Monday, February 24, 2014

Update, Acorn Box, finally!

Good afternoon y'all!    I do hope and pray you have been having a wonderful day so far.    I am hoping that Spring will be here soon for all of us!    I know many of my long distant friends are still dealing with serious winter weather.   I keep them all in my prayers.    So, lets keep warm thoughts going for everyone still in the deep freeze!   I have been busy for the last few days and have not had time to get updated here.    It's good to be back with y'all for a few minutes.

I have a project to share with y'all.    One of my favorite things to do is 3-d projects, like boxes.    I love making boxes of all kinds.    This particular box is from the Silhouette Online Store.    I enlarged it as much as I could to get the bottom cut out of one sheet of 12x12 card stock.     So, this is a pic of my Acorn Box.    I love acorns and pine cones, so this is a part of what I made.
The above pic is of the base of the Acorn, all in one piece and simple folding and using scor tape, and in just a few minutes, the bottom part is made.
The above pic is of the top part, or the cap of the acorn, with the excess pulled away, and the main pieces still on the mat.
The above pic is both pieces made and finished with all decorative pieces on them to finish it up.   I cut several small acorns with my Sizzix Movers and Shapers acorn and leaves.    I also have a tiny die to cut the pine cone and greenery you see on the base.   The pine cones on the box is about the size of my thumb nail.
 I inked the base of the acorn with a brown ink on all of the folds.  On the cap of the acorn, I inked the all of the folds and edges of the dark brown card stock with a light gray ink.
The above pic shows the size as compared to a large bottle of glossy accents.   The acorn box is a full 7 inches tall.   It is a good size to put a lot of things in.
The above pic is a sneak peek of what I actually put in my box.    That's all I'm gonna say about that for now.   ggg    That way, you'll want to come back and see what else I have done.  

I have been busy here lately doing several different things that I can't wait to share with y'all.   I have been trying to learn new techniques and have been enjoying that.     It is really hard to get me out of my comfort zone, so when I finally do get out there, I love to take advantage of it!

As I leave you this afternoon, I leave you with a simple, but beautiful passage from the Word of God:  

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life."

A beautiful picture of mercy and grace!    I don't mind telling you, I am not perfect, and I don't know of anyone that is, other than Jesus Christ and the crowd of the day killed Him.   I can say that God knows every motive and intention of my heart.   For me, that's what matters.   

I pray that y'all have a wonderful rest of the day.    I hope that y'all find time to come back again real soon.

God Bless y'all!    hugs and much love, Patty

Monday, February 17, 2014

February Swaps

Good afternoon, y'all!    I pray that y'all are having a wonderful, fun filled and crafty day!    It has been raining here in my neck of the woods most of the day, with lots of heavy wind.    Seems like when it's rainy, I kinda have a rainy mood.    So, the best place for me today is right here, getting caught up with some projects for y'all to see.    I have been busy here lately, but today, has really been a lazy day for me.    I think I have been trying to refuel, since a great weekend.    We had a very full day at church yesterday.    It was just a great day to be in the presence of the Lord!    So, today has been a slow day, with plans for a busy week ahead.

I have gotten all my swaps for the month of February in the mail, some have already reached their destinations and some are still in the mail system hoping to be received tomorrow.    I made a card, a tag, artist trading cards, and ornament.   I did make pics of course, and I want to share them with you.

The above two pics are of my atc.   It was supposed to be "pastels" in hopes of Spring being just around the corner.    I stamped my image in Memento london fog, which is gray.   Then I used my water color pencils and a blender pen.    I stamped my sentiment and when all was dry, I took three of my little Studio ink disks and just lightly touched the edges all around to color the background and then I used a lot of my glitter glues to get the bling going.   hahaha  Gotta bling!

The above three pics are of the "green and Spring" card swap.    So the green is my background and I also used my green water color pencil on her dress.    I used a new stamp I had just gotten, and I do love the elegance of her.   I stamped the sentiment, added a little bling and then I brushed the whole layer of the lady with a coat of Deco Art Glamour Dust, Ice Crystal Paint.   Love, love, love it!    It is a new product I had just gotten and I will be using it a lot!    I put a couple of purchased stickers and some stick on gems.    If you will notice in the pic below, I also added some hand made flowers.   The flowers were cut with a die that is about the size of my thumbnail.   Then I used a quilling tool to roll the tiny flower and glued it.    Then I cut the little leaves to go with the flowers.    They really are so tiny.    I will make a pic of the flower with a dime and show you later on.    Click on the pics to enlarge and hopefully you can see the tiny flowers better.
This is a pic of all my swaps together.    I hope you can see the tiny flowers on the card above.    There is an ornament between the card and the atc.   That is the ornament I made for the ornament swap.    I'm in this with a friend and we do this each month and we are having a great time with these.    The ones I have been making are themed for the year and I'm calling them "Victorian Ornaments".    I am searching for victorian style, free images and using them for my ornaments.    I love them and they are fun to make.   This one was to have a tea pot on it for a sign of "hospitality".    It is two sided, with a diff pic on the back.   I am so mad at me, that I did not get a pic of the ornament by itself.   I could just smack myself.

The above four pics are of my tag swap.    It is the brick wall technique.   I have already showed you one that I had done earlier for another swap that had gotten lost in the mail and the purple one was a replacement for my friend.    This is the one for this months swap.    I am so in love with technique!    I cut my tag on my Cameo Silhouette.    It is from the Silhouette Store.    I enlarged it and cut two layers and ran a layer through my 5 inch Xyron and stuck the two layers together.    I lightly inked the edges of the tag with a brown ink disk.   Then I took a piece of white Georgia Pacific paper and stamped my crackled background with olive green and then I stamped my rose.   I colored the rose with several diff colors of water color pencils.  After it was dry,  I cut it in brick fashion, being careful not to loose the placement of each piece.   After I got it glued down and that dried, I then added a little faux stickles for sparkle and bling.   I stamped my sentiment and then put my ribbons and threads through the loop and it was finished.   Then I had fun with my GooseBumps!    I just love the Goosebumps!    I loved making this months swaps!    I hope you enjoyed looking at them.

As I leave you this evening I ask, "What have you done today?"   Has today been important to you in any way?    Every Sunday at church, one of our Ministry Leaders will ask the congregation what today is?    There is one faithful saint that he will always call on to tell him what today is.   She will always say, "This is the day the Lord has made; we will be glad and rejoice in it." Psalm 118:24

I pray that y'all have been able to say that you have been glad and rejoiced in today!    Every day is not going to be a perfect day, or live up to our expectations.   But, when we have a proper perspective on every day, we can always find something great in it.   Every day of your life and mine has been given to us by the Creator of the day!!!    I don't know about y'all, but I cherish that!   God created the universe in an orderly and reasonable manner.   Much thought went into creation.    With that in mind, have we all been glad and rejoiced in this day?    I sure hope so!    God really had all of us in mind when he spoke the universe into existence!    Let's determine in ourselves, that we will be glad and rejoice in every day that God allows us to be a part of!   Sounds like a plan!

God bless y'all!   Thanks for stopping by and I hope y'all make plans to visit again, soon.

Hugs and much love, Patty

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tag for a Swap

Howdy Doody Folks!!!    I sure hope y'all are having a great week.    I know that many of our friends are still dealing with horrendous weather.     I keep praying for all of y'all who are trying to make it from one day to the next with all the snow and cold you have had.    We have had a lot of "much" below normal temps, but we have been very blessed in our neck of the woods to have missed out on most of the "precipitation" weather.     For that, I am so thankful, but I do still keep everyone in my prayers.    I just know that spring will eventually make it.    When it does, I promise not to complain "too much" about it getting to hot or being hot. You have my permission to remind me, later on, if I do start complaining. ggg

Since it's been cold and I don't like to be out and about in the cold weather, I have been in my craft room more here lately.     And, I have been having a ball!!
This is a tag I made for a swap.     The tag I made and mailed off in January, did not make it to the person I mailed it to.    Thank you USPS! gggg    My friend was very gracious about it and said I did not have to make another one to replace it.     I love getting the little packages of artsy goodness in the mail, and I also love sending them.    So, I wanted to make another one for her.    And I must say, I am so happy I did.    This was a new technique to me and I am hooked!
This is called the "brick wall technique".    I know I did not do it exactly like the was the tutorial called for it to be done, but, that's ok, as far as I'm concerned.    We all have the creative freedom to put our own spin on something and I did on this tag. 

A brief description of how I done mine is, I actually cut the purple tag with my Silhouette Cameo.     I cut two tags and put one piece of it through my Xyron and then put the two pieces together.    I love the feel of a beefy tag.    I took my white card stock and used my fav "crackled" background stamp, then I stamped my rose.    I used my water color pencils and colored it in.    I then took a lite fuchsia ink disk and tamped it down over all of the white area.    I then cut it in strips a little less than 1/2 inch.    I then cut the strips in brick fashion.    Being real careful not to mess up the pieces and keep them in order.     Then I took my black ink disk and inked all the edges.    The black was a real deep contrast, but I thought it worked really well.    After it all dried, I started at the bottom and worked myself up to the top.    Placing each piece and leaving a little space between each piece and each line.    Then I stamped the word "love" up in the right hand corner.     After that dried, I put my threads through the hole at the top and laid it in my spray box and I sprayed it with Goosebumps.     I really love the looks and feel of Goosebumps.    Well, there you have it, my tag.    I hope you enjoyed seeing it.    I certainly had a ball making it.
Be on the look out here, because I have a whole lot more stuff to show y'all in the near future.    I just can't get it all uploaded fast enough.    So, keep checking back from time to time.    Ok.

John 3:16. For God so loVed the world thAt He gave His onLy bEgotten SoN, thaT whoever believes In Him should Not perish but have Everlasting life.

As I leave you tonight, I leave you with warm Valentine wishes!     Did you know that God gave you and me a Valentine?     It's in the verse above.     Can you see our Valentine as you read the Scripture?    Oh, it's there!     Yes, I know you see it.    Had you ever seen it before?    Do you have any idea how much you and I mean to God?    We mean so much to Him that He gave us a special Valentine.    Jesus Christ is our Valentine!    Thank you, Father, that you loved us enough to give us the very best that You had to give, Jesus Christ!

Happy Valentines Day to all of you!!! Much love and hugs, Patty

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Special Birthday Card

Good evening Y'all!    I hope and pray that this post finds all of you doing well, warm, and nestled in for the evening.   I have had a lot of creative things going on for the last few days or so, and I wanted to share another project with y'all before I hit the hay.   I had a special birthday card to make for someone special to me, my Mom.    I had participated in a swap that was for a shaped card.    So, while making that shaped card, I thought this would be a great card for my Mom.    So, I set out to make one for her while I was making the other card for the swap.    She was so very pleased with her card. 
The butterfly on the front was cut with a mover and shaper die from Sizzix.   I had made some ornaments from glitter cardstock and had just enough left to cut the butterfly from a scrap and it worked perfectly on the front of the card.    I also use perfect pearls in a lavender color. 
This is a close up of the butterfly.   It was purple glitter stock on both sides with a thin layer of chip board in the middle.   So after I cut it out I used my purple Sharpies marker to color the edge to keep white from showing.    Have I ever said I love purple?    Have I ever said I love glitter?    Best of both worlds!   ggg
The card was oversized so I needed to make an oversized envelope.   

This shows how I embossed the flap of the envelope with my heart embossing folder.    I was tickled purple with how it turned out.   I love doing a little something extra on the envelope and the embossed flap was perfect.    Something else I usually do is pick out an appropriate smallish stamp and stamp the front of the envelope, maybe down in the lower left hand corner.    The little things make it more special for the special person you've made the card for.

I hope you enjoyed seeing this.   I have several more projects to get posted in the near future.   So, I do hope you will keep checking back to see what I have in store y'all.

As I leave you tonight, I leave you with this verse.    A particular favorite of mine.    Psalm 46:10 says "Be still and know that I am God".    Do you ever need to just be still and know that He is whom He says He is?   Do you ever look back at how God has worked previously in you life?    That is where you will find the confidence in God for what He will do in the future.    Sometimes life gets tumultuous and we can't think clearly, and even more than that, we can't hear the prompting of the Spirit in our lives.    When life gets hectic and loud, we need to "Be still and know that He is God".    This was in particular reference to how God is in control of nature and how He brought about desolation to those warring against Him.   God IS in control!    So, when you feel as though life is nothing but a war; and it is, because we are at war against the enemy and enemies of God; we can know that God IS in ultimate control.   He WILL be exalted by nations, He WILL be exalted by individuals, He WILL be exalted by nature.    God IS in control, no matter how out of control the world is around us, remember, to "Be still and know that I am God".    Do you trust God with your everything?    "Be still and know that I am God".

Good night, Y'all!    God loves you and so do I!    God bless y'all.    hugs, Patty

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Tag for a Shower

Good evening y'all!   I do hope that you are enjoying a fabulous Saturday with the one you love.   I know I am.   I hope you are having some sunshine today.  The weather, now that is a subject and a half, isn't it?    We got up this morning with an inch or so of snow and when the sun came out it really blasted the snow away.    But, it still feels really cold.    I keep having warm, spring thoughts and that brings on hot flashes, (hahahaha) so I just believe I will quit thinking about the weather and play in my craft room.   How's that?   Sounds like a plan to me.

So, play in my craft room, I did!   We are having a Bridal Shower for one of our young ladies at church tomorrow after morning services.   I had gotten her gift and started to just go ahead and buy the usual small note card to go on it with some kind of bow.   I thought, naaa, don't want to do that.   I'll see what I can come up with, and then if necessary, I'll buy something.   So I took out my Cuttlebug and some dies and a couple of hours later, here's what I had. 
This is what I came up with.   Yes, it is very non-conventional, but you know what, so am I.   I took 2 sheets of 4x6, lite purple cardstock and ran one sheet of it thru my Xyron machine and then stuck the two pieces together to beef up the weight of it.   I used my Sizzix postage stamp die and cut it.   The cross is Spellbinders d-lite die.    The heart is a Nellie Snellen die.   The round rosette on top of the heart is a small Sizzix rosette. 
I punched a hole in the upper right hand corner of the stamp tag and pulled a loop of all the yarns through the hole and the pulled the ends through the loop and snugged them down on the corner.   You can't see the yarns very well, but you will in another pic.
I laid the tag on top of the gift and taped it on with tape across the threads of yarn at the top of the tag and then popped the heart on with dimensional foam.   She should be able to take both off and be able to save them if she so desires.
I was thrilled with the way the heart came out.   I took one of my little ink pads and inked the top  and the edges of the rosette after I had put them together.   If I had it to do over again, I would ink all the edges as soon as I took them from the cuttlebug.   Then I would have inked them again, after I was done with it.   But, I am still happy with the overall affect.   Then I put a piece of bling on the very top of the rosette.   Hey, you know me, gotta have a little bling! ggg
I love this cross from Spellbinders.   I punched that out of just plain old Georgia Pacific cardstock.   Why?   That's what I had.   I took my Viva Decor Inka Gold in violet and rubbed that on, then I took the silver, same product, and buffed that over the violet.   I absolutely love that stuff!   Then I put a small half pearl in each corner of the cross.
On the background of the cardstock itself, I took a stamp called "crackled background" by Delta and inked it up in red and stamped all over the stamp after I cut it out.   I also used a Dew Drop satiny silver on the edges.  I really like the way it turned out.   The red on the lite purple looks really neat.  
I used my new fiskars stamp helper thingy, I forgot what it's called, and stamped the "congratulations" on first.  Then I had another unmounted stamp.   It is red rubber on a thin gray foam pad with no reverse image, so, I got it off kilter some.   Believe it or not, I never even noticed it, until I seen the pics.   I was ready to smack myself silly.  Then I remembered, nothing about me is perfect, why should I expect everything I do to be perfect.   I ain't, it ain't!   So, there you go.
I thought this scripture is perfect for any bride and most surely for this precious young lady.

This is the last pic and I took the tag threads and brought them to the top so you could see them a little better.   I was really pleased with the overall finish of my project today.    It did not start out to be a blog post, but hey, what can I say?   I was so stinkin' excited I had to share it with y'all!   As always, I appreciate your looking at my project and I hope you can use it as inspiration or ideas.

As I leave you this evening, I desire to remind you of this, "The only safe place to build your life is on God's Word."   That goes along with our Sunday School Lesson for tomorrow.   As a matter of fact, it is the point of the lesson.   We live in a world that believes in no "absolute" standards of right and wrong, but, God IS the standard!   The way we live our lives, is based totally on our belief system. If God is first place in your life, it will show, if He isn't, that will show also.   I challenge you to read God's Word for five minutes a day.   I challenge you to start with the book of John.    John talks about the deity of Jesus Christ.   I love the book of John for that reason.   I challenge you to read it deliberately and slowly, letting what you read sink in to your soul.    That's the best way to build your life on God's Word and it's also a great place to be, in God's Word.    Ok, y'all, who's up for a challenge?   Call it the "Love Challenge".   Let's take this challenge, y'all!    You are loved!    Jesus Christ is our One, True Love! 

Hugs Y'all, and much love, Patty

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

More cards

Good morning y'all!   I do hope that this beautiful morning finds each and every one of y'all happy, healthy, and excited to be a part God's wonderful creation.   We have been experiencing weather of all sorts here lately.   One day it may be in the 50's, close to 60, and then the next, it may be at -3*.   One week ago right now, as a matter of fact, it was at -3.   This morning it is 32*.   32* is usually considered cold in the south, so, -3* is almost unbelievable.   Never fear, I have my camera ready at all times, for just such an occasion and I got a pic of the thermometer on the deck.  
As you can see, it was really cold last Tuesday morning.    Some of my friends are talking about having more snow than they care for, some are talking about very pleasant and mild weather, some have been in drought conditions for a while, and some of us would like to see a little more snow this year.   Wherever you may be, I pray for you to stay warm, have plenty to eat, and have an abundance of love to share with whomever may need it.

As we talk about Love, of course February is the month of Love.   Last night was card making night for the Card Making Ministry at church.    There was two of us again, but we still had a great time.   The lady that started this ministry does prep work in order for us to make the cards.   She cuts all the basic card shapes and layers, and gets together everything needed to complete each card, in order for us to complete at least 16 cards of each one.   We always make 3 different cards.   So she is busy, busy, busy for quite a while, just to make this happen once a month.   But, the people that we send cards to enjoy it.   Who doesn't like to get a hand made, with love, card?   This is the 3 cards we made last night.
The one above, we used a punch and punched the hearts out.   We used the same punch on the pennants above each heart.   We just put the cardstock in the punch enough to just barely nip up into the card stock and then it fit perfectly over the heart.   Then we had a really small punch and punched the small little polka dot hearts to put on the red hearts and then added a little bling to the center.   Hey, who doesn't like a little bling?   Then we put our sentiment on the bottom and tied a little bow to finish it off.
This little cutie was a fun one to make.   The little girl was stamped and then we used water color pencils to color her.   Of course, I made my little girl with a purple dress and socks and bow.    And if you click on the pictures and make them larger, squint just a little bit and you can see the teeny, tiny, itty, bitty half pearls that we used for buttons under her chin.  hahaha   I just love this little knock-kneed, pigeon toed cutie, with her finger up close to her chin, thinking, "Do I give my heart away, or do I keep it?"   Whatever she decides to do with it, she will know that "She is the love of God's heart and God is the love of her heart".
This last one was embossed and then we cut the center out with a die and her big shot.  I love the embossing folder we used for this one.   Then the flower is one of our favorite "go-to" flowers.   If I am not mistaken, I believe it is a Stampin Up die, not sure though.   I know we love it, whom ever the maker is.

Well, that's what we done last night.   I hope you enjoyed looking at them and maybe you can get some ideas for yourself.   I have some swaps to try to get started on today.   I hope and pray that you have something fun and crafty to do today.

As I leave you this morning, I leave you with, perhaps, one of the most beloved descriptions of Love  in all of God's Word.   This is the perfect picture of what love should look like.

1 Corinthians 13:4-13   4 Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant 5 or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; 6 it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. 7 Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

8 Love never ends. As for prophecies, they will pass away; as for tongues, they will cease; as for knowledge, it will pass away. 9 For we know in part and we prophesy in part, 10 but when the perfect comes, the partial will pass away. 11 When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways. 12 For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known.

13 So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.

We see clearly what love should look like.   Sometimes the people we love may be hard to love, but we surely must try, with the help of God, through Jesus Christ, to love one another.  I also love what Paul was speaking about in verse 11.  Sometimes, folks, we just need to grow up, act our age, and be done with childish ways and behavior.    You do what you know to do, when you learn to do better, do better.   A 20, 30, 40...year old has no business acting like they are still 8 or 10 years old.   Grow up, in your relationship with the Lord and other people.   Verse 13 tells us that of faith, hope, and love, love is the greatest of these!   And it is my friends!   The love of Jesus Christ took away my sins.   Oh, I still sin, we all do.  Do you worry?  If you do, you sin.  That's how easy it is to sin.   But, I know that I can place my worries in the nail scarred hands of my Savior.   That is Love!

That's all for now y'all.   Tell someone you love them.   Call someone Valentine today, just because you can.  More than anything else, tell someone that "If Christ is all you have, Christ is all you need!"

Have a blessed day y'all! hugs, Patty

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Happy February and a Project

Good evening, Y'all!!!   Tell me something, if you can.    WHERE in the world did January go?????    I went to bed last night and it was Christmas Eve, and I get up this morning and it's February 1st!   Wow, Wow,Wow!!!   That's what it feels like anyway.   We are already a full month into 2014.   But, when I stop and remind myself that I am not the keeper of time and God is, then it's ok.   The one thing I am responsible for is trying to make good use of the time that God has graciously alotted me.   I have had to opportunity to study and dig deeper into the Word of God in preparation for teaching Sunday School Class for the next four Sundays.   I have had the opportunity to speak with and share with dear friends.   I have had the opportunity to pray for those around me that are sick, hurting, and have lost loved ones.   When we lose someone close to us, we may not know how to deal with that loss.   God does.   So, if you have lost a loved one or a dear friend, ask God to help you deal with that pain and loss, and He will.   There are many ways of making good use of the time that God has graciously given us, and these are just a few ways that I have been using my time.    I have also been crafting, that is also time that I get to spend with the Lord, so I really enjoy that time.

The project I want to share with y'all today is another challenge.   This particular challenge was to create a Valentines card and NOT use the typical red and pink colors.    Ok y'all, I'm gonna let y'all in on a secret, I love PURPLE!!!   There was a little lady in the Bible that was the seller of purple cloth.    That is where my love of purple comes from.    As Paul Harvey always said, "now you know the rest of the story".    So, y'all, I love purple and that was the color I chose for my card.   I had a fun time with this project.   Challenges can get you out of your comfort zone.    So, I did take a few pics and wanted to share them with you.
The above pic shows all the items that I used on this card other than the card stock.   I really enjoy using my Cuttlebug for a lot of things.   It does speed the process up if I am just doing a small project, like this.    I  am going to let y'all in on a really good tip.   If you have a manual cutter and can use the sizzix dies, check out the Sizzix website on a regular basis.    See that red box with the clear lid on it, it is a set of alphabets, Pep Squad is the name of it.   That is a $150.00 dollar set of alphas that I got for $4.99.  Yes, you read that right, I got that for 499 pennies!    They have such wonderful deals from time to time.    I really probably should not tell y'all, you won't leave any deals for me. ggggg  

The above two pics are close ups of the products I used.    If you click on the pics, it will give you a larger shot so you can get a better view of the items.    The heart on the end is a sizzix embosslit.    It cuts and embosses in one pass thru the machine.
So, this is the front of the card.   The cardstock I used has thread fibers in it.   You can't tear the cardstock, it has to be cut with scissors.   I cut two of the silver hearts and used one on the outside and I put my "u" on it.    I used the lower case of the alpha for all my letters.   I cut the key hole section from plain white cardstock.   Then I put a base coat of the Inka Gold Metallic Rub on it and then buffed it.   It needed something else, so I finally decided on the Ferro Special Effects Paste.   It really was a hit or miss, but I really liked the way it turned out.
On the inside of the card, on the backside of the front, is where I put my keys with a little knot of purple seam binding tied around each key and then glued them down.    Did I say I love purple?    The keys are cut from black glitter stock.  Can I just say, I love the black glitter stock.   It is fab.
This is the inside of the card, the bottom portion, where your verse or sentiment is usually placed.   I wanted to leave room for a personal message to my "Valentine". ggg    I also used my clear star Sakura gelly roll pen to add a little sparkle to the purple letters. 
Ok, so this is a close up of the key hole section.    The Ferro Special Effects Paste looks like cement, kinda.   It actually has ground stone in it and you can really see it close up.    I just love the stuff, and I wondered when I bought it, if I would even use it.    YES, is the resounding answer.    When it dried really good, it has the look and feel of really old metal of some sort.
You can see the black in that key hole and that is a scrap of the black glitter stock.    I didn't know what to put that special effects paste on with, so I just stuck my finger in it and started smearing it on.   hahaha     I wouldn't recommend you doing it that way.    (My finger hasn't fallen off yet, so I guess it will be ok.)   ggggg
I used liquid pearls to make my little nail heads on my key hole and also for some little bling spots on the front of my card.     Up in the top two or three pics, you will see a tube of Aileens tacky glue.   It is actually pen-like.   You can sort of write the glue on the back of something and it really sticks like "stink"!    I love it.    I hope you have enjoyed seeing this project.    It was a very satisfying project to finish.   I made a dimensional envelope to put it in along with an easel.

February is known as the month of Love.    There is no greater love, known to man, than the love that Jesus Christ has for you and me!    If you know the love of Jesus Christ personally, you know how precious that is.    We all have people in our circles of influence that need to know that same love.    God has placed those people in our lives for a reason.    Are we willing to share the love of Jesus Christ with them?    It's one thing to know Christ, it's a totally different thing to share Christ.    Share the ultimate Valentine, Jesus Christ with someone you love.  I promise, neither of you will regret it.

That's all I have for y'all this evening, Valentines.   So, meet me back here in a few days for another great project and hopefully y'all will have told someone about Jesus Christ and you can tell me about it.    That's the plan, my friends, until then, God bless each and every one of y'all.

Hugs and much love to all of you, Patty