Friday, March 28, 2014

Just another "Fun Little Piece"...

Good evening Y'all! I do hope and pray that everyone is doing well this evening. I had an opportunity to go out of state to visit with my mother this week. We had a great time and now I'm back home, and just chillin' out for a little bit.

I needed to update my blog, so I thought since I hadn't posted a story in a while, I would share one. I guess I was feeling a little nostalgic, so this is what I pulled out of my personal story book. I hope to be able to get more stories written so I can share them with y'all. In the next day or two, I may write about my little fun trip to see my Mom.

Just Another "Fun Little Piece"...

Think back, if you will to the mid to late summer of 1973. What was you doing at that particular time in your life? Me, well, I was a freshman in high school. Not loving it very much, at all! I prided myself on being a tom-boy. With five older brothers, what do you expect? ggg So, this particular assignment in Biology class was right up my alley. Romping in the woods, climbing trees, and roaming the hills for that all elusive perfect leaf for my leaf collection. If I found a good leaf, I knew there was a better leaf. While searching for the perfect leaf, I did have to be on the watch for poison ivy and sumac. Both of these were particularly painful to me. The allergic reactions to either one was beyond belief. We had a whole week to collect as many different leaves as possible. There were several different leaves in our own back yard. So those specimens were in the bag. I don't remember all the different leaves that I found, but it really was fun.

If I didn't know what type of leaf it was, then I headed to one of my many brothers to find out about it. If they didn't know than I would ask my mom or dad. My grandmother lived on the hill above my parents place. She had about 20 acres. My grandfather had passed on a couple of years earlier. There used to be horses, mules, chickens and a milk cow on the farm but when Papaw died, all the animals were sold. So, the farm had started to grow up a little. In the summer before school started back, my dad decided to get a calf and raise it to put in the freezer. My personal name for him was "Roast Beef". Roast Beef did not like me one little bit. He snorted and scruffed at the ground every time he seen me. I could be going up the hill to see Mamaw and he would snort at me all the way walking the fence line. He really scared me and he knew it.

Back to the leaf collection. I had collected all I could at our place, but I needed a few more, so I decided to go up to Mamaw's. Mamaw knew every tree on the place. She told me where to go to get some leaves I did not have, but she said, "be careful of that bull, he's getting meaner every day". With her word of advice, off I went. One eye looking for trees, and the other looking for Roast Beef. I had collected all the specimens that Mamaw had told me about and was going back to the house. I had a pretty good time, because I had not even seen Roast Beef. But, he had seen me, and was still watching as I got closer to the barn. I started to go through the barn lot because it was a little closer. But, I thought better of that because I did not want to get trapped in the barn with Roast Beef. I went up the outside of the barn into the open field heading to the back of Mamaws house. As I got closer to the house, I seen Mamaw on the back porch. I kept my sight on her while walking to the house. All of the sudden, she started waving her arms and yelling "RUN, RUN, RUN!" I did not look back, I just started running as fast as I could. I never looked back, but just ran for all I was worth. As I ran, I could hear Roast Beef right on my heels, he was getting closer every second. I did not know how I would get across the fence, because it was barbed wire. Fortunately for me I didn't have to think about that but once, because when I got within fifteen feet of the fence, my knee buckled on me and down I went! I never knew anyone could roll faster than they could run, but so help me I did. I rolled under that fence and my grandmother was there and in one fell swoop, she jerked me up off the ground onto my feet and we both was running and did not stop till we hit the porch. The fence stopped him but he stood there and snorted and scraped at the ground till dark.

I made it home with my leaves and got my collection together, and ready to turn in the next day. I did not tell my parents about the run in with Roast Beef. I was afraid they might think I did something to him to provoke his reaction, so... I didn't mention it. The next day, my dad went to see Mamaw, and she asked him if I told them about being chased by the bull. He said that I hadn't told them. Mamaw told dad how scared she was when she seen it happening. Dad said, well, it won't happen again. Dad and my some of my brothers got Roast Beef put up in the barn to grain feed him for a couple weeks or so and then off to the butcher Roast Beef went. I have to say, I did not hate to see him go.

I made an excellent grade on my leaf collection. I actually collected more leaves than anyone else, and the quality of all my leaves were excellent. A couple of weeks later we went to pick up a freezer full of "Roast Beef". Oh, by the way, did I say "I love Roast Beef"! Put a few potatoes and carrots and onions with him, and yum yum, my favorite meal. I like meatloaf, hamburgers, steak, but nothing goes down as well as "Roast Beef". There just has to be some satisfaction in that. And there you have it, just another "fun little piece" of my life. (written by:pjg on 03-05-13)

Thanks for stopping by and visiting with me for a while. I hope and pray that each and every one of y'all have some fun memories that you can share with the people in your lives. There is nothing like passing on the good stuff. I think I've said this before, but when we can pass on the good stuff to the younger generations, then a part of us can live on in them. I used to love to sit and listen to the stories of the "old timers". I still do love to listen to the stories of the older generation. I can't call them "old timers" now, because that's what I would be calling myself. ggg When you can go back to a time when life was slower, but much harder, you can see that we now live such fast paced lives that we don't have time for the stuff that really makes life worthwhile.

When you stop and think about, that is how the traditions and stories of the Bible were passed down from generation to generation. The elders passing the stories down to the younger generations. We haven't always had the written Bible that could easily be picked up and read to the family. And in a lot of families, the stories of the Bible are still passed down thru story telling. If you really want your children or grand children to learn the Bible, start telling them the stories that are actually written in the Bible. Tell them in an interesting way, but make sure that the stories are scriptural and not taken out of context. What about the story of David and Goliath. How about the story of Moses. Then there's Joseph. Esther would be a wonderful story for the little ladies in your lives. And what about Ruth and Naomi? For all the little fishermen out there, what about Jonah? And then the fishermen in the New Testament. Jesus said He would make them fishers of men. There are many exciting stories in God's Word that is so captivating. There are many love stories in the Bible and the ultimate love story is about how much God loves us; so much that He provided for us the only way to be in a right relationship Him, through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

I pray for y'all to have a wonderful night of refreshing sleep and a great weekend ahead. God loves y'all and so do I!

Goodnight Ladybug, Sweet pea loves you!!!!!

Hugs and much love, Patty

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