Thursday, January 9, 2014

I accepted the Challenge...

Ohhhh, does that sound ominous and foreboding?   Well, I did accept a challenge and I wanted to share it with y'all.

It has been pretty cold in my neck of the woods the last few days, how about where y'all live?   I remember hearing on the news sometime Tuesday,  that every state in the United States of America had temperatures below freezing, 32*,  at some point and time that day!   Folks, that's a cold wave and a half!   I do hope and pray that everyone is making it through this cold spell ok.   Awh, before we know it, we'll be fussin' about how hot it is!   hahaha    Kinda look forward to that, too!

Now back to the "Challenge".    It's not a duel or a fight to the death or anything like that, it's a "fun" challenge.   One of the ladies on one of the groups I belong to posted this challenge for making a card:  It has to open down the front;  it has to have orange on it somewhere;  and it has to have coloring of some type on it somewhere.   Those were the only three criteria that I remember, hopefully I got it right.   Anyway, I had a blast working on this card.   It is picture intensive, but I can't help it, I feel like I grew by leaps and bounds during this challenge.   I think I may be able to leap tall buildings in a single.........well, no, not really, but I may be up for another challenge.   hahaha    And now, for the pics:
I used my Sizzix postage stamp die .  I measured how wide the die is and x that by 2.  Then cut my cardstock at just about 1/16th or so shy of the total width.  Then measured in from the cut sides to half the width of the die and that's how I got the fold.  You want to make sure that you have some hinges left on the sides of your stamp otherwise your doors will fall off. hahaha  Ask me how I know?  No, don't, just take my word on it, you want hinges!   I also used this die to cut the orange that was a requirement for the challenge.
I took another sizzix die and cut some closures, that will come a little later.
This just gives you an idea of the size as compared to a quarter.   I also took my distressing tool and made the card stock really supple then I inked it lightly with my brown ink.
This shows how it will close.
The inside shows where my coloring is.   I used my water color pencils and then a water blending pen to blend the colors.   I took one of the pieces I messed up, hahaha, and trimmed away the outside of the stamp and that is what I stamped my image on.   If you look closely, you can see a border of orange around the stamped image, I inked it up because I wanted it to stand out, so to speak.
I cut the orange in half and used it to cover the front of what I will call the doors of my card.   Then I used bisque colored perfect pearls on each little nub of the stamp.   I took the image I wanted to place on the front and cut it at an angel and the scor-taped it to the front, after I had inked up the edges a little.
 This is a little better pic.  I got the light on it a little better.
 And also this one.
Now, this is where I used the closure.  I made a little band to go around it to hold it shut.   Again, just plain white Georgia Pacific card stock, distressed and inked.  I glued the closure to the band and opened it out flat and used glossy accents on it.  I just put a single coat on it.   That really helped to make it look more like a belt.  I was happy with it.
Then, I used my perfect pearls and made me some little rivets on the closure to give it a finished look.
Just another shot of the closed, finished card.
And this is a close up of my little closure.  I am really happy with the whole thing!   Oh, I forgot to mention that I used different colors of blingy, glittery goodness on my flower on the front of the card.   It doesn't show up really well, but I did take notice of it in this pic, and I didn't want to forget the "bling"!

Well, this is my take on the Challenge.    I so loved doing it.   I am so thrilled with the outcome of it.   I hope that there is something here that you can use on your next project or in the future.

As I leave you this evening, I want to share a fav scripture with you:

Psalm 91:1 "Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty".

God is our shelter and refuge.   The writer of this Psalm trusted God to see him through any dangers and fears that may have come in his life.   This is the picture of how we are to trust God and give Him all our fears and exchange fear for faith.   We must dwell in and rest in the shelter and protection of Almighty God.

I hope that you have found shelter and refuge in the shadow of the Almighty!   God loves you and wants to be your safe place to fall!

I hope y'all enjoyed your visit here today.   I pray for y'all to have a blessed and peaceful evening.    I hope you come back soon, because I have soooo much more to show you.

Hugs and be blessed, Y'all!  Patty


  1. I absolutely TOTALLY LOVE this!!!!! AWESOME AWESOME job!!!

    1. Thank you soooo much Penny!!! I appreciate you looking at it, that means a lot to me. Hugs, Patty

  2. Great job! Love the way your card turned out


    1. Thank you so much Betty! I had so much fun! hugs, Patty

  3. I would say you hit that challenge out of the ball park Patty. Fantastic job. The next challenge I'm going to have to make it a bit harder I think. lol

    1. Thank you Tona!!! Don't make it too hard! ggg I really had a ball making this card. hugs, Patty

  4. Your card is gorgeous! Your talents are truly a gift from the Lord. I am always amazed by your creations.

    1. Thank you Maraline!!! I appreciate your support, I really do! I am bustin' at the seams over more of this months swaps. gggg hugs, Patty

  5. You did such a great job on that card. I love love it! And I am not really a fan of orange. I can't wait to see more of your work :-)

    1. Thank you so much Joanne! I wasn't much a fan of orange either, but the challenge helped me to see orange as a color that can be very workable, and I enjoyed it as the card came together. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments! hugs, Patty