Wednesday, September 6, 2017

September 6, 2017, and a tip

Good evening Y'all!!!   I hope and pray that this evening is and has been a lovely evening for all of you.    It has been a very nice day in my neck of the woods.     The temperature has been perfect for me.     I guess this is the welcoming of Fall, because it will be here before too long.    This month, as a matter of fact.    We was out and about over the weekend and I was really wishing there was some where to go where they were making Sorghum.     Oh, that is a sight to behold.     I love it.     It brings back fond memories of going to see Mr. Beliles cooking Sorghum.    What a treat.     I hope if you ever get a chance to go somewhere and watch the process, that you will do it.     Hopefully, you can even sample the finished product.     There is nothing else quite like Sorghum.     Go get some, quick, you won't regret it.

Well, today is September 6, 2017.   What does that day mean to you?    Is it a day worth remembering in your diary?     Well, for me it is.     The last 38, September 6's,  have been pretty special to me.     38 years ago this evening I married my wonderful husband.     I knew the moment I laid eyes on him that he would be my husband.     He knew the same thing.    I am so thankful to God that He gave me the man that He had chosen for me.     I don't make good decisions, but God does.     My husband has been my rock for the last 38 years.     It hasn't always been easy, but it has always been right.     

Anyway, I just wanted to share a blast from the past.     I don't know who those kids are!!!!     
Yep, that's us!!!    38 years ago!!!!   What happened???    I see bones that I haven't seen since then!!! You know what, I had on 4 inch heels right there.     hahaha    Could be some of the problems I'm having with my feet today, reckon?

You know what, it seems like only yesterday that we walked the aisle of the church for the first as husband and wife.     I said earlier that it hasn't always been easy, but it's always been right.    The only reason I can say that, is because we both let God make the choice for us.    God always does it right.     We both had a lot of learning and growing to do.    And we are still learning and growing today.     I am thankful to God for the last 38 years with my husband and I look forward to the next 38 with him.    

Thank you for taking a peek at today's blast from the past and sharing a few minutes of our special day.    I am so thankful for the institution of Biblical marriage.     God is all about right relationships and family.     I cherish that for myself, I hope and pray that you do too.

I almost forgot my tip for this post.    I got a little anxious for a second because I really did not have a tip planned.    But, I will give you a tip.    Give your marriage to God.   He always has your best interests at heart.    That is my tip, short and sweet.    God is good all the time, all the time God is good!!!   Amen!!

Well that's it for this evening.     I hope you enjoyed this quick trip down memory lane.   I did.    I hope that you will join me back here soon to see what else is going on in my neck of the woods.   Have a great night of refreshing  and energizing rest.     I hope that tomorrow is day filled with wonder and awe at how God is working in your lives.     

One last thing, please remember to pray for the hurricane victims in Texas and we are looking at the next one coming this weekend, in Florida.   It is already wreaking havoc in the Caribbean as I type.    I just pray that the destruction is kept at a minimum and that lives will be spared. 

Good night.   Remember that God loves you and I do too!   hugs, Patty

Friday, September 1, 2017

Happy September, Harvey, A Sweet Find and A Tip or Two

Happy September1st Y'all!!!    What the bleep!   hahaha     Yeah, I said bleep.    hahaha    Where in the world has the first 8 months of 2017 gone to????     Oh my goodness, the year is more than half over and I'm not ready for Winter to be rolling in.     I know, I know, we still have Fall to get thru first, but with as fast as Spring and Summer has flown by, we'll sleep right thru Fall one night and wake up with Winter on our calendars.      It has been flooding this morning, (more on that in a bit) really early, even before we got up.  I think they are calling it the effects of Hurricane Harvey.    Everything looks so green around here.   Just about time we think stuff will start turning off dry, it rains again.     Our gourd plant loves it!!!    I was somewhere last year and they was selling gourds.   I bought 3 for a dollar.    They were called egg gourds.     I remember as a kid, my grandmother had some of those egg gourds in her hens nests just so the hens would lay eggs in the nests.     It was kinda tricky, you would think you was getting an egg and your be picking up the gourd instead.     I was thinking about that here back and wished that I gotten those gourd eggs before her farm sold at the estate sale.    I don't know if they are still up on the hill now or not.     If the corn crib is still there, the hens nests were on the backside of it.    Any way, back to our gourd plant.     I thought they would be thicker skinned/shelled gourds than they were.    When I seen they were thin skinned, I tossed them in the gravel at the back of the deck with the plans of picking them up and putting them in the garbage can.      Well some critter carried off one or two of them and cracked the other one.    One of the seeds took root this spring and it has just about covered the whole back yard!!!!     The season has been perfect for them.     Every time we walk  by it, one of us says "it's a shame it's not a watermelon"!!!!      But the seeds from the original gourd does not produce gourds that look like the original gourd.   The original ones was oblong and smooth, and quite a bit larger than an extra large hen egg.     These are almost the size of a saucer at the base and come up a bit smaller at the stem end.     They are kinda bell shaped and a little knotty.     Really weird how they look.     I hope they are thicker than the originals, or this whole process will have been a waste of time.    We'll see.
Well, we have flooding from Hurricane Harvey today.    It's certainly not to the extent of the folks in Houston, for sure, but for those dealing with it here, it's still flooding none the less.     I know homes have water in basements, roads have been flooded, businesses and so on.    There has been lots of flooding on up in southern Ky too, where most of our family is.   They are all safe, praise God and hubby and I are too, and praises for that.
This is down on North Main at one of the entrances to the Green way.    In this particular area is a foot bridge across the town creek.    The top of the rails of the bridge is about shoulder height on me and there is NO sign of a bridge there anywhere.    It is about 50 feet or so in length, but it is just disappeared under the torent of water.
This is 431 in front of the Farmers Market on the bridge.    The chain link fence sticking up has debris all the way to the top.   Right at the tree in the farthest right hand corner is where you would be able to see another portion of the town creek.    It is the area where the old Water Plant used to be located.    Part of the Green Way goes under this bridge and just down from the side where I took the picture is a mini park of sorts.   It has seating  and a nice place to sit and enjoy the view, but it is under probably 15 to 20 feet of water, maybe more.   Plus, earlier in the day, where hubby and I are setting in our vehicle was more than a foot under water.    It was over the road!!
This is on up the road just a bit, but still in front of the Farmers Mkt buildings.   You can see a little building on the left hand side that the water swept and turned over.    It is a building used during the Fair and other outside events at the Fair Grounds.
This is another shot, just a diff location, looking back towards the city creek and where the little sitting area is that I was talking about a pic or two back.    Looks like an ocean.
This is just a wee bit on up the road and looking back with a slightly diff view of the Farmers Mkt.   You can the Evergreen trailer was swept away and in the background is more of the little buildings that was tossed like kids toys and you can see all the debris on the chain link fence.
More of the little building that was floated by the flood.   Look at the chain link fence in the mid section to the left of the pic.   It is completely down in one place with something, I couldn't tell what it had been.    Then there is also a section of a gate or something between the little buildings that had been washed up on the parking lot.
This is a section of the Green Way that is in low lying land.   There is a pretty steep drop off from this place down to the walking trail, probably 15-20 feet and the water is almost up to the parking area.
 This is another view of the walking bridge across the town creek.   Or I should say, covered by water, walking bridge.    There is no evidence of a bridge.    Water was over this section of the road this morning.   All of this looked like an ocean.  
This is across the road from the Fair Grounds looking back to Legion Field where they play a lot of baseball.    That area is the ball field.    It is totally under several feet of water and so is the buildings on the property.     Some were swept away.     All of this water had connected with water in the previous pics at the Farmers Mkt and made for an ocean effect.    The other pictures I had seen was really frightening.  

I wish I had put the picture up that showed tractor trailers standing in water, even though it had subsided, they was still standing in lots of water and I know that they had been flooded on the inside.
I hope and pray that the flooding stops soon and that everyone can get things back to a somewhat normal way of life again.   Like I said earlier, our flooding is a drip in the bucket compared to others, so I am praising God and praying for everyone that has felt the effects of Hurricane Harvey.
There is a lot of unrest in this country today, and it's not just here, it's a global unrest really.     Hard hearts and hard heads are prevalent.     There has always been and will always be those that want to stir up trouble.    
One of things I have said on my blog, and to the best of my knowledge, it's my own original quote.   "People looking for trouble will find it.    If they don't find it, they will create it!"     There is more truth to this statement than ever before.    I have said it before and I will say it again.    All lives matter.     All lives matter to God.     God does not look at the color of our skin.     God looks at the intent of the heart!!!!    A heart filled with evil intentions is a heart looking for trouble and it will always find it.

If you want to make a difference in your circle of influence, the next time you see a person in uniform, someone serving our country, from police officer to fire fighter, to national guard to one of the highest decorated soldiers, thank them, publicly thank them, hug their neck and tell them you pray for them daily!    Thank them for keeping you safe and those you love safe.    Ask them how you can help make their jobs, service and sacrifice easier.    God knows they need help and it starts with each one of us, at a personal level.   What is the intentions of your heart?     Your intentions will always make themselves known.    Either thru the company you keep or the actions you take.

Most of us can get stirred up pretty easily, at the drop of a hat.    So, the next time we hear of an unsettling event taking place, whether in your hometown or a couple of cities or states over, ask yourself how you can best serve your family, community and country.     Chances are, the answer will be to stay home and make a better home for your family, find a useful way to serve your community, such as pick up trash on the side of the road or greet people with a heart felt smile,  and that in turn will be serving your country in a useful way.   It does not take big actions to make a difference.    But a bunch of little heart felt acts add up to quickly to make a big difference.    It all boils down to the intentions of the heart.     What does your heart want to do?
One of the things that I have seemed to notice is this.     We get stirred up over the wrong things.     We get stirred up over divisive things.      There is stuff in everyone of our own personal history that just needs to be left there.     If we dig in it, we need to dig in it , ONLY, with the blood of Jesus Christ covering it!!!      If we go there and dig around in it because the enemy has stirred us up, we WILL make a mess!     Every time, we will make a mess.    Just that simple.      

So, we start digging around in history that you or I had no hand in creating.     And we start tearing down and destroying, not only in a metaphorical sense, but physically.     We take 2 steps forward, and then 50 years backward.      We get our heads and hearts focused on the wrong things.     When we get focused on the history, our history, then our eyes are NOT on the here and now and we are not thinking on the future.     When we mess with history, we mess with stuff that we can't change.     We cause pain, we cause strife, we rile peoples anger, we get people stirred up.     God does not look at us and see color, He DOES NOT.      He looks for the evidence of His Son in our lives, He looks for the blood of His Son covering our sins.      I have to ask myself, when I am angry and riled, can God see the evidence of His Son in my life?     Not if I am causing some of His other children pain.      If I am causing others pain, then that is not an evidence based life.     And on the other hand, if someone else is causing me pain, that too, is not an evidence based life.    I have to believe that it hurts God.    I don't know about anyone else, but I do not want to hurt the cause of Christ by purposefully hurting others.

I started this thought with the phrase, "One of the things that I seemed to notice", well let me add more to that now.     One of the things that I have noticed, is that when we get wrapped up in all the wrong things, God has a way of allowing us to be re-focused.     We beat others up, we fight others, we kill as many as we can, and just like a hurricane coming in off the Gulf Coast, God allows our focus to be re-directed.      Now, guess what, we are once again brought to tears by the images we see on our tv screens.     This time, we are not crying because of the hurt and pain being caused by other people.    No, this time we are crying due to all the heroism we are seeing.     I hate to see my brothers and sisters anywhere hurting.     But I do love to see my brothers and sisters putting it all on the line to help others.     I never seen anyone refusing to help someone because of the color of their skin or their ethnicity.     I just seen people helping people.     When you see people stirred to action, to reach out and help others, it is very humbling.      It is such an awesome thing to see.     I just have to believe that God knows what He is doing.     I do believe "Loving God and loving others" sums it all up.     That's what Jesus said anyway.       

I hope and pray that Texas recovers in the days and years ahead.     I also hope and pray that the people that make up the United States of America will also recover in the days and years ahead.    It is possible, for sure.     We just have to have our head and our heart on the same page at the same time, hopefully,  on a page from God's Holy Word.      I pray that we can move forward in unity and love. 
As most of y'all know I am on a trek to get healthier, to put healthier food in my body and to feel better.    Well, how's that "wurkin'" for me?    hahaha      Sometimes I feel like I step 2 steps forward only to find myself 10 steps behind.    hahaha       I was searching for for some information on some stevia products.     It's hard to find what I need around here, so I was looking on line.     Looked at some of the popular online places to order supplements and stuff like that.    I won't name any names, because, lawdy, I don't want to be sued!     Does "you can't get blood from a turnip" ring any bells?     hahaha Well, in my search, I found a product that was kinda interesting and I almost ordered it.   Then, I got to thinking about checking the list of ingredients.     It just had a few ingredients, maybe 3 or 4, but it was the final ingredient that had my brain a buzz.     It was, and I quote, "and other natural flavors".     Ok?    Ok!     Ok......what the heck is "natural flavors"?       So, I thought about it for a split second and then I found the "contact us" info and guess what, I contacted them.   Yes I did.    hahaha    Well, I heard back from them within an hour.     This person said that since it was a product "not" made by this company selling it, that he/she contacted the manufacturer.     The manufacturer said that it was a particular scent, gave the name of the family that scent was from, and said that "it isn't actually added to the product, it's just a scent".     Ok?    Ok! did they do that?    How do you put a scent in something without adding it to what ever it is.    The scent is exposed to the product in some way.     

So..........for my next question, what in the heck is all the other "natural flavors" that we see on all the packaging?     If it's in the product, if the product has a particular smell, if it's listed on the pkg as "natural flavors", then tell us what the natural flavors are!    You know what, a stink bug could be classified as a "natural flavor", that don't mean I want to smell it in a food product or eat it a food product.   Yeah, I know, I've probably eaten worse and not known it, but if I have the choice of knowing, I won't eat it.     Oh my garsh, only God knows what all we really eat, because the manufacturers are not gonna tell us!!!!   There needs to be "full disclosure" on everything!!!!    If it's in the product, list it in the ingredients as the ingredient it really is, not just   as a "natural flavor".    If they don't want to list, it doesn't need to be in the product.   Just my 2 cents worth.   Natural flavors---hummmm, my dirty socks are a good source of a natural scent, don't mean I want 'em added to  anything I gonna eat!!!!   Hey, smell these socks!!!!     hahaha       Oh my gosh, I done went and lost my mind!!!!
So, I have another recipe to share with y'all.     I have no idea where the first muffin tin breakfast recipe came from.     I just know that a lot of the recipes like this that I have seen in the past have had a list of ingredients as long my as my short legs, and I don't do long recipes.   I fall asleep before I get them read.    hahaha     So, here is my short recipe for this breakfast in a muffin cup.

Breakfast In a Muffin Tin

preheat oven to 375*/400*       Spray small, 6 muffins, muffin tin with non stick spray.  

1 1/2 cup frozen shredded potatoes, thawed a little
2 eggs, beaten- set aside
4 sausage links, thawed and cut into 3 pieces each, total of 12 pieces
3 tablespoons diced bell peppers
3 tablespoons diced onion
3 tablespoons shredded cheese, your favorite

Divide the shredded potatoes evenly between the six wells in the muffin tin, probably a couple tablespoons or so in each..
Put 2 pieces of sausage in each muffin tin.
Put 1/2 tablespoon of diced bell peppers,
Put 1/2 tablespoon of diced onion,
Put 1/2 tablespoon of shredded cheese, layered in the muffin tins.
Lastly, divide the egg as evenly as you can between the 6 wells of the muffin tins.

Pop in oven for about 20 to 25 minutes or bake till lightly browned and aromatic.    Loosen muffins with fork or offset spatula, plop out on a sauce and devour!!!   2 or 3 per serving.  

My tip for this recipe is to use Turkey sausage links, lower fat cheese, and liquid egg replacement .     All of these would be healthier choices and fewer in calories.  

I don't even add any salt to it because the sausage and cheese has salt, but you can sprinkle salt and pepper if you wish.

Another tip for this recipe.   The next time I make these, I will try using cupcake liners in the muffin tin.    That would be a great way to serve them at a brunch or a luncheon.

As you can see, this is quite a low fat, low cal option for a pretty hearty breakfast.     And hubby said it was Fan-Tas-Tic!!!!!    So, I  take that as the highest form of praise!!!      These are good, so if you try them and tweak them, share the tweaks.   hehehe
I have been working hard on getting my craft room straightened up.     The last time I was in there a week or so ago, it looked like Joanns, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby had all gotten together and had a knock down, drag out, street  brawl!!!    And I was left with cleaning the mess up!!!!     hahaha      It is so easy for it to get outta control, and it had.     It is looking better now.     You know what, I found stuff that I don't remember having.    Yay!!     I have a toss box, a keep box and a give away box.     If it doesn't go in either of those at the moment I pick it up..... when I remember where it goes, I  put it up then and there.    If I can't get to it's proper home in a drawer or shelf, I put it in the keep box for later.  I still have a long way to go, but I will be so happy with all of the hard work when it's done!     One of the things I found was beautiful piece of art from +Heather Kraafter !!!!     I had forgotten that she had sent this to me!!!    It got buried under a massive eruption of "stuff".     When I came up with it in my hand, I started crying!!!!     I remembered sitting and staring at it and thinking it was the most beautiful piece of art I had seen!!!     I am so grateful to have been blessed and fortunate enough to have received 2 spectacular pieces of art from this lady and friend.     Love you +Heather Kraafter !!! Thanks for all you do for the crafting community!!!     Lets see if anyone else remembers this KIL session.
My Hope is in the Lord!
The colors  are so beautiful!!! Look at the detail!
To me, this is pure perfection!   Lovely!!!
This is an 8 inch x 8 inch piece of water color paper.     Is this not one of most gorgeous things you ever laid eyes on!!!!     I am gonna make a little rustic frame to put it and display it proudly on my wall so I can enjoy it every time I am in my craft room.     When I get it done like I want it, I will take another picture of it and share it.     Thanks again Heather, you are an amaZing artist!!!!
Well, that's about for this rainy and wet Friday.    I pray that you have an awesome rest of the day and that you make Jesus a part of it.     Tell someone you know that Jesus is what it's all about!!!!     It's not about anything else, just Jesus!!!     I hope y'all stay dry and safe.    I hope that we can all find some way to help those that are in need.     

Father we pray for Your protection over those that are without a home or anything else to call theirs.   We pray that You will continue to bless and strengthen those who are helping others.     We pray for Your floodgates of mercy to rain down on those who are hurting tonight.     Comfort Your childern, the young and old alike.     We pray that You will show each of us how we can help those who are hurting.    We also pray for hearts to be tendered towards you and for spiritual eyes to be opened all over Your planet.     Help us to love one another as You love us.     Amen and Amen.

Stay safe out there and remember that God loves you!!!   I do too.    Till next time, hugs and love, Patty

Monday, August 21, 2017

Eclipse Day 2017, A Tip in a Recipe, Pearls and Feathers

Good morning Y'all!!!    Are y'all ready for the eclipse?     Are ya gonna be looking up to the sun?   Oh, I know a lot of people are making a big hub bub over this eclipse.   Maybe if I was smarter, I might have made a bigger todo over it myself.    But, what I really wanna look up and see is the "SON"!!!!   What about you?    With looking at the sun, there is a possibility of damaging the retina in your eyes.  But, looking at the "SON" and focusing on the "SON" is a much more wonderful experience.   Even with all the brilliance and light that will be surrounding the "SON" when He comes again, it will NOT damage the retinas of your eyes.    Looking upon the "SON" is a very healing experience!      We just need to keep our eyes focused on the Eastern Sky, and He will split that sky someday, and someday soon!!!  

But, it was kinda fun waiting to see how dark it would get.   When it got dark here, there was lots of fireworks going off up town.    Although it didn't get as dark as I was expecting it to.  There was gonna big todo at the square up town.   We didn't get out and go up to it.    I just wanted to spend the day right here at home with my hubby.    We was outside with our cameras.    I had my cell phone and he had  two Canon 35 mm digital cameras, mine and his, both on tripods.    Mine wasn't set properly, so it didn't get anything much, just a lot of us talking.     But he got some pretty good pictures with his camera.    He also had the outside cameras recording non stop for about an hour, so we will have to go thru those and see how well the recordings turned out.    But I do have 4 pictures I want share with y'all.   Hope you enjoy them.
 I just had my husband pick out the 4 best pictures in sequence, starting with this one.
 This one is just barely starting to come out of the eclipse.
My husband said this was the starting of the diamond ring.   (He knew what he was talking about, I didn't.   I would have asked for a larger diamond ring, had I known we was gonna be looking at diamonds.    Hey, don't mention diamonds if I can't have a large one.    hahaha)
So here it was really starting to come out of the eclipse.    We didn't know if he would be able to get any pictures or not, but he did.    I even got some on my cell phone, but the eclipse didn't show, just the really bright sun, even when it was behind the moon, it was still just a shiny spot in the pictures.   And no, I didn't look up and take pictures.   

Well, the eclipse is over and I still feel the same as I did before the eclipse started.    No life changing experience for me, what about y'all.     I would have been soooo thrilled if Christ would have split the Eastern sky while as many eyes was turned heavenward as there was.     Wouldn't that have been an amazing and awesome event!!!!     It will happen some day soon!!!!   Praise God!!!    That WILL be a life changing, eternal, experience!!!!!     Hallelujah and Amen!!!
Ok, so I have a recipe with a tip in it.   hehehe      Who loves the sauce at the Japanese restaurants?     You know what I'm talking about, the Yum Yum Sauce and the Ginger Dressing.    Oh my gosh, that stuff is "smack yourself stoopid" GOOD!!!!     Yeah, I see you grinning, because you know exactly what I'm talking about!!!!   Oh yeah!!!     I have tried to replicate it  and searched high and low for years for recipes, and I finally just said "forget it"!!!     Well, I had forgotten it.   I was fixin' lunch the other day and I wanted something different.    I got to thinkin', sometimes that can be very dangerous and volatile, but the other day, the explosion that took place was in my mind, when the recipe finally came together, and I had whipped up a very good replica of Yum Yum Sauce and it can also be used as Ginger Salad Dressing.     So, I am gonna share it with y'all!!!      And just so ya know, this is my recipe, I did not copy it from anyone else and post it here.    This came from my noggin.   hahaha

Patty's Stoopid Good Yum Yum Ginger Sauce

2 tablespoons ketchup, plain or spicy, I used spicy
2 tablespoons Dukes mayonnaise (or a light mayo to help with calories)
2 tablespoons grated ginger, (in a tube)
4-6 tablespoons almond milk, depending on how thick you like it

Wisk all ingredients together in a small bowl.    Finish with a dash of salt if so desired.

(Then lap it right outta the bowl just like a dog lappin' up water!!    Ok, that's what I was thinking, not what I shoulda typed.   hehehe)

Adjust any of the ingredients to your likin'.     My husband gave it 2 thumbs up!!!!   That's a BIG deal!!!!    Hope you enjoy this simple, easy, and quick recipe.    The calorie count is not too bad either.

The tip in this recipe is to use the grated ginger in a tube that you can get in the refrigerated produce section.  It's a pretty good deal.   I like it.     I had found some grated ginger in a squeeze bottle at our local Kroger and it has some kind of flavor in the preservatives and additives that I just can't get past. (It would gag a maggot on a gut wagon,) but I did find the squeeze tube ginger and it is pretty good.   Nothing is as good as fresh, but the ginger in a tube is next best.   All the scraping and grating has already been done.   Just keep it in the fridge and you are good to go.
I have a quick pair of earrings to share with y'all too.     These come about from necessity.     I had gotten a beautiful pearl (fake) necklace and I needed something to wear with it besides my pearl studs.  So, off to my craft room (which looks like a craft store exploded in it) and I start digging.    Out I come with these really large hoop earrings, not the circle kind, but the long oval ones.    I had some beaded head pins laying close too, so I took the beaded head pin and strung 3 pearls on it and formed a loop on the end and slid that onto the ear wire and then I threaded 4 beads over each ear wire itself and then closed them.    They are perfect!!!!!    So simple and easy.  
They look really nice on my ears too, I like 'em, hope you do too.     I really like the little head pins with the bead on them instead of the flat head that they usually have.     The thing about these, I can fix more of the head pins with different color of beads and then swap out the beads on the earrings to and have a bunch of different earrings with just one set of ear wires.   I really like that too.    When I get more made to interchange, I will share that too.    Wa-hoo!!!!     hahahaha

I have another project to share with y'all too.     We had our Family Community Education Club meeting last Thursday and I wanted us to do a fun project.   I cut some water color paper, Canson 140 lb, into 3 x 9 inch strips and took some water colors and we painted our pieces, front and back.   Once painted and dried, we drew feather designs on them lightly and then fussy cut them.   We took a small paper punch and punched a hole in the stem end of the feather and ran some cord thru the hole and place a gold bead on each feather, then tied all three together to make a pretty book mark.    Hope you like this, it was a fun quick project.
I took some Kohi Noor fine tip markers and quickly drew in some detail with different colors.   It was a fun project.   Nothing fancy at all, very rustic, but the ladies all enjoyed it.
Well, that's about it for today.   Sure hope y'all enjoyed the eclipse today.   I hope we can all look as eagerly toward the Eastern sky in anticipation of seeing Christ Our King coming in all His glory one day!!   Won't that be an awesome day!!!   I hope the next time you are craving Japanese food that you will whip up some of my "Stoopid Good, Yum Yum Ginger Sauce", hahaha.    I hope you enjoyed the quick and easy projects today.   Be on the look out for some more, ok.    Have a great rest of the day and tell someone you know to keep looking toward the Eastern sky, they just may see Jesus coming, soon.    Be blessed and have a wonderful night of rest and healthful sleep!    Remember that God loves y'all, and so do I!!!   hugs, Patty

Thursday, August 10, 2017

New Tip, A Blast from the Past, A Future Project

Happy afternoon Y'all!!!     I hope that where ever you are today that you are enjoying your neck of the woods.     It's a pleasant day here in mine.     A bit cooler than it has been, yay!!!!     I live in the heart of the Solar Eclipse belt 2017.    It's gonna be exciting around here.   All the motels are already booked up for miles and miles and miles around.    They are expecting hundreds of thousands of people to come from all over to be in the places that are considered to be in the solar belt that stretches all across the US.    A lot of the schools will closed, a lot of public businesses and offices will be closed that day.     They are even warning of the impending traffic jams that will come with all the people wanting to see such an event.    I think I heard them say that the next such event wasn't to happen again for 500 years.    So, what I'm thinkin' is that I "may" not be around to see the next one, what about you, you gonna be here to see next one?     hahaha      While it is exciting to think about and see, my one concern is that people will look at the eclipse and end up ruining their precious eye sight.     I will not be looking up at the sun, because if you know anyone that is low visioned or com pletely blind, think about what they would give to have their eye sight.   Is looking at the sun worth losing your eyesight or damaging it?    Beware of the scam shades that people are selling and giving away!!!!     I don't know about anyone else, but I don't trust those glasses!!!!    I don't trust anyone to have my best interests at heart, but me, when it comes to something like this.   Maybe I'm a bit silly, I've certainly been accused of much worse, but I enjoy my eyesight, I sure hope you do too.     There will be many videos on tv and the internet to watch after the fact.     What I am excited about is seeing how dark it gets at 1 o'clock or what ever time it's supposed to get dark here in my neck of the woods.    Will the chickens go to their roosts?    Will the cows come in to be milked?     Will the pigs really fly?     Oh, sorry, pigs flying has nothing to do with the eclipse, hehehe.     Just be careful and think about your eyesight.    How precious is your eyesight to you?
I just wanted to share a picture of a future project.   I have been seeing a lot of these being made on around the web and I really wanted one too.    A bunch of gals on a private group that I am on have been making them like mad, crazy people (love y'all!!)!!!   hahahaha    They are such a lovely gift idea and I hope to get one made to enter in the county fair this time.     I really need to get cracking!!!   This is the journal on the packaging of the die itself.    There are many many beautiful journals on the internet with some really great tutorials.     Do a google of the die and you can find some decent prices on it.
Yes, you seen it here.   I am gonna try my best to get one made!!!    I hope and pray that I can make a beautiful journal.    I hope I can do Eileen Hull proud, I'm sure gonna try my "best-est" to do just that. 
I already have it started, although I'm not really keen on showing anything yet, but I will.    I may have to scrap it, so I don't want to get too attached to it yet.    Texture is the word!!!    This is the front.    (Sorry about the lights from the overhead light.)
This is the upper back.   I was just trying to show how unevenly painted it is.     It's thick and thin and the color is splotchy.     Just what I was going for.     I don't know how much of this underlayer will show on the finished project and I wanted it really messy.   Texture is the word!!!  Looks like I succeeded, huh!   hahaha
This is the journal opened up, flat out.    You can see the overlap of the spine and the holes for the threads, ribbons or what ever, to hold the signatures in.     There will be a lot of mixed media on the cover for sure.      Texture is word!!!    Ok, enough about texture.    hehehe

I cut this from cereal box chipboard and then I gessoed it after gluing the 2 pieces put together.    I let that dry over night and the next day, I put on a mix of paint that I have had for about 3 years now.     This mix of paint came about from another project where I was painting bottles, all different colors, on the inside and I had to drain the excess paint from the bottles.    I rigged up a container that I could drain the bottles into and then when they were all drained, I had this mix of paint.    Now what?    Do I toss it or use it?    Easy answer, use it!!!    And I have!!!!    I don't mind telling ya, I will be very disappointed when its all gone.     One or two more projects and it will be gone.     It gets thicker and thicker with each project and that's what I love about it so much.     It works wonderfully as a base on my mixed media projects.     So, I have this layer drying, just getting ready to start putting on more and more.     Be on the look out for more of this to show up sometime soon.    (I hope!!)
Now...for a blast from the past.    When I started thinking about this blog post and what I wanted to share today, I started thinking about some of times we used to go fishing as a family.    All 8 of us would load up and go fishing!!    It was some really good times, until it came time to clean the fish!!!!!    hahahaha       It could be a few hours or even into the late evening cleaning fish.    Daddy would always strap on his pearl handled pistol that was in this really neat looking leather holster.     The belt part of it had loops all around the waist that held about a half a box of shells and then there was a leather strap at the bottom of the gun barrel on the holster that tied around his knee.     Kinda Indiana Jones-ish.     That was always one thing that he made sure he had.     Then, we had all the cane poles and rods and reels, tackle boxes, all different kinds of baits such as worms and minnows  and artificial baits of all kinds and maybe a piece or two of stinky meat (hahaha), and stringers for the ones that wandered off away from the rest of the gang.    Then there were plenty of 5 gallon buckets to hold all the fish and keep them cool and fresh till we got home with them.  

At the time, milk came in the paraffin coated cardboard cartons that some milk still comes in today, I think.      (What I remember about the milk cartons for our part of the country is that they also had coupons for Santa Clause Land Amusement Park up in Indiana on the backs of them.    You could cut those out, save them, and use them to gain entrance and use them for other things once inside the amusement park.)    Mom always saved the gallon sized cartons.     She would wash them out and store them until we had fish or some other meat to put in them because they stacked really well in the freezer, and therefore taking up less space.    They also held enough meat of one kind or another, for a meal.   Once the cleaning of the fish started, I was the fish runner.    The guys would be outside cleaning the fish.     Once they got a pan full, I would run that pan in to mom and she would start washing them and making sure all scales was gone and packaging them and I would run another pan out to the guys.    This carried on for for as long as it took, but with everyone helping, we got the job done.    When it was all said and done, we would have several gallon sized boxes of fish to put in the freezer and enjoy later on.    Two or three fishing trips like this in the summer kept us in fish all the rest of the year, until we got to go fishing again the next summer.   Mom would put as many fish in each box as she could, then she would fill the empty space around the fish in the box with water.    That kept freezer burn off the fish.     So, if we was gonna have fish for supper, she would set a box out of the freezer first thing of the morning and let it thaw and then the magic happened!!!    My mom is the best fish fryer there is!!!    hahaha     There would be a platter of fish on the table that was mounded so high, that I don't know how they stayed on there!!      Oh my gosh, they were the best things I ever ate!!!  I wish I had some of her fish now.     Next time I go see her, I may have to get her to fry me up a fish.    She would too, if I bring her the fish.    hahaha  

The meal with fish would usually consist of her delicious great northern or pinto beans, cooked to perfection, stewed potatoes seasoned with black pepper, 2 cornbread pones cooked in cast iron skillets and lots of onion.    That, my friend, was a meal that my family was more than thrilled to sit down too, any day, anytime!!!!      Very few scraps was left from this kind of meal.    The dogs didn't get to eat very well on a night like this, because there wasn't many scraps and you couldn't feed the fish bones to dogs.    The cats got to clean up the fish bones.    The dogs were used for hunting, so we fed them well.   They ate what we ate plus some dog food for nights like the night I just described.    They didn't like dog food though, they preferred the food we ate.    hahaha     Spoiled dogs!!  hahahah
I have a new tip for y'all today.    I want to explain a little bit about it first.    When I started adding a tip to each post at the beginning of the year, I had no idea which direction it would take.     I was thinking crafts and then it quickly took a turn, (not saying I won't be adding crafty tips along the way, but for now, this is what it is.)    Then again, I had no idea what my word for the year would bring either.     My word for the year was and is "DREAM".     Not my dreams for me, but God's dreams for me.     His dream for me has taken me on the quest to get healthy and try to finish my days of life left on this planet serving Him in as healthy a body as I can have, with His help.       So with exercise and trying to eat a bit more healthfully, it is taking me on a journey.     I hope that some of y'all are following me on this journey.       A weight loss of 5 to 7% of overall body weight, moderate exercise for 150 minutes a week, and journaling every bite I have eaten has been the way to get me started on this healthy journey.     This is the guide lines that I was taught on my weekend taking the PT2 crash course to be a Life Style Change Coach.      I had started with some of this before I went to the PT2 training, I just didn't know it.

This year I have been watching documentaries on Netflix about the food industry, the medical industry and trying to find out more in general about getting my body healthy.    Netflix has probably got 10 or more really good documentaries that are free to watch.    About all the GMO's (genetically modified organisms) and antibiotics and other crap (technical term, grin) in our meats and grain.    So, search them out and see what you can come up with.    (((And, just as an aside, the health industry does not want us healthy.   They want to keep us sick, because there is not a continuous source of income from healthy people.    They love treating each and every symptom, not getting at the root cause of the illness.    Think about that.)))   You can find some of them on You Tube also.    In the process of all this, it has led me to some interesting websites.     I am not advocating for anyone to go vegan or vegetarian.     I'll tell you why.     I shared in the section above why and it's because I was raised in a household that hunted and fished to have meat on the table.     We was taught that "if you can't eat it, don't kill it, and don't kill it if you can't eat it", unless it was gonna harm you, ie, fox, coyote, snakes or a rabid animal.     So, we grew up eating game meat; rabbits, squirrels, deer, quail, partridges, dove, frog legs, the occasional soft shelled turtle and other animals that my dad and brothers killed and fish we caught with our own fishing poles.    We raised our own beef for many years.   My grandparents raised their own pork.    They also raised their own chickens.
We got to see all the processing that took place at home, on the farm.   It's a much different form of processing taking place in the meat processing plants these days.    We had some of the best meat that you can ever put in your bodies.     Free range meat is all there was back then!!!     Who knew???   We had no idea what the future was gonna hold for the food industry, but just like everything else that man gets their hands on, it becomes a nightmare.       My opinion is that the food that we had back 50 years ago was much better for us.     Number 1, it wasn't processed with all the crap (technical term, grin) that's in the meat today.    No added hormones and no added antibiotics.     No genetically modified beans and corn was in their diets, therefore ultimately, not being a part of our diets.    Number 2, my mother put a lot of love and forethought in the way she prepared our meals.     Meat was not the main dish of our meals.      Beans and potatoes and corn bread was the mainstay in our house along with the seasonal veggies and fruits from the garden or the freezer after mom had processed them herself.     Meaning that we ate mostly vegetables and some meat.      Fast forward to 2017 and meat is the main focus of any meal and its processed with crap (again, my technical term, grin) in it that was never meant for human consumption.      It's the processing of our meats that is making it deadly to our bodies, all the preservatives and nitrates and nitrites and other stuff I can't spell much less pronounce.    It is the processing or should I say, overprocessing of grain that is making it deadly to our bodies and the same with the veggies we eat.    All the fiber being processed out of grain and all the sugars we are consuming without knowing we are consuming so much.    Not to mention everything that is being made with genetically modified corn and beans that is in just about everything we eat today!!!!!      You know what gets me?     I noticed in Sunday's coupons in the paper that they are now making dog and cat food WITHOUT genetically modified organisms or "gmo's".    They don't want you feeding this to the pets, but it's ok for your children to eat the crap!!!!!     What do you think about that???

I am "now" concerned about what I am putting into my body.      The reason I say "now", is that it's better late than never.      I don't know how this is all gonna pan out for me in the long run, but I am trying to eat more healthfully and purposefully.      Back years ago, my husband and I used to travel a lot and for the life of me I can't remember where we went, but I do remember all the foods associated with the good trips!!!!    Every trip, I associated with the meals eaten, not the sights seen.    How sick is that?!?!      hahaha     Who cares where we went, the food was good!!!!      And you know what, the food was good to my taste buds, but it wasn't good to my body and I am now dealing with the consequences.     A couple of sayings come to mind.   One is, "all things in moderation".    How's that working for me?     I wouldn't say that to an alcoholic or drug addict, so I'm not gonna say that to myself anymore.     Another one is, "eat to live, not live to eat".     This is one saying that I am gonna try to put into practice.     For so long, I lived to eat.     I love the flavors of food, I do, I can't help it.    Come to find out, it's not the flavors of food that I loved, it's all the addictive additives that was in the food.    Now, I can honestly say that I do love the fresh real flavors of real food.     

With all that said and the journey I am now on, comes my tip.     On the left hand side of my blog under "places I shop" is a new category I called "Healthy Eats".     These are some places that was mentioned in some of the documentaries that I watched and some are just places that I have found on my own and wanted to save for myself and I thought I would add them here for all of us to take advantage of.   There are lots of recipes and how to add more healthy veggies to our diets and how to make healthy sauces that are void of animal byproducts.     There are some though, that I can't add.     For some odd reason I can't make it a clickable link in the column under "Healthy Eats" (it turns into gobble-dee-gook that is unintelligible, another technical term) , so I'll have to add those in blog posts and hopefully figure out how to put them all in one place.     A couple of those places that I couldn't add to my list is, once there, check out the recipe list and also    These are some really good places to get great info.    I tried to put these in my list, but as I said, I couldn't.    I said earlier, I am not advocating going vegan or vegetarian at all, but this next place is a good place to look at some of the alternatives for meals and what can be eaten at a very low cost, so that's why I'm sharing this one,    This one also has the you tube video that goes along with it to show how to prep the food.    Also, at the bottom of the page on Forks over Knives, (this one is listed) look for the newsletter archives,    There are a lot of recipes in that area.

I will say this about the places I have listed.     I am not responsible for the adverts that may pop up on the websites and the other content on these sites.   There was a place or two that had some questionable ads and I did not even post them, simply because I don't want y'all to think that I advocate for some of the garbage that they was taking a stand for.    I advocate for healthy food for healthy bodies so we can use them in the service of our Lord and Savior, that's it.    No hidden agenda.    I am just trying to be my own advocate for myself and learning to make better choices for me.    I do believe in taking care of what the Lord has blessed us with, His planet.    God made everything He made to be useful to man, even animals as a source of food.    The Bible has all that info in there, so read it to find out what God says.    If I do decide to give up meat all together, it will because God has directed me to do so, but for now, I am still enjoying meats, just less of it.    If you choose to give up meats, it's because you made the choice for yourself.   (Although, watching some of the documentaries is enough to turn a weak stomached person off of meat for good.)    

So, if you are trying to get a bit more healthy, feel free to check out the websites that I have listed under "Healthy Eats".     If you have a place that should be added, than add it in the comments below, and once I have approved the comment, we can all have access to it then.     I hope and pray that this will be a blessing and some useful info for all of us on our journey to get healthy.     We'll do it together!   Yay!!!!!

Well, that's about it for today.    I have exercise class after while and will be heading off to it.    But when I get back home, I hope to work a little bit more on my Eileen Hull journal.    Come back soon for an update on that.    I hope where ever y'all are that today is a most lovely day for you.    I hope you have some good memories of fishing in your memory bank. Also some good memories of enjoying the catch later.   Yeah!!!!    Take the dare today to start eating to live and not living to eat. Savor every healthy bite of food you put in your mouth.    Check out some of the places I listed to help you get started and to give you some good healthy suggestions.    If you have any suggestions for us on the places for healthy advice with our meal preps, please let me know.     I do love hearing from y'all and reading your comments.    Start a fun project today.    Do something just for you today, that will make you appreciate this moment in time.   Tell someone you know that Jesus loves them and is waiting to hear from them.     And take care of your eyes, they are the only ones you have!     God loves y'all and so do I!!!     Till next time, hugs and love!!!!    Patty

Saturday, July 29, 2017

THE Key, Another Peeve and Another Project and a Tip

Good afternoon Y'all!!!    I hope this post finds everyone cool and refreshed.  I really do.    It has been so hot in my neck of the woods that I have been afraid of spontaneous combustion!!!!    hahahaha    Well, I don't think I'm really gonna do that, but I have been known to stick my head in a freezer for a second or two.    hahahaha    Hey, I shop at Aldis, so I can hold the door open a second or two longer than necessary at the frozen veggies!    Well, I don't do it all time, so that counts for something, doesn't it?    So, I make a game out of it.    Ok, here's what I do.    When it's really hot, I mean really really hot, I can actually hit Wal Mart, Kroger, HG Hills, Sav-A-Lot, Aldi and 3 or 4 Dollar General Stores...............and by the time I try out all the freezers, it's cooled off enough outside that I can then go home.    I just tell people that I'm studying all the frozen foods in all the stores.    Someone even suggested that it was one heck of a test that I was studying for.     bada bing bada boom      hahahahaha        Ok, so that's NOT true.      I was just pulling y'alls legs.    But I am starting to think it sounds like a pretty good plan.    If anyone tries it, report back here on how it works for you, ok.      But.....if you get in trouble, don't blame me, ok.     hahahaha
In my last post I shared a pic of a "work in progress".    I am happy to share that I have it completed and really like the outcome.    I find that I am sticking with mostly the same colors. I can't help it, because they are just so beautiful together that I overlook all the other colors of Viva Decor Inka Gold, but I am gonna try hard to remedy that.    I added the colors hematite and graphite to my stash, so that should make for some great combinations.    I hope so anyway.
 This is one of the earrings.    No two sets are ever alike, that's what I love about these so much.
Even the variations in the same set is fun.      I will point out here again that I do make the ear wires too,
I always notice more in the pictures than I notice when I hold them in my hand.   I see more purple along the bottom and the right side of the necklace.    PURPLE!!!!!!   There, I said it, I got it outta my system.   hahahaha
This is my favorite bracelet to date.    I made it a little larger on purpose, so I can push it up high above my wrist.   It looks nice.
This is my hammered clasp.   I just love making those too.      I did find some oblong jump rings and I love them.    I think they make the bracelets look much nicer.
This is the complete set.     All in all, I'm happy with this.    I hope you are too.    I do have another shape now.     So that will be fun to make another set and at some time, maybe use more than one shape together.      I don't  know.      We'll see.
Did you know that every key unlocks something?     Well, they should anyway.    Have you ever lost a key?     What do you think about when you hear the word "key"?      Most people would probably think of a lock and then they may even envision one of the many locks available on the market.    Maybe even a house door lock or a car lock or some kind of a latch that locks.      When I think of a key, most of the time I see a skeleton key, I think that's what they were called.     Remember the old key and locks that used to be in old houses.     The ones you could actually see through.     I remember movies when I was a kid where it may be a spooky movie and you could always see a blinking eye through one of the key holes.    I always hoped someone would poke that eye!!!     hahaha     Hey, I sure would have!!!  

Is it safe to say that most locks have a key?    Yes.   Is it safe, then, to say, that most every key unlocks something?      Sure.      I look at my key chain sometimes, and I think to myself that it looks more like a weapon than it does a key chain.     I've even had people ask me if I know what they all go to.    I sure do, it may take a minute or two to name them all, but I know what they are all for.   I do have a lot of keys on my key chain, but every one of them locks and unlocks different things.       And, by the way, I CAN use my key chain as a weapon, if necessary.    hahaha      Really, I could and would in  a heartbeat, if need be.

So, why all the fuss about keys?   We may leave home without a key sometime, but, there is one key that you don't want to leave this life without.      There are a lot of misconceptions out there about there being many ways or many doors to God, the Father, but.....that is a lie straight from hell.     There is only one Key that will open the door to the Father and that key is Jesus Christ.

John 14:6  Jesus answered "I am the way and the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through Me."

Sounds like a key to me, doesn't it sound like one to you?     There are not many doors to our Father,  as some suggests, there is only One.   How many remember the fun game show, "Let's Make a Deal"?   At the end of the show, there was 3 curtains or doors to choose from.    Choose the right door and you won the grand deal of the day, choose the wrong door and you may get a bale of hay or some rotten eggs.   Well, our Father made the choice real simple.    There is only one key to His door and that is His son.   You choose this key and you get an eternity with the Father and His Son.    The key IS Jesus!    Jesus was talking to His disciples when He made the statement above.    He went on to say that if you have seen Me, you have seen My Father.   The radical thing is this.   After we place our faith and trust in Christ and have accepted Him as our Savior and "Key" to the Father, our Father does not see us in our weakness of humanity, He see us in the strength of His Son!!    Because He sees the shed blood of Christ over us, covering our sins and blotting out our failures.    Do you have this key?    Have you found this key yet?    Don't be lied to by the enemy.    Jesus is that key that you are searching for.     You are the only one that can open the door of your heart to Him.    Jesus is the only key that will unlock the gates of heaven.    Oh my dear friend, I hope and pray that you have found THE key, Jesus.    And I mentioned earlier about losing keys.   Well, you don't ever have to worry about losing this Key!    Once you find Jesus, He won't ever be lost from you.

I hope and pray that every time you look at your keys that you pack on a daily basis, that you will be reminded of the BEST key of all!!    Jesus Christ!!!!!      Do you know Him today?    I sure hope so!!

Today, I have another pet peeve day.     I have recently noticed some of the ads that pop up on web sites and email and things like that.     The one that stands out, is the one that says "don't stop roe" placed by planned parenthood.   This is my opinion, and my opinion only.   So, you don't have to read any further if you choose not too, but this is my opinion.    I do get to have my opinion on my blog, for now anyway.     I don't want my tax dollars going to fund the murder of the innocent.     I will not, knowingly, support an organization that supports planned parenthood or roe v wade.   Since 1973 the United States has successfully killed close to 59 million people, probably more by now, and done it legally, mind you.   Do your homework, google it out.   Roe V Wade, the law that was passed making it legal to kill human beings, is based on a LIE!!!!    YES it is!!!!    The woman that caused this in the first place, has since become a Christian, and admitted that it was all a lie, and that she had been cheating on her husband and got pregnant.     She has gone to the courts and told them that it was a lie.   So, we now have a law on the books, based on a LIE, saying it's ok to kill people!    What's right about that?   Nothing!!!!!!     We care more about the rights of animals than we do humans.      Lord forgive us!     I am afraid ignorance and turning a blind eye will not be enough to let us off the hook when we stand before our Creator with blood on our hands.     

You will never hear me put down a woman that has had an abortion.    I won't do it!   I refuse to do it! I would never add to her pain and suffering.     A lot of these ladies had no choice in the matter.    A lot of these ladies did not know better at the time.     But I can assure you that these ladies have dealt with a tremendous amount of guilt.   I will not add to that.   To anyone reading this that has had the experience, my heart breaks.    I pray that God will put someone in your path that can help you with healing.    If you are one those ladies that has found healing, praise GOD and I hope that you pass it on to another lady that needs healing too.    My prayer is that someday, someday soon, all the women that have been victim of the law that says it's ok to kill, would rise up and claim victory through the blood of Christ, and demand a change.   I pray for them to rise up in unity and when they do, they will have many more supporters to join them in pressing for change.     Don't tell me one person can't cause a change to come about.    There is power in "one". One person caused prayer to be taken from schools and elsewhere.        One person caused a law based on a lie to kill millions of people.    One person made a choice to lay her life on the line for the lineage of the Jewish nation.   One person stepped up to lead the Exodus.     ONE person died on a cross to SAVE us from our sinfulness, Jesus Christ!   

Lord, forgive us all for not standing up and speaking out against the atrocities that's happening around us on a daily basis.     Father, forgive us when we let things happen.      Father, forgive us when we cause things to happen.      Forgive those that take advantage of us.      Father, forgive us for not claiming our part of the blame.     Forgive us for placing our blame and fault on others.     Open our eyes so we can see that keeping silent is giving our consent to the situation.     Father, give us courage to stand up, step out, and support change that will bring people to Your saving knowledge.     Help us to live, daily, as your humble servants, stepping in the gap for those that have no voice.     Help us in the days to come to do the right thing.     It may be tough, and it may be hard, but You haven't called us to do the easy thing, You've called us to do the "right" thing, the "hard" thing.     Thank you Father, for what I know You will do in the coming days.     Amen and Amen
Ok, so my tip this time is not anything new.   It's more of a reminder, I guess, but I'll still call it my tip because I have to remind myself to do it.    One of the things I love to do is have lots of fresh fruits and veggies on hand.   I have to remember when I get home to go ahead and prep the fruits and veggies right then and there.    It makes it easier to grab a handful of something and keeps me from grabbing something else that I don't need to be eating.    So, make bell pepper sticks, celery sticks, carrot sticks as soon as you get home and then they are very easy and ready to use.   Wash radishes and grapes and cherries and tomatoes and you are good to go.   It also makes it easier for others in the house to eat and snack on foods that's a little healthier.    It does take a few minutes on the front end, but from then on, they are good to enjoy on the go.
Well that's just about it for today.   I hope and pray that you enjoy the rest of your day and that you come up with your own unique way to stay cool.   hahaha    I hope that you get to do something crafty and fun today.    I hope that every time you look at your keys that you are reminded of Jesus Christ, the door to the Father.     I hope that you will do something good for someone today, just because you can.     Because one person can make a difference.     And I hope you have some fresh fruits and veggies already prepped and ready to nosh on at the whim.     Yum!!!     Tell someone you know that Jesus loves them.   To be honest, we can never hear that too often.    We need to hear it and believe it, because it's true.  

I hope you find yourself right back here real soon.    Until then, remember that God loves you and wants to hear from you.    I love ya too, see ya soon!    hugs and love, Patty