Sunday, December 8, 2013

What A Difference A Day Makes and part of a story

Good Sunday Morning Y'all!!!  I hope that y'all are "snugger than a bug in a rug" this cold and icy morning!  Twenty four hours does make a difference!  The ice storm came in early in the wee hours of the morning.  I snuck out of bed about  4:30 am and ran through the house to peep out the back door window and seen the ice on the deck, and back to bed I went.

For just a few seconds, I was transported back in time, as a child, sneaking around trying to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus.  You just gotta treasure memories like that.  I crept back to bed and as I drifted back off to sleep, I was thinking about getting peeks of presents under the Christmas Tree, just trying to figure out what treasure was in each and every one of the presents under the tree.  Coming from a large family, there was always heaps and mounds of presents.  And there was great joy in trying to figure out everyone's gifts, not just your own.  It was always fun to dig and look for the small, little packages, in hopes of finding one that may have had a piece of jewelry in it.

One Christmas, when I was in Junior High School, some of the family had been to town on a Saturday morning and I spied a watch in the window of one of the stores on the street square.  I ogled and looked at that watch!  I wanted that watch so bad!!!  I begged my mother for it.  She said, "you are not getting it, we've already bought all the presents that we are gonna buy."  Well, "What about Santa Claus, couldn't he bring it?"  Yes, I was in Junior High, but when you are desperate, you will try anything.   ggggg   Stay tuned for the conclusion of this story.

I almost forgot the reason for my post this morning.  I knew there would be no getting out for church this morning for me.   So, after it warmed up a little, I put on my tennis shoes and my hooded winter coat and grabbed my camera and out I went.  Oh how I love mornings like this!!!!  I snapped away!  Thought I would share a few of my favs with you. 
This is what it looked like down our driveway.  Our neighbors beautiful pine trees was damaged due to the weight of the ice.  When I got up at 7:00 am and looked out the living room window, I could not have gotten my car out of the garage, due to those branches hanging so low, I would have broken them off with my car.  I thought for a few seconds, my hubby would not be able to get his truck out without first cutting those branches up.
But, as you can see, I think he will be able to back out without backing over them.  I was really sad to see those trees damaged.  
 Now, for the fun stuff!  I absolutely love close up shots like this.  See the new little pine cones forming.
I could look at stuff like this and take pics like this for the rest of my life and never get tired of it.
That one looks as if there may be six or seven baby pine cones forming.
This shot reminds me of frozen "fire works"!  It may be my most fav shot.  Love it!  I do hope you have enjoyed seeing a few of the pics I took this morning of the winter wonderland that I woke up to.  It is just enough to jump start the "Merry Christmas" Season for me.

I do hope and pray that y'all have enjoyed looking at what I got to see this morning.  I just have to give all glory, honor, and praise to God, My Father, for creating such a lovely and beautiful sight for my eyes to behold!  Even if we wanted to, as one of God's creations, there is no way we can re-create anything as lovely and as beautiful as God has made.  Let us all enjoy the beauty of all there is around us every day.  Thank God for all that is beautiful, because He made it all, just for your viewing pleasure!

Warm hugs and lots of love to y'all, Patty

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