Monday, August 22, 2016

Fair Pics #3

Ok y'all, thanks for hanging in here with me tonight.   I had some requests to post pictures, so I did.   I have really enjoyed the last 2 days and hopefully I can do my baking in the morning and get that entered tomorrow and then be judged between 2 and 3 pm.   I will try to get pictures of some of the baking items.    But until then, I hope you enjoy the rest of the pictures I will share tonight.

More photos had been put up and they have the ribbons with them.
Some of the Related Arts and Crafts.
Some of the jewelry.   I had more pictures, but didn't put them up right now.
 Some of the wall hangings.
The clothing dept is what I worked in and this is the display after they have been judged and with all the ribbons on them.
This is some of the quilts and the knitted shawls.    We didn't have that many quilts this time but the were beautiful.    There is another pic of the quilts.    Those shawls were awesome, so beautiful.
This is another pic of the clothing dept.   There is some costumes hanging up and then on the table is some of the finer clothing.   Wish I could have gotten better pictures.
This is in the needlework and quilt dept.   That picture in the very center of this pic with the black background is tatting and it was done by a man.    We have a group of people that meet at the local Senior Citizen Center and knit.    While the women are knitting there is some men there that are tatting.   So, that specimen of tatting was done by a guy and it was gorgeous!!!!!!!
This is the other pic of the quilts.    That white one there with the blue ribbon on it is called a "cathedral window", I believe that is right.    It is sooooooo beautiful.     On the very bottom rack just barely above the little floor fan is a quilt with applique flip flops on it.    It was really pretty.    It didn't place, just because there was others that was more technically challenging.     They was all really pretty and lots of hard work in all the entries in all the categories.    It was such a fun day!!!   I am blessed to have been a part of it.

I hope y'all enjoyed my pictures.    I'm sorry they weren't better.    I hope to get more pictures tomorrow of the all baking and candy and whatever else goes on.    When I get all my items home, I will take pics of them and share them too.

I hope that if any of y'all have the opportunity to participate in anything like this that you will do it.   There's lots of wonderful people out there just like you waiting to meet you and share what you have in common.    It is fun.    I caught myself just people watching and seeing all the smiles on the faces that was looking at all there was to see this morning.    All the hustle and bustle and chatter and every once in a while, someone would laugh real big.    I would say to myself, "shoot, I sure wish I knew what that was about".    hahaha    I bet you would have too.     hahaha      It was a good day and I am ready for a good night of rest.

I hope and pray that each of y'all have a great refreshing night of sleep.    I pray that if we are blessed to wake up in the morning, that we will make plans to have a great day and thank God for it.   I hope to see you back here real soon.    Until then, remember that God loves you beyond measure!!!!!   I love you too.    Thanks so much for hanging out with me!!!     hugs and love, Patty


  1. I thought that the pictures were great and I am grateful for your time in sharing the event. You are so sweet my dear!!!!

    1. Thank you so much Heather!!!! You don't know how much that means to me!!! It was a great day and more fun expected today. Thanks again Heather!!! Love you! hugs, patty

  2. What a fantastic display of ARTwork and Garden delights - a wonderful Fair for sure! I know you enjoyed participating and judging! Diann

    1. Oh Diann, it has just been such a fun time this year!!! The flowers were just beautiful and all the garden produce and then all the craft entries, its just such a fun time. Thanks so much Diann, I appreciate it!!! hugs and love, patty