Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas Bits and Pieces

Good morning, one and all, Y'all!!  I do pray that this morning finds everyone as chipper as a spring bird on a cold and frosty morn!  How's that for a greeting?  I was up a little late last night with inky and gluey fingers. hahaha  I thought I would show you what I was doin'.

In my last post, I showed you what I had done with some scraps that I probably would not have ever used.  Well, I was back at it.  I'm lovin' this new little picture card.  I used three new stamps. And I also tried something I haven't done much of before.  Using watercolor pencils and then a water pencil to blend the colors.  This is new, so, please view with kind and merciful eyes.  I am lovin' the watercolor pencils.  I finally found some that was what I liked.  I had gotten several different ones over the last little while and none of them worked as well as these.  Maybe, just maybe, I did not know how to make them work.  Hey, give me a little credit, I did say "maybe".  ggg  Anyway, I do hope you like them:

This is the back of my card pictures.  This little easel is affixed to the back with score tape
I bought a paper crafting mag at Michael's yesterday and this little bear stamp was a freebie with the magazine, along with some 5x5 sheets of designer paper, little chipboard images and gold glitter pen.  I love the little bear.  He makes me happy!
My cousin had sent me a card about three years ago with this stamp on it and I have been searching high and low for it ever since.  Jackpot!!  Michael's had it.  I snatched it up like a crazy person, I sure did! gggg
This is a shot of the happy trio.  I know they are not real fancy, but I really did enjoy making them and also trying my hand at watercolor pencils.  It never hurts to try something new.

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow, y'all!!!!   As I leave you this morning, I leave you with a simple question.  What are you Thankful for?  I could not even begin to tell you what all I am thankful for.  I am thankful for all of y'all, who take time to read my blog.  Thank you!!!  I am thankful for my family!!  I am thankful for my friends!!!  And, yes, I am thankful for all the material blessings that God has heaped upon me!!  And, I am most thankful for my wonderful, kind, loving, generous husband!  He is my number one supporter in life.  When all else around me fails, my husband is there to encourage me to take another breath, take another step, believe in yourself one more time.   For him, I am truly thankful!!  But, at the very top of my list, is Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior!!!  Thank you Jesus, for cleaning me up and giving me a new song to sing, a new word to speak, a new joy in my heart!  The reason I mentioned Jesus Christ last on my list, is because that is what I want you to remember about this visit.  Jesus Christ loves you so much, more than words could ever express!

Have a great day, and be blessed y'all, hugs, Patty

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  1. I like this post too!! Thanks for mentioning it in your post from today. I really do like this style of artwork, for sure :-)
    Big Hugs!!