Thursday, September 26, 2013

Been busy today

Good afternoon, Y'all!!! I've been a busy little toad frog today. Trying to get some cards made. They finally started coming together. I got all the "pieces parts" made, then putting everything together went pretty quickly. I did take a few pics. So, this is what I meant by "pieces parts". I had three piles that looked like this, for the three separate cards.

Then I started working on each separate pile, and this is what they look like. It doesn't show real well in the pic, but the inking of all pieces is purple. The glitter glue on the flowers is purple. The underlying paper is blueish.

 The pic below is what the inside top portion of the card looks like. I used the window I punched from the front on the inside.

The sentiment is stamped on plain paper that I cut to fit, then used a Martha Stewart border punch on the edges. Then I lightly inked the edges with the theme color for it to pop a little.

The color theme for this one is a teal blueish color. So all edges are inked with the same color. The flowers for all three cards was cut from the same paper. But, they all look different due to the different inks and glitters used.

This one is inked and glittered with orange. The paper for the flowers was two sided also. One side was light and the other side was dark. Mix that with all the different inks and glitters, and they are all different looking.

This last pic shows what the mat for the sentiment looks like with the border all around punched and inked.

Well, this is what has kept me busy for the last little bit. I have one more to make and got a little of it already started on. So, hopefully i will get it knocked out in a little while.

Thanks for looking at my project. I would love for you to leave me a quick message. As I leave you this afternoon, I pray you've had productive day. I pray that you have an opportunity to be a blessing to someone today. Look for ways to make a difference in just one persons life. Have a great rest of the day and thank God for all He has done for you.

Until next time, hugs, Patty


  1. Your cards are gorgeous! Who ever receives them will be in awe.
    Gail in Oklahoma

    1. Thank you Gail! I appreciate you words a lot. hugs, Patty