Friday, December 20, 2013

Almost Christmas

Hello Y'all!!   I pray that this post finds each and every one of y'all happy, healthy, and ready for the celebration of Life in a few short days.  Were it not for the the birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, my life and yours, wouldn't be of much value, to us or those around us.  The relationship that you have with Jesus Christ is the most important relationship you'll ever have.  That relationship alone, and no other relationship, is what puts you in a right relationship with God, the Father.  There is no other way to God, the Father, except through Jesus Christ.   That's it!   So, as Christmas fast approaches, remember what it is all about.

This came from a google search:
The word "Christmas" occurs nowhere in the Bible. It is an old English word that means "Christ's Mass" which refers to the celebration of the Lord's Supper, i.e. (the Mass). The earliest occurrence of the word on record is 1038 A.D. Christians at this time considered the (Mass) Lord's Supper to be the most important part of the celebration of Christ's birth, hence it came to be called Christmas.

Y'all, I am the first person to say I love the colors and sights of Christmas.  It is beautiful and festive.  But, when we let the beauty  and the festivities come before the true meaning and celebration of Christmas; my friends, we have missed the mark.

As we celebrate this year, let us keep first and foremost, the birth of Emmanuel; which means "God with us!"   God stepped down from heaven and made Himself flesh, to be born in the same way and manner you and I was born.  In doing so, He experienced everything that you and I have or will ever experience.  Yet, He never sinned.  Sin is a word a lot of people don't like to hear.  When a Christian mentions the word sin, then we are accused of intolerance.  If we knew all there was to know about God, the Father, and Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, we would not want to sin and it would grieve us when we did.  It's not about being perfect, if it was, I would certainly have missed that boat long ago.   It is about knowing that I am a sinner, saved by the Grace and Mercy of a loving God that did provide a way for me to have a right relationship with Him.

Y'all, it's not too late to start enjoying that relationship.  Just remember that Jesus Christ Himself said that "we must take up our cross daily and follow Him."  Does that sound like it's gonna be easy?  Absolutely not!  Is it rewarding?  Absolutely!!!!

Do I understand everything there is to understand about God the Father; Jesus Christ, the Son; and the Holy Spirit, the Helper?   Absolutely not!!!  But, that is where Faith steps in.  My faith is in Jesus Christ.  What's your faith in?   Your self, Santa Claus, another sinful person, and the list could go on.  Anyone other than Jesus Christ will ultimately fail you and let you down.

This Christmas, I pray for you to experience the true meaning of Christmas, with all the Love, Joy, and Expectation that comes with the excitement of Christ being born as babe into the world for sinners like you and I!  Praise the Lord this Christmas, Y'all!

I wish I could explain better to y'all, what this relationship is and how it changes your life.  If you have never tasted ice cream, could you explain to someone else who has never tasted it, what it tastes like?  No, you could not.  So, if you have never experienced this relationship with Christ, it will be hard for you to understand what I'm talking about.   But....once you do experience Jesus Christ, then, it will become more clearly to you about what I'm talking about.  You have to experience Jesus, you can't really explain Jesus.  It is an experience that will forever change your life. 

Hugs, Blessings and MERRY CHRISTMAS!  Peace, and goodwill, Y'all, Patty

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