Thursday, July 26, 2018

Ibotta, Checkout 51, Fetch Rewards, and More

Good morning folks, it's been a while since I've been on my blog and for those who actually read my blog, I apologize for that.   Life gets in the way sometimes, even in the best of planning.    But all is good and God is good.    Busy doesn't equal crafting and that is a shame.     In this case, busy equals busy, but I hope to get back to doing what makes my heart calm and full of joy.    This morning is an especially nice morning.  Cooler than usual and it's nice!!   For the upcoming week, I think it's supposed to be a lot cooler.  Yay!!!!   This hot, swampy stuff just wilts my petunia!!!  hahahaha 

It seems as of late, I've had a little time for facebook and ever once in a while, I will share as the Lord leads.  The first one below, was just a word one morning that came from a time of prayer and meditation and I wanted to share it with y'all.   On down towards the bottom, is one that I wrote today and felt the need to share it with y'all too.  It is an abomination unto the Lord, the evil things that the mind can conjure up to pass off as a "lifestyle".  But without further ado, below is the first one.
This is something that I wrote and shared on facebook on Thursday, May 24th, 2018.  I just wanted to share it on my blog in hopes that anyone in the midst of a storm can find comfort and know you are not ever alone.

How many have ever been in the midst of a "storm" in your life and while going thru the storm, you're wondering how in the world this storm is ever going to end?     Roadblocks and high water signs is all you can see in the distance.      But in the process of just doing life, at every turn, your best friend is there.      That best friend being Jesus Christ, your Savior and Lord.      He is there, just going ahead of you clearing roadblocks and parting the waters, all the while helping you to maintain the joy you have in your soul.      Just knowing that Jesus is the One that spoke to the storm like a Momma would speak to a fussy baby and saying, "ssshhhhh, Peace be still".      He still does that today.       If you are in the midst of a storm, just know that you are not alone.      Your best friend is with you today.      The reason I can so boldly say that is because yesterday was a "ssshhhh, Peace, be still" day for me and my best friend seen me thru it!!      Everyone has storm days and everyone's storms are different.      The thing to remember is this; you are the only one that can walk your own storm out, but you don't have to do it alone.     So, if today is a storm day for you, let me declare over your storm, "ssshhhh, Peace be still", your best friend, Jesus, is with you.  written by pjg, 5-24-18

I hope this is a help to you or someone you know when in the midst of a storm.     I pray that I never have to look back on these words to draw strength from, but if I do, I will have them right here, for all of us to read and enjoy.
My tip for this post is this.     I have spoken several times about saving money by the way we cook or by using a smart phone app.    Well, this tip goes right along with those already spoken of.     If you don't have Ibotta or Checkout 51 apps on your smart phone, one question; "Why in the world do you NOT have them?"     hahaha      But seriously, why not?      Well, maybe you're like me and hadn't heard of them.    I was watching a you tube video last week and someone mentioned these apps and I checked them out.     Let me tell you , "they are da bomb!!!!"   Seriously!!!     I've only had them for less than a week and have already racked up savings, and used in conjunction with paper coupons, WOW!!!!    The Ibotta app wants you to invite all your friends with your own number that others use to sign up.       Well, I'm not into competition with anyone and I don't have a desire to keep up with others saving, so I'm not doing that.      I just say go quickly to your app store and download it and start saving.     Others will tell you that if you use their download code you will get $10.00 automatically.   Well, you will get that automatically anyway.    But if you want to build a team and do all that stuff, you are more than welcome to do that.   Me, I just want to save money and I just wanted to share that with y'all.    You do have to have items loaded into your app before you make the purchase and that is only fair.    Just get it and start playing with it, read everything it says about each item you save to your list and use and it won't be long till you will be cashing in on wonderful savings.

The next app is Checkout 51.   It is basically the same.   If you are careful with the selections you make, you can actually earn money back from both of these apps on the same receipt.     At any rate, it is very easy to save money with this one too.     This one when it resets each week, there is fresh fruit and veggie coupons and fresh meat coupons.   They are usually 50 cents off.   If I'm gonna buy tomatoes, I might as well get 50 cents just for buying them, right.    

With both of these, you do need to read carefully and see what store the savings can come from.    Some of the saving can come from anywhere, others can come only from WalMart, Kroger, Publix or what ever the popular stores in your area are.   Other savings can come from any store.

You scan your grocery store receipt and the app reads it and you may have to scan some the upc symbols on the products.   That's ok, just do it.   Get in the habit of doing the receipts as soon as you get home and it won't be but just a little while till you will do it instinctively.

There are a lot of other apps out there that I have tried and others that people will recommend, but these are the 2 that are best for me.   In conjunction with the paper coupons and printable coupons, we have the ability to earn savings and it's kinda fun.   Each week, just check out the apps for any new offers and watch for repeats.   Do take advantage of the ones that are for fresh veggies and fruit, you buy those anyway, so earn a little on it.   Just learn as much about the apps as you can before you head out to the store and then get ready to save!!!

There is another one called Fetch Rewards that earns points for every receipt scanned.  Those points can then be turned around and used to purchase online gift cards.

There are so many ways to save a few bucks here and there and they do take a few minutes to set up and start, but they are worth it.     Just watch out and make sure you get the recommended product to cash in on the cash back or points or rewards.   In less than a couple of months, I have already earned over $140 dollars in cash back and rewards to be put on gift cards that can be turned around use toward more grocery purchases.     If you do get any of these apps or even different ones, let me know how you are doing with them.

One last bit of advice on learning these apps, go to youtube and watch lots of videos pertinent to each different app.      You will find a lot of great info and wonderful tips to help you get started on saving valuable money.     So go for it and enjoy.     You're welcome.    hahaha

Since the implementation of these apps, I have received over $150 in cold hard cash to use however I see fit!!  Just less than 2 months of use.   I strongly encourage anyone that wants to save a little money to use these apps.  I get to keep all the money that make using the apps for my crafting and that is a GREAT thing!!!!  I figure if I can make $20 bucks a month with the apps, that's pretty good, but so far, I have averaged more than that.  So I am a happy "saver"!!!    Hope you will check these out.
There was something that come thru on facebook today about Pedophilia being a lifestyle!!!  I can't believe that I would ever live to see the day something this heinous would ever be accepted as anything but the evil SIN that it is!!!!  Below is my response to the facebook post!!!  I've said it before and I'll say it again, that this is my blog and I do have the right to say what I wish, so I wanted to share my response and not have to try to remember what I said to begin with.  It will be easy enough to find the video that was shown on facebook, I WAS NOT going to link to it or promote in any way here on my blog other than sharing my response.

Rose Tresures response to the facebook post:  "What in God's name is wrong with this country!!!!!!! Oohhh, wait a minute, that's what's wrong with this country, God is not here anymore, because most of us don't want Him here anymore.     We have kicked him out of the home, the school, the court of law, the the market places and most of all, the churches!!!!      Folks, if we don't humbly seek God, this country will cease to exist in a few short years!!!     EVERYTHING that the Word of God tells us is SIN, has now become the "in" thing and the "popular" thing to do.     Lifestyles is what it's called to take the connotation of SIN away, but make no mistake about it, these lifestyle "choices" are SIN and will be judged by God accordingly!!!!    It doesn't make any difference what we call it.   And every choice we make comes with it's own set of consequences.    Folks, there are some dire consequences in the works for this country if we don't stop this insanity!!!!    I pray that God will stop this in it's tracks!!!!      By whatever means He chooses!!!     And HOW DARE our hard earned tax dollars be spent on this crap!!!     It's bad enough that most of the tax dollars goes to support sports, and not plain old education.     That's what wrong, not enough of real EDUCATION taking place!!!     This filth is NOT education and I do believe it's time to start building gallows on the court house square and use them!!!     Just my opinion, but that's the opinion I go to sleep with each night, so that's the one that matters to me!!!    My opinion may not line up God's, but I am at His mercy to show me where I am wrong and when and if He does, I will change my opinion in a heart beat and let y'all know.      Because I don't want to have a wrong opinion about anything.     What I do know about God is this, scripture tells us that He hates the wicked!!   This is about as wicked as it gets.     We already have child sacrifice in the form of abortions.     Now pedophiles preying on the innocence of children.      Parents, this is your responsibility to PROTECT your children by what ever means it takes!!!     It's bad enough knowing that these filthy evil animals are in our society, but now society will be educated on why it is just another lifestyle that has to be "tolerated"!!!!     Tolerance has gone too far!!!     We either take back our country or we let evil wicked animals destroy it!!      It's up to us!!!!"     (written by rose tresures, aka Patty on 7-26-2018)

I guess the homework for this is to just get in the Word and find out what God actually hates.   There's more than meets the eye about what He hates and will not tolerate.    This stuff is wicked to the core and has no place in society.  Society is evil enough without this filth and much of the other agendas that are being pushed on us.  Makes no difference where in the world you live, evil is evil and we must recognize it for what it is and take a stand against it.   Just my own paraphrase of something that Paul said in one of his letters to the churches, "If I live, I will live for Christ; if I die, I will be with Christ".    That has to be our posture on this.  I know that Christains are dying at the hands of evil people all over the world.   And as the days progress toward more evil, we will see more of it.   If we are alive, we must take a stand, even it means we will die.   Our death will not have been in vain.   I pray it doesn't come to down to this, but it will, unless God intervenes.   Are we ready?
This is just about all I have for today.  I pray that everyone that reads this will make a conscious effort to support that which is right in the eyes of God.   I pray that if you are reading this and have not made the decision to answer the call of God on your life that you will, by accepting Christ as your Savior!!!   The greatest gift that God has ever given to the world is Christ Jesus!!!    Confess that you are sinner in need of saving.    Admit that you are a sinner.    Ask Jesus to save your soul and to live in your life daily and to make a change in your life that you can't do on your own.    We can't pretend to have a relationship with Christ.  We either do or we don't.    It will either show in your life or it won't.   Even if we can fool others, we can't fool God.   So, my prayer is that if you are reading this and you don't know Christ as your savior, today will be the day you accept the invitation.    I can tell you that it's not easy being a Christian; a Follower of The Way.   It's not.   Because we have to make some tough decisions.   I've had to make some tough decisions on my blog.  Share my faith or not and that's tough.   Because I have gotten hate mail.    I have gotten hateful responses on my blog and that's why I have it set to where I approve all messages.    I wish it wasn't that way, but that is the world we live in.    The only way that I will make my blog remarks personal to anyone is by saying that I don't want to know that anyone read my blog and left with having read something about Christ.   Christ is all about love, but Christ is holy and righteous He can't and will not tolerate the wicked.   We are either for Him or against Him.    There is no gray area.   The decision is ours and so is the consequences to the decisions we make.    Society has taken consequences out of the equation, but God has NOT.

I pray that you seen or read something here today that has blessed you.  If so, share it with someone you know and love.    Have a peace filled rest of the day.   I pray that you call on Jesus as your Savior!    I hope to get back with some craft projects soon and if you have a way saving money thru smart phone apps, share them with us in the comments below.   I would love to read your comments.   Have a great rest of the day!!!   Remember God loves you and so do I.   hugs, patty


  1. Thanks so much about the apps for saving money. I have or had never heard of them. Thanks for the feedback on societal ills and sin that is running so rampant in our world. It is a disgrace that things are getting so bad that you think twice about leaving home or opening your door to strangers. Prayers do change things and I know God listens and reacts to them in HIS own time. Thanks glad to hear from you.

    1. Thank you so much Lois!!! I appreciate your visit!!! I hope that the info on the savings apps is helpful to you. It is really helping us out a lot, plus I get to have the money for craft supplies and that helps our budget a LOT! hahaha Because I love craft supplies....too much. hahaha You are absolutely right, God hears our prayers and answers them in His own time. Praise His Holy Name for that!!! I hope and pray that you are doing well. Thanks again Lois, hugs and love, patty