Monday, May 2, 2016

Gelli Plate Pulls Play Time

Good afternoon everyone.     I hope and pray that y'all are high and dry today.     We woke up with rain today and I don't think it has stopped all day.    It's still raining even as I type.    It is a good day for the ducks and geese out at the city park.    As my husband drove off to work this afternoon, I was at the kitchen widow praying for him as he drove on up the road and looking out over the front yard.  There's  some places in our front yard where bradford pears used to be before they were attacked numerous times with the wind blowing up the hollow.     After having branches and limbs and even the whole top of one twisted off, hubby decided to cut them down.    They were really ratty looking after all the wind damage.    The areas where the root systems were are still rotting.    He did rent a stump grinder and got most of the stumps out, but there is still this big root system under ground.    We noticed early on that where the root system was, there would be mushrooms to come up.    Sometimes there is even what we used to call as kids; a fairy ring.    Today, when I was watching my husband drive off, I noticed there was a very large mushroom where the middle tree was.    I hope it gets dry so I can go out and get a photograph of it before it starts deteriorating.    At some point in time before the wet season is over, there should be a very large fairy ring in our front yard.    If there is, I will get a pic of it too.    So, stay tuned, you just may be seeing some mushrooms here.

I had an afternoon yesterday of playing with my gelli plate for the very first time.    Today, I played with a couple of them and here's what I came up with.    The befores and after.
 This is one of them from yesterday.   I like the circles and colors.
This is another one from yesterday and I really like the feather and colors.
This is how they turned out today and I just love them.   I used some of the paints to put tiny dots on them.    I drew squiggly lines on the edges and I traced around the feather and I colored the white circles that was left behind when I used the little white lid.   It was just some fun little extras and I love the little pieces of art that I have now.     The ladies over on the Kraafters Kommunity and the Gelli Plate Anonymous Club can do some very awesome things with their gelli plate pulls.     I love watching what they do, it makes me soooo happy to see them do their "thang"!!!!    So, this is my homage to them.    Thank you so much for all the inspiration that I have gleaned from all of you!!!!

I hope y'all have enjoyed a peek at some the pulls I made.    I sure did enjoy making them and sharing them.     I hope to venture into more different types of arts and crafts.     Tonight is Card Making Ministry night at church, so I hope to have some beautiful cards to share soon.  

I hope and pray that y'all have a wonderful evening and a great night of rest.     I pray for the peace of God to settle over each one of you and that you have a wonderful restful night of healing refreshing sleep.    Take care and remember that God loves y'all and so do I.     hugs, Patty


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    1. Thanks so much Tina, I am happy to be getting in to this finally. Thanks again. hugs, Patty