Thursday, October 31, 2013

Show and Tell, again

Well, greetings, one and all, Y'all!!!  I hope and pray that this visit finds everyone high and dry.  It's been raining all day in my neck of the woods and they say it's not gonna stop just yet.  We have to work with what we have, so, I have hunkered down and tried to get a few more cards made.  They are extremely fun, but time consuming.  I do enjoy making them, so, they are right up my alley.  I just get in my "happy place", just Jesus and me, and start working and, next thing you know, it's time to come up for air and I have a few cards to show for it.

I did take a few pics, and here they are.  The first card is my blue one:
Ok, so the first pic is actually the "blue" card on the red easel! hahaha I did get all the pieces put together right, in the end.
This is the inside top of the blue card.  The little reindeer stamp is a new fav.  If you could see it up close, it is actually stamped sheet music.  Cute!!!
The inside bottom of the blue card.  I took a Martha Stewart punch and punched around regular printer paper and then inked the edges so it would show up, instead of white on white.

This is the green card.  The reason I call them by colors is that I inked all of the edges of everything with a different color of ink, to tie all the pieces together.

The snowflakes used through out are Sizzix Embosslets.  They cut and emboss in one shot through your Cuttlebug or hand crank cutter of choice.  They are really neat.

This is the inside of the green card.  I really like those three stamps.  I think I picked those up at Joann's last week.
This is the red card.  I really like this one, I don't know why, unless it's the off set of the ribbon slider.
This is the inside top of the red one.

 This is the inside bottom of the red one.  I am still liking it more.
 This yellow one reminds me of a starry night, maybe the night Jesus was born.
 This one I put the piece on straight and not askew.  I like it really well, but I do think the others draw the eyes to it a little more.  Maybe it's just me.
And this is the bottom of the inside.  The yellow does not stand out in pics, but in hand, it does.
Ok, so this is my fav part.  When they are all in their boxes with bands on them.  I know they are finished.
I did the same on these as I did the first one I made a while back.  I used a glossy laminated sheet for the windows and attached them on the inside with score tape.

Again, I really think I'm leaning toward the red one.

But then again, the yellow one is starting to catch my eye.  I love that the word Jesus is prominent through the front of the box. 
Ok now I feel kinda bad.  I am looking at all four of them side by side, and I love them equally.  I can't choose.  That would be like picking a favorite child. gggg Well, not really, but you know what I mean.

I hope you have enjoyed what you have seen here this evening.  If you have, tell someone.  I do love comments.  So, if you want, just leave me a note, I would love it.

Well, October is just about over.  A few more hours and it will be history.  Did you do anything memorable this month?  Did you find time to commune and fellowship with God?  If you did, then you done something memorable!  God loves it when we take time for Him!  Have you ever picked up the telephone to call someone, only to get a busy signal.  Well, you can call on God 24/7 and I guarantee He will have time for you, the question is, "Do you have time for Him?"  Make time for Him, I promise you it will be time well spent.  God loves you so much that He provided a way for you and me, through Jesus Christ, to call Him, "Abba, Daddy!"  I just love that!!!  Thank you, "Abba, Daddy!"  Jesus used the word "Abba" to describe His relationship with God, the Father, and the word in the Aramaic means "father".  Some translate the word "daddy" to convey the close, personal meaning of the word.  Think about that as you start a new month in a few short hours.  Don't you want to call Him, "Abba, Daddy?"  Go for it, you won't regret it!

Be blessed y'all, hugs, Patty

Monday, October 28, 2013

New Story for my brother

The last time I was in Ky for a long weekend with my mother, one of my brothers came and we went to visit a cousin. On the way back to mom's place we were talking about the turning of the leaves. I looked out and seen some sumac trees in a fence row and commented about how pretty they were. They were flaming red. My brother asked if I remembered he and I getting in to big trouble while playing in the fence row. I said, "oh yes, I remember well!"

So, this one is for you, dear brother!!! I love you!

"Beware of the Sumac"

Our grandparents always had a big, big garden. My mom helped them take care of the garden and in return we got produce. The older brothers also helped. But brother and me, we just did not get to help. So, we had to stay in the fence row close to mom and mamaw so they could keep a watch on us.

We, brother and I made the best of a boring situation. We played. We picked dirt clods and threw them at each other. We would poke each other with sticks. Just whatever our young minds could come up with, we done. All under the watchful eye of momma and mamaw, and of course, four other brothers.

Brother looked up at this beautiful tree full of tiny little berries. He said, “wonder what these are?” I said, “I don't know, lets eat some. Lets rub them all over us. You rub it in my hair, I'll rub it in your hair. Here, let me scrub your arms with the leaves, and while you're at it, eat a few leaves!” I really don't remember if that was the conversation or not, but it very well could have been. Cause that is exactly what we done!!!

When it was time to go to the house for lunch, everywhere we had scrubbed ourselves with leaves and berries, we were stained with big old splotchy brown spots all over us. Mom wanted to know what in the world we had gotten it to now. We shrugged our shoulders and said, “don't know”, and went on about our business.

After lunch it was back to the garden and back to the fence row for brother and me. We done the same stuff after lunch that we had done before lunch. This time we were in the sun, before lunch, the sun had not been an issue. But now, was it ever an issue!!! Both of us turned red as beets, blisters about the size of bb,s popped up all over us. It was in our hair, all over our body, on the soles of our feet and the palms of our hands. It was the itchingist stuff I ever had in my life. We were two pitiful little creatures when it was time to leave the garden.

When my mom seen the shape we were in, she was really afraid for us. She said take me and show me what you got in to! We were scared to death. Not only were we in misery for what we had done, but now, momma ain't happy. Everyone knows, if momma ain't happy, nobody's happy! The tone of voice she used with us, was the tone that she used if she was madder than a wet hen. I did not know till then, but that was her afraid tone also. We showed her what we had gotten in to. Papaw said that it was poison sumac and we would need medicine for it.

When dad got in from work, mom had brother and me as clean as she could get us. We had splotchy stains on us that looked like walnut stains. We had big old blisters and we were scratching worse than a dog with fleas. She met him at the truck and said we need to go to the drug store before it closes. We got there and mom and dad took us in so Doc., the pharmacist, could see us. He knew right off what it was, because we had all the tale tell signs, he just had never seen anyone as covered as we were with poison sumac. Doc said, “This will do the trick, twice a day for two weeks!” Ok, it was painless looking enough. How bad could it taste? We looked at each other and thought we had gotten off pretty good. That's what we get for thinking!!!! He picked up a big box of what we thought we popsicle sticks, and told my mom, “Here, you'll need these.” She said,”What for?” Doc said, “Every blister needs to be scraped and busted twice a day for two weeks.”

Panic and fear set in for both of us. We knew momma was pretty mad by now, because not only had our lives just taken a turn for the worse, but hers had too. Do you know how long it takes to scrape two kids from head to toe with popsicle sticks, my momma does and according to her, its way too long. Please, just beat me, and get it over with. Every time she scraped me with the sticks, she said, “You gonna do this again the next chance you get? If you have any ideas about it, remember this, it just might keep you from doing something else that's not real smart! What on earth possessed the two of you to do such a thing?” Believe me, there was no good explanation and even if there had have been, it wouldn't have been good enough for momma at the time.

That was the most painful two weeks of that summer for all three of us, brother, me, and momma. Remember, “if momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!”(written by:pjg Aug,2013)

Brother, I hope you get a chuckle out of this! I do, every time I think about it. The natural instinct is to start scratching. hahahaha

I hope and pray as y'all have read this story, that you can see yourselves some where in the midst. Sometimes it's a good thing to just go back and remember some of the fun times. As you do remember some of the good days of yesteryear, try to write them down, tell them to someone who will remember them for you, just do something with the good stuff so it doesn't get lost and forgotten. Someone will appreciate it.

As I leave you tonight, I pray that you have a blessed day in the Lord.   I have come to realize that yesterday, is in no way as important as today.   The only thing that we can do with yesterday, is remember.  We are not guaranteed tomorrow.   What we do have is today.   What have you done today, that someone in your life will remember tomorrow?   Have you told someone in you sphere of influence that you love them today?  Have you told someone that God loves them and wants to be in a right relationship with them?   The Nike ad, "Just do it" comes to mind.  God loves you!

Hugs, and goodnight, y'all, Patty

Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Small Project

This is a small project I have been working on.  Got it finished and thought I would share it with y'all before I call it a day.  It is an Altoid Tin.  Inside the tin is a small tag book.  I covered it, outside and inside,  with a sheet of two sided Christmas Paper.  It is not necessarily the traditional colors of Christmas, but Christmas Paper, none the less.  I really enjoyed this project, about as well as any I've done.

The front is stamped with the words, "Jesus, the reason for the season".  Sorry to say, it did not show up well in pic, but it does in real life.

 This is the inside of the lid.  I really like the paper.
This is the bottom of the tin.  It just worked out that I got the whole deer.
This is the tag book inside.  You can also see that the inside is fully lined with the paper also.
This is the tag book opened up.

I took one of the tags out of the pocket.

This is what the inside and the tag book looks like.  That is a quarter laying in front just to give something to judge the size with.

The only thing I wish had come out a little better with this project is the stamping I done on the front.  It shows up nicely in person, but it did not photograph well.  I even liked the paper real well.  Most of the time, I am a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas colors.  Maybe I'm mellowing with age! hahaha

Anyway, that's all I have for this go around.  Hope you have enjoyed your visit.  If you have, tell a friend about what you've seen here.   The weather has been a little cooler this week.  It is beginning to have the feel of fall, y'all!

As I leave you tonight, I remind you that God loves you!  Not because of who you are, but because of who He is!   God loves you enough to want to have a right relationship with you.  The only way to be in a right relationship with God, is to know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.  My friends, I pray you do.  If you don't, I pray that before you close your eyes in sleep tonight you'll repent (turn around, walk away from) of your sins and ask Jesus Christ to be Lord of your life.  That is the only relationship that really matters.   Be blessed, in the name of the Lord!!!!

God bless y'all, and hugs, Patty

Monday, October 21, 2013

Who's in your boat?

Are you troubled about something that may be causing unrest in your days and nights?  Do you feel as though the load you are carrying is too heavy for you to pack any longer?  Do you feel as though the harder you use the bucket to bail water from your boat, its gonna sink anyway?

Friend, I pray for you to have a peace that passes all understanding!!!  You are in the middle of a storm at the present. But, Jesus is in your boat.

I was reading about the passage of scripture where Jesus calms the storm. The disciples thought they were going to die and Jesus was asleep during the storm. The disciples woke Him up and asked Him if He cared they were about to die. Jesus spoke to the storm and it ceased. All my life, I thought Jesus may have raised His voice, yelling at the storm, (kinda like a parent raising a voice to a child) but this writer, having extensive knowledge in the original text, and the particular words used, said that Jesus spoke to the storm like a mother trying to calm a crying child (you don't yell at a child in order to soothe that child). In a very hushed and low voice, Jesus said, "Peace, Be still", like a mother would say, "ssshhhhhhhh; to a crying baby. So I ask Jesus to calm the storm in your life right now, so that you too, can rest through it. "Peace, Be still", my friend.

I do believe in the power of prayer!!! I do know how God is at work in all of our circumstances!!! Were it not for the cleansing power of Jesus Christ over my life, every bit of it, I would not be here today!! I believe the same can be said of most of us. I believe God can and will see you through the rough, stormy, dark patch.

Psalm 30:5--weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.

When does joy come?  Do you know the feeling of the world doing its best to beat you down, into the grave.  David knew that feeling, also. The enemy gloats over our failures.  Even if we feel God has hidden Himself from us, we can still call on Him and He hears us.  Joy always comes after a long hard struggle!  When we realized that were it not for God, the situation would look totally different. cometh in the morning!!

Psalms 121:1 (A Song of degrees.) I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. ...

Friend, from where does your help come?  The world certainly offers a lot, but it never has offered the kind of help you and I need.  God is ever present, always watching and never sleeps or slumbers!

There are a lot of remedies for a lot of different ailments, but there is only one remedy that satisfies the soul, and that remedy is Jesus Christ.  I would suggest to you, that if Jesus is not in your boat, get your boat to shore immediately, and ask Him to be the Captain of your vessel!(written by:pjg, Sept.2013,edited Oct.2013)

I hope that you find hope in the words of God today.  As you go through today, realize you don't have to be alone.  The Lord wants to be your shepherd too, He's just waiting for you to call on Him.

Hugs, and be blessed today, y'all,  Patty

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Baby Carriage, finished

Well, y'all, I finally got the baby carriage done.  At least, as done as I'm gonna get it.  I had to fret and stew over it for a few days (weeks).  Then, on Monday I had searched all over town to find a clear acetate box to put it in for presentation.  Ok, I found the box, raced home, and got my baby carriage in it.  Over night, I don't know what happened to it, but the wheels that were on with pop dots, curled up, the handles got bent and twisted, and it was totally messed up and unpresentable for the Ladies Night Out and Baby Shower at church.  I was over the top upset.  I didn't have time to go shopping for something else, because dog gone it, I didn't feel like it.  I finally started praying about it.  It was time to go to church, and I almost didn't go.  But, I did.   I am soooo happy I did.  I told the baby's grandmother what had happened, and she said, "That doesn't matter, You matter!"  She said, "girl I know if anyone can salvage it, you can!"

A few tears later, I was able to think with a new perspective.  So, when I got home from church, I went and looked at the poor little thing and I was happy I hadn't tossed it in the trash!  I took it out of the box and just started fixing what needed to be fixed.  Anyway, after just a few minutes, I realized it was going to be fine.  So, I had a renewed spirit of excitement over this little present.  The reason this meant so much to me, that is how I wanted to present a very small gift for them to put into a college fund for her.  Anyway, here are a few pics I took after I got it finished.  It isn't perfect, but it's not about perfection, it's about heart; my heart!

Anyway, these are the pics.  Shoulda, coulda, woulda!!!!  I may attempt this design again sometime in the future.  I would say it is not necessarily for the faint of heart, but, if I do it again, I will probably make the sides at least 4 layers thick of the heavy card stock.  And if I wanted to pop dot the wheels to make them 3d, I would make them 2 or 3 layers thick.  That is the two main things I will do differently the next time.

I hope you enjoyed looking at the finished project.  Lessons learned are always a welcomed experience.  So, if you attempt something like this, take into consideration how it might be better if you made it sturdier by adding extra layers for support and strength.  It will be worth it in the long run.

I pray that you have had a great day in the name of the Lord.  As you get ready to retire for the evening, tell those around you about the day the Lord has blessed you with.  Someone in your sphere of influence needs some encouragement from the Lord, and you just may be the one that can give them that encouragement.  I don't know what I would do without the people in my life that are my encouragers.  God bless you all with a peaceful, restful night.

hugs, Patty

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Woopppeeee...I can now reveal...

...what I could not reveal on Friday, the 11th. of October.   It seems like a whole life time ago that I posted about three swaps I am in this month.  I have certainly not been up to"snuff", as my late grandmother would say, when she wasn't feeling really good.  gggg   But, I praise the Lord for people in my life that are willing, at the drop of a hat, to lift me in prayer to the Lord.  I love you, ladies, and need for you to know that!!

So, I have been working on these projects like a busy little "worn out" bee! hahaha  I am quite pleased with the way they turned out.  I do give all the credit and praise to the Lord for blessing my efforts.

So, here they are:  The first two pics are of the mini hanging quilt, but I set mine on an easel, instead of making it a hanging.  If Ms. S. wants to hang it, she will be able to do so.  If you look closely, you can see that it is actually four layers of card stock.  Then I done the marker "stitching", and it kinda does look like hand stitching.  Then I lightly inked most if not all of the cut edges.  Then of course, what is a project without bling!!

The next pic is of an ATC swap.  We were to make artist trading cards depicting something we are thankful for.  I am thankful for the Fall season.  So, that is what my card is depicting.  Pumpkin, leaves and an acorn, all three yell Fall to me.  I took a piece of cereal box and and covered both sides with decorative paper and cut out the cards.  I inked the edges and then done some stamping on them. I marker stitched around the card.  Then I colored and inked the pumpkin, leaves and acorn.  When they were dry, I commenced to blinging them up with faux stickles (glitter glue).  The back is also decorated and stamped and written on about the info for the particular swap.
The next photos are of the Altered Item Swap.  Guess what I altered, go ahead, wrong!!!!  hahahaha  These are tags to go in what I actually altered.

 This is a Mini Tag Book, made from toilet paper rolls.  I flattened them with my cuttlebug, then covered them with Patterned paper.  Inked all edges, then used my crop-a-dile to put in some eyelets to use seam binding as the book binding.  Lots of stamped images, stickers and bling later, and this is what it looks like.

Anyway, this is what my swaps turned out looking like.  I do hope and pray that the recipients of all of the items I made are happy with what I done for them.  I did pray for each one of them as I was making their swap items.

I do hope that y'all enjoyed what you have seen here today.  If you did, tell someone.  Send them here to my little fun place for a little inspiration.

As I leave you this afternoon, I pray that your day has been filled with peace, love and joy.  I pray that you will share that peace, love and joy with all the people in your life.  Tell someone you love them, not because you have to tell them, but because you really do love them, and want them to know it.  My hearts desire is that each of you that visit this little place will leave knowing that you are precious in the eyes of God, after all, you are created by Him, and created in His image!!!  Have you ever made something that you were really proud of?  Do you know that feeling of accomplishment?   Well, that's how God feels, multiplied by millions!  God Loves You!!!

Be Blessed Y'all, and Hugs, Patty

Friday, October 11, 2013

Really excited.....

I can't post pics yet of what I'm excited about, but I will share a little with you, without giving away what they look like.  I recently joined in some swaps on one of the crafting yahoo groups I belong to.  I found out a little more about what needs to be done this morning.  So, I have till the end of the month to get the three swaps ready and mailed out.

One of the swaps is a "quilt" wall hanging swap.  It can be made of any media.  So, I made a quilt from card stock.  I am so stinkin' excited about this one.  I had a ball making it, especially after one of the other swappers mentioned she was going to make one from paper and cardstock since she does not sew.

Another swap is "anything altered".  I can't say much about this one, because I don't want to let the cat out of the bag as to what I altered.  But, I do love the idea of taking something that may have ended up in the trash can and re-purposing it to a thing of beauty, or to something useful.

My third and final swap for this month is Artist Trading Cards featuring something we are grateful for.  I have never made these before, but I am quite excited about this.  They are, the best I can figure, similar to the sports type trading cards.  Art work is on the front and back, but the back will also have some info on it about the the artist and what have you.

I can't wait to post pics, but I will as soon as I possibly can.  I am just jumping up and down.

As I leave you today, I leave you with fall blessings.  I pray, that sometime soon, we will take inventory of all that we have to be thankful for.  If we look  purposefully, at everything, we will find that we have so much to be thankful for.  I am thankful for this time of year because it is the changing of the seasons.  Summer is over, fall is the transition period that gets us ready for the winter season.  I always look forward to fall because of all the pumpkins and winter squash.  And sweet potatoes!!  Sweet potato pie, y'all!!!  What is better than a sweet potato pie?  "Well, git outta here, nothing is!!!!"

Thank God for everything sweet and special in your life.  I guarantee you,all of it came from Him.  As we are taking account of everything we are thankful for, lets keep God, the Father at the very top of that list.  God bless you all today in a very special way!

hugs,  Patty

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Just sayin' Hello

Greetings and salutations, Y'all!  I just got back from a long weekend in Ky with my mother.  Can I just say, "I'm pooped"!  I was fortunate enough to see four brothers and some of my sisters-in-law.  I always have a ball when I get to go up for a few days.  But, it is always good to come home.  I always miss my husband so much and he misses me.  I am very fortunate to have a husband that will let me spend time with my mother.  He just always tells us to have fun, but don't call him if we get in trouble! gggg

I don't have a crafty project to post about, so I thought I would put up a new-ish story that I wrote back in the summer.  To some of my readers, it's not new, but to most of you it will be.  I pray that you can find yourself in this depiction of everyday life:

An afternoon with:

Someone asked me recently,"What one person, living or dead, would you like to spend an afternoon with?" Aside from my Savior, Jesus Christ, I said my grandmother who died when I was eight years old. I so loved that woman and still do. I get my love for all things crafty from her.

The summer I started to the head start program she gave me a Sears Roebuck
catalog and a red crayon and instructed me to circle any dress I wanted one
like. There was so many red circles in that book. She and my mother made me a
dress like every one I had circled. They made them out of remnants that my aunt had brought from Ohio and small pieces left over from making themselves dresses. Some of them even had feed sack material in them. Every dress was special and unique, with buttons, and ric rac, and small pieces of ribbons and trims.

When I started to first grade in the fall I had 36 new dresses hanging in my
closet, perfectly starched and ironed and ready for me to go to school.  Each one was absolutely beautiful.   A girl I went to school with made fun of my "made with love" dresses.  I realized some time later that there are many ways of being rich and many ways of being poor.

I was rich in the sense of having a grandmother and a mother that loved me so much they actually took the time to make beautiful clothes for me. I was rich, too, in the sense of my mother making sure our clothes were clean and starched to perfection.  I would go with my grandparents and help them pick out the feed for the animals so I could get the feed sacks I wanted.  I have a couple of quilts that were made from feed sacks.

But, I said I would love to have an afternoon with my grandmother just to show
her some of the conveniences that I have that makes my life better. Cell phones, computers, microwave, running water, indoor plumbing, air conditioning, electric sewing machine.  And what can be said for all the conveniences in the kitchen. Not to mention all our crafting tools. She would get a kick out of that. I can hear her laughing that laugh I so loved to hear.

We take so many of these items for granted. But I know my grandmother would
love all of it. When I go visit my mom for a few days every once in a while,
she tells me stories about the people on her side of the family and also stories
about the people on my dad's side of the family. I wish I would have written
everything down that my dad's mother told me over the years. I absolutely love
the stories of yesteryear. You know, it wasn't about the struggle, or survival,
it was all about living.  It was all about making the best of what you have in the moment.  It was just about living life out one day at a time and being
thankful for the end of one day and being blessed to go into a new day. Their
lives were hard, but they knew nothing different. It was just living to them.

I thank God for all the generations that went before all of us to pave the way
for us to be here, right now, doing exactly what we are doing. Without those
precious people, your families and mine, ours families, we wouldn't be able to
do what we love.

So, think about your ancestors, and what they left behind. Who in your family
of old loved to be crafty, loved to sew, garden, bake, make jelly from berries
she had picked, mend up torn overalls, and many other things. Be thankful. Be
grateful. Share. Pass on another legacy just like that which was passed on to
you. We can live forever when we pass on what we know.(written by:pjg)

I hope as you read this, that there is a place in your memory bank that you can go and pull up some of those special memories that maybe you haven't thought about in a while.  Maybe you will remember something you have long forgotten.  If so, tell someone, write it down, record it.  I guarantee someone will appreciate it. 

I pray that today is a wonderful day for you all.  I pray that you will take the time to talk to the One that opened your eyes this morning.  Thank God for all He has done for you; going back generations.  Look purposefully around you today.  Watch and look for all the ways God has made Himself known to you today.  Just know that God loves you as much today as He did yesterday, and if you open your eyes tomorrow, He will love you as much tomorrow as He does today!  God never changes!!!!  Things around us changes; even we change; but God never changes!!  Praise the Lord!!!  Be blessed, y'all!

Hugs and blessings, Patty

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


has just slipped up and made it's way to the calendar!   Where in the world did September go?   If you find it somewhere, send some of those days back to me.   I just know that I missed some, I don't know which days I missed, so I'll take any that you send my way!   ggg   Ok, I know that it really does not work that way.  It kinda would be good if it did.  Maybe a "do-over" day or two thrown into each month, I could handle that.

I started a small little project last night, real late.  I just got the pieces cut out.   I have a Ladies Night Out at church this month and it's also serving as a baby shower for one of our young couples.   So, my gift is "starting out" with a 3d baby carriage.   I have no idea what it will end up with.   I will post a pic or two when I get it along a little further than it is right now.   And I will ask y'all for any suggestions you have to go with the baby carriage and a card.  I am up for suggestions starting now.  So, if you have recently done something that would be appropriate for my project, let the ideas and suggestions fly.
So, this is what I have so far.  The frame of the carriage that is leaning up is actually three layers of Bazzilla cardstock.   (If you know who the creator of the carriage is, please let me know and I will be happy to give credit where credit is due. Thanks.)   The first two layers of the section is with the wheels glued together, and then the carriage section without wheels glued over that.   Then the box body part has all the tabs with scor-tape on each tab.  We'll see how that works.  And the four inked wheels to put on last with pop dots to make them stand away from the frame wheels.  Hope that makes sense.

I just hope I can bring this together.  With the difficulties I have with my hands, this will be challenging for me.  But, if I don't challenge myself, I'll never know what I can accomplish.  So, please say a prayer to God, The Father, on my behalf.

Ok, so I got the baby carriage finished.  I am satisfied, but I wish I could come up with something else to do for it.  I would love some input.   So, here it is:

If you have any ideas, I sure would love to hear from you.  I am having a mental block .  I may redo it.  I am seeing the white pop dots between the wheels.  I don't really like that.  Anyway, this is what it looks like now.  Again, I'm open to suggestions.

For now, if you are reading this, thank God for you eyes.  I just thank God every day for the ability to get out of bed, some can't.  I thank God for the ability to see, some can't.  I thank God for the ability hear, some can't.  Most of all, I thank God for Him loving me enough to provide a way to have a relationship Him, through Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior!  I pray that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior, also!!!  Have a wonderful day in the name of Jesus!!

Hugs and October tidings to all, Patty