Saturday, May 9, 2020

Pandemic Reality

Good morning Folks!!     I hope and pray that where ever Y'all are this beautiful morning that you can Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow.      It seems for a while, we are in new and interesting times and have been for a few weeks.     I feel pretty confident that we will be for a few more weeks or longer.     This is just our new reality for a while.     While my mind goes to the unknown areas that are a little scary as far as what will be the end results of all this, one thing is for sure, my Father God knows what He's doing!!!   Nothing has happened or will happen that He isn't completely aware of.  Nothing will happen out of His will.   That we can be sure of.    The only reason I'm writing this is to record my thoughts and feelings on this whole situation.    While I do find myself leaning towards fear, I have to know that God is in control!!!     I have to know that fully.    You have to know that fully.

This is certainly new territory for most people alive on the planet today.   Notice I said most.     There have been situations in the 1900's for sure that people are still alive and could tell us about and have told us about.    This is our experience.     There are questions that I have that will never be answered, simply because the "truth" will not be let out.    We will never the real truth about this pandemic.    There are too many that are on the devils side that have come only to kill steal and destroy the truth and anyone who carries the truth.      So the truth that I will go with is this:  God is in control!!!!

Faith and fear can't live in the same household or body.    One will crowd the other out.     In my household, or body, I am working hard at keeping faith alive and well and at the forefront.     Sadly, the enemy knows  my weakness and it is fear.     But my greatest strength is my trust in the Lord.     I trust the Lord!!!     While it's not easy dealing with all of this, it can be a life changing experience if we choose to let it be.    We can grow closer to the Lord and that's what I choose.    I lean on You Lord, during this time.

There are a lot different thoughts on all of this.    People fighting the use of masks.     How is wearing a mask to protect someone I love considered giving up an American right?     Your rights stop where mine start.    I have the right to protect myself and those that I love by wearing a mask.     Do I love it?     NO!!!    But I love my family and friends enough to do the "RIGHT" thing.     Me wearing a mask is for the protection of those around me, if I may be sick and not know it.    That's why I will choose to wear a mask. 

When this epidemic hits home, meaning someone in your family has gotten it, several someones, it's a totally different situation.    When someone actually dies from it, it takes it to a whole new level.    If it hasn't touched your family yet, be thankful, be very thankful.    Pray for those of whom are dealing with it.

This is new territory and scary days for sure, but this is our Pandemic Reality for now and we can make it through this.    Not on own though.    We all have to do the right things and then trust God.

If I know anything at all, I know God is in control and He is already in the future and He has plans for His children.    Of that, I can be sure.    I hope and pray that you are assured of these things also.   I pray you all stay safe and protect yourself and others by doing what you can to keep yourself healthy and those around you.   God bless you all and just know that God loves you and so do I.  hugs and love, patty

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