Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tag for a Swap

Howdy Doody Folks!!!    I sure hope y'all are having a great week.    I know that many of our friends are still dealing with horrendous weather.     I keep praying for all of y'all who are trying to make it from one day to the next with all the snow and cold you have had.    We have had a lot of "much" below normal temps, but we have been very blessed in our neck of the woods to have missed out on most of the "precipitation" weather.     For that, I am so thankful, but I do still keep everyone in my prayers.    I just know that spring will eventually make it.    When it does, I promise not to complain "too much" about it getting to hot or being hot. You have my permission to remind me, later on, if I do start complaining. ggg

Since it's been cold and I don't like to be out and about in the cold weather, I have been in my craft room more here lately.     And, I have been having a ball!!
This is a tag I made for a swap.     The tag I made and mailed off in January, did not make it to the person I mailed it to.    Thank you USPS! gggg    My friend was very gracious about it and said I did not have to make another one to replace it.     I love getting the little packages of artsy goodness in the mail, and I also love sending them.    So, I wanted to make another one for her.    And I must say, I am so happy I did.    This was a new technique to me and I am hooked!
This is called the "brick wall technique".    I know I did not do it exactly like the was the tutorial called for it to be done, but, that's ok, as far as I'm concerned.    We all have the creative freedom to put our own spin on something and I did on this tag. 

A brief description of how I done mine is, I actually cut the purple tag with my Silhouette Cameo.     I cut two tags and put one piece of it through my Xyron and then put the two pieces together.    I love the feel of a beefy tag.    I took my white card stock and used my fav "crackled" background stamp, then I stamped my rose.    I used my water color pencils and colored it in.    I then took a lite fuchsia ink disk and tamped it down over all of the white area.    I then cut it in strips a little less than 1/2 inch.    I then cut the strips in brick fashion.    Being real careful not to mess up the pieces and keep them in order.     Then I took my black ink disk and inked all the edges.    The black was a real deep contrast, but I thought it worked really well.    After it all dried, I started at the bottom and worked myself up to the top.    Placing each piece and leaving a little space between each piece and each line.    Then I stamped the word "love" up in the right hand corner.     After that dried, I put my threads through the hole at the top and laid it in my spray box and I sprayed it with Goosebumps.     I really love the looks and feel of Goosebumps.    Well, there you have it, my tag.    I hope you enjoyed seeing it.    I certainly had a ball making it.
Be on the look out here, because I have a whole lot more stuff to show y'all in the near future.    I just can't get it all uploaded fast enough.    So, keep checking back from time to time.    Ok.

John 3:16. For God so loVed the world thAt He gave His onLy bEgotten SoN, thaT whoever believes In Him should Not perish but have Everlasting life.

As I leave you tonight, I leave you with warm Valentine wishes!     Did you know that God gave you and me a Valentine?     It's in the verse above.     Can you see our Valentine as you read the Scripture?    Oh, it's there!     Yes, I know you see it.    Had you ever seen it before?    Do you have any idea how much you and I mean to God?    We mean so much to Him that He gave us a special Valentine.    Jesus Christ is our Valentine!    Thank you, Father, that you loved us enough to give us the very best that You had to give, Jesus Christ!

Happy Valentines Day to all of you!!! Much love and hugs, Patty


  1. Beautiful Tag! I Love That Verse But Had Never Noticed Valentine In It Before.

    1. Thank you Maraline. Someone had sent something to me a long time ago with that in it and I had forgotten about it. So, last night, it just seemed appropriate. You love the verse even more now. hugs, Patty

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    1. Thank you so much, Linda, for looking at my tag and leaving me a comment! I appreciate it! hugs, Patty

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    1. Thank you so much for looking at my tag and for your wonderful comment! hugs, patty

  4. Hi-
    Love your tag. I am unfamiliar with certain terms and products. What is an ink disc and Goosebump spray?

    1. Hi. Thanks for you visit to my blog. What I call an ink disc is like the little round ink discs that Wal-Mart sells, Studio brand, I think. They are just the little small ink pads, some people call them ink spots. Goose Bumps is a shimmer texture spray, made by Imagine Crafts. You spray it on and it makes little raised textured spots on what ever you spray it on. I love it. It does have a bit of a shimmer to it, another reason to love it. Thanks again for visiting me, I hope you will come back soon. hugs, Patty