Friday, February 23, 2018

Conviction/Condemnation, 6x6 canvas, Air Fryer, and Wal Mart

Good morning Y'all, from my neck of the woods!!!!   It's looks like it's gonna be another gray day today.     As much as my mind needs some sunlight, I guess for the next few days, I will stay focused on the SON light!!     I will keep my focus on the ONE who actually created the sun.    Well, I can certainly do that.     Sounds like a good plan to me y'all!    When I focus on the SON, then it really doesn't matter if the sun shines or not, because the SON is always shining.    My spirit is lifted above the gray day already.   Yay!!!!   I hope, if you are the type of person that needs a little bit of actual sun shine in your life, that you will focus on the Creator of the sun , till the sun actually does shine for us again.

Sitting here at 5 a.m., drinking our early morning coffee before my sweet husband heads off to work, we hear other families stirring and leaving out in their vehicles going off to work.   I hear the train rolling thru and blowing its horn ever so often as it rolls on down the track.     I hear the little bird outside in the shrubbery that sounds like he needs his tweeter oiled.   hahahaha    He comes and visits us every morning and we always laugh about his squeaky  tweet.    We recognize him and Squeaky is his name.    But he comes every morning, around 5 and 5:15 a.m. and sings a squeaky song for us and we do love to hear it.   As my husband heads off to work, I'll be standing in the kitchen looking out the window, asking God to cover him with His hedge of protection today.    I always ask God to give him a good day and to give him what ever he needs today to do his job to the best of his ability and pray that my husband will represent Jesus Christ well today in the workplace.   

Who do you need to be praying for today?     Oh my gosh, the list is longer than our arms, of the people that we need to be covering in prayer today.     I challenge each one of us to pray for the people that we know who could benefit from our prayers and then see how it changes their lives.     I promise you, it will change their lives and ours too.     God loves to hear from His kids, especially if we are praying for some of His other kids.   You know, that makes Him one proud Father!!!!
Conviction vs Condemnation

Both big words, right?   Both with very different definitions, right?    Which one best describes your life right now?     That may be a very hard question for some.     Before you answer that question though, let's get those definitions on the board so we can take a gander at them and decide where we are, and hopefully make plans for change, if change is needed.

Conviction is the work of the Holy Spirit where a person is able to see himself as God sees him: guilty, defiled, and totally unable to save himself (John 16:8).  Conviction functions differently for the Christian and non-christian. For the non-christian, conviction reveals sinfulness, guilt and brings fear of God's righteous judgement. Whereas, conviction in the believer brings an awareness of sin and results in repentance, confession and cleansing.

Theologically, conviction is produced by the Holy Spirit (John 16:8), the Gospel (Acts 2:37), conscience (Rom. 2:15), and the Law (James 2:9). Conviction of sin brings man to the cross and shows the need for forgiveness.     (This definition came directly from Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry.)

Condemnation is declaring an evildoer to be guilty and can refer to the punishment inflicted on man because of that guilt. Without Jesus mankind stands condemned before God, not only because of the sin of Adam (Rom. 5:16-18) but also because of our own sin (Matt. 12:37). However, "There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and of death," (Rom. 8:1-2). Christians have passed out of condemnation because they are forgiven in Christ.   (This definition came directly from Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry.)  

One of my very sweet friends and I was having a conversation, probably 4 or 5 years ago.     She was in a very deep spiritual battle.     We had talked several times and I just couldn't help her in any way.    You know, I thought I was doing the right thing and my heart was certainly in the right place.  I knew what I was telling her was not wrong, they were just not the words that she needed to hear.  God knew what she needed to hear and to that point, I had not necessarily asked Him to help me help her.    I was just trying to do something in my feeble attempt with words and that was NOT working.   In desperation for my friend, I asked God for His wisdom, the next time we spoke about this issue.

A few days had passed and the conversation had not turned to the issue.    One night, pretty late, my cell phone rang and I knew it was her by the special ring tone.     She was weeping loudly and I knew she was in the battle again.  Some of the particular words she was using was not typically words she used when she was talking about the situation.     All of the sudden, I just said "peace, be still".    The same words Jesus used to calm the storm.     She instantly quieted down.     I had already asked God for wisdom in the situation.    When I started speaking to her, it was God's words coming from my mouth and I knew it.

With the wisdom of God, He brought these two words to mind.     When I spoke those words and just my own definition of those words at the time, with God's help, the lightbulb went off for my friend.    Instantly, she recognized she wasn't under conviction, but she was and had been under condemnation.     That condemnation was a false condemnation placed on her by the enemy.    She had already dealt with the conviction of this particular situation a long while back.    The enemy knows our weaknesses and he knew her weakness in this situation and he was using it to keep her in condemnation although God had already wiped the record clean.   The enemy wants us to stand under condemnation, ever after the Holy Spirit has done helped us walk thru conviction to the point of repentance, confession and cleansing.    How many have felt condemnation even after reconciliation?  If we are honest, most of us have.     If that is so, then we must know that condemnation is of the enemy.

So we walked thru this, each one sharing what conviction and condemnation looked like to us.     We came to a pretty sound conclusion that the enemy was keeping her bound in condemnation and then we prayed for God to break the binds that the enemy had over her mind.  God is faithful and true and He keeps His promises.    The next time we seen each other, she was telling me what our conversation had been.   And to be quite honest, I could not even remember what the conversation was about, because it actually wasn't our conversation, but hers and God's conversation.    I just happened to be the vessel He used to accomplish His will for my sweet friend.

There is also a scripture that tells us to be ready in season and out of season.    Basically, that means to be ready at all times to share the hope of Christ that we have within us with those that don't have that hope.  For me, being ready in season and out of season, means continually asking God for His wisdom at all times.   When I seek God continually for His wisdom, He will give me what I need when I need it, in season and out of season.     So, don't hesitate to ask God for wisdom in all things.     Don't hesitate to ask Him to keep you prepared in season and out of season.     That way you will always be ready to help someone that needs help.      I hope and pray that this has been a little study that will help you to help someone else.   
So, what do y'all think about this, I got back here quick this time with a project to share.    Yay, woop woop, hot diggity dog and so on!!!!    I'm thrilled myself.    I always have a lot of stuff to share, but I just haven't been doing it.   Motivation is my word for the year, but it seems mine has just left!!!    I am just off my game.    I am not motivated to do much of anything here lately.    Having been sick for a long while with all the flu and side effects with that has drained me and I'm still not feeling real good, but there is hope yet.   So I keep on plugging along and doing a project  every once in a while, and that is what this one is that I'm gonna share today. 
Ok, so this is what I call "Peacock in Bloom".   I really love how it turned out.    It is from a napkin.   I went to Tuesday Morning here back and I got this pkg of napkins to do this with.   Each napkin has 4 of the same peacock on it, so I have plenty of peacocks!!!!!    hahahaha     I sure wish I would have taken picture of my process, but I didn't think about it till it was all done!!!!   That's what I mean when I say I'm still off my game.   Hopefully in the future I will remember to snap the process.
 The first thing I done was cut 3 pieces of 6x6 chipboard (aka cracker box, hehehe).     I used double sided tape and layered the 3 pieces together, making my 6x6 canvas.    I used some of the double sided tape and adhered the napkin down.    It was 3 ply, so I removed the 2 white plys from the back and was left with the thin colorful part of the napkin and that is what I centered over the canvas and wrapped the edges to the back to cover up the raw sides of the cardboard.    I brushed it with a layer of clear texture paste to seal it and covered all the edges real well. 
When all of that dried, I used a maze stencil with the same clear texture paste.   Once that was dry, I took some glue and spread it around and poured clear glass beads into the glue.    Then I took my Lindsay's Stamp Gang sprays and used the spray part as a dropper and started dropping lots of different colors over the clear beads.    It worked beautifully.     Then I took more glue and spread it out and put gold/bronze mica flakes in it.  I used a lot, because I wanted it to be thick.    When that dried, I spread a little more glue and sprinkled broken glass chip glitter on it, I used a lot of that too.
Once I had all of that taken care of and dried, I dug around in my tiny flowers and found what I wanted to put on my peacock.  I used the darker teal colors and then put some real colorful ones on it so they would be the pop of color.    When they dried, I sprinkled some of the glass glitter chips in the centers of my flowers.   By the way, the smallest of these flowers is about the size of a kitchen match head.    I'm sorry that there is nothing to show the real comparison in size.   A lot of times I will put a common object in the photo to show size, and I forgot to do that this time.    After I was satisfied with my project, I took a bottle of clear nail polish from Dollar Tree and poured it over the whole canvas!!!    I brushed it with one of my art brushes to spread it out and to make sure every square bit of the canvas was covered, glass bead, glitter, mica chips and the flowers!    Everything was covered.  When it all dried, I think it is indeed a delightful "Peacock in Bloom"!     This was such a fun project ya'll!!!    What do you think?     I hope are as pleased with it as I am.

My tip for this blog post is to save your empty food boxes, cracker boxes, cereal boxes, pop corn boxes, cake boxes , if you don't already do it, and you can create any size canvas you want then.   I call it "recycling to the max", because your friends will be amazed at the art you create and it kept  something out of the landfill!!!!   You can put together as many layers as you want, to make it as thick as you want.   The sky's the limit.   On my next canvas, I may try something different.   I know it will work, just from the logic of it.    I will make my canvas as usual, as described earlier in the post.  Then I will cut 3 more layers the same size on the outside measurement, but I will measure a half inch to the inside of those 3 pieces and cut centers out, lay the centers aside, for another 5.5x5.5 canvas and use the outer pieces as a frame to put around my canvas.   And then just start decorating as usual.   If I'm gonna use texture paste, I will use it before I put the frame around the canvas.   I haven't seen it done yet, but you will probably see it before I get around to doing it, and "you're welcome" for the idea.   hahahaha
Well, I am back with another few pics of the great Air Fryer expedition in my home.   hahahaha    I feel like I am setting out on a adventure everytime I pull it out and use it.    I would suggest that if you have ever had an inkling to try one, just go for it.    I don't know what Wal Mart is doing, I was just looking in my local WM this week, and it is such a mess, it looks like they may be getting rid of them, or just getting ready for inventory, I don't know.    The only reason, and I say the ONLY reason I bought it at WM is because of their 90 day return policy.   That's it.    If you have other stores near you, I would go there first and see what they have.

(Insert commercial break here)   My rant for the day!!!!     I'm gonna rant a little bit about WM and you can decide for yourself.    My husband I went to WM on Wednesday afternoon, late.   We had an errand or two to run and stopped in before going home.   I had a few items in my cart.    Nothing that I couldn't live without.    I called his cell phone and asked him to meet me up front and he did.    We started looking for a check out.    In the middle of the front, there was 3 lines open, 15 to 20 people in each line!!!!     There was 25 employees standing behind the area we were standing, just doing nothing, as far as my eye could tell.  These were all young people, but they were WM employees.    Talking on their cell phones or huddled in groups or 3 or 4 laughing and not doing a darn thing.   I stood there with my shopping cart in front of me for about 3 minutes, while their laughter was getting louder.   They were not laughing at me, I don't think.   I really don't care.   It just made me mad that you have a bunch of little ungrateful upstarts standing around giggling when they should be WORKING!!!!     Looks like they may be aiming to be "career politicians", and just getting in some training at doing nothing!!!      Like I said earlier , there wasn't anything in my cart that I couldn't live without.   My husband was behind me, so I had ask him to back up so I could get the cart out of my way.    I wheeled it around, and pushed it out of the check out line to right in front of this huddled mass of WM child employees and one of them asked if she could help me.  I asked if she could check me out and she said no, I said then you or someone else can put this stuff back up.   My husband didn't know what I was gonna do.   He was kinda impressed.    I said well, they have surveillance cameras, and if anyone is watching and if anyone cares, I do it at least once a week, if I go to WM.    I do not do it on purpose at all.    But I refuse to stand in line somewhere that 69 cash registers are available and only 3 are open!!!  Now they want you to use self check out too.    I'm like Heather Land, "I ain't doin' in!"    And if you ever notice, when you go in WM, it's always the older people that are working the hardest!!!!   They are working while the upstarts are standing somewhere giggling.   They don't even realize that they should, at least, be trying to look busy!!!!     That's why I do not care in the least to turn the tv on and see a news reporter with a mic stuck in a teenagers face talking to them about the situation of guns in schools.    After all, theirs is the generation that eats "tide pods"!!!!    WHAT!?!?!?   Yup!!!!     Not interested in what you have to say!!!!    If this comes off as angry, well, I am, and more of us should be angry about the spoiled brats that this country is producing by the boat loads!!!!    Wake up America!!!!   Done with my rant.

(Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming)    I was talking about Air Fryers.   They are a blast!!!    I love to experiment with anything and everything.   And I want to share some pics of my experiments.    Hopefully, you will see why you need one too.   hehehe   (Enabler alert)    hahaha
This is my taco salad bowls made in the air fryer.    Just regular tortilla shells, placed down in the bowl tin and air fryed  for about 3-4 minutes on 400*.   When I removed one from the af, I set the other salad bowl maker in top of the one just outta the af, they get a little wonky, so this will make them look perfect.   I do it for both of them.   NO OILY taco salad bowl!!!!   So good!!!!
This is what salads look when I got the fillings in them!    They were delicious!!!    My husband even loves them!!!   That says a lot, because he was kinda hesitant, but I just asked him to try it once and he is hooked!!!
This was a zucchini that I ribbon spiralized.    I sprayed that small cake pan with coconut spray and tossed the zucchini in the coconut spray and then I sprinkled on some parm and some garlic and parsley mix, no sodium.   Popped that in the af for about 10 minutes on 400* degrees and stirred it around once while cooking, and it was DELISH!!!!

If you look real closely, you can see a dark spot or two, well, that was chip crispy, yummy!!!   So, next time I'm gonna make chips outta the zucchini, or at least see if I can the whole batch as crispy as some to the dark places in the pictures.

So, if you are on the fence about about an air fryer, I am bound and determined to get you to jump to the "get it" side!!!   hahaha   I just don't believe anyone would be disappointed with it, especially if you are an adventurous type person.    I just can't wait for my next journey with my air fryer.    Be on the lookout though, because I'm gonna take you along with me and I hope you enjoy the ride!!!!

I have a lot more to share, but I will feed you bites at a time.    hahahaha     Well, I can't really feed you what I'm fixin', but I can invite you to the visual feast from  time to time.    hahaha
Well, I don't know what your plans are for the day, but I do know that if you keep God at the forefront of your day, it will surely be blessed!!!    I hope it's a great day for y'all.     I hope and pray that I inspired you to create art on your own canvas, made your own hands.    I hope you was inspired to think about getting an air fryer.   If not, just hold your taters, because I got some tater pictures coming!!!   hahahaha    I hope and pray that you know you are love by our Heavenly Father soooo much!!!!   So much so, that He made a way for you to be in relationship with Him thru the victorious cross of Christ!!!   That's how much He loves you!!!     You, my friend, are the apple of His eye!!!    If God has a refrigerator, your picture is on it!!!!     Tell someone you know about what  you seen  and read here today.    I appreciate your visit and I look forward to you stopping in again.    I'll be here, waiting to visit with you.   Have a blessed rest of the day!!!    God loves y'all, so do I!!!!   hugs and love, patty

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Pet Peeve, Bullies, Air Fryers, Beads and a Tip...Oh My

Good morning Y'all!!!  I hope and pray that where ever y'all are today that you are having a blessed day.   The sun isn't necessarily shining in my neck of the woods, but it isn't gloomy either.     The flu and all the stuff that comes with it has been rampant in these parts and sad to say, many have lost their lives due to it.    I, too, was a sick with the flu and some of the complications that go with it and am just now getting back on my feet and feeling good.   I started getting sick on Dec. 28th and went downhill quickly after that.    I think it started out as a bad cold that got worse and started down into my chest and at some point I was exposed to the flu, because when I started knowing it was more than just a cold and should seek medical attention, my breathing was already affected.    I went to one of the clinics out town to be treated and they done the flu test and I was red hot with the flu, but I wasn't given Tamiflu because I had been so sick for many days before seeking treatment.    You know, I can usually keep going with just a head cold or even a slight sinus infection, but when it stopped being that and I started feeling like I was in distress, then I knew it had gone from bad to worse.    Here it is, almost the end of the month of February and I am finally starting to feel normal again.   I really don't know if normal is good, but it's the best I have!!!    hahahahah    Oh, I was just kidding, what ever normal looks like for me, it's looking pretty good these days.   I'm so blessed to feel good again!!!   I do praise God for that too!!!!
Pet peeve time.    Ok, so y'all know I'm not shy one little bit about telling you what bothers me.   I ain't.    Well, I'm gonna share another pet peeve with y'all now.    I really dislike watching videos of any kind or viewing pictures from a cell phone that has been taken in portrait mode.   I can't stand it.   If I am watching a video that has been recorded in portrait mode on tv or on computers, there is always more black space on either side of the video than what it actually takes up on the screen.   Do you notice that?   Or am I the only one that is so bugged by that?    If its pictures that should be taken in landscape and it's done in portrait, I want to shake people by the shoulders and ask them if that looks ok to them, really!!!   I really wish people would do a little research on the intent of the manufacturers when they are making the cell phones, they would see that their ideas was to be used like cameras have always been from the beginning.    Think about going to a movie theater and watching a movie that should be in landscape format to fill the whole screen, all twenty acres of it, hahaha, only to look up and see a skinny strip running down the center of the screen, with 2/3rds of the screen black, because it was recorded in portrait mode.   I would get up and walk out and demand my money back.   Well that's basically what I do with videos and pictures on line that I look at that are recorded or shot in portrait mode and a ton of black screen showing.   I leave it, never to look at it again.   So, there you have it.   My pet peeve for the day.    I hope and pray that people will actually learn to use the cameras on their cell phones the way they are intended to be used.    Just one woman's opinion.   And on my blog, my opinion is the only one that matters.    hahahaha
Our loss is heaven's gain.    It's sad, but one of my Junior High School teachers passed away the last Sunday of 2017.    He was missed at church that morning.   Having never missed a Sunday for more than 32 years, everyone suspected something wrong.   One of his friends went to check on him and he had passed in his sleep.   He was without a doubt, one of the best guys most of us had ever met.    If he met you once, he never forgot you.    He was a man of integrity and everyone knew it.    He was sports fanatic and a music fanatic.    Everyone knew that.   He had a music segment on the local radio station where he played music and talked about the singers and shared lots of trivia.   People soooo looked forward to his segment.    If anyone ever needed any baseball stats, they would call him and he always had the answer.    He was very hard to anger, but if you succeeded, watch out.    hahaha   Although the teacher was a few years older than my husband, they kinda grew up together and knew each other all their lives, went to church for many years together, up until we moved away.    I would usually see him at the funeral home and he was always the same friendly upbeat guy that he always was.     He wasn't married, although he had been at one time.   He had no children, yet, he had more people that loved him than the average 20 people do all combined together.    So, I guess you could say that his whole teaching career was full of "his kids", because everyone claimed him as a friend and mentor.  He truly was a good role model for the young guys to emulate.   You know, there is a scripture where Paul is talking about the things that you have heard and seen from me, you do likewise, and you will know the Lord.   My very loose paraphrase.   Well, that is who this teacher was.    People say that we may be the only Jesus that others will see.   Well, lots of people seen Jesus in this teacher.    I am happy to be able to say that I certainly did.    His part of the world just lost a ray of sunshine, but heaven just gained a wonderfully excited resident!!!     I know he is talking and laughing with saints of old and asking questions and actually giving them stats on a lot of things.   hahaha    I know one thing for sure, he is a home and loving it!!!!!!    Rest well, my friend!!!!!
Bullies or bullied.    One of the things that I have thought about here lately is bullies and being bullied.    Who determines who a bully is?    What characteristics makes up a bully?    Another question, that's a bit tougher, I suppose, is "are you or I a bully", or "have you or I ever been bullied"?     I suppose another question to ask is, "why do we let bullies get away with bullying"?    Those are some pretty tough questions.    And it takes some serious assessment of ones own character to determine if in fact, one is a bully.    If you have ever been bullied, you don't have to think about that, just a serious "yes" will come to mind.    And I will answer one of my own questions.    Yes, I have been bullied, and it's not fun at all.    I even asked myself if I had ever bullied another person.     And I have to say, that I do not believe that I ever have,  I just have to ask God to show me if I have, and I will repent of that.    I don't ever remember putting a target on anyone and making their life a living hell.   I believe I would seriously remember that.    I can tell you that eventually, I learned to stand up for myself and face whom ever it was that was trying to bully me.    I learned that it was pretty easy to turn the tables on a bully.    Most of the time, speaking truth was enough to shut them down.    If speaking truth wasn't enough and a street brawl is what they was wanting, they seen I was ready for that.    But, I did learn that if you stand up to a bully, you can take them out with yesterday's garbage.    

Now, for the one's that let bullying happen in the first place.    Shame on you.    It's been happening for many years and it will keep on happening.    We see no respect in the homes, no respect in the schools, no respect in the churches, no respect in the work place, no respect in the market place, no respect for and by law makers...........and the list goes on.     There's lot places in scripture where we see that lack of respect causes a LOT of problems.    One of the 10 commandments actually says "honor your father and mother so that your days may be long."   My rough interpretation, but you get the gist.    How can we honor our parents if we have no idea what respect is?     It starts at home folks.    It does.    But, guess what, if you are at school then the teachers and principal are the ones that we should be respecting.     They are also the ones that should be protecting us, back in the day, and now protecting our kids from bullies.   Instead, most ignore it or make the situation worse.    I can remember when bullies would get kicked out of school!!!!   No questions asked, if you was a bully, you was gone.      School bus drivers would also deal with bullies by banning them from the school bus and no one questioned their authority.

Years ago, all 6 of us, my 5 brothers and I, were all in school at the same time, so we was all on the bus together.    My middle brother was small for his age and people liked to pick on him, mostly just fun picking and it didn't bother him at all.    There was 2 older guys on our bus that loved to harass and torture and terrorize the younger kids.   As long as my older brothers was around, most of us was safe from the bullies, but if they were ever around and my brothers weren't, then they would terrorize the smaller kids.    One afternoon, school let out.   My middle brother got to the bus and the bullies was on there already.    The school bus driver was on there too, but he was afraid of the bullies, so he never said a word.    I got to the bus, and here I was just a little bitty kid and they started trying to pick at me too.  They was tossing my brother around like a rag doll and I was crying and I kept looking out and waiting to see some of my other brothers coming.   I looked and seen the 2 oldest coming and I ran off the bus, crying and screaming for them and they tore out like lightening and got there.    By the time they got to the bus there was already quite a few other kids on the bus and they were terrified also.  There was no one who could take the bullies on.   My oldest brother got on and stopped at the bus driver and asked why he didn't stop this and the bus driver just looked at him like a deer in head lights.     Those 2 brothers of mine got on there and they stopped it!!!!    I'm telling you they stopped it quick!!!!   They showed the 2 bullies the door of the school bus and literally threw them off the bus and did not let them back on the bus.   We don't know how they made it home and didn't really care.  My brothers got everyone calmed down and they looked after the rest of us until we got off the bus.  The bus driver was scared to death of those 2 bullies.   We all were.     But my parents had always told my brothers to look after all of us, and they did.   They not only looked after us, but whomever was around.   Just like the other kids on the school bus.     There was 2 or 3 other good guys the ages of my older brothers and they also helped that afternoon when my brothers was getting the bullies off the bus.     The other guys did not step up on their own to do anything, but since my brothers did, they helped and I am happy they did.    The next day, my oldest brother went to the principals office and told him what had happened the afternoon before on the bus and the bus driver did back my brother up.    I believe I remember those 2 guys getting kicked out of school permanently over that.    They should have already been out of school, but they had failed so many times and they were still in school.    They didn't want to get jobs, is what it was.  These two were already what one would consider grown men.   They were out of their teens!!!!!!  YES they were.    They both ended up in prison.

Before the event that I just spoke about happened, one of those two would always get a seat behind me after we got on the bus and he would pull my hair all the way to school.   I would be crying.    I told my oldest brother what was happening and he said to just get on the bus like normal and do like you do every morning, and that "I'll be watching and I'll stop it!"   Well, that morning, I got on the bus and the same thing happened.   My brother was watching closely and he came to the bully and took him by the wrist and started twisting his arm behind his back and told him that WOULD twist it OFF if he ever touched me again.   He lifted him off the seat with the twisted arm and walked him half way back the length of the bus and gave him a shove down the aisle and said "do not, and I mean do not ever touch my sister again!!!!"   Folks, that was the last time that that bully messed with me.  But, that is when he targeted my middle brother.

But, we all have stories of bullies.   Some of us may have been the bullies that the stories have been written about.     There's not a lot we can do about yesterday.    But we can determine to do better from this moment forward, if we are one of those bullies.     If you are a parent of a bully, scripture says "spare the rod, spoil the child".    Get a rod and use it!!!     I am so thankful I was reared in a time  when my parents didn't have to worry about going to prison just because they disciplined one of us.  Now, if a parent disciplines a child, they risk prison!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     That's one of the reasons bullying in school and everywhere else has gotten worse.    But now we actually see  people that have never had any kind of discipline having children of their own and don't know what discipline is or how to administer discipline.   So the cycle is getting worse.    One of the things I've always said is that "you can't teach something you know nothing about".     So you can't teach a child to behave if you don't have the behavioral skills you are trying to teach.   Makes sense doesn't it.    I guess I just hate to know that people, kids and adults alike are still being bullies and still being bullied.   It really is a sad society we live in, when we care more about animals than we do children, or human beings in general.   Many will treat animals MUCH better than they will treat others, even people living under their own roof.     Lack of discipline in homes and in society as a whole, is what is taking this country to "hell in a hand basket!"    I have decided that most of the bullies as kids, grow up to be bullies as adults.   This is just one woman's opinion of bullies.     One thing for sure in this life.    My walk on this planet, either helps those around me, or hinders those around me.    Same with your walk.     Like I said earlier, we can't do anything about yesterday.   It's gone.   It's a part of history.    But today, that's a new story and we can write it any way we choose.    Bless others versus hinder others.     That's what's in the balance.    Which one weighs the most?     Hopefully the side that has bless others on it will win for all of us.    I know it will, if we ask God, thru the shed blood of His Son, my blessed Redeemer, to take full control of our lives and ask Him to give us a burning desire to do good and bless others.     We can't do it with our own futile efforts.   It's impossible.    But Paul once said, "I can do all things thru Christ, who strengthens me"!!     An awesome scripture!!!!     So, maybe we can't stop bullying on our own, but we can thru the strength of Christ!!!!!   woop wooop!!!  yay!!!   A little shoutin' up in the house right about now!!!!     Well, I'm off that rant and it felt pretty good just to get this down in writing.   You know, sometimes I start  and I never know the direction it takes and this is the direction it went.     I just let God take me where ever I need to go.    Sometimes it's for me and sometimes it's for y'all.    This time it was definitely for me.     To show me that it is possible to make good choices, with a lot of help from Christ, who strengthens me!
Air Fryer joy.   If you stuck with me this long, you deserve a prize!!!   hahahaha     Well, sorry, no prize this time, maybe soon though.   You never know.    I got an air fryer for Christmas.    Been wanting one for a long time, so we went to Wal Mart and picked up the Farberware one they had.    It's smallish, but if it was much bigger, I wouldn't be able to pick the "thang" up!   Hahahaha     So, now the fun begins.  Learning to use it.    I am trying to remember to take pictures when I use it.  That will help me remember what I made in it and then I can share them here with y'all.    I'm trying to fix everything from scratch so I can control the ingredients.    I do a LOT of cooking in my "electric pressure cooker" and I'm hoping the air fryer becomes as useful and valuable as the EPC has.     So far, it's looking pretty good.    I did order a 5 piece accessory set that should be here by next Friday.    I look forward to that.     That will give me more ways to use it and also be able to cook more than just a bit at a time.   So, I will let y'all know how that turns out.
So, this is my attempt at the 2 ingredient bagel recipe.   It is equal parts greek style yogurt and self rising flour.    Once you make the dough, you can put any add ins you want.   In these, I sprinkled a bit of cinnamon and used a small box or raisins.    This was just a small batch of 2.   Cooked at 400* for about 5 or 6 minutes and turned them and cooked for another 4 or 5 minutes.  Not over 10 minutes.
 This is what they looked like when done.     Looks pretty good, huh?
This is a close up of the sliced bagel.   I am telling you, I am sold on this recipe!!!  I love these and my husband does too. 
 So, after the 2 little ones was good, I decided to make a small batch for the freezer and they freeze up great and cook really well in air fryer.   Yum, I can keep these in the freezer now and have them whenever we want.
So, this what my air fryer looks like.   This is the manual one from Wal Mart.   It is Farberware brand.  So far I am thrilled with it.    On the top of it is the settings.   The bottom knob is the timer and the top knob is the temperature control.   The handle sticking out is what you pull the fryer basket out with.     It's a pretty neat contraption.   hahaha      I love that you can control the ingredients you use.   No more greasy oily food!!!!  Yay!!!!    This one is a 3.2 quart size.   It's a pretty good size unless you want to cook more than one thing.    So, I have 5.3 sized Cooks Essential air fryer ordered from QVC, with delivery date to be in April.   Those were so popular that the demand was far greater than what they had to sell.    But, anyway, I'm on the list and can't wait to get the larger one to go with the one I already have.    As a matter of fact, it was my husband's idea for me to get a larger one!!!!  So I jumped on that like a duck on a june bug and got it ordered, before he changed his mind!!!   hahahah      Naw, he wouldn't have changed his mind, just pickin' at him a little.   I got a good hubby!!!!   Yay!!!!
Paper bead making.    I have been making a few more paper beads.   If I don't feel like doing anything else, I can roll a few paper beads and it don't take long to get a few cranked out.    My aim is to try to start selling some of my jewelry.    People are always coming up to admire it, so I hope to be able sell a little along the way.    I did get a request for a set of jewelry back before Christmas and I have that made, just waiting to put in the hands of the lady that requested it.   I just pray that she likes it as well as I do.     It's really hard to know people want and expect.     I try to do what I would be seriously thrilled with myself.    But, I realize that not everyone has the same tastes in jewelry as I do.    So, we'll have to wait and see.   But I am getting anxious to see if she likes it.    I'll let you know what the verdict is.    In the mean time, I keep rolling and cutting and really is better than therapy!!!!   Hahahaha     The fun really starts when I get to put them together.     I think my jewelry making skills are getting better all the time.    I make all my ear wires now and I can make 2 at a time, so they are perfectly matched and that is an amazing trick I learned!!!     My Family Community Education Club thru the Extension Office wants me to do a work shop on making paper beads and I am getting that sorted out.    I made myself a tool, actually a couple of tools for rolling beads and I got some extras made to share with the class.    I am hoping it will be an ongoing class.    I would love to see the ladies make all kinds of jewelry like I am doing.    If it works out, then I will also show them my tricks for making ear wires and eye pins and all kinds of stuff.   I look forward to that this year.

My tip for this post will be about the finishing of the beads.    Instead of buying all the expensive products to dip your beads in, unless money isn't a factor, use a solution of mod podge and water.   2 ounces of mod podge and 6 ounces of water mixed in a container works well.   I can get the 2 ounce bottles of mod podge at the Dollar Tree, for a dollar.    Dip a strand of 20 or so beads, strung on fishing line,  in that mixture 4 times and it hardens the bead not only on the outside, but on the inside too.   It helps to make the bead water resistant.   I won't say they are waterproof, because I haven't dropped any of my beads in water to see what will happen.  I may try that though. 
Well, that's about if for today.   I hope you seen or read something here today that blessed you.    I hope that we will do our part to try to stop bullying.     I hope you get an air fryer and share with me what you are doing with yours.    I hope you roll a bead or two.   I have several pictures I need to get posted  of my beads, I think you will like what you see.   Well, anyway, tell someone you know that God loves them.   You may be the only person to ever tell them that.    I hope you come back soon and I hope to get back soon myself.    Remember that God loves y'all, and so do I!!!   hugs, patty

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Whose Truth are You Living? A Tip

We have heard a lot here lately about people and their truth.    People walking in their own truth.    I just have to say that that scares the daylights outta me!!!!!     Most of us have not set the bar for truth very high for ourselves, thus you have people saying that they walk in their own truth.    Here are a few questions I want to ask and then we will try to answer these questions and see where we end up.

1. What exactly is truth? 
2. Can an individual even have their own truth? 
3. And, would I suggest you and I follow in the footsteps of someone walking in their own truth?

1.  Now, what exactly is truth?     A simple answer right off the top of my head would be, anything that isn't a lie.     Simple enough, right.     Who determines what a lie is?     What determines a lie?    Ok, I'm asking more questions now, so I gotta stop that.   hahaha 

Ok, So I googled the word truth and this is just a sampling of what I came up with.    Truth = the true or actual state of a matter;    conformity with fact or reality;     a verified or indisputable fact, proposition, principle, or the like;    the state or character of being true;    actuality or actual existence; an obvious or accepted fact;    truism;    platitude;    honesty;    integrity;    truthfulness.

Now, read that very carefully and google them again, if necessary.     I have to tell you that right off the bat, there are a couple of words in there that scare the willies outta me!!!     It's those two words that some people are using to talk about their platform of walking in their truth.   Do you see the 2 words I am talking about?    Truism!   Platitude!     Those two words have very little to nothing to do with truth!!!!

Truism stands for a certain kind of truth—a cliché, a platitude, something so self-evident that it is hardly worth mentioning.     One can use it to accuse another writer or speaker of saying something so obvious or evident and trite that pointing it out is pointless.

A platitude is a trite, meaningless statement, generally directed at quelling social, emotional, or cognitive unease.       Platitudes are geared towards presenting a shallow, unifying wisdom over a difficult topic.      However, they are too general and overused to be anything more than undirected statements with ultimately little meaningful contribution towards a solution.

Truisms and platitudes is what most of the people claiming to "walk in their own truth" is actually walking in.   Well, it's actually garbage, but that garbage has a name and it's truisms and platitudes.

Now, what does the Bible say about truth?

John 14:6 ESV
Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

John 8:32 ESV
And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

John 16:13 ESV
When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth, for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come.

John 17:17 ESV

Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth.

Ephesians 6:14 ESV
Stand therefore, having fastened on the belt of truth, and having put on the breastplate of righteousness,

2 Timothy 2:15 ESV
Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth.

Proverbs 12:22 ESV

Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord, but those who act faithfully are his delight.

John 4:24 ESV
God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.”

2 Timothy 3:16-17 ESV
All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work.

John 1:17 ESV
For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.

Psalm 25:5 ESV
Lead me in your truth and teach me, for you are the God of my salvation; for you I wait all the day long.

1 John 5:20 ESV
And we know that the Son of God has come and has given us understanding, so that we may know him who is true; and we are in him who is true, in his Son Jesus Christ. He is the true God and eternal life.

Ephesians 4:15 ESV
Rather, speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ,

Proverbs 16:13 ESV

Righteous lips are the delight of a king, and he loves him who speaks what is right.

This is just a very small sampling of all the verses in Scripture that talk about truth.   Not a one of these or any of the others, mention one iota about you or I walking in our own truth.   Because quite, frankly, we wouldn't recognize truth if it slapped us up side the head.    The only way we can recognize truth is thru the grace, mercy and truth of Jesus Christ!!!      It is really frightening when I hear a mere mortal being proclaim "walking in her own truth" as though she is god or something!!!    What's even more frightening, people that would classify themselves as "highly intelligent", jumping on that bandwagon!!!!    That truth, my friends, is straight up from the pits of hell!!!   I don't care who is telling you about their truth, if it has NOTHING to do with the truth of who Jesus Christ is, RUN from it!!!!!!     The enemy is running rampant and he is using people who are more than ready to be used.    Now, there is no doubt that these people would deny being used by the enemy,,,,but, as they say, "proof is in the pudding".     If someone is claiming to walk in their own truth and that truth has nothing to do with a relationship with Jesus Christ, well, they are walking in a lie, straight up LIES!!!   So, before we jump on the bandwagon of someone tooting their own horn, see if what they are ranting about lines up with scripture in any way, if it doesn't, run as fast as you can in the opposite direction!!!!

2.   NO!!!!!   NO!!!!!!   NO!!!!!!!    You can not have you own truth!!!!!    If "your truth" does not line up with God's truth, someone is wrong, and I can promise you with 100% accuracy, "it AIN'T God!!!!!!"

3.   NO!!!!!!    NO!!!!!!      NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!     I don't care who it is!!!!    I don't care how much notarity and fame they carry with them, I don't care if they had a television show............I don't care what kind of pedigree they think they have!!!!     They are a liar, used by the enemy, doing the enemies work, and taking as many people to hell with them as they can, all the while, claiming to be a good person, who walks in "her own truth"!!!!   How scary is that??????      It should scare you as badly as it scares me.     And if you ever come in contact with anyone "walking in their own truth", my best advice would be to run as fast and far in the opposite direction as you possibly can.   

1 Thessalonians 5:22   says  "abstain from all appearances of evil".      Claiming to walk in ones own truth, is about as evil as it gets!!!

So, who do you listen to?     I can not tell you what to do.     All I can do, is hope and pray that all who read this is walking in the truth of Jesus Christ and can and will recognize the slimy lies of the enemy, regardless of who's mouth is spewing those lies.

That's one reason I don't watch a lot of tv or any of the awards shows anymore.   There is always someone "walking in their own truth" and the majority of those at the awards shows will eat that stuff up like hogs at a slop trough!!!!    I don't care what they believe, well I do, but they will never be here on my blog to read the truth, but I do care what y'all believe!!!   If you are here, reading my blog, I hope and pray that you are already a Christ follower and walk in His truth, grace and mercy.    If you are not a Christ follower, then I hope that Christ will convict your heart right now of the sin in your life and that you will make the decision to walk in the truth of Christ from this day forward and study the Word of God and ask God to give you wisdom, knowledge and understanding when you are reading His Word.   He will!!!!    When we are studious in God's Word, we recognize immediately, the lies that spew forth from the enemies mouth and we will flee!!

I hope you have read something here today that has been a blessing to you.   More than anything, I hope that you have read the truth here today.   Because I can tell you, I DO NOT WALK IN MY TRUTH!!!!!!    I do walk in the truth, grace and mercy of Jesus Christ.   My desire is for you to walk in that same truth, grace and mercy!!!!

My tip for this blog post is to get a concordance and look up every scripture of truth in the Bible and read all of those.   Make notes on them.    Commit to memory as many as you can and then when you are confronted with someone "walking in their own truth", you will recognize it for the filthy lies that it is and flee.

Have a great rest of the day.   Be blessed in name of Jesus Christ.   Tell someone that you are walking in the truth of God's Word.     Remember that God loves you enough to provide a way for you to be in right relationship with Him thru the shed blood of Jesus Christ our Messiah!!!!   I love y'all too!!   Hope to see you back here real soon.    I have some projects to share with y'all and will share some more of my beads that I have been making.   Have a wonderful rest of the day and thank God for allowing you to be a part of such a magnificent day!!!!  Many hugs and much love, Patty

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy New Year!!!! Motivate, Recipes, a Tip

Good COLD and FRIGID evening y'all!!!!    I am already ready for spring!!!   What about y'all?   I bet you are too.   hahahaha   Oh well, we are just a few days into winter and it's already smacking us around a little.     So I send out warm wishes and prayers for all my family, friends and blog family.   Stay warm!!!   I got up this morning at 4:30 a.m. and came thru and looked out on the deck and it was 0*!!!!!  Yes, it was!!!     While on Facebook a little bit ago I seen where the TVA is asking for people to conserve electricity.  I know they mean well and a lot of us probably can cut back some on our usage.  I just don't like seeing that because as a result, I'm afraid we will see where some of our older people have frozen to death.   And we will never know whether they were trying to conserve or couldn't pay a bill.  At any rate, it is cold temps and challenging times.    The best we can do is try to check on neighbors and see if they need anything.    I just hope and pray that the cold snap doesn't last a long time.
I remember back in the mid to late '70's that we had a cold spell starting just before school was to start back after the Christmas Vacay, but the weather changed, and we didn't get back to school till the mid to late February!!!   Yeah, that's right, we was out of school for many many days and it was so cold that the lake behind our house froze solid!!!!   Yes, it did!!!   My brothers went to the lake and built snowmen and I don't know what all they done!!   Oh my gosh, it just makes me almost have a heart attack just thinking about what all they done back then!   I was really mad though, because Mom wouldn't let get out with them!!   hahahaha    She is a wise woman for sure!!    They might have buried me in a snow lady,  hahahaha.    

It was really scary sounding when the ice began to thaw and the water began to run again in the lake.   It sounded like there may have been a Loch Ness monster in there or something.   If your heard it groaning and didn't know what it was, it would scare the slippery snot out of ya!!!   hahahaha

It was so cold during that time, that my Dad and brothers couldn't even go to work.  They were carpenters and it's really hard to drive nails in frozen lumber!!   My Grandmother lived on the hill above us and every evening before dark, someone would go up and draw water for her from the well and fill her coal buckets up for her so she didn't have to get out.   I had long hair at the time and my Mom had to crochet me a boggin to pull down on my head so I could tuck my hair up in it.   If not, when I reached up to my hair, it would break off in my hand like brittle straw.    That boggin saved my head of hair during that cold spell.   My parents had gotten me a brand new pair of gloves for Christmas that year.   The first time I went up to draw the water for her, the palms of both gloves stuck to the well chain and pulled the palms out of those stinkin' gloves!!!   hahahaha    I guess when the chain finally thawed out, my glove palms fell in the well.   I don't know.     And when I had to fill up her coal buckets, that was awful!!!   I had to take a pick axe and try to bust it up.   It wasn't any different from being in the coal mine with a pick axe!!!   Well, I'm sure it was, but hey, this is my story and I can be as dramatic as I wish!!   hahahaha   It was tough to do and even  my brothers struggled with it, so I guess I was in good company.

So, if you gotta be out in the tough weather, put your gloves and boggins on, you won't be sorry.
Speaking of Christmas I got an Air Fryer, so now the fun starts.   I am learning to use it.   Haven't had any flops yet.  But I know that what I cook, I can and will, get better with as time goes on.

I have to stop right here and tell y'all that there is a LOT of hateful and mean spirited people on FACEBOOK!!!    If they are that way in real life, I pity the people around them.    I finally asked a question on one the groups that I joined.  I asked "Do people ever fixed anything from scratch?   It seems to me that everyone is just opening boxes and bags and that my sole purpose for getting the machine was for cooking from scratch and making healthier versions of food and that I hadn't seen any recipes from scratch."   Oh my good gollie gosh, you would have thought that question was gonna start world war 3!!!   Bunch of idiots!!!!!   That is the best word I can bless those people with.  After I spoke as sweetly as a "sweet southern belle" can, I dropped a couple groups quicker than you would drop a hot tater!!!   For the life of me, I can't figure out why some are so STINKIN hateful!!!!   I am telling ya', times been, there woulda been a regular street brawl, but I just don't sweat over idiots anymore!!!!   You know, "don't sweat the small stuff".   Well, hateful people are the "small stuff" and I don't deal with them.   I'll let 'em cuss each other and I'll move on to  kinder, gentler territory.   So, if you happen to be in a group on FB or anywhere for that matter, and it's not conducive to friendliness and helpfulness, you don't have to put up with people like that.   Just sayin'!!!!

Recipe 1.   But I have been cooking a few things with it.  The first thing I made was salmon fillets with a mix of 1 tablespoon low sodium soy sauce and a tablespoon brown sugar and 2 tablespoon water mixed well till the brown sugar dissolved and brushed it on the salmon and air fryed it for the time on the fryer said to do and it was FABULOUS!!!!!    It was, without a doubt, the BESTEST (yes I said BESTEST, hehehe) salmon that I have ever eaten!!!!!    I had started to think that I was gonna have to scratch salmon off my list, but not this recipe!!!   It's da bomb!!!!  Yes it is!!!!  And my hubby gave it 2 thumbs up and tried to stick a toe up too.   hehehe

Recipe 2.   I then sliced up 2 taters into french fries and air fried those.    Oh my good gosh gollie (sorry, I used that phrase twice, but who knows, I may use it again before I get done with my food, hahaha) we scarfed those down like we hadn't eaten in a month of Sundays.    Just a small sprinkle of sea salt when they were done and we were happy!!!    Crispy on the outside and yummy on the inside!

Recipe 3.   Last night, I took a large boneless skinless chicken breast and cut 4 tenders out of it.   I used somewhat of the same marinade for the chicken that I used for the salmon.    I did make a larger batch because I also had 4 chicken legs to marinade too.    The chicken tenders were AWESOME!!!!   My husband loves them, so he will be getting them.   How's that?    They were really good.   I am so thrilled that I finally found something that I can use on my salmon and chicken.   So, I still had the legs in the fridge soaking in the marinade and I threw them in the fryer this afternoon and oh my good gollie gosh (3rd time hehe) they were SOOOOOO fantastic!!!  I cooked them at 360* for 25 minutes.   I checked them at 22 minutes and they were not done because they had a bone in them.  Crispy on the outside and moist and tender on the inside.   I can't wait to experiment more.

Recipe 4.   I had almost forgot about the veggies I cooked on Sunday night too.   I took yellow squash, zucchini, bell peppers and mushrooms and sliced and diced and tossed it in the air fryer for a few minutes and stirred it and cooked it a few minutes more and they were so GOOOOOD!!!!   I had some ranch popcorn seasoning and I sprinkled a little of that on the veggies when they were done.   Yummo!!!!!

I am going to continue with my "Tip" of the post.    So, the tip this time is to remember to season your fryer basket each time to keep it stick free..    I just brush a little coconut oil on my basket and that gets it ready to be cooked in.    If I think something may stick anyway, I cut a circle of parchment paper the size of my basket and just scissor cut slits in it and the air will still circulate.    I also put a sheet of aluminum foil in the container that the fryer basket  sits in.   That really helps with clean up!!!

I am gonna check into some of the silicone baking cups and small pieces too.   I see people using those pieces in their fryers to bake in and also making egg dishes and casseroles and things like that.    People even bake their biscuits in it.    I have a toaster oven that takes a full sized 13 x 9 cake pan, so I will continue to use that, for the stuff that I have always used it for.   But I am looking forward to creating dishes that are wholesome and healthy and  NOT fatty, greasy, and lardy.   hehehehe

I hope that if you have one of these Air Fryers that you will let me know and share some of your favorite healthy dishes with me.   Keep a look out here, because as I have successes, I will share them here.
I had a word of the year in 2017 and that word was dream.    It was not my dream, but God's dream for me.  Well, I just have to tell you that God done a magnificent job dreaming for me last year!!!    Yes, He did.    He done things that I would never have imagined for my life and He just keeps on doing for me.   Praises to God for being the dreamer of dreams.    I wanted to keep the word for this year also, it was such a good word.   But I think God wanted me to take a different direction this year.   The word I have decided on this year, 2018, is "motivate, motivation or any other form of the word".   I don't know why this word in particular, but I am sure God will show me as we get into the days ahead.   I think I may have an inkling of where He wants to take me with this word.    So, I will wait with great anticipation to see where He takes me this year.
Well, I hate to cut it so short, but I have been sick since last Thursday and I'm still under the weather and ready for a rest and a good night's sleep.    This is a hard thing to shake for sure, but I think I am on the uphill swing now.   I sure hope so anyway.   I am excited to get over this and get back on the exercise schedule and get my hiney moving again!!!   hahaha

I pray that everyone has a cozy comfy night of sweet healing rest!!     Give the day to God before you go to sleep and thank Him for being a part of it.   Ask Him to give you some motivation, if you need it.   I sure am because I need it!!     I am looking forward to the direction He will take me this year.   I hope you found something useful here today.  I will have some pictures to share sometime of some of the food I am cooking with my Air Fryer, just didn't feel like it tonight.   I wish each of y'all a very Happy and Blessed New Year!!!!!   Keep God in it and it will be the best year ever!     Remember that God love's y'all and so do I!!!   See ya' in a few days with some fun stuff!!   Love and hugs, Patty

Monday, December 25, 2017

MERRY CHRISTMAS And the Winner is.............

Merry Christmas Y'all!!!!     I hope and pray that today, as well as every other day, that you stop and think about the Gift of our Savior to the world!!!    Had it not been for His birth, on whatever day He was actually born, we, as sinners, would have NO hope.    Our Hope is in the Lord, that He is who He said He is and that He has done what He said He would do and that He is coming again, and soon, to bring His people home for an eternity in the place He has prepared for us!!!    My friends, if you believe that, then your future is secure in Him!!!!     So thank Him today and praise Him today for that!!!    That is worth shouting about!!   Woohoo, Yay, Praises, Hallelujah!!!!     Thank you Father God that You gave us the best You had to offer on the day Christ was born!!!!!!
As some of y'all know, (the ones who read my blog), back on Dec 10th, 2017, I posted about a giveaway.     No, I did not advertise it.     I will probably never advertise a give away.    But, anyway, I did say that I would  have a drawing on Christmas Day, to celebrate the 200th post that I had made on my blog since I started it way back in 2013.     I put the names in a hat and had my husband draw one out and the winner is........Katknit, aka Char.    Congratulations Char!!!   I will be popping a 3 piece set of jewelry in the mail to you sometime this week.    I hope you enjoy it just half as much as I enjoyed making it!!!! 

Congratulations!!!!!!      I will be contacting you thru google+ privately for your addy info.    This was really fun for me!    I hope it was fun for all of y'all that read my blog and knew I was having my first giveaway.     I plan on doing this from time to time now.     So you will be responsible for reading my blog and knowing when I am having one.     I will, more than likely, never announce that I'm gonna be having a drawing.    There may be a time when I announce, but I don't know when that would be.  So, if you want to win something, just be on the lookout.   You never know when I'll pull a name out of a hat.    hahaha
Well, that's about it for now, short and sweet this go around.   Tell someone today about the gift of the greatest birth the world has ever known.   We are coming up on the start of a new year and I have been asking God what His word for me for 2018 is gonna be.   I have certainly had an amazing year with the word dream for 2017.   God has taken me places I would have never dreamed without His dreams for me.     I look forward to every day with new excitement and adventure.   God  is good, even when the sun isn't shining, God is still good!!!    Always remember God loves y'all and so do I!!!   love and hugs, patty