Monday, September 9, 2013

A little Catch-up (not ketchup gggg)

Well, here it is, another Monday!  It seems like those Mondays come rolling around even quicker now.  I'm telling you, I'm gonna have to go bungee jumping!!!   The ladies in my Sunday School Class was talking a couple of years ago about how time is flying by.  I told them that I had just recently heard someone speaking of that very thing.  This person said that in order to slow time down, we have to invest our time in learning something new or doing something new, all the time, or at least quite often.  I told the ladies that I would be putting a sign-up sheet for anyone who wanted to go bungee jumping!!!   I figured that would be enough of an experience to slow time down for a little while, as least while I was recuperating from any injuries obtained in the jump!!! gggg  I still don't have any takers.  All of them said they would go and watch me, but none said they would join me. gggg   They say wisdom comes with age, and they were pretty wise not to take me up on the offer.   gggg

I had said that I will be posting about some of my crafts and on-going projects.  So, today, I thought I would show you a couple of things I have been working on.  One, is my instant gratification, and the other is a long term project, I'm shooting for 2015 to get this done, if the Lord sees fit to let me live that long and gives me the health and ability to get it finished.

This is a pin I made from a file that Penny Duncan  put on her blog on Saturday morning.  Her blog addy is in my side bar.  I covered the whole flower with a coat of glitter glue and then a heavy coat of glossy accents.  Penny, I love this flower, thanks for your generosity of sharing what you design!  God Bless you, my sister, in the Lord!!
 When it was all dried, I turned it over and used glossy accents to glue the pin back on.  Works perfectly!  wooopppeee!!
This is the fourteen page mini album that I have started.  It will be a calendar book of sorts and there will be many, many tags.  I don't have much done on it yet, but the prep work takes so long.  That is why I said I will be shooting for 2015 to even think about completing this.  My attention span will not let me stay on this till I get done.
I wanted to show how big the pages are in comparison to my hand.  That always helps me to see a real life size shot of something.  This one below, with my hand in it is actually going to be the front and another one just like it will be the back.
Another real life size shot of my pin in comparison to my hand.  This is a big pin and I really like this.  Got me some "bling" goin' on y'all!!!

I was speaking with a sister in Christ recently and we were just sharing about some of our favorite words in the Bible.  Not necessarily passages, this time,  but just words that gets the readers attention.  I said my two favorite words are, "...but God...".  I'm here to tell you, my friends, when you see those two words, just know that God is on the scene and something is gonna happen.  I look at my life and I can see so many of those, "...but God..." moments.  For such a long time I struggled with issues in my life, for naught, I might add!  "...but God..." showed up and made Himself very real to me.  I praise Him every day for that!

I hope and pray that each and every one of you have had a "...but God..." moment in your life.  I pray that your "today's" are filled with so many blessings that they spill over into the lives of those around you.  Thank God!  Praise God!

Until we meet again, right here, be blessed in name of Jesus Christ!!

hugs, Patty


  1. Fabulous pin & a great idea - will wait patiently on your project, and will enjoy seeing its progression!

  2. Thank you so much, Lisa. I'm happy you popped over. I am so thrilled you left me some love! ggg I just got through making another pin with the other pattern Penny put up over the weekend. I love her and her stuff!

    hugs, Patty

  3. Oh how PRETTY your in is...I love it...look forward to seeing the progress of your project!!!!!! Thank you so much for your very sweet ya sweetie...

    1. Thank you Penny, that means a lot!!!! hugs, Patty

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    1. Thank you very much Clara. Thanks for visiting and leavin' me some love!! I appreciate it! hugs, Patty