Sunday, January 20, 2019

Sharing a project I completed in 2018

Good morning y'all!!   We are in a cold wet spell in my neck of the woods.    Some bad weather coming in, or say they are telling us.    We'll have to wait and see though.     It will also be a good idea to be prepared for the worst case scenario.    So, I have on a pot soup beans!!   We will have cornbread with that and we will be happy campers for a little while.    Thankful and blessed for all that God has blessed us with, and even the weather.    He knows what He's doing, so I'll let Him keep doing what He does best and that is meet my needs.   And I will continue to praise Him and speak of His goodness at every opportunity.    That sounds like a great plan, don't cha think. 

(This blog post was started on Saturday Jan. 19th 2019 and we had ice and snow over night.    We live in the south, so if you don't like the weather, give it 15 minutes, something you like will come along shortly.   hahaha    Prayers for those who was affected in a bad with all the weather.)
I was busy late last year, 2018, on some "ufp's" (un-finished-projects) and I did get one completed!!!  Woop Woop!!!   So happy that I did!!    It wasn't but over 20 years in the making.   hahahaha     And I was so pleased with how it turned out!!!

This is a quilt top from 20+ years ago.  I had 2 nieces that was expecting babies at the same time.    This was a freebie set of baby alphabet embroidery designs.   Sorry I don't remember where it came from, but it was over 20 years ago after all.   I figure out who digitized these designs, I will gladly tell you who it was.  So, I actually sewed each design 3 times.    I sewed the sample first and then tweaked the design colors as needed for the 2 blocks of each alphabet.    The samples were actually meant to be thrown away when I was done with the actual quilts.    But, I decided to keep the blocks and made a quilt top out of them and put it in a plastic shoebox and then politely put the box up.

The samples were sewn on hacked out squares.  They are not all the same size.    The ones that I made the quilts were actually cut to one size, all of them, the SAME size.   hahaha     But for this one, when I sewed them together in strips and then sewed the strips together, none of the blocks matched underneath each other.   It really stood out like a sore thumb.    On the originals, I sewed a big button between each block to add a little interest.   There was probably 30 to 36 each buttons sewn onto these two quilts when finished.   That's how I tacked the quilts together.   But on the quilt that I am about to share, I sewed a button on all four corners of each quilt block with different colors of grosgrain ribbon, 1/8th of an inch wide, using a large eyed needle that was small enough to get thru the holes and shanks in the buttons.      I love how it turned out and I'm so thrilled I found all of my embroidered blocks from days and years gone by.   I hope to get a lot of the projects completed sometime soon.    It feels pretty good to actually accomplish something.

Let me say this before I show you my quilt.    I am NOT a quilter, but I am a seamstress, or I should say, used to be a seamstress.    So while I know a lot about sewing in general and a lot about sewing machines, and garment manufacturing, not so much about quilting.   hahaha    Oh, I "know " quite a bit about quilting, because I came from quilters, so I know some of the lingo and stuff like that.    But knowing about quilting and actually quilting are 2 different things.   hahaha    Trust me, I do know that.     So, with all that said, I will share my baby alphabet quilt.
This is the full quilt.   If you click on the picture it will bring up a larger picture of it and you can see it better.
This is the back.    I used 5 fat quarters of flannel to make the backing and the stripes in the fat quarters match the colors of the grosgrain ribbon I used to sew the buttons on with.
This is just some close ups of some of the buttons and blocks.  But if you notice, you can see that my blocks do NOT line up correctly on the vertical line.    This was not intended to be a quilt in the first place.
But, I could not bare tossing out these blocks once I was finished with the other 2 quilts, so I did sew together and make the quilt top.   But I ignored it for many years.
One of the reasons I couldn't stand the idea of tossing out these quilt blocks is that there is well over an hour, close to 2 hours of machine embroidery time in each block!!!      So, with time invested in them, I couldn't toss them out.    Right about now, I'm thrilled I didn't.

When I started going thru my buttons, I was looking only for large, 2 holed buttons.     I knew I was gonna have a terrible time finding as many buttons as I needed.     So, the next type of button I resorted to was shank buttons.    And only solid shank buttons.    I didn't want any that were 2 or 3 piece shank buttons because they would hold water if it was ever washed and that's not a good thing!!     So, I found useable shank buttons, still wasn't enough.     Next, I started looking for 4 holed buttons.   I didn't want to use them, but I had no choice.     Once I got all the buttons on there, I was so stinkin' tickled with how it turned out!!!     The buttons more than doubled the weight of the quilt!!     hahahaha     It sure did!!!    There is 120 buttons in total on this quilt.     I haven't measured it yet to see just how large it actually is, but it's somewhere in the neighborhood of 36" x 45".   

The finishing touch was to put a spot of clear nail polish on each knot and on each end of the ribbon to keep the knots from coming out and the ends from fraying.     I will sign and date it on the back and then this will go to my other niece.     Since I have only 3 nieces, they all will have one of these beauties.   Oh yeah, the blocks are denim and the white fabric is napery material that my husband got for me at his place of employment at the time.    They was tossing it out and he asked if he could bring it home to me and they let him.      So, I was happy to get the quality material and never dreamed I would use it like that, but it was perfect.

I do love how the buttons add another dimension to the quilt and they distract from the quilt blocks not lining up vertically.     Back in the day when I still sewed and embroidered a lot, I always sewed a button every project I made.    That was my signature move in sewing and embroidering.    Sometimes the button was so small you couldn't find it, but it was there.   hahaha     If I go back to sewing again, I will pick back up with my signature move.   hahaha    Hope y'all enjoyed seeing my quilt as much as I enjoyed sharing it with y'all and telling  about it.  I'm happy I remembered as much about it as I did.    hahahaha    Tell me in the comments below if you have any un-finished-projects from back in the day and what your game plan is to get them completed.

I am working on another small quilt from another set of alphabet set of fruit and veggies.    It will be a lot smaller than this project.   It will be the size of a table runner, but it will be cute.   So keep an eye for that.
That's about all I have for today.    I do hope and pray that y'all enjoyed your visit here today and that you will make your way back here real soon.     I would love to hear from you and if you leave me a message, I respond to each one, so you can check back and see that too.

I hope and pray that y'all stay safe and warm and that you are happy in knowing that God loves you this morning!!!     He sure does.     If you love Him and trying your best to serve Him with His help, then you can be assured He loves you.     If you don't know Him and you don't want to know Him or have no desire to know Him, then that's a different story altogether.     But if have love in your heart for Him, then I can assure you that He has more love for you than you can possibly know.    Just know that if you are seeking Him, He will make Himself known to you.    I pray that every eye that ever sees my blog is actively seeking Him, already knows Him, and can testify about the love of God over their lives.

Have a blessed day today wherever y'all are.  Remember that God loves you so much He provided a way for us to be in right relationship with Him thru His Son, Jesus Christ.     I love y'all too!!!  hugs, patty

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Truth Keep

Good Morning from my neck of the woods!!!!     I hope and pray that where ever y'all are that you are happy, joyous and know that you know you are blessed.     If you are reading this, you are blessed.     If you was able to get out of bed today, you are blessed.    If you are able to inhale and exhale air with your lungs, you are blessed.     If your heart is beating, you are blessed.     Ok, ok, you catch my drift.    We are blessed to have life this morning.     I do believe that a lot of us just don't realize that life itself is a blessing.   If we know Christ as our Savior, we know we are blessed.     If we don't know Him as Lord and Savior, we don't and we can't even begin to realize that we are blessed.

I heard a preacher say one time that there are 4 kinds of people.
1. People unsaved and know it.   They don't care.  Maybe even blatantly anti God.
2. People unsaved and don't know it.    They just haven't or don't realize that they need Jesus.
3. People who are saved.    They are the ones who have made Christ Lord of their lives.
4. People who are unsaved but think they are saved.     These are the ones that the enemy has really deceived.

That pretty much covers the scope.     If I was to ask you which one you are, what would you say?    My husband worked with a couple of men, number 1's, that was unsaved and they knew it and they was not willing to change their lifestyle in this life for something they didn't even believe exists and if they did believe it exists, they was willing to go to hell for temporal enjoyment.    This is basically what both of these men said, on multiple occasions.    We can just pray that somehow, someone can get through to them.

Me, I was number 2.   I was unsaved and didn't know it.    I was seeking after something better, (a better way of life or something) than what I knew up to that point and I was seeking in the proper direction and God made Himself known to me in a very real way.    I knew I needed something.    I knew I was lacking something.     I didn't know what it was.     I kinda knew, but I didn't know.    The best I can say is that I didn't know what I didn't know.     That is just about the best way to describe it.   When I finally met Jesus and had an encounter with Him, that's when I knew I now had what my heart had been longing for, I just didn't know what it was, before my encounter.    It's hard to explain this to someone who doesn't know Christ and doesn't want to know Him.    But, if you are someone that is lacking something and you know it, but you just don't know what it is, maybe, just maybe, it's Jesus!!!   

Now, I am very happy and excited to tell you that I am number 3 and have been for about 43 years now!!!  Sweeter gets the journey!!!    Am I perfect?   Way NO!!!!!!     NO way!!!!!   hahaha     I'm not ashamed to tell you that.    Because in my 43+ years of following Christ, I've never met anyone else that is perfect.     Oh, I come across a lot that THOUGHT they were, but they weren't and aren't.    Do I love Jesus perfectly?     I would love to say yes.    Do I love Jesus as much as I can love Him?    Again, I would love to say yes.     In reality, I can't and don't love Jesus perfectly, because I am not perfect.   My lack of imperfection does not give permission to blatantly sin and walk in the flesh.    My imperfection gives me the permission to walk in the spirit, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and try to live a life that is pleasing to God.    Again, not perfect.    Just in obedience to the will of God.     A regenerate heart is a heart that DOES have love in their heart towards Jesus.   If you don't have ANY love in your heart what so ever for Jesus, then you don't know Jesus as your personal Savior.    I have seen people recoil or flench at the very mention of Jesus and seen their whole countenance change to something almost unrecognizable.  Not someone I want to be around.    On the other hand, I have seen hard faces softened at the mention of Jesus and their countenances change just at the mention of His name.     The very mention of Jesus is the calm assurance that externally, I may be like a hamster on a wheel, but inside, I am so at peace and joyous when I hear that sweet name.     If you have love in your heart for Jesus, then you know Him.    

Compare Judas and Peter.    Jesus told Judas that what you must do, do it quickly.   The betrayal is what Jesus was speaking of.     He was the one who had no love in his heart for Jesus.   Peter on the other hand, told Jesus that he would never deny Him.   Jesus told Peter that the devil was going to sift him like wheat and after wards, he was to strengthen the disciples.    We all know that Peter had great love for Jesus, but Peter denied Jesus just as Jesus said he would do.    Was that the end of Peter?    A big old honking NO!!!     In a way, that was the beginning of Peter!!!     When Jesus restored Peter wholly, fully in front of the other disciples, they in turn accepted Peter fully and wholly back into the ranks.     And a little later, we know that Peter preached one of the greatest sermons ever preached!     Peter is who I am reminded of when I have royally messed up.     I have to keep thinking how Jesus loved Peter so much that He, Jesus, prayed for Peter.    If Jesus prayed for Peter, guess what, I believe He is at the right hand of our Father, praying and pleading on behalf of me and you, while the enemy sifts us like wheat.     The enemy can sift us, Jesus keeps us!!!     Jesus gives us strength.    Jesus encourages us.    Jesus loves us.    Jesus makes a way for us.     Jesus is our rest.     Jesus is our overseer.      Jesus is our watchman.     Jesus is our bread.     Jesus is comforter.     Jesus is our covering.

So, remember if you love Jesus, you will fail.    You will fail to love Jesus as much as you should.    You will fail to love Jesus as much as you can.     You will fail to represent Jesus to your fullest, probably daily.     Does that mean you don't love Jesus?   Absolutely NOT.     It means that you/we have to recommit to love Jesus.      It means we have to confess our sin.    It means we have to admit we have sin in our lives.    It means we have to seek forgiveness of our sin.    We're not seeking salvation again, (because we can't lose that), we are seeking forgiveness.   Seeking forgiveness for our sin; missing the mark, not doing what we should, doing what we shouldn't do; is putting us back in right relationship with God.     We want to be in right relationship with God at all costs.     So, when we do wrong, we need to acknowledge it to get rid of the guilt.

Have you ever been to the point that you knew you done wrong but didn't seek forgiveness?     If you have, it eats at you.     You don't take care of it.   It continues to eat at you.     You start finding it easier to let it go and then you let more and more sin go unchecked.    It starts snowballing and all of the sudden you are at rock bottom.     If you have been or maybe are there now, just know that there is nowhere to go but up from rock bottom and Jesus is waiting to help you up out of that pit.    It may be fair to say that anyone of us have been there on multiple occasions.    It is VERY easy to do.    We start thinking that we are something we're not.    We're not above sin.    When we think we are, that is sin.  Just know that you don't have to stay in the pit.    You don't have to spend one more second in there.    Jesus is always ready to help!!!  That is sweet to know.

Now, there is number 4.    Those who think they are saved, but are not.     How could that be?     Well, the enemy is always on the lookout for those he can lie to, kill and destroy.     The enemy lies to us.    Sometimes we don't know we are being deceived till it's too late.     But, once again, back to the point earlier about having love in your heart for Jesus.   If you DO and you know you do have love in your heart for Jesus, then you have a regenerate heart.    It is impossible to truly love the Jesus of the bible and be lost.      The only we can love in the first place, is because God first loved us.     That is what allows us to be able to love Jesus.     If you love Jesus, you love Him enough to deny your selfish desires and live for Him with His help.     That's the only we can do that, with His help.

One of the sad things today is that we have a lot of churches that are catering to the lost.     The lost need to hear the Word of God, for sure.   That's evangelism.    But we have gotten away from the fact that the New Testament churches were for those who had accepted Christ as The Way.    The church is for followers of Christ.     The church is to evangelize, that's right.   But we must NOT forget that the church is where the regenerated go to be with other like minded people, to study and to encourage and be encouraged and learn and grow in their relationship with Jesus and to be ready to go out and evangelize, spread the gospel.    When we dumb down the service and change the service to make it world friendly, then, at best we become worldly christians.     There is no such thing as a worldly christian.     That is where number 4 comes in at.     But we went to church, we done this, we kept busy at that.    When did you sit at the feet of Jesus and soak Him in?     You probably didn't, you didn't have time to do that.   I think some have labeled it "seeker sensitive".     They are looking for something that looks like the world.   If they find the world in the church, they think they have found Jesus.     More likely, Jesus is outside knocking on the door of the  church waiting for someone to let Him in, but noone will, because they don't recognize Jesus, because they don't know Jesus and they don't have love in their heart for Jesus.     Their heart is filled with worldly pleasure that they have found inside the "seeker sensitive" church.     If the church you go to looks like a rock concert, it's more than likely a seeker sensitive church.   Again, this church is more than likely filled with number 4 people.   You would probably be better off fleeing that church as fast as you can and shaking the dust from your shoes.  

I have not tried to be judgemental of any of these four people.     I pray that I haven't come across as such.    But, if anything you read sparked something in you, talk to Jesus and ask Him what it is.    Seek His help to determine which one you are.     I pray that you are number 3, with the knowledge that you are not perfect.     Imperfection does not give us the right to walk in the flesh and sin because we're human and can't help it.    It gives us the privilege to walk in the spirit as overcomers of the flesh.   Be an overcomer.     Be someone seeking Jesus in everything you do.   Be someone sharing Jesus in everything you do.     Be an encourager.     Be a friend.     Be a stepping stone, not a stumbling block.     Make sure you are someone who knows Jesus, because you have had an encounter with Him.   And be someone that's ready to share Jesus with the next person you meet.    Be someone who is ready to share the TRUTH and KEEP the truth.

Remember that God loves you more than you can possibly know, to provide a way for you to be in right relationship with Him through His Son, Jesus Christ!!!      Don't ever forget that.     The enemy wants to see you dead.   In Christ there is life and more abundantly.    Be blessed today.  I love each of you and I thank you for stopping by.    hugs, patty

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Happy 2019!!!!!! "Keep"

Good morning Y'all!!!      I hope and pray that wherever y'all are today that you are happy, healthy and blessed!!      Yesterday was resolution making day.    Guess what, I did NOT make any resolutions.     I trust my life to God, so any resolution that I would have made, would have been relying on me to keep or not keep the resolution and there would have been deep disappointment when I broke that resolution.     Trust me, I know  me all too well, and I definitely would have broken any resolutions.     hahaha      If I was a betting woman, I would be willing to bet that some of y'all have already broken your resolutions.    hehehe       But, sssshhh, I won't tell anyone.    hehehe

I do always choose a word that will be my word for the year.     Instead of trying to choose a big word that signifies big meanings and big changes and making a big "tado".    I chose the simple word "keep".      I know what the word means to me and at some point in time through the year, I may share with y'all the reason I chose that word.      For now, I'm just gonna contemplate the reason that God helped me choose that word.     I will tell you that when God makes a promise, He will "KEEP" that promise.       I do know that those who belong to Him, he does "KEEP" them in His watch care and protection.    Also, at some point in time this year, we may even search scripture and see a lot of the scriptures with the word "keep" in them and see who is doing the "keep"ing, whether it's God or man and see how successful man is in "keep"ing his word or keeping that which belongs under his care and any of the other reasons behind the word "keep" in scripture.     We'll just have to see how the Lord leads with this word this year.   I am excited about it.     I hope if you haven't chosen a word for your life this year that you will consider letting God choose a word you and then see how it applies to your life and then see if you can dig deeper into the word and find out why God chose this word for you.     Every year, I have been surprised and excited to see where God takes me with my word for the year.     So, if you aren't already doing this, I present the challenge to you to try it this year and see your word takes you and if you feel led to share with me, I would certainly enjoy the ride along with you this year. 

One thing that I am looking forward to this year is spending more time with some awesome ladies that God has so graciously put in my life.     It may just be for a season, but I do hope and pray that it is God's design for the 5 us to grow old  together.     These ladies are just awesome and there is no pretense in them at all.     I feel like me when I with them.   I know that's a strange statement, but I just bet that all of y'all have been around people that you feel the need to restrain yourself.     Not with these ladies.     They are fun, they love the Lord and they love to sew!!!!     3 beautiful qualities to have and I am blessed to be a part of this group.     I just thank God for opening a door last year that no one but Him could open!!!!     As time goes along, I will probably share more about this too.   

The first day of 2019 was actually a nice day here in my neck of the woods.     It had rained the day before, Dec 31st, 2019 and rained and rained, and while it was raining, it even rained more!!!      hahahaha      So guess what, it rained.     At one point in time, the rain was coming down so hard in sheets, it looked like sheets hanging on the clothesline blowing and whipping in the wind.   You could actually see each sheet swirling around.      The wind was blowing so hard, that it was blowing sheets of rain "UP" the street in front of our house.     That wouldn't be so strange if it wasn't such a steep incline.      But just about dark, it finally stopped.      We was actually under tornado warnings all day.  The day was perfect it for sure.   Just grateful it didn't happen.     So, I think it was fair to say that "2018 went out like a lion and 2019 came in like a lamb".

We did go up to Ky yesterday, January 1, 2019.    Where we live, about 25-30 years ago there was seagulls spotted in and around the Nashville area.    I would figure that they got blown off course by a storm years ago and ended up this far inward from the ocean.     But, then again, I just don't know.     I just know that it was a strange sight for this little old country girl.     hahaha     Now. it's  an everyday occurrence since they have migrated further north.      It's nothing to see them in my little town now.     As a matter of fact, we have come to expect it.     We love to go to the city park here in town and there is a good sized little lake in that park with parking close to the lake so you watch the geese and ducks and now the seagulls.    On our drive up to Ky yesterday, there was lots of fields standing in water.    That is not an uncommon occurrence at all.    When we have a lot of rain in a relatively short period of time, the water has no place to go, but pool in the fields.     What was unusual, was seeing all the seagulls in the fields of water!!!!!     You know how there will be flocks of birds fly over, well, at one time there was a flock of thousands of seagulls fly over and there was thousands already in the fields on either side of the road!!!!   I didn't know there was that many seagulls this far north.    I had no idea.    We only see a few 10's of them at a time.   Most of the time, not even 100 at a time, but yesterday, I just imagine we seen well over five thousand seagulls out in the country, splashing around in the temporary lakes in the fields.     So, I just believe this year will be a year of many firsts for me.    hahaha       Should make for a fun and interesting year.

Well, that's about all the rambling I have for today.      I pray that you enjoyed your visit here today and I would love to hear from you and hear what your first day of the year was like and maybe even hear if you already have word for your year.

I pray that every day, we will all stop and thank God for all He's done for us.     I pray that we will call on Him first thing in the morning and close our eyes at night with praise in our heart for what He accomplished and thankful that we got to be a part of it.     This could even be a year to find out just what God can do for you.     Jesus is Lord, Savior and Messiah!!!    Jesus was born a virgin birth!!!    Jesus died for my/your sins!!!!     Jesus rose from the grave, death no more has the sting that it once did!!!!     Jesus is at the right hand of Father God waiting for God to say, "Go get 'em Son, bring my children Home!!"     Some of that ,well most of it, is hard to wrap the human brain around and we can't do that on own.   But God can help us.     If we are more than willing to believe the lies of the enemy, then it should be easy to believe the truth of God.    Just ask God to help you believe this, it is true and God will help you with it, if you will ask.    Confess your sins, admit that you are a sinner, repent of your sins and ask Jesus to help you every day.   He will save your soul, He will help you every day!!!    That is a promise that He will "KEEP"!!!      Go for it, you don't have anything to lose, but everything to gain with an eternity in the presence of Jesus!!

Remember that God loves y'all and I do too!!  Be blessed today and every day and celebrate each new day with joy and excitement!!!   hugs y'all!!   patty

Monday, December 24, 2018

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!!!     I pray that where ever y'all are tonight, that y'all are warm, happy, and in love with Jesus Christ!!     The very person that we are celebrating tomorrow.     I know that tomorrow is not the calendar day that Christ was born.      And to be quite honest with you, there is no one alive who does know the exact day.    So, I try not to get wrapped up in the unknown.     If it was that important, God would have made sure that the date would have been in scripture. 

What is important?    Certainly not the trees, or Santa, or the gifts, or the lights, or the decorations.    To be quite honest, I do enjoy the sights of the festive holiday season.     I do, I just do.     I just wish it wasn't tied to the birth of Jesus Christ.     A pagan holiday was assigned by a religion that is, at best, pagan itself and all the world followed suit.     Why?    I have NO idea!!!! 

I can't help what the world has decided to do and I certainly can't change it.   I would if I could though.    But, what I can do is tell you what Christ means to me.    Even if we do celebrate His birthday on a day that isn't His birthday, we can still honor Christ with our own life.

My hope is in my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!!!    Hope is EVERYTHING!!!!    Without hope, we wither and die.    Eventually our bodies will die, but have you ever seen a living, breathing person that had no hope?     I have!!!    To be quite honest, I was one of those people before Jesus Christ gave me hope!!!!     Hope is a powerful force.     Hope causes dreams to become reality.     Hope is as healing as medicine in a lot of ways.    A lot of times, hope is the best medicine.     Hope is the powerful force from Jesus Christ that allows a person to beat the death sentence of cancer.     Hope is also the same powerful force that enables a person to say, "It's ok if this disease does take my body, because my eternal being will be in the presence of my Lord and Savior!"      Hope is the powerful force that makes a way when the natural world says there is no way.      Hope opens doors that the enemy thinks he shut.     The same nails that was used to hold Christ to the cross are the very nails that Jesus Christ uses to open doors and make a way!!!     My hope is in the Lord!!!   

So, I don't know the exact date that Jesus was born into this world, I just know that it was a magnificent day for all of us!!!!     Even those who haven't accepted Christ as Lord and Savior yet.    My hope, is that you will, while you still have life and breath in your body.     Without the hope of Christ, we would all be doomed to a devils hell.    I don't want anyone to read my blog and think that "I have time", because, we don't know when our next breath will be our last breath.    Life is a gift!     Eternal life is the BEST gift!!!      That ONLY comes from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

I came to the realization one day that I don't have all the answers.    I was sick and diseased from the stench of sin.     I realized that I was bound and headed right for hell.     Jesus is the One who broke the curse of sin in my life and over my life!!!   When I acknowledged my sin and confessed my sin and asked Jesus to be Lord of my life for the rest of my life; that was the day I found HOPE.

My hope for whom ever is reading this, and needs hope, is that you will trust what you are reading here enough to search out someone that you trust and that you know loves Jesus too.     Ask them if what I have said is true or not.     If you ask someone that is still living in sin, they don't know the truth either.   But if you ask someone that you know is a believer in Christ and the hope that He offers, they will assure you that I am telling you the truth.

If you have access to a Bible, read the Book of John.   That  book in particular talks about the fact the Jesus is God and then talks about the attributes that God is, also are the attributes that Jesus is.     I know a lot of people will say that this is all make believe and made up stuff.   I ask you, "do you want to find out, when it's too, that all of this is true?"   

This isn't much about Christmas, I realize that.     But my Christmas present to you is this.   There is no time like the present to ask Jesus into your life.    And ask Him every day, to be Lord of your life.   Ask Him to show Himself to you in a very real way every day.   He will.    Tell Him that you find it hard to believe, but you are willing to believe and He will help you every day to believe more and more.    It won't be long till you will see a difference in your life.    Because Jesus makes a difference in everything He touches.     He heals the sick.     He gives sight to the blind.     He raises the dead.     He will make a way for you too.     I was living in my sin, I was blinded by my sin and I was dead in my sin!!!!     So I can say with all authority, that He heals the sick, causes the blind to see and raises the dead!!      That's exactly what He has done for me!!!    Give your life to Him and you can say the same thing!!!

So, if you are in the midst of everything that is Christmas, but have very little to do with Christ, just remember that His birth is the most magnificent gift this earth has ever seen and that it is free for you to open.     I hope that you can and will share this gift with your family and the people that you love.   It is priceless.   There isn't enough money on planet earth to purchase it.    It's free!!!!     Go for it, my friend, you won't be sorry. 

So, "Merry Christmas" from my heart to yours!!!     I pray that every eye that ever reads this will experience the love of Christ, this Christmas and every Christmas till He comes again.    Keep Christ in your heart and you will have hope!!!!     Remember that God loves you enough to provide a way for you to be in right relationship with Him, through His Son, Jesus Christ!!!   God loves you and I do too!!!  hugs, patty

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Our housekeeping routine in pictures

Good morning Y'all!!      I hope wherever y'all are this morning that you are all snuggled up inside and out of the cold.       It is in the lows 20* here this morning with the high of 31 to be expected.   I guess that's ok, because elsewhere, there is lots of snow and all the misery that comes with that.     So, right now, I'm just thankful to be warm this morning.     That makes me feel blessed for sure.   

Ok, so what I wanted to share with y'all today is our housekeeping routine.     Sounds funny, I know.  But if you are like me, you may need something to help keep you on track.      I used to be able to think about all the things that needed to be done and just do it, but it's not that easy anymore.    So if I have something to keep me on track, no matter how far I wander, it's easy to get back on track.  hahaha

On the daily lists, you will notice things with pink dots beside them.  These are things that my sweet husband does or helps me do.   I have back issues, so he does the things that have a tendency to mess my back up and a lot of the other stuff also.   Since he is retired, he loves to help do a lot of this stuff and with us working together, it doesn't take but a few minutes to an hour each day to keep hot spots down and keep the house pretty clean and picked up.   No, it's not perfect, but it's far ahead of what it used to be.   

You will also notice that on every day in the daily section there is an item that says "during winter months check window sills for moisture".    We have a couple of windows that are not above air vents and they have a tendency to get a little moisture in the windows, so I just want to have the reminder to check those windows and wipe down any moisture.  It's never much, but I just like to make sure it's checked.     So, since these cleaning routines are used year around, it's on all of them all the time, and I'm fine with it.    You can make yours to suit your needs just as I have made ours to suit our needs.

I have had this system for several years.   It works.    When I had an achilles tendon injury back a few years ago, I also had a major back injury as a result and was unable to do much of anything for a LONG time and everything went to pot!!!!   When I did get back to where I could do a little something, I was so overwhelmed with the mess that I had no idea where to begin!!!   I had put my notebook out of sight because it was a source of anguish because I couldn't keep up with housework and my husband was working long hours and 7 days a week and it just got out of hand and I felt like a complete failure as a human being, much less trying to keep the house clean.

A long story short, my husband is now retired and the first thing on the top of his to do list was to help me get our home back.   It was all his idea and God bless him for that!!!!   I must tell you, he actually done most of the work in getting our home back in order.   Only God knows the number of happy tears I have shed along with a few tears of sadness over our home getting in that shape to begin with.

At one time, I had a routine that I done every day and kept my house clean and orderly.   The older I got, the harder it was to keep it up.   So, at one time a few years ago, we worked on getting this system set up and going for us.  Just doing daily, weekly and monthly things breaks up the monotony and keeps the cleaning moving forward daily.   It works for us.   I hope there is something here that will for someone else.   This is the 4th in the calendar.   

There will be a total of 5 weeks that can be used accordingly.   When all of these are used, plus the sheet that has the quarterly activities on it, the house will have been cleaned from ceiling to floor in a 3 month period.  Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.   

For now, the pictures are self explanatory.   You see an erasable marker, a pen and a pad.   That is for taking notes of anything I run out of and need to put on a grocery list or maybe an activity that needs to get done that day.   I can mark on the protector sheet with the erasable marker and at the end of the day wipe it off with a paper towel.  That way we know what has been done.   We have all day to do it too.  I will get the other weeks up as soon as I get pictures made of them.   Click on the pictures to bring up the large picture that you can actually read.

My tip for this blog post it just start where you are.   I was blessed that my husband helped me, I know that.   But wherever you are in the process, just start with one day and move on to the next day and the next and it won't be long till you have made a difference that is noticeable.

I really hope that this helps just one person.  If it does, it will have been worth sharing it with y'all.  Remember while doing your housework, just thank God that you have a house to keep clean.  Remember that He loves you and loves to hear from you.     Praise God for everything!!!     Sing praises to Him!!     He loves to be serenaded!!      Have a blessed day and just know that I love y'all too!!!   hugs, patty