'all have plenty of activities to keep you excited about what's going on in your life.     Oh yeah, I do have something coming up in September too.     I just can't share it right now, but after the fact, I will bombard y'all with more pictures than you even want to see.    hahahaha      How is that for whetting your appetite?      Is that enough to keep y'all tuned in to see what I'm talking about?    I sure hope so!!

One of the things not mentioned on my agenda was an 8 Day Eastern Caribbean Carnival Cruise.     I just got back from that.     I was blessed and fortunate enough to get to take another cruise with my Mother.     We always have fun, so this was no exception.      We went with 2 ladies, another mother daughter team from Mom's church.   They are actually cousins of mine on my Dad's side of the family.    We had a grand time!!!!!    Blessed and highly favored is the words that comes to mind.  I am so thankful to God for this trip!!!   I am also thankful to my husband for being loving and gracious enough to let me go and enjoy this time with my mother.    If you are a follower of mine on facebook you can find my pictures there.     It is hard to imagine all the beauty out in this creation, made by God's own hands, just for us to enjoy!!!!!   I think sometimes I forget that.   And as beautiful as the earth is, it is always good to get home and just be thankful for a place to rest my head beside my husband that God has graciously given to me.     We actually celebrated our anniversary on Sept. 6th and we left on very early Sept 7th for our cruise getting back on late Sept 16th.     

We left from Port Canaveral Florida going to St. Kitts, St. Maarten, San Juan Puerto Rico, and Grand Turk.    We got off at each port of call and looked around for a bit but got back on the ship in pretty quick fashion.     I don't like being very from the ship.    That was my home for the duration and I don't like being away from home.     So Mom and I spent more time on the ship than most did, but that's ok with me and I hope it was ok with her.     I just didn't want anything to happen while we was off the ship.     After all, I had my Mom with me and I consider her to be precious cargo and tried to look after her as such.

One word of caution about the Port in Port Canaveral.    Upon arriving back to the port, disembarking meant we had to go down an escalator with our luggage in tow!!!!      Now, I am not and have never been a fan of escalators!!!!     This was NO different!!!!!     Had I known that disembarkation meant going down that freaking thing, I would probably have stayed at home!!!    Yes, that's true!!!!     I almost fell down the stinkin thing and my Mom was right behind me and I was terrified for her!!!    If we had known this was coming up, I believe we could have gome down an elevator or stairway or something!!!    Anything but this!!!!      So, if you are ever leaving from Port Canaveral, just know that disembarkation means an escalator.     

Also on the Carnival Sunshine, our cruise ship, you have to go thru Muster before the ship sets sail. This is the second time I have ever cruised.    The first time our Muster Station was inside the ship.  This time it was outside on a walkway and it was 90+ degrees in the shade and 95 percent humidity with 1000 people crowded in this area!!!!!   Plus, all of the people was not showing up at their Muster stations on time.    Would that I could have cracked some heads together!!!!!     My Mom and I was on time, promptly and in the very first line that was backed up against a wall with about 6 or 7 other lines of people directly in front of us, all shoulder to shoulder and elbow to elbow!!!!     The sweat was rolling from us and my Mom was getting red and hot.    We both were.    A man in front of us turned around and seen my Mom and seen that she was not feeling well and started yelling "Clear the way, sick lady coming thru", he was head and shoulders taller than everyone else and he was yelling that till we got off the deck and out of his sight.    God bless him and his wife for doing that.   Someone finally brought her a glass of ice water and she got cooled down and we was ok then.

It was good time, a good cruise and all done with great people.   We met a lot of wonderful people and I wish I would have had the forethought to get more names and info on how to stay in touch.   I think of them often and pray well wishes for them.   Just so thankful for the opportunity that God gave us to get to go on another cruise together.  praises for that!!!
My tip for this post is to look for God in all circumstances.    For those who say there are coincidences, I say there is no such thing.   There are a lot of God-appointed events and happenings, but no luck or coincidences.   Look for God to show up in ever situation.  Whether you look for Him or not, He's still there.   I challenge you to look for Him and thank Him for being there at all times.

If you are not in relationship with God through His Son, I also challenge you to dig deep and figure out why not.   That is the best relationship you will ever have and it really is the beginning of every other real relationship you will ever have in your life.   That one relationship will also determine your future.   People always like to say that God sends people to hell.   That is a lie straight from the pits of hell.   Our choices in this life determine where we will spend our eternity.   So if you can NOT say with assurance that your eternity will be spent in the presence of Jesus Christ, then right NOW is the time for you to make the right decision.   It should be an easy decision.   Before a person knows Christ as personal Lord and Savior, that person does not know what he does not know.  Sounds simple, but it's anything but simple.   Why would anyone curse God if they knew the benefits of being in a real relationship with Him?   They wouldn't.   That's why I say we don't know what we don't we don't know.   So, call a trusted friend, go to a bible teaching preaching church, read your bible, ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to the things that you don't know.   Do what ever it takes to know God thru Jesus Christ!!   You will NOT regret it!!   It's not easy being a Christ follower, but it is rewarding.  It is rewarding in this life and we can't even begin to imagine the rewards in the future.   So I challenge you to dig deep and search for God, He is waiting for you!!!

That's about all I have tonight.   It's been a long day and I'm ready to call it a day.   Hope to hear that some of y'all went to church tomorrow because you read my blog.   Hope to read that some of y'all accepted Christ  because you did dig deep and find God right where you are.   I hope and pray that y'all have a wonderful refreshing night of rest and that  tomorrow is a wonderful day for each of you!!   Remember that God loves y'all and so do I!!!     Big hugs and much love, patty

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Ibotta, Checkout 51, Fetch Rewards, and More

Good morning folks, it's been a while since I've been on my blog and for those who actually read my blog, I apologize for that.   Life gets in the way sometimes, even in the best of planning.    But all is good and God is good.    Busy doesn't equal crafting and that is a shame.     In this case, busy equals busy, but I hope to get back to doing what makes my heart calm and full of joy.    This morning is an especially nice morning.  Cooler than usual and it's nice!!   For the upcoming week, I think it's supposed to be a lot cooler.  Yay!!!!   This hot, swampy stuff just wilts my petunia!!!  hahahaha 

It seems as of late, I've had a little time for facebook and ever once in a while, I will share as the Lord leads.  The first one below, was just a word one morning that came from a time of prayer and meditation and I wanted to share it with y'all.   On down towards the bottom, is one that I wrote today and felt the need to share it with y'all too.  It is an abomination unto the Lord, the evil things that the mind can conjure up to pass off as a "lifestyle".  But without further ado, below is the first one.
This is something that I wrote and shared on facebook on Thursday, May 24th, 2018.  I just wanted to share it on my blog in hopes that anyone in the midst of a storm can find comfort and know you are not ever alone.

How many have ever been in the midst of a "storm" in your life and while going thru the storm, you're wondering how in the world this storm is ever going to end?     Roadblocks and high water signs is all you can see in the distance.      But in the process of just doing life, at every turn, your best friend is there.      That best friend being Jesus Christ, your Savior and Lord.      He is there, just going ahead of you clearing roadblocks and parting the waters, all the while helping you to maintain the joy you have in your soul.      Just knowing that Jesus is the One that spoke to the storm like a Momma would speak to a fussy baby and saying, "ssshhhhh, Peace be still".      He still does that today.       If you are in the midst of a storm, just know that you are not alone.      Your best friend is with you today.      The reason I can so boldly say that is because yesterday was a "ssshhhh, Peace, be still" day for me and my best friend seen me thru it!!      Everyone has storm days and everyone's storms are different.      The thing to remember is this; you are the only one that can walk your own storm out, but you don't have to do it alone.     So, if today is a storm day for you, let me declare over your storm, "ssshhhh, Peace be still", your best friend, Jesus, is with you.  written by pjg, 5-24-18

I hope this is a help to you or someone you know when in the midst of a storm.     I pray that I never have to look back on these words to draw strength from, but if I do, I will have them right here, for all of us to read and enjoy.
My tip for this post is this.     I have spoken several times about saving money by the way we cook or by using a smart phone app.    Well, this tip goes right along with those already spoken of.     If you don't have Ibotta or Checkout 51 apps on your smart phone, one question; "Why in the world do you NOT have them?"     hahaha      But seriously, why not?      Well, maybe you're like me and hadn't heard of them.    I was watching a you tube video last week and someone mentioned these apps and I checked them out.     Let me tell you , "they are da bomb!!!!"   Seriously!!!     I've only had them for less than a week and have already racked up savings, and used in conjunction with paper coupons, WOW!!!!    The Ibotta app wants you to invite all your friends with your own number that others use to sign up.       Well, I'm not into competition with anyone and I don't have a desire to keep up with others saving, so I'm not doing that.      I just say go quickly to your app store and download it and start saving.     Others will tell you that if you use their download code you will get $10.00 automatically.   Well, you will get that automatically anyway.    But if you want to build a team and do all that stuff, you are more than welcome to do that.   Me, I just want to save money and I just wanted to share that with y'all.    You do have to have items loaded into your app before you make the purchase and that is only fair.    Just get it and start playing with it, read everything it says about each item you save to your list and use and it won't be long till you will be cashing in on wonderful savings.

The next app is Checkout 51.   It is basically the same.   If you are careful with the selections you make, you can actually earn money back from both of these apps on the same receipt.     At any rate, it is very easy to save money with this one too.     This one when it resets each week, there is fresh fruit and veggie coupons and fresh meat coupons.   They are usually 50 cents off.   If I'm gonna buy tomatoes, I might as well get 50 cents just for buying them, right.    

With both of these, you do need to read carefully and see what store the savings can come from.    Some of the saving can come from anywhere, others can come only from WalMart, Kroger, Publix or what ever the popular stores in your area are.   Other savings can come from any store.

You scan your grocery store receipt and the app reads it and you may have to scan some the upc symbols on the products.   That's ok, just do it.   Get in the habit of doing the receipts as soon as you get home and it won't be but just a little while till you will do it instinctively.

There are a lot of other apps out there that I have tried and others that people will recommend, but these are the 2 that are best for me.   In conjunction with the paper coupons and printable coupons, we have the ability to earn savings and it's kinda fun.   Each week, just check out the apps for any new offers and watch for repeats.   Do take advantage of the ones that are for fresh veggies and fruit, you buy those anyway, so earn a little on it.   Just learn as much about the apps as you can before you head out to the store and then get ready to save!!!

There is another one called Fetch Rewards that earns points for every receipt scanned.  Those points can then be turned around and used to purchase online gift cards.

There are so many ways to save a few bucks here and there and they do take a few minutes to set up and start, but they are worth it.     Just watch out and make sure you get the recommended product to cash in on the cash back or points or rewards.   In less than a couple of months, I have already earned over $140 dollars in cash back and rewards to be put on gift cards that can be turned around use toward more grocery purchases.     If you do get any of these apps or even different ones, let me know how you are doing with them.

One last bit of advice on learning these apps, go to youtube and watch lots of videos pertinent to each different app.      You will find a lot of great info and wonderful tips to help you get started on saving valuable money.     So go for it and enjoy.     You're welcome.    hahaha

Since the implementation of these apps, I have received over $150 in cold hard cash to use however I see fit!!  Just less than 2 months of use.   I strongly encourage anyone that wants to save a little money to use these apps.  I get to keep all the money that make using the apps for my crafting and that is a GREAT thing!!!!  I figure if I can make $20 bucks a month with the apps, that's pretty good, but so far, I have averaged more than that.  So I am a happy "saver"!!!    Hope you will check these out.
There was something that come thru on facebook today about Pedophilia being a lifestyle!!!  I can't believe that I would ever live to see the day something this heinous would ever be accepted as anything but the evil SIN that it is!!!!  Below is my response to the facebook post!!!  I've said it before and I'll say it again, that this is my blog and I do have the right to say what I wish, so I wanted to share my response and not have to try to remember what I said to begin with.  It will be easy enough to find the video that was shown on facebook, I WAS NOT going to link to it or promote in any way here on my blog other than sharing my response.

Rose Tresures response to the facebook post:  "What in God's name is wrong with this country!!!!!!! Oohhh, wait a minute, that's what's wrong with this country, God is not here anymore, because most of us don't want Him here anymore.     We have kicked him out of the home, the school, the court of law, the the market places and most of all, the churches!!!!      Folks, if we don't humbly seek God, this country will cease to exist in a few short years!!!     EVERYTHING that the Word of God tells us is SIN, has now become the "in" thing and the "popular" thing to do.     Lifestyles is what it's called to take the connotation of SIN away, but make no mistake about it, these lifestyle "choices" are SIN and will be judged by God accordingly!!!!    It doesn't make any difference what we call it.   And every choice we make comes with it's own set of consequences.    Folks, there are some dire consequences in the works for this country if we don't stop this insanity!!!!    I pray that God will stop this in it's tracks!!!!      By whatever means He chooses!!!     And HOW DARE our hard earned tax dollars be spent on this crap!!!     It's bad enough that most of the tax dollars goes to support sports, and not plain old education.     That's what wrong, not enough of real EDUCATION taking place!!!     This filth is NOT education and I do believe it's time to start building gallows on the court house square and use them!!!     Just my opinion, but that's the opinion I go to sleep with each night, so that's the one that matters to me!!!    My opinion may not line up God's, but I am at His mercy to show me where I am wrong and when and if He does, I will change my opinion in a heart beat and let y'all know.      Because I don't want to have a wrong opinion about anything.     What I do know about God is this, scripture tells us that He hates the wicked!!   This is about as wicked as it gets.     We already have child sacrifice in the form of abortions.     Now pedophiles preying on the innocence of children.      Parents, this is your responsibility to PROTECT your children by what ever means it takes!!!     It's bad enough knowing that these filthy evil animals are in our society, but now society will be educated on why it is just another lifestyle that has to be "tolerated"!!!!     Tolerance has gone too far!!!     We either take back our country or we let evil wicked animals destroy it!!      It's up to us!!!!"     (written by rose tresures, aka Patty on 7-26-2018)

I guess the homework for this is to just get in the Word and find out what God actually hates.   There's more than meets the eye about what He hates and will not tolerate.    This stuff is wicked to the core and has no place in society.  Society is evil enough without this filth and much of the other agendas that are being pushed on us.  Makes no difference where in the world you live, evil is evil and we must recognize it for what it is and take a stand against it.   Just my own paraphrase of something that Paul said in one of his letters to the churches, "If I live, I will live for Christ; if I die, I will be with Christ".    That has to be our posture on this.  I know that Christains are dying at the hands of evil people all over the world.   And as the days progress toward more evil, we will see more of it.   If we are alive, we must take a stand, even it means we will die.   Our death will not have been in vain.   I pray it doesn't come to down to this, but it will, unless God intervenes.   Are we ready?
This is just about all I have for today.  I pray that everyone that reads this will make a conscious effort to support that which is right in the eyes of God.   I pray that if you are reading this and have not made the decision to answer the call of God on your life that you will, by accepting Christ as your Savior!!!   The greatest gift that God has ever given to the world is Christ Jesus!!!    Confess that you are sinner in need of saving.    Admit that you are a sinner.    Ask Jesus to save your soul and to live in your life daily and to make a change in your life that you can't do on your own.    We can't pretend to have a relationship with Christ.  We either do or we don't.    It will either show in your life or it won't.   Even if we can fool others, we can't fool God.   So, my prayer is that if you are reading this and you don't know Christ as your savior, today will be the day you accept the invitation.    I can tell you that it's not easy being a Christian; a Follower of The Way.   It's not.   Because we have to make some tough decisions.   I've had to make some tough decisions on my blog.  Share my faith or not and that's tough.   Because I have gotten hate mail.    I have gotten hateful responses on my blog and that's why I have it set to where I approve all messages.    I wish it wasn't that way, but that is the world we live in.    The only way that I will make my blog remarks personal to anyone is by saying that I don't want to know that anyone read my blog and left with having read something about Christ.   Christ is all about love, but Christ is holy and righteous He can't and will not tolerate the wicked.   We are either for Him or against Him.    There is no gray area.   The decision is ours and so is the consequences to the decisions we make.    Society has taken consequences out of the equation, but God has NOT.

I pray that you seen or read something here today that has blessed you.  If so, share it with someone you know and love.    Have a peace filled rest of the day.   I pray that you call on Jesus as your Savior!    I hope to get back with some craft projects soon and if you have a way saving money thru smart phone apps, share them with us in the comments below.   I would love to read your comments.   Have a great rest of the day!!!   Remember God loves you and so do I.   hugs, patty

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Judging, Feature another Crafter, a Tip

Hello Y'all!!!   It has been quite a while since I shared a blog post.  I haven't forgotten my blog, although it seems like I did.   I have just been busy and it seems like I may even be getting busier.  Seems like warm weather brings on a scurry of activity and I'm ok with that.   I guess y'all have been busy too.   I hope that you are having a great Spring to this point.   As I look out the back window, I see that the blackberries in the back part of the lot is just about finished with blooming and now they will be setting berries.   The worst thing is, they are in such a "chigger infested" area that my husband is always telling me to stay away from that area.  Just mowing, he gets chiggers on him when the weeds and greenery brush up against him.   So, as bountiful as the blooms are, the berries may just have stay back there and be food for the birds.   I do not like chiggers and will do whatever it takes to avoid them, so the berries will probably just stay back there.   boohoo   
So, we just had Mothers Day weekend.   I hope and pray that all you mothers had a wonderful day and that you was remembered by those in your life that are your children or maybe they are people that you have been a mentor to.  Anyway, I hope and pray that someone told you "Happy Mother's Day".   If not, I will say "Happy Mother's Day" to you and thank you for doing the best job at being a Mom that you knew to do.   I personally am not a mother, but that doesn't mean I can't recognize hard work when I see it.   And being a mother is hard work.  To be a successful mother means giving up your life to the ones that call you mom.   It is actually called sacrifice.   My mother sure done that.   She sacrificed a lot for the six children that she reared.   And all six of us are thankful and grateful that we are blessed to still have her with us.

I went to Ky and spent the day with her on Mother's Day and we had a ball as usual.   I stopped in Russellville and had breakfast with three of my brothers and then went on to Mom's.  I picked her up and we went on to church and had an awesome and powerful service.   God was moving in a wonderful way.   After church service went to eat and then back to Mom's place and one of my brothers and his wife came and we all visited for a while and then it was time for me to make the trek back home.    It was a great time to be with her.   We are looking forward to some exciting days in the future, if the Lord permits.   Anyway, while I was there, she wanted a picture of the two us, so I got that and wanted to share it with y'all.   I love my Momma.   She's a sweet little Momma.    And we always have fun and do a lot of laughing.
I hope that this picture isn't so big that it scares you.   hahaha    We both liked the picture, hope you do too.   I hope you got to spend some time with your mother.   If not, I hope you have wonderful memories that you gain strength and joy from.    So,  "Happy Mother's Day" to all my friends and followers, I pray that it was a special day for you.
The other day a conversation took place on face book over Priscilla Shirer speaking the word of God.  People can be so hateful and ignorant, and while doing so, they they get to spew their hate  and all that good stuff.  Priscilla was speaking about being used by God (and the word "judge" kept coming up in the comments.)   Being ready to be used by God, and some men were just terribly upset that a woman was actually preaching the word.   To those men, I say "get over it".  Jesus said that we are to "go and tell".   That is what the word "gospel" means, to go tell.    That's what she is doing.   And she does it quite well, I might add.   I think what we are seeing in response to her and the other fine woman preachers, is jealousy.   Jesus faced jealousy in the church of His day too.   As a matter of fact, it was the jealous church leaders and goers that had Him killed.   In the midst of it all, I responded.  When I was done, I thought it was something that really needed to be shared right here on my blog.   So, that is what this is, my response to hurt, hate, judging and sin.   See what you think.   Read on:

""""The reason most people have something to say about judging or not judging, is because most of us have on-going sin in our lives and if I judge you for your on-going sin, then you can judge me for my on-going sin and that is uncomfortable.    We need to get our lives cleaned up, only with Gods help and then we can help others get their lives cleaned up, only with Gods help.     Most of the time our judging comes with a lot of smugness and stone throwing.      We need to drop the stones and drop to our knees and repent.     When we do that, others will be more inclined to do the same.     Repentance is the desired outcome, starting with self, and then working outward to those around us.    If my life is a reflection of the sin around me, then I don't have much of a witness.     If the way I live my life is no different than the unchurched person that ridicules and makes fun of Christians, why would the unchurched person want to follow me to church?     That person wouldn't, and I couldn't blame them.  
I hear people say all the time that churches are a hospital for the sick.     Taking that analogy as it is, if I went to the hospital and spent ten years there being treated for a condition and left after ten years of treatment, in a worse shape than I went in, then I would say that something is wrong with that hospital.     Churches are "supposed" to be the place that we can get better; find healing (notice I said "supposed" to be the place to get better; find healing) so that when we leave the walls of the church, we are equipped to take what we have learned with us and share that with those around us, hopefully to have others want to follow us back to church.    On the other hand, if we are still sick when we leave church, then we need to go home, shut the door and don't even try to minister to those around us, because we have nothing but sickness to offer.    It is thru our sickness that we are afraid of the word "judge".     Just know that the enemy wants to keep us sick in sin and afraid of the word "judge".      As long as we are sick in sin and NOT walking in the healing grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ, the enemy has nothing to fear from us.    When we claim healing thru the mercy and grace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, that's when we scare the enemy, because that's when we can make an impact on the unchurched and we don't have to be hateful, hurtful, or mean spirited about it. """"   

This comment of mine got many wonderful remarks, surprisingly so.  I figured I would be beat up as badly as some had verbally beaten Priscilla up, but no, I actually got a lot of great feedback from my response.  Go figure.   hahahaha

Thru it all, the way we live matters.     What others see us doing matters.    How we think matters.     How we speak to others matters.     How we speak about others matters.     What we focus on matters.   The condition of our hearts matters.   Every choice we make in life matters.     Someone is always watching.   Someone is always listening.    So, do not be afraid of the word "judge" or "judgement".    Focus on the condition of your own life and get it in order with humility.   Don't throw stones at anyone you are trying to minister to.  That person needs to know that you care about them.   When you are ministering to someone that has no idea what you are talking about, try to empathize with them and share with them about how you used to be B. C., before Christ.    If you are authentic with them and share real life scenarios, then they can see how you are now verses the way you were before Christ.   That's where a lot of respect for your chosen way of life can be earned and can make an impact.     Some people will not ever respond to you kindly, in that case, once you have done what you can do, you are free to walk away.    You and I are not called to save anyone.     That is what Jesus Christ does, all by Himself.   All we are called to do is spread the gospel.    The word gospel means to "go tell".    We are called to "go tell".     We are to live in such a way that our lives point others directly to Jesus.

And another point about judging others.    I can not judge someone that does not have a relationship with Christ.    They don't know what they don't know and they don't Christ yet.   So, nothing we say makes sense.     But, where the fur fly's is when a Christian points out something in another Christians life.    And this is what we are called to do and scripture calls that judging, and we do have the right to judge another person that calls themselves a Christ follower.   If you are a Christ follower and you are not living up to that standard, then God says to judge that right now.   Wake up, repent, and get back on the right path.   What you do matters, how you live matters to your testimony.   Do want a weak flimsy watered down worldly testimony.  If that's what you want, then that is easy enough to achieve.   But if you want a strong testimony, one that brings glory honor and praise to Christ, then we better get our act together and start living lives that ARE honorable to our Christ!!!    Most of the time, we are so delighted to point our finger.   When in reality, if our heart is right, we would be grieving at being in the position of pointing out another persons sin.    It should always be done with a heavy heart.    Sin is what separates us from God.   Jesus is the One that covers our sin, like throwing a beautiful blanket over the ugliness of our sin.  That beautiful blanket is His shed blood.    That is why it should grieve us to have go to a brother or sister in Christ with  sin in their life.    You may be the very person that can make a difference, but if you go at them gloating, the wall goes up and it may never ever come down.    If we go to them with a grieving heart and a loving heart that genuinely cares, then we can make a difference.     The choice is ours.     Be judge and jury, or be a person that is grieving over the sins of our own lives and the sins of others.  But remember, sometimes we, as Christ followers, must judge sin in the lives of other Christ followers.

What do you think?    Do you gloat over the sins in others lives or are you heart sick?    Do you throw stones or do you drop to your knees?     The way we respond matters.  It makes a difference  to those who are watching us with microscopic lenses.    Make a difference.  Don't be afraid to live a godly life and don't be afraid to grieve over the sin in another persons life.   It may very well be what that person needs, just to know someone cares.    In this world of hate, we can be people that push and pull other people to a higher standard of living for Christ, but it has to be done in a Christ like manner.   Remember, if you see a lady spreading the Gospel, thank God for that woman and pray for her to share the word as boldly as God would have her do it.   Don't throw stones at her, don't say hateful hurtful things.   If you don't like it, move on, change channels.  Remember this if you remember nothing else at all, she is putting the Great Commission into practice!!!   We all need to do that, in whatever format we have.  If we are serving Christ, we don't have the time to try and hurt another person's ministry.  We all have time to pray for others though, and we should.
Something new that I am going to add to my blog is featuring other crafters that share interesting projects on their blogs.     I will just paste the web addy to something that I found extra fun and interesting.   I hope you like this new addition from time to time.

For the first one, I want to share a project from Helen Griffin.   I love her take on the mini albums with one sheet of cardstock and how she dresses them up and makes it look so easy.   This is one she shared on April 18, 2018.   I sure hope you like her project and will check it out.   Click on the link below, you will be amazed at what she does.   That's the main reason this blog post is so late, I was trying to contact her and got no response.   If for some reason she responds now, and doesn't like this, then I will remove it, but until then, check this out.  It's a fun project.

Check this out and let me know if like this idea or not and also let me know if you would like to be featured as a favorite crafter.   Just let me know what y'all think.
My tip for this blog post is this: when you go shopping, always be on the look out for something you can repurpose.    Check out the clearance jewelry, you never know what kind of gems you will find that you can take apart and use as elements on your own creations.   Never look at anything without seeing at least 2 or 3 different ways you can use it.   Cans can be repurposed  into tool holders or paintbrush holders with a little paint and decoupage.   Boxes can be used to make art journals.   Magazines and ads in the mail can be made into beads.    The inner tube from paper towels can be turned into jewelry and many other things.   Chains from the odd ball jewelry can be used as texture on mixed media projects or as an element on a card or something.   Leaves and flowers can make fantastic images to get prints from with paints and sprays.   Rocks and shells are wonderful elements for mixed media.   We are only limited with our imagination.   So, think outside the box or can or ad or magazine or whatever, and something totally new and different.   It's fun.   Try it, you'll like it!!
Ok y'all, you knew I wouldn't get a post in without mentioning my latest addiction and passion, my paper beads.  Well, I'm still addicted.  I think it may be a serious addiction.   But, I am NOT searching for a cure or anything to relieve the symptoms.   hahahaha    I have several more beads made and another beautiful set, but I will share that in the next time I post.  Just a little something to whet your appetite, so be on the lookout for more beads and completed jewelry.  

I have a friend whose daughter in law is having an event to raise money for the foundation that she started after her sister passed away suddenly a few years ago.   The foundation raises money for the schools in the county with a focus on special needs children.   It is an awesome foundation and I have started supporting it with jewelry for a silent auction.  So I have pulled some pieces and sets to donate for the silent auction.   Just pray that they sell and raise at least one hundred dollars.   I pray for double that though or more.  Because it is a fundraiser.   If I can remember and find out what the jewelry brings, I tell y'all next time.
One last thing, I will be doing a give away again pretty soon.  I won't be advertising that I will be and you will have to read the blog post to know when it is and do as I ask for you to be eligible to win.  What makes one eligible to win, is to be a follower of mine and to leave me a comment in that blog post.   That's it.  Then I will have a drawing, if I get a lot of comments, I may draw two or 3 names, if not, I will just draw one name.  If I don't get any comments, I get to keep the jewelry for myself.   hahahaha   So, there you have it.   Tell anyone you know that loves beautiful hand made jewelry and have them to follow me and then be on the look out for when I will be doing a drawing.  I am getting pretty close to five hundred followers and when I get there, I will have a BIG drawing.  But that is quite a while away, so I'm not up in the air over that, yet.  hahaha  Anyway, be on the lookout!
Well, I hope that seen or read something here today that made you smile today.    I hope that you have a blessed day in the Lord and that you take time everyday to praise God for something.  He woke me up this morning!!!  Praise God for that!!   If you seen anything worthwhile here today, share it someone that you think would enjoy it.   Tell them that God loves them and wants to be in relationship with them.   I can't wait to see you back here real soon. 

God loves y'all and so do I!!!   hugs and blessings, patty

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

More Beads, yes, I said MORE BEADS hahaha and a Tip

Hello Y'all!!  Here in my neck of the woods, it's as if nature is still having a hissy fit!!   It's having a tough time going in to Spring here.  But......I do have to say that I do enjoy the coolness.  Because I know me, I don't like hot.  So I should be happy that it's still cool here.  I am loving all the colors of beautiful flowers, wild ones and all.  We still have boocoos of those little Johnny Jump-Ups in our yard and that makes me VERY happy to see them.   I was afraid that the very cold wet and snowy weekend we just had, that it would make them go away sooner than usual, but they are still perky and pretty.  Maybe they are like me, they like cool weather too.  hahahaha   I was blessed to get to spend the day with my Momma in Ky yesterday.   We had a good time, as usual.   Lots of dining out and lots of laughter and a little purchasing.  Can't beat a day like that.    I got to go to one of my favorite crafty places, Mighty Dollar, (where everything is a dollar) while we was together and I did a little mini craft haul.   Can't wait to see what all I can do with my fun stuff.   I picked up 2 mini albums, one is already an album, you just add your pics or your mini pieces of art and boom, it's done.   The other one is a tad larger.  It has really thick chipboard for the front and back, that you cover or decorate how ever you wish.   Then the pages are a thinner chipboard that you decorate too.  You add pockets, tabs and any and all kinds of ephemera to make it just plumb gaw-juss!!!!  I picked up some mini wood pieces that are wood burned, those are really cute.  I got 3 or 4 different pkgs of napkins for some napkin art.  

I'm gonna stop right here for a commercial break and throw in my tip for this post.   When you are looking for napkins, they are not all created equal.   Just be aware of that.   It's not something we usually think about, unless we are using them for napkin art.   A lot of the napkins only have one beautiful corner on it.  And the way they are folded in the pkg, you may not notice it until you get home and take one out and see that only one corner has a design in it.   That's ok for cards and smaller crafts, but if you are wanting to make beads with them, then you want a full napkin and not just one corner.   And you can piece together 4 corners of 4 napkins to make a full sheet of images for your project, but you have to be extremely careful with the delicate pieces once you have the other layers peeled from the napkins.   So, just remember to try to make sure your napkins are fully covered with the image.  I picked up some beautiful napkins and realized they only had one corner of beauty on them and I reluctantly put them back.   sad sad sad     Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.   hahaha

I also picked up 3 pkgs of brown Scotch brand cover up sheets.   I have never seen those anywhere before.   They are used to cover up info on boxes or manila envelopes that you may already have and want to re-use.  They are peel-stick with permanent adhesive.  There is 6 to a pkg.   And they are 12 inches x 12 inches.  Perfect size and of course they have a writable surface.   So, as I sit here now, I am regretting that I didn't pick up all the pkgs.   Sometimes I just have a mini regret, and this is one of those times.   ggg   I am envisioning many uses with these and I will share what I do with them.   If any of y'all have some and use them in your crafting, please share.  But that is the gist of my mini haul at Mighty Dollar.

And I was pleased to see, when I got back home, the city crew had been busy at patching some of the potholes on the road that you could lose a small vehicle in.   The potholes had gotten so big that you could almost rent them out as a spare room or a guest room.   Back earlier in the year, on one of the back roads going into the local Lowe's, there was a pothole big enough that someone had placed a shopping cart in it and all you could see was about half the cart sticking up from the pothole.  That's true!!  I drove by it myself and seen with my own eyes.   That is so terrible.   But I guess the places that work on vehicles get to stay busy.    If you take your eyes off the road and hit one of those holes, it could really cause some damage, not mention it would scare the bejebbers out of ya!!!  hahaha
So I think I mentioned something about more beads.  Right, I did, more beads. Yeah!!!  Just a few more.    Hahahaha
I bet you thought I was kidding, didn't cha!    Well, obviously I wasn't.   hahaha   You know the sad truth, this isn't even all of them.     I just took a hand full from each different group of beads for each individual pic.   Plus, I already have more that haven't been photographed yet!!!!   
Yes, I know, it's a sickness............but I'm not looking for a cure, really I'm not.    But I am looking for things to roll to make more beads.   hahaha   This was from a thin magazine that I got in the mail.  It was just a few pages thick, but the pages were very nice, not like some of the magazines that have very thin scratchy paper, this was thicker and smoother, perfect really.  It was just an  advertisement, but it made for some gaw-juss beads.
 I use all kinds of boxes that food items come in.
After watching a few videos last year and people not using some of the stuff I was interested in using, I just started using what I wanted to use.    These are very thin in width, about 1/8 of an inch wide, but very thick in depth, disc beads.   Very hard to make, but as you can see, very worth the struggle.  
Just a word of caution, don't tell me it can't be rolled, I may just find a way to do it.   hahahaha  These are what's called olive beads.
 I love all colors and shapes and sizes as my pictures can attest.
These particular beads was from a cardboard box that I didn't like the outside of them so I just painted them with metallic rose gold paint and then finished the usual steps of putting the finishes on them.    I also made a bunch of really narrow ones to use as spacers when I start making the jewelry.  Really neat looking.
These are from cousin willies buttery explosion popcorn boxes.   Yes, they are and I LOVE them!!!
 These are great fall color beads.
These are from a brochure at the Kroger deli.   About 10 ply thick.  Love these too.    Those big ones that you see in the forefront, right hand side of the pic; David could have easily used in his slingshot for taking down Goliath.   just sayin'.   hahahaha
When I am making my beads, I take notation of the box I use, the width I cut my beads, the color of paint (if I use paint) and anything else that I do to the beads.
When I get done with my beads, I put them in a ziploc bag along with the notations on the beads and when I am showing them to someone, all the info is right for them to see.   Then I put the ziploc bags in a box that is for my finished beads only.    I now have 2 good sized boxes full.    I also have another good sized box with unfinished beads in it, and it's almost full.    In this box is the beads that I need to take thru my 6 step dipping process.   This makes the water resistant.   They are sealed through and through, inside and outside.   I won't say they are waterproof, but they are water resistant.   Even if they touch your skin, sweat should not be an issue with them at all, because they are sealed so well.
These are from some designer paper.  Love these.   I tipped the ends in rose gold metallic paint.   
These and the ones below are quite elegant looking made up into jewelry.
These are from the same designer paper but they are tipped in chocolate brown metallic paint.   Love love love these!!   
 These are from a calendar.    These beads are amazing.
These are from a frozen pizza box.  I love them!!  These are really big and I also painted them because I didn't care for the outside color.
 These are from kroger taco shell boxes.  See, you can use any box and they are quite lovely.
 Something else to remember is that the finishes you put on them can make them look different too.

This is from a box that blueberry bars, kinda like the fig newtons, came in.  hahaha
 These are from the Sunday funnies.   LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!
These are a cross between an olive bead and a barrel bead.   I love them, they are made from a napkin adhered to cardstock.    The next 3 pics are also napkins adhered to cardstock.   Yes, I'm crazy, but it's oooooh so fun!!!

This is an Orville Redenbacher popcorn box.   The small one, the 3 bag size box.    Very colorful and fun.
These are from a peacock napkin adhered to a piece of light teal cardstock.   I then used a wavy blade in one of cutters and I am hooked on a new technique.   I had not seen these anywhere.   They will beautiful when I get them done up with all the finishes on them.
The neat thing about this technique is that you can use all different colors of cardstock using the same napkin print and they will all be mixable and matchable, because of the napkin.   So this is pretty cool.    Whatever color is in the napkin can be used as the cardstock base.   I use stick glue to adhere the napkin to the cardstock because I don't want to saturate the napkin with a wet glue, because it will tear very easily.   On the upside, if it does tear, it can be easily repaired and used anyway.   More than likely the tear will be on the inside of the bead and will not even be seen, so, there ya go.
These are about 1/4 inch wide at the widest and they make up into beads quite beautifully.
The wavy sides make for a very beautiful bead!!!   I can not wait to get all of the napkin beads dipped and finished, they will be simply divine for sure.    You can also click on the pictures and it should bring them up larger for better viewing.
Don't let anyone tell you that you can't roll something.  Find out for yourself.   You may even have to make yourself a roller that will do what you need it to do.   That's what I done for a lot of these.    Just have fun and only you can determine what you can and cannot roll to make a bead.    

At some point in time, when I get burned out on making beads, I will start making more jewelry.  But, for now, I keep finding things to mix and match.    Just like the above peacock beads.   Layer the napkin on different colors of cardstock and they take on a whole new look, but they can be mixed and matched easily because of the napkin.   Oh my gosh, so many beads to make and so little time!!!!   hahaha   And also some of the finishes that can be used can also give a different look.  Just experiment.   That's what I did.

Well, I hope you enjoyed a sneak peek into my addiction.   Again, I tell you, I'm not looking for a cure, just more items to be made into beads!!!!    hahahaha    If you have the same addiction, I would love to hear from you.    If you would like to have the addiction, I would like to hear from you.   If you just like looking at beautiful beads, I would love to hear from you too.    Now, go make a bead.
Well, I hope you enjoyed your visit with me today.  If you did, leave me a comment below and let me know what you think of my bead addiction.   hahaha     I do love the fact that we, as crafters, have it within our abilities to reduce, reuse and recycle items that would otherwise be thrown away.   I hope that I am making "heirlooms" that will be around for generations to come.   At least, I won't be one throwing away the materials that I used to make them.   Someone else will have to toss them out.    I just thank God for the creativity that He has given me in all areas of crafting and arting.    I'm not the best at anything, and it's not about being the best.  It's about doing the best I can do.  Doing the best we can do and encouraging each others in our endeavors.    There should be no competition in our crafting and arting, just encouragement.    I am constantly praying for God to show me more and more and more, and He does.    I hope that you are asking God to help you with your creative nature.  Just realize that everything that you have the ability to do comes directly from Him.   I believe with all my heart that He wants us to be as creative as we possibly can.   Thank Him for your creativity and even ask Him to increase your nature to be creative, He will.    After all God is the creator of creativity.  Yay!!!!  Everything good comes from Him!!!!  Praises!!!   Thank you Father for allowing me to be as creative as I am, and I ask you for more creativity every day.    Amen!!!!
I hope you liked what you seen and read here today and I pray that you will come back real soon.   I have some more fun stuff to share.    I can't wait to see you back here real soon.   Just remember that God loves you and wants to have a relationship with you, so much so that He provided the only way known to God Himself, and that is through Jesus Christ.   I pray that if you haven't already accepted Christ as your Savior, that you would consider that today would be a good day to do that.    Have a great night of refreshing rest y'all!!   May your tomorrow be filled with so much creativity that tomorrow won't hold it all.    hahaha    Love and hugs to all of y'all!!     patty