Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bread or no bread

 "Give us today our daily bread." Matthew 6:11 (NIV)

Are you feasting at the table of the Lord and dining on His bread that He wants to give you daily, or are you scrounging around gobbling up crumbs? Don't wait for the crumbs, go to God on a regular, daily basis and get your daily bread. Do not settle for the crumbs, that is what the enemy wants God's children to do. The enemy wants us to think that a pitiful few scraps is all there is for us. That just is not so! God is the "giver" of our daily bread! God is the One who supplies our every need! Scrambling for the crumbs is not God's plan for you and me. He wants to nourish us spiritually as well as physically. You can't have a strong, healthy body on a diet of crumbs. Just the same, you can't have a strong, healthy relationship with the Lord dining on the crumbs of need and necessity. When we make a point, on a daily basis of spending quality time in the presence of God, just allowing His presence to fill us with all the nourishment He wants to give us, then, when a time of need or crisis comes our way, we will already be used to going into His presence. It is then, that we will not have to settle for crumbs.

We are not accustomed to wanting to share our crumbs either. But when we have spent time with the Lord on a daily basis, it is then that we are ready, willing and able to share our bread with others. But if we do not have any bread ourselves, then it is difficult to share with others something that you are in need of yourself. Do you want to share with others out of the abundance of your spiritual bread, or do you want to not be able to help someone because you are in starvation mode yourself. You have set your sights on crumbs, not believing that God wants to supply your daily bread, every day!!! Feast on whatever God wants to give you, daily. God has only His greatest and best desires for you. Set your heart on the desires of God, and get ready to feast on God's daily bread in your life.

What does that look like? I can't tell you what it will look like for your life, but I can tell you what it looks like for me. I have never had a physical hunger that could not immediately be met by getting food from the kitchen. This is not altogether, what this scripture means to me. What it means to me is this; whatever the enemy tries to throw at me, God is there to protect me. It may mean that someone gives me physical food, but it may also mean that someone will speak a word of God over me that I needed today. It may mean that God protected me from something. It may mean that God has or will see me through a sickness. I will receive whatever God wants to give to me. God will supply and meet all my needs and abundantly so. Oh, and by the way, the more bread that you share with others in need, the more God will give you. If you give to others as God has given to you, you will always be overflowing. You will have baskets of bread to share.(pjg-11-06-12)

I hope your enjoyed this short devotional.   I hope and pray that sometime this evening you find time to spend with the Lord. Mention by name, all the people you know that are hurting and hungry for Him. Bring those people to the throne of God. I know I have some church families that are grieving the loss of loved ones. Others hospitalized for surgeries. Friends on line are in pain and grieving. Everywhere you turn, someone is hurting. I pray for God, the Father to meet every need that we turn over to Him. I pray for each and every one of you to have a night filled with the assurance of God, the Father, that He will take care of you. Until next time, be blessed beyond measure!

hugs and good night, Patty

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