Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Great Recipe

Hello Friends,

I pray that you have had a blessed day today!   With the long Labor Day weekend coming up, I thought I would share a favorite recipe I found two or three years ago.   I wish I could remember where it came from, but I don't.   If you know where it originated, please let me know and I will add that info.  My sweet husband calls it "chick food".   So, I don't have to threaten to break his fingers if he doesn't stay out of it. gggg

Mango Salsa

2 mangoes
2 tomatoes, remove seeds
1 apple
1 peach
1/3 of a bunch of cilantro, finely minced
(2 T. minced onion, optional)
(2 T. minced jalapeno pepper, optional)

Finely dice all fruits and veggies.  Toss all fruits and veggies in  bowl.   Squeeze the juice from 1 lemon, 1 lime, and 1 orange over the fruit and veggies.  Mix really well and refrigerate for 3-4 hours.

If it is too tart, you can put a couple packets of your favorite non-sugar sweetener.

This is so delicious.  If I had to describe to you what sunshine taste like, I would say it tastes like this salsa.  It is one of the healthiest salsas you could ever make or eat. 

I hope you give it a try and that it becomes a favorite of yours, too.

I hope and pray as your day winds down, that as you reflect back over it, you can see the hand print of God all over your day.   I pray that before you close your eyes in sleep tonight that you will talk to the Master.  Thank Him for His hand print on your life.  Thank Him for the security that you have in Him.  Praise Him!!

hugs and good night to all, Patty

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