Monday, September 25, 2017

Fall, Crafts, Fall Crafts and a Tip

Well, it's Fall in my neck of the woods, but it's still HOT!!!!!     I reckon I am ready for the winding down of the year of 2017.    Makes no difference if I am or not, it's happening and it seems like it happening faster than ever.    The older we get, the quicker those years just clip right on along.    I guess the fast pace of the years rolling on along means that we get to meet Jesus faster.    If that's the case, hey, I'll take it.     With as hurtful as people are, with people being bound and determined to do everything they can "to make a statement", the main statement I have to say at this time, "I am ready for Jesus to split the Eastern Sky!"    How about you?     Keep your eyes looking up, He's  coming soon!!!
I have been crafting like mad here lately.    I really have.   I have impressed me with all I have done.   Hahahaha     Well, I don't know if I have actually impressed myself, but I have enjoyed being industrious.    It seems like I had slowed down to a snails pace with being creative, but I have gotten back to speed for a little while, and I am LOVING it!!!!

Along with all the crafting and talking about Fall, I have done some Fall Crafting.   Hahaha    I have also done some Christmas crafting.     I done some water color paintings.     I done some finger crochet.    I have reworked some jewelry that I had made a couple of years ago and wasn't really happy with it, but I am now.     I have done some small canvases, multi media style.    I have the supplies to make a revamped denim and lace top.    I can't wait to get started on that.   Hopefully I can have it finished by Christmas anyway.    I have made some of my tiny quilled flowers to put on cards and other crafting projects.    I done a small 5x5 inch crackle piece.    I made a barrette for my hair and I love it!!!     I found a snowflake button and have done some reconstructive surgery on it into make a pin.   I have completed the projects for at least 2 swaps I am in and will be working on more .    I made 3 more of the sizzix stars and painted and decorated them to look like old layers of peeled paints.     I can't remember what all else I have done, but I will be sharing a few pictures along of all the stuff I have done and I will start the sharing tonight.

So the first project I want to share with y'all is a tip that came in the form of necessity.    I was working with some of my 6x6 inch paper pads and trying to save all the scraps by placing them inside the pad, only to have them fall out every time I picked the pad up.    After picking scraps up more times than I care to remember, I said to myself, "You have got to do something!!!"     I listened to me and I did something.    hahaha    I do not know if this is a new idea, but I haven't ever seen it.    Maybe because it's so simple that noone wanted to share it, (because it is so simple.)    hahaha   But......on the slim chance you have the same trouble I have with keeping scraps together with the paper pad they belong to, here are the pictures and some descriptions of what I done.    
 So, this was the little paper pad I was working with and dealing with the little scraps.   Picking them up off the is not all that fun.   Hahaha     So..................
 I dug out an envelope.............
 and opened my paper pad to the very back of it........................
and folded the flap of the envelope to the back and put score tape on the envelope................................
 and peeled the backer off the score tape off and stuck it to the inside of the back of the paper pack and this........
is what it looks like.    No more falling scraps and all the small pieces are there just waiting to be used for just the right project.      I positioned the envelope to be less than a 16th of an inch lower than the back, just so that any of the full length pieces wouldn't be crushed.     It worked so well that I done all of my little pads  like that and will do my large ones very soon.    It does make keeping up with scraps a breeze and no more wasting time picking them up off the floor.
Conformed or transformed- which are you? Have you ever thought about that?    It is something that is on my mind a whole lot here lately.     Without even looking in a dictionary for the descriptions of these words, I'll tell you my take on them.     Conformed, in my mind, is being just like everyone else, even if we don't want to be.   Going along with the flow, so as not to disturb the status quo.    Going along to satisfy the egos of those around you.     You know what I'm talking about.    Laughing at the off color jokes, saying all the faux curse words, going places with friends that you really don't want to go, maybe even drinking or doing see what I'm talking about.    "Just going along to get along."     Now, like I said, this is my personal opinion of what conformed is about.

Now, what about transformed?     Well, again in my mind, transformed is kinda the opposite of conformed.     Transformed is not being like everyone else, but being different and standing up and living up to values that God and you have chosen for your life.     Not going along just to get along, but stepping up and standing up for the things that move you.     You may walk away when the joke telling starts.    You don't want to sound like everyone else with the words you choose to use.     You are not afraid to leave a situation that is not appealing to the choices you have made for your life.

Does any of that make any sense at all.    

Lets look at Romans 12:2.     And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good and acceptable, and perfect will of God. King James Version

Let's look at this same verse in the New Living Translation.    Don't copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think.    Then you will learn to know God's will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.

If we are just going along to get along, how pleasing is that to God?     I love the New Living Translation in just plain simple language.    To conform is to copy.      Do you want to copy or mimic everyone you ever come in contact with?    If we are going along to get along, that is exactly the hoops we will find ourselves jumping through.    We are even expected to jump through hoops at church sometimes to, you know, going along to get along.    Don't talk about any of the obvious problems, because we love the customs of the world and want as many of them in our churches as possible, because after all, we want to conform with what the world wants.   Right?

What does God want for us?    God wants us to be totally different from the world.     God wants us to think differently than the world thinks.     God wants us to have thoughts that are higher than this worlds thoughts.     We have to have a renewing of our minds if we are going to know the will of God for our lives.    We are not going to renew our minds when we are thinking the way the world thinks.   We have to set our thoughts on the things of God.     It is only when we start thinking about God and how He thinks, we will start knowing His will for our lives.     

You know what, we don't have to live loud lives for the people around us to recognize that there is something transformed and different about us.      God may have not called you to preach or to teach, but He has called to you to be transformed, to learn to recognize the will of God in our lives.    The will of God in our lives is good, pleasing and perfect.     No.....we will never be perfect, but Jesus was and is perfect.   The will of God in our lives reflects the perfection of Christ in our lives through His shed blood.    That is what makes us good and pleasing and perfect in the sight of God.

I don't know about you, but I will take the transformation of Christ in my life any day over being conformed to this world.     We have been called out to make a difference.     If we are not making a difference in our circle of influence, maybe we need to seriously look at what Romans 12:2 and decide if we are conformed or transformed.     

I don't care what Hollywood says, I don't care what the so called sports figures says, and I don't care what the thugs out there say, but I do care what the Word of God says.     This scripture calls us out from the world.     So, we will either go along to get along or we will make a difference.    I pray that we will choose to make a difference in our circle of influence and in our churches.
All this stuff about all the sports figures not wanting to salute the American Flag, you should be ashamed of yourselves!!!!     But hey, you are just taking advantage of the freedom that American soldiers, men and women, have fought and died for. for you to have the freedom to disrespect the American Flag, the American Soldiers and the United States of America!!!!     I have spoken about how I feel a time or two on my blog and I'll say it again.    I've never spent a penny on buying a ticket or shirts or any other kind of ephemera of any sports team, and I never will!!!     I've never put a bite in any of their mouths, and I never will, in the form buying something.    I will feed anyone that's hungry, but I won't feed them better than I am accustomed to eating.    hahaha     Yes, this behavior is upsetting, especially if you have people in your family that have served in the military to help keep America free and safe.    Take a walk thru some of the military cemeteries and just see the countless  numbers of headstones for all the brave heroes!!!!!     Calling a sports figure a hero is a slap in the face to all the people that have died for this country.     99% of the sports figures aren't even worthy to stand on the sacred soil in those cemeteries!!!!    Wake up America!!!!
Well, that's about all I have for this evening.    If you hung with me to this point, let me just say "thank you" for spending a few minutes with me this evening.   I appreciate your visits and I appreciate your comments.     I hope and pray that you have a great restful night of sleep tonight and that you wake up in the morning refreshed and renewed and ready to face the day that God has made for us.    Let's be purposeful about what we say, do and think tomorrow and see if we can make a difference in our circle of influence.     Tell someone that God loves them.   They may have never heard it before.      God loves y'all and so do I!!!!   hugs and love, Patty

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

September 6, 2017, and a tip

Good evening Y'all!!!   I hope and pray that this evening is and has been a lovely evening for all of you.    It has been a very nice day in my neck of the woods.     The temperature has been perfect for me.     I guess this is the welcoming of Fall, because it will be here before too long.    This month, as a matter of fact.    We was out and about over the weekend and I was really wishing there was some where to go where they were making Sorghum.     Oh, that is a sight to behold.     I love it.     It brings back fond memories of going to see Mr. Beliles cooking Sorghum.    What a treat.     I hope if you ever get a chance to go somewhere and watch the process, that you will do it.     Hopefully, you can even sample the finished product.     There is nothing else quite like Sorghum.     Go get some, quick, you won't regret it.

Well, today is September 6, 2017.   What does that day mean to you?    Is it a day worth remembering in your diary?     Well, for me it is.     The last 38, September 6's,  have been pretty special to me.     38 years ago this evening I married my wonderful husband.     I knew the moment I laid eyes on him that he would be my husband.     He knew the same thing.    I am so thankful to God that He gave me the man that He had chosen for me.     I don't make good decisions, but God does.     My husband has been my rock for the last 38 years.     It hasn't always been easy, but it has always been right.     

Anyway, I just wanted to share a blast from the past.     I don't know who those kids are!!!!     
Yep, that's us!!!    38 years ago!!!!   What happened???    I see bones that I haven't seen since then!!! You know what, I had on 4 inch heels right there.     hahaha    Could be some of the problems I'm having with my feet today, reckon?

You know what, it seems like only yesterday that we walked the aisle of the church for the first as husband and wife.     I said earlier that it hasn't always been easy, but it's always been right.    The only reason I can say that, is because we both let God make the choice for us.    God always does it right.     We both had a lot of learning and growing to do.    And we are still learning and growing today.     I am thankful to God for the last 38 years with my husband and I look forward to the next 38 with him.    

Thank you for taking a peek at today's blast from the past and sharing a few minutes of our special day.    I am so thankful for the institution of Biblical marriage.     God is all about right relationships and family.     I cherish that for myself, I hope and pray that you do too.

I almost forgot my tip for this post.    I got a little anxious for a second because I really did not have a tip planned.    But, I will give you a tip.    Give your marriage to God.   He always has your best interests at heart.    That is my tip, short and sweet.    God is good all the time, all the time God is good!!!   Amen!!

Well that's it for this evening.     I hope you enjoyed this quick trip down memory lane.   I did.    I hope that you will join me back here soon to see what else is going on in my neck of the woods.   Have a great night of refreshing  and energizing rest.     I hope that tomorrow is day filled with wonder and awe at how God is working in your lives.     

One last thing, please remember to pray for the hurricane victims in Texas and we are looking at the next one coming this weekend, in Florida.   It is already wreaking havoc in the Caribbean as I type.    I just pray that the destruction is kept at a minimum and that lives will be spared. 

Good night.   Remember that God loves you and I do too!   hugs, Patty

Friday, September 1, 2017

Happy September, Harvey, A Sweet Find and A Tip or Two

Happy September1st Y'all!!!    What the bleep!   hahaha     Yeah, I said bleep.    hahaha    Where in the world has the first 8 months of 2017 gone to????     Oh my goodness, the year is more than half over and I'm not ready for Winter to be rolling in.     I know, I know, we still have Fall to get thru first, but with as fast as Spring and Summer has flown by, we'll sleep right thru Fall one night and wake up with Winter on our calendars.      It has been flooding this morning, (more on that in a bit) really early, even before we got up.  I think they are calling it the effects of Hurricane Harvey.    Everything looks so green around here.   Just about time we think stuff will start turning off dry, it rains again.     Our gourd plant loves it!!!    I was somewhere last year and they was selling gourds.   I bought 3 for a dollar.    They were called egg gourds.     I remember as a kid, my grandmother had some of those egg gourds in her hens nests just so the hens would lay eggs in the nests.     It was kinda tricky, you would think you was getting an egg and your be picking up the gourd instead.     I was thinking about that here back and wished that I gotten those gourd eggs before her farm sold at the estate sale.    I don't know if they are still up on the hill now or not.     If the corn crib is still there, the hens nests were on the backside of it.    Any way, back to our gourd plant.     I thought they would be thicker skinned/shelled gourds than they were.    When I seen they were thin skinned, I tossed them in the gravel at the back of the deck with the plans of picking them up and putting them in the garbage can.      Well some critter carried off one or two of them and cracked the other one.    One of the seeds took root this spring and it has just about covered the whole back yard!!!!     The season has been perfect for them.     Every time we walk  by it, one of us says "it's a shame it's not a watermelon"!!!!      But the seeds from the original gourd does not produce gourds that look like the original gourd.   The original ones was oblong and smooth, and quite a bit larger than an extra large hen egg.     These are almost the size of a saucer at the base and come up a bit smaller at the stem end.     They are kinda bell shaped and a little knotty.     Really weird how they look.     I hope they are thicker than the originals, or this whole process will have been a waste of time.    We'll see.
Well, we have flooding from Hurricane Harvey today.    It's certainly not to the extent of the folks in Houston, for sure, but for those dealing with it here, it's still flooding none the less.     I know homes have water in basements, roads have been flooded, businesses and so on.    There has been lots of flooding on up in southern Ky too, where most of our family is.   They are all safe, praise God and hubby and I are too, and praises for that.
This is down on North Main at one of the entrances to the Green way.    In this particular area is a foot bridge across the town creek.    The top of the rails of the bridge is about shoulder height on me and there is NO sign of a bridge there anywhere.    It is about 50 feet or so in length, but it is just disappeared under the torent of water.
This is 431 in front of the Farmers Market on the bridge.    The chain link fence sticking up has debris all the way to the top.   Right at the tree in the farthest right hand corner is where you would be able to see another portion of the town creek.    It is the area where the old Water Plant used to be located.    Part of the Green Way goes under this bridge and just down from the side where I took the picture is a mini park of sorts.   It has seating  and a nice place to sit and enjoy the view, but it is under probably 15 to 20 feet of water, maybe more.   Plus, earlier in the day, where hubby and I are setting in our vehicle was more than a foot under water.    It was over the road!!
This is on up the road just a bit, but still in front of the Farmers Mkt buildings.   You can see a little building on the left hand side that the water swept and turned over.    It is a building used during the Fair and other outside events at the Fair Grounds.
This is another shot, just a diff location, looking back towards the city creek and where the little sitting area is that I was talking about a pic or two back.    Looks like an ocean.
This is just a wee bit on up the road and looking back with a slightly diff view of the Farmers Mkt.   You can the Evergreen trailer was swept away and in the background is more of the little buildings that was tossed like kids toys and you can see all the debris on the chain link fence.
More of the little building that was floated by the flood.   Look at the chain link fence in the mid section to the left of the pic.   It is completely down in one place with something, I couldn't tell what it had been.    Then there is also a section of a gate or something between the little buildings that had been washed up on the parking lot.
This is a section of the Green Way that is in low lying land.   There is a pretty steep drop off from this place down to the walking trail, probably 15-20 feet and the water is almost up to the parking area.
 This is another view of the walking bridge across the town creek.   Or I should say, covered by water, walking bridge.    There is no evidence of a bridge.    Water was over this section of the road this morning.   All of this looked like an ocean.  
This is across the road from the Fair Grounds looking back to Legion Field where they play a lot of baseball.    That area is the ball field.    It is totally under several feet of water and so is the buildings on the property.     Some were swept away.     All of this water had connected with water in the previous pics at the Farmers Mkt and made for an ocean effect.    The other pictures I had seen was really frightening.  

I wish I had put the picture up that showed tractor trailers standing in water, even though it had subsided, they was still standing in lots of water and I know that they had been flooded on the inside.
I hope and pray that the flooding stops soon and that everyone can get things back to a somewhat normal way of life again.   Like I said earlier, our flooding is a drip in the bucket compared to others, so I am praising God and praying for everyone that has felt the effects of Hurricane Harvey.
There is a lot of unrest in this country today, and it's not just here, it's a global unrest really.     Hard hearts and hard heads are prevalent.     There has always been and will always be those that want to stir up trouble.    
One of things I have said on my blog, and to the best of my knowledge, it's my own original quote.   "People looking for trouble will find it.    If they don't find it, they will create it!"     There is more truth to this statement than ever before.    I have said it before and I will say it again.    All lives matter.     All lives matter to God.     God does not look at the color of our skin.     God looks at the intent of the heart!!!!    A heart filled with evil intentions is a heart looking for trouble and it will always find it.

If you want to make a difference in your circle of influence, the next time you see a person in uniform, someone serving our country, from police officer to fire fighter, to national guard to one of the highest decorated soldiers, thank them, publicly thank them, hug their neck and tell them you pray for them daily!    Thank them for keeping you safe and those you love safe.    Ask them how you can help make their jobs, service and sacrifice easier.    God knows they need help and it starts with each one of us, at a personal level.   What is the intentions of your heart?     Your intentions will always make themselves known.    Either thru the company you keep or the actions you take.

Most of us can get stirred up pretty easily, at the drop of a hat.    So, the next time we hear of an unsettling event taking place, whether in your hometown or a couple of cities or states over, ask yourself how you can best serve your family, community and country.     Chances are, the answer will be to stay home and make a better home for your family, find a useful way to serve your community, such as pick up trash on the side of the road or greet people with a heart felt smile,  and that in turn will be serving your country in a useful way.   It does not take big actions to make a difference.    But a bunch of little heart felt acts add up to quickly to make a big difference.    It all boils down to the intentions of the heart.     What does your heart want to do?
One of the things that I have seemed to notice is this.     We get stirred up over the wrong things.     We get stirred up over divisive things.      There is stuff in everyone of our own personal history that just needs to be left there.     If we dig in it, we need to dig in it , ONLY, with the blood of Jesus Christ covering it!!!      If we go there and dig around in it because the enemy has stirred us up, we WILL make a mess!     Every time, we will make a mess.    Just that simple.      

So, we start digging around in history that you or I had no hand in creating.     And we start tearing down and destroying, not only in a metaphorical sense, but physically.     We take 2 steps forward, and then 50 years backward.      We get our heads and hearts focused on the wrong things.     When we get focused on the history, our history, then our eyes are NOT on the here and now and we are not thinking on the future.     When we mess with history, we mess with stuff that we can't change.     We cause pain, we cause strife, we rile peoples anger, we get people stirred up.     God does not look at us and see color, He DOES NOT.      He looks for the evidence of His Son in our lives, He looks for the blood of His Son covering our sins.      I have to ask myself, when I am angry and riled, can God see the evidence of His Son in my life?     Not if I am causing some of His other children pain.      If I am causing others pain, then that is not an evidence based life.     And on the other hand, if someone else is causing me pain, that too, is not an evidence based life.    I have to believe that it hurts God.    I don't know about anyone else, but I do not want to hurt the cause of Christ by purposefully hurting others.

I started this thought with the phrase, "One of the things that I seemed to notice", well let me add more to that now.     One of the things that I have noticed, is that when we get wrapped up in all the wrong things, God has a way of allowing us to be re-focused.     We beat others up, we fight others, we kill as many as we can, and just like a hurricane coming in off the Gulf Coast, God allows our focus to be re-directed.      Now, guess what, we are once again brought to tears by the images we see on our tv screens.     This time, we are not crying because of the hurt and pain being caused by other people.    No, this time we are crying due to all the heroism we are seeing.     I hate to see my brothers and sisters anywhere hurting.     But I do love to see my brothers and sisters putting it all on the line to help others.     I never seen anyone refusing to help someone because of the color of their skin or their ethnicity.     I just seen people helping people.     When you see people stirred to action, to reach out and help others, it is very humbling.      It is such an awesome thing to see.     I just have to believe that God knows what He is doing.     I do believe "Loving God and loving others" sums it all up.     That's what Jesus said anyway.       

I hope and pray that Texas recovers in the days and years ahead.     I also hope and pray that the people that make up the United States of America will also recover in the days and years ahead.    It is possible, for sure.     We just have to have our head and our heart on the same page at the same time, hopefully,  on a page from God's Holy Word.      I pray that we can move forward in unity and love. 
As most of y'all know I am on a trek to get healthier, to put healthier food in my body and to feel better.    Well, how's that "wurkin'" for me?    hahaha      Sometimes I feel like I step 2 steps forward only to find myself 10 steps behind.    hahaha       I was searching for for some information on some stevia products.     It's hard to find what I need around here, so I was looking on line.     Looked at some of the popular online places to order supplements and stuff like that.    I won't name any names, because, lawdy, I don't want to be sued!     Does "you can't get blood from a turnip" ring any bells?     hahaha Well, in my search, I found a product that was kinda interesting and I almost ordered it.   Then, I got to thinking about checking the list of ingredients.     It just had a few ingredients, maybe 3 or 4, but it was the final ingredient that had my brain a buzz.     It was, and I quote, "and other natural flavors".     Ok?    Ok!     Ok......what the heck is "natural flavors"?       So, I thought about it for a split second and then I found the "contact us" info and guess what, I contacted them.   Yes I did.    hahaha    Well, I heard back from them within an hour.     This person said that since it was a product "not" made by this company selling it, that he/she contacted the manufacturer.     The manufacturer said that it was a particular scent, gave the name of the family that scent was from, and said that "it isn't actually added to the product, it's just a scent".     Ok?    Ok! did they do that?    How do you put a scent in something without adding it to what ever it is.    The scent is exposed to the product in some way.     

So..........for my next question, what in the heck is all the other "natural flavors" that we see on all the packaging?     If it's in the product, if the product has a particular smell, if it's listed on the pkg as "natural flavors", then tell us what the natural flavors are!    You know what, a stink bug could be classified as a "natural flavor", that don't mean I want to smell it in a food product or eat it a food product.   Yeah, I know, I've probably eaten worse and not known it, but if I have the choice of knowing, I won't eat it.     Oh my garsh, only God knows what all we really eat, because the manufacturers are not gonna tell us!!!!   There needs to be "full disclosure" on everything!!!!    If it's in the product, list it in the ingredients as the ingredient it really is, not just   as a "natural flavor".    If they don't want to list, it doesn't need to be in the product.   Just my 2 cents worth.   Natural flavors---hummmm, my dirty socks are a good source of a natural scent, don't mean I want 'em added to  anything I gonna eat!!!!   Hey, smell these socks!!!!     hahaha       Oh my gosh, I done went and lost my mind!!!!
So, I have another recipe to share with y'all.     I have no idea where the first muffin tin breakfast recipe came from.     I just know that a lot of the recipes like this that I have seen in the past have had a list of ingredients as long my as my short legs, and I don't do long recipes.   I fall asleep before I get them read.    hahaha     So, here is my short recipe for this breakfast in a muffin cup.

Breakfast In a Muffin Tin

preheat oven to 375*/400*       Spray small, 6 muffins, muffin tin with non stick spray.  

1 1/2 cup frozen shredded potatoes, thawed a little
2 eggs, beaten- set aside
4 sausage links, thawed and cut into 3 pieces each, total of 12 pieces
3 tablespoons diced bell peppers
3 tablespoons diced onion
3 tablespoons shredded cheese, your favorite

Divide the shredded potatoes evenly between the six wells in the muffin tin, probably a couple tablespoons or so in each..
Put 2 pieces of sausage in each muffin tin.
Put 1/2 tablespoon of diced bell peppers,
Put 1/2 tablespoon of diced onion,
Put 1/2 tablespoon of shredded cheese, layered in the muffin tins.
Lastly, divide the egg as evenly as you can between the 6 wells of the muffin tins.

Pop in oven for about 20 to 25 minutes or bake till lightly browned and aromatic.    Loosen muffins with fork or offset spatula, plop out on a saucer and devour!!!   2 or 3 per serving.  

My tip for this recipe is to use Turkey sausage links, lower fat cheese, and liquid egg replacement .     All of these would be healthier choices and fewer in calories.  

I don't even add any salt to it because the sausage and cheese has salt, but you can sprinkle salt and pepper if you wish.

Another tip for this recipe.   The next time I make these, I will try using cupcake liners in the muffin tin.    That would be a great way to serve them at a brunch or a luncheon.                 ((((So,a week or so later, I made these in the muffin liners and I was not pleased with the outcome.   I may try it again, but I think for now the best thing to do would be to use a non stick muffin pan.  The cheeses has a tendency to stick, so it would come off better with a non stick pan.))))

As you can see, this is quite a low fat, low cal option for a pretty hearty breakfast.     And hubby said it was Fan-Tas-Tic!!!!!    So, I  take that as the highest form of praise!!!      These are good, so if you try them and tweak them, share the tweaks.   hehehe
I have been working hard on getting my craft room straightened up.     The last time I was in there a week or so ago, it looked like Joanns, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby had all gotten together and had a knock down, drag out, street  brawl!!!    And I was left with cleaning the mess up!!!!     hahaha      It is so easy for it to get outta control, and it had.     It is looking better now.     You know what, I found stuff that I don't remember having.    Yay!!     I have a toss box, a keep box and a give away box.     If it doesn't go in either of those at the moment I pick it up..... when I remember where it goes, I  put it up then and there.    If I can't get to it's proper home in a drawer or shelf, I put it in the keep box for later.  I still have a long way to go, but I will be so happy with all of the hard work when it's done!     One of the things I found was beautiful piece of art from +Heather Kraafter !!!!     I had forgotten that she had sent this to me!!!    It got buried under a massive eruption of "stuff".     When I came up with it in my hand, I started crying!!!!     I remembered sitting and staring at it and thinking it was the most beautiful piece of art I had seen!!!     I am so grateful to have been blessed and fortunate enough to have received 2 spectacular pieces of art from this lady and friend.     Love you +Heather Kraafter !!! Thanks for all you do for the crafting community!!!     Lets see if anyone else remembers this KIL session.
My Hope is in the Lord!
The colors  are so beautiful!!! Look at the detail!
To me, this is pure perfection!   Lovely!!!
This is an 8 inch x 8 inch piece of water color paper.     Is this not one of most gorgeous things you ever laid eyes on!!!!     I am gonna make a little rustic frame to put it and display it proudly on my wall so I can enjoy it every time I am in my craft room.     When I get it done like I want it, I will take another picture of it and share it.     Thanks again Heather, you are an amaZing artist!!!!
Well, that's about for this rainy and wet Friday.    I pray that you have an awesome rest of the day and that you make Jesus a part of it.     Tell someone you know that Jesus is what it's all about!!!!     It's not about anything else, just Jesus!!!     I hope y'all stay dry and safe.    I hope that we can all find some way to help those that are in need.     

Father we pray for Your protection over those that are without a home or anything else to call theirs.   We pray that You will continue to bless and strengthen those who are helping others.     We pray for Your floodgates of mercy to rain down on those who are hurting tonight.     Comfort Your childern, the young and old alike.     We pray that You will show each of us how we can help those who are hurting.    We also pray for hearts to be tendered towards you and for spiritual eyes to be opened all over Your planet.     Help us to love one another as You love us.     Amen and Amen.

Stay safe out there and remember that God loves you!!!   I do too.    Till next time, hugs and love, Patty