Saturday, December 7, 2013

Things I've Learned

Good Saturday Morning, Yall!  It is cold here, in my neck of the woods.  It is a little slick outside, but I am so thankful to God that we did not get the weather that was being called for.  But, tonight, will be another nail biter, waiting to see what happens then.  Lifting everyone that has been affected by the snow and ice storm in prayer for warmth and safety.

I have been struggling with what God has wanted me to share with you,  my readers, simply because it hits home so closely.   I will have to confess, before you read any further, Yes, these are all examples taken from the pages of my own life experiences.   I am not proud to admit these things, but I will own them.  And by the love, mercy and grace of God, each and every one of these stumbling blocks can be changed into beautiful pearls.

"Things I've Learned" (the hard way...ggg)

You can't un-ring a bell any more than you can un-say hurtful words.

Don't ring the bell if you haven't planned to, and don't say hurtful words just because you can.

You can't treat people poorly and expect those same people to treat you like royalty.

Treat people like you desire to be treated. If you treat people like garbage, then expect the same.

Respect is earned, not demanded.

If you want a little respect, treat others with respect, then you will be on the road to earning respect.

It is better and easier to be kind to people, than it is to be mean spirited.

Our actions and behavior comes straight from the heart.  What ever your heart looks like, that's what your behavior will look like.

You will get back, what you give out, at some point in time.  Kindness comes home to those who are kind.  And, vice versa.

It is never appropriate to blame poor behavior on “having a bad day”.

Sometimes, poor behavior is simply that, poor behavior.  Call it what it is.

Do not set higher standards for anyone else than you have set for yourself.

Do not expect someone to do something that you are not willing to do yourself.

If you are not willing to get in the trenches, don't push anyone else in those trenches.

There is much power in words.  We can speak life or we can speak death! Choose wisely.

If you feel you must respond to something that you have read, make sure you know how your response is going to read on the other end.  Don't just slap something on the message and hit send unless it is exactly what you meant to say.  Then, own it.

Do not think your God given talent or gift is better, finer or loftier than anyone else's God given talents or gifts.

If you make a mistake, own it.  In the long run, people around you will respect you a whole lot more when they see you owning your mistakes and working diligently to correct them.  They may even chip in and help you.

Do not throw mean spirited words out there and then claim you did not mean to say those things.  Most of the words that come from our mouths, come straight from our heart, the seat of exactly who we are.

When you do apologize; apologize, and leave it at that.  Don't add anything else to it, because then, it doesn't feel like an apology, but a good ole' "slap in the face".  When anything is added to an apology with a "but, I", then you are automatically blaming that person again, in your pretend apology.  Do not push your rudeness off on someone else; man up or woman up, and own it.

In the Book of Genesis, Chapter 2, verse 7, in the Holy Bible, God formed Adam from the dust of the ground.  Before we think more of ourselves than we should, we must remember, we are dust.  How can one sack of dust think themselves better than another sack of dust?  Dust is dust!  This should be more than enough to eliminate “human pride” when we remember we are “dust”.  Kinda gives it a new perspective, doesn't it.

This is just a few things that, I, personally, have learned over the years.  No sermon here for anyone, other than three people, “me, myself and I”.  Just something that the Lord has impressed upon me to share.  Sometimes, I really don't like what He wants me to share, simply because it hits to close to my door step.  Sometimes, I don't like it when God reminds me that my behavior and actions “DO” make a difference to those in my sphere of influence.  I really don't like it when God makes me have a good look at myself, and then asks me, “Based on who I am, God; Are you proud of what you see?”  Most of the time I have to be honest and say, “No, Abba Daddy, I am not proud of what I see, will you please help me?”  The answer always comes, “Yes, My child, I will help you!”

If you find yourself in the same shoes I am wearing, just know that our “Abba, Daddy” wants more than anything to help us be His children.  Ask Him for help, He will never turn a repentant heart away.(written by:pjg:12-06-13)

There you have it, warts and all, Y'all!  Some hard lessons learned the hard way.  I'm still trying to get it right.  One day, just one of these days, I will start getting a little of it right.  If you see yourself in any of this, just know it is not a helpless situation.  Jesus Christ is your rescuer!!!  That is enough to shout about!

Hugs, Y'all, be blessed and stay warm, Patty

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