Monday, August 22, 2016

Fair Pics #1

Hello everyone!!!!    I hope and pray that all is well in your neck of the woods, where ever that may be.     It has been pretty and dry the last couple of days here and everyone is pretty excited.    I guess its about the driest it has been all summer.    I have been working at the County Fair this week.    We took in entries yesterday and got them set up for judging today.    After judging, then we had to get all the ribbons and labels attached on all the winning entries.     This is the second year that I have got work the fair, with a year off between my first year and this year.    Last year I was dealing with a boot and a cast change every week or two and was afraid to go and put any more stress of my foot.   I was a little bit concerned about that yesterday and this morning but I made it fine, woohoo!!!!     I got a few pictures to post and they will all be posted in the next 3 blog posts.     So, if you want to see all of the pictures, you'll have to see all 3 blog posts.    Hope you enjoy looking at the pictures and all the fun entries.
This is just a few of the photos on display and when they got all of the put up, there was many many pictures on the walls.  
This is in the Original Arts room.   All kinds of arts and drawings from all age groups.    The light was not good for me at all to get decent shots.
 Another sot in the Original arts.   Those windows....grrrr......hehehe     Not good for taking pics.    There was 2 full walls of drawings and differents kinds of art.    A lot of it was for the young adults and kids.    Some really cute stuff and also some great works of art.
More Original Arts.
 This was one of the organization story boards to be judged.     There was several of these really huge displays.
 This was single specimen flowers.     I don't think all the specimens had gotten there.    That table is usually full.
 This was some of the fresh flower arrangements.    I know more of those showed up too before the judging took place.    There was some really pretty flowers.    Someone asked me what "this" ( a particular one) flower is called.    I looked her right straight in the eyes, just like I knew what I was talking about.    I said "I can't remember the scientific name for it, but I call it "pretty".    That is the extent of my floral knowledge."     I thought it was pretty funny, but she, not so much.    hahahaha
Another story board display.
 This is the baked goods for the school age kids.    I can't remember if it was the 4-H or the FCCLA.
 This is the honey display.   There really isn't a lot of honey produced here, but more and more producers are coming along all the time.    Local honey is certainly delicious and is recommended for anyone suffering from certain allergies.    You just have to know you are not allergic to honey before using it.
 This is some of the Jr. Farm Produce.    Soybean samples are hanging on the wall.     There was lots and lots of dried corn and then you can see some of the pumpkin specimens.    I enjoyed looking at all that.
 Here you can see more of the pumpkins and some watermelons and then all the corn specimens.
This was lots of different squash, gourds and winter squash.
More of the smaller squash and gourds and there may have been bell peppers and hot peppers.   I know I seen them, but I can't remember if that is what some these are or not.
This is some of the Orchard Products.     Organic Eggs.    Sunflower heads.    Gourds and ornamental gourds and all different kinds of apples and peaches and I don't know what all.
This is a TN lemon tree.    hahaha     It has 2 different size of lemons on it.   The 2 really large ones bloomed back in the winter.   There was others, but those 2 are the ones still on there and I think my friend said there is 10 smaller ones on it that bloomed this spring.   I loved seeing her lemon tree.

Be sure and check out the other blog posts.    I will be getting those up just a little bit.    So keep your eyes on the look out for them.

Every day has something lovely, wonderful and special about it.    Sometimes we have to look hard for it, other times if falls in our laps.    In all days, find ways to show praise.

Remember God loves you!!!!   I do too.     hugs and love, Patty         


  1. Patty, this is awesome. I wish I could have come to this. What a wonderful time it must have been. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much Rita!!! I wish you could have come to it too!!! Thanks for looking at my pics and leaving me a wonderful comment!!! hugs and love, patty

  2. You really have been busy. I hope you win big.

    1. Thanks so much Tina!!! It has been such a fun year to work the fair!! Thanks again. hugs, patty