Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ornament Swap

Good afternoon to Y'all!  I do pray that where ever you are that the sun is shining, at least in your heart.  The sun is not shining here and I think it may have forgotten how to shine.  Just a gloomy day.  A good day to craft.

I thought I would give you a quick update on my back issue.  It is much better, praise the Lord!!!  Still need to be a little watchful about how I do around, but it is sooooo much better.  Thank you for the prayers.

I do have an issue with the meds I was taking.  "Was" being the operative word here.  My face started getting warm and then just plain hot on Thursday afternoon.  By Friday, it was getting a real pinkish color and still warm to the touch.  This morning I looked like someone colored my face with a beet overnight!!!  Yes, you heard me right, a beet!!!  Certainly NOT my choice for a make up color.  gggg  My eye lids, nose and both cheeks clear around to my ears and down my neck.  It is warm and itches.  Kinda reminds me of the story I posted about my dear brother and me getting in to sumac.  I do hope this is short lived.  We'll see if vanity plays a very big role in my life in the morning, getting ready for church, if it is still beet red.  If I am not sick, I will be there, beet red face and all!  Anyway, this is the way it stands at the moment, y'all.

I am in another swap.  This is an ornament swap.  I really enjoyed making this one.  I used a black glitter cardstock for the base of the card.  It was to be a two sided ornament, so I cut two pieces of black glitter cardstock and glued them back to back.  Used a black marker around the edges to color the white that was showing.  Then I cut the fronts and backs, which was the same image, just flipped the image for the back.  I used glossy accents to glue the images to the glitter cardstock.  Then I got out some bling and blinged it up a little.  I put some ribbon through the holes I cut with my cropodile.  I did make a small little tag to put on the ribbon with my name and date on one side and the name of the swap on the other side.  The recipient can easily tear that off or leave it on.  I just like to put my name on what I do.  So, here is some pics:

Ok, so I really wish the glitter showed up better.  They are really glittery and look great in hand.  I also wish I had a better way of getting good pics.  I don't have great lighting and a flash washes out a lot of stuff, so I just piddle till I get something half way tolerable.  Anyway, I hope you enjoyed looking at my "not so fancy ornaments", but I really had a great time making them.

I want to thank you for stopping by.  I pray that you have a wonderful evening, a great night's rest and a wonderful Sunday.  Find time tomorrow to spend with your Creator.  He will enjoy it and so will you.  Time spent with God is time well invested.  You can only come away from that experience a better you!  While with Him, ask Him to let you see the world and those around you through His eyes!  Ask Him to break your heart for what breaks His heart!  Ask Him to give you the desire to live purposefully and thoughtfully!  Just these things alone, will make all the difference in the way you live the rest of your life. I pray for you to do it.  See for yourself, the difference that Jesus Christ can make in your life.  God loves y'all and so do I.

Be blessed and hugs, y'all, Patty


  1. Such beautiful ornaments. I like the paper design on the black glitter card stock.

    1. Thanks a lot!! I didn't know how it would turn out, but I was really happy with the way it looks in person. Thanks again. hugs, Patty