Monday, August 26, 2013

Fair week

Well, this week is fair week.  I worked on a lot of different projects last week to get them finished and ready to enter in our fair.  I really don't expect anything to win any ribbons, but everything entered earns points for my FCE club.  so I had sixteen items to enter.  It was fun getting everything entered at the fairgrounds on Sunday after church.  The judging was to be today, but I haven't seen or heard if I actually won on anything or not, keep your fingers crossed for me.

This is my rosette turkey.  I did not get a good shot of him.

 This is a flower pot pincushion.  The top part lifts up so you can store thread, etc. in it.
 This is my stocking card, again, not a very good shot.
 This is a close up of the top of the stocking.
 This is my earrings.
 Bracelet to match.  Did not have time to get the necklace made, but I will.
 This is a flour sack towel with the image drawn onto it with permanent marker.  Colored with crayons, then heat set with iron.  I stamped a bumblebee in several places.
 This is a free hand water color pansy.  I done this one night at a make and take craft party.   I have never done water colors before, but i really enjoyed doing that.  I know, I know, it is really not good!!
This is a scarf I crocheted with the sachet thread, it is purple ombre in color.
 This is a stepping stone that I made at another make and take.  The mixture was made up and poured into cake pans and before it set up we placed colored glass fragments in it.  I really enjoyed making that also.  Again, its not really great at all, but none of my stuff is.
 This is my little bonsai dogwood sculpture tree.
 This is a little quilled baby feet tag.  I love this.
 This is the sentiment I put on it.  so... the story goes with 10 tiny toes.
This was a glass ball ornament from another make and take.  Coat the ball quickly with mod podge and quickly spoon colored seed beads all over it.  Carefully let it dry and then decorate as desired.

This is my God's Promises box.  I absolutely love making these boxes.  The butterflies are fussy cut from a sheet of butterfly paper.  Then I hand rolled each flower and colored and decorated them up.  I used a spellbinder die to make a small mat for the butterflies and flowers to sit on.
 A close up of flowers.
 A little better shot of the box.
I just realized that I did not get pics of everything I entered.  Hopefully, when I get my stuff back next Sunday, I will remember to take shots of what I forgot.  Anyway, like I said , really nothing spectacular at all, but it is fun.  I really need to start planning ahead of time, instead of waiting till the last minute.  Oh, well, I hope you enjoyed looking at some of the stuff I entered.  Will update when I can on if anything won anything.  I'll not hold my breath, counting on a win!!! gggg

This morning was a really big blessing for me at the grocery store.  H. G. Hill had their frozen 1 lb. bag of beans on sale for .99 cents a bag. WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! That was 1.30 off each bag.  Even at Wal mart they are 1.58 a bag every day.  So this was still .59 cents cheaper than WM.  So, I ended up getting 30 bags of beans.  With the money I saved on the beans, I bought 2 big pkgs. of boneless pork spare ribs, 2 big pkgs of ground beef, a huge beef roast, and a pkg of country ham.

So, what I love to fix is this: a pkg of frozen beans in the bottom of my electric pressure cooker, a cup and a half of water over them, a teaspoon or more of ham base seasoning, put my rack down on the beans, put a pkg of spare ribs, or pork chops, or ham, on the rack, then put in a couple or more of frozen ears of corn, and then a couple of Idaho potatoes.  Process that for twenty to twenty five minutes after it comes to full heat.  While all that is cooking, whip up a batch of cornbread wedges and we have a couple of meals on that.  It is absolutely fantastic!!!!!  One pot to clean up!!!!  Love, Love Love it!!!!

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed your visit.  Maybe you seen something that you want to try .  Maybe you even got a little bit hungry for some good ole comfort food.   What ever you take away from today's visit, please make plans to visit again.  Who knows what you'll find on here.  Thanks for stopping by and may God bless you today in a mighty way!!!

hugs, Patty


  1. I think your ART is lovely!! God luck at the fair. ;0) And yes, good 'ole home cooked comfort food always sounds delicious!

  2. Lisa, thank you so much for your comment. I hope something places. I don't like to even be bothered with vanity, but, I think it may have crept in a little.

    hugs, Patty

  3. Wow!!! Such lovely treasures you have created...My favorite is the flour sack towel..Beautifull!!!