Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cards I made at Church

Good morning Y'all!   I hope and pray this morning finds each and every one of y'all blessed beyond measure, happy, healthy, and more than anything else, I pray for you to have joy in your hearts.   Joy in your heart says that now matter what my external situation looks like, God is with me and He will carry me through it!   I spoke with a very sweet lady this morning.   She had buried her sister-in-law yesterday, and in the morning, her daughter-in-law goes to one of the local major hospitals to find out where her stage 4 cancer originated and see where it has spread to.   The external situation looks very grim, "but God"!   When we can say, "but God", the situation has just taken a turn for the better.   This precious family has joy in their hearts that will sustain them through what ever comes.  "Praise God from whom all blessings flow!"

We had our monthly Card Making Ministry at church last night.   It is always a great time of creativity, fun, and fellowship.   There is usually anywhere from five to seven there making cards, but due to some circumstances of illness there was only two of us.   But we decided the "show must go on", and it did.   The lady that is over this ministry truly has a servant's heart!   She has been doing this for several years and many people have been blessed by a card from the "Card Warriors".    We have a lot of fun, laughter and fellowship.   I have really enjoyed this time with the ladies of my church.   I took pics when I got home last night of my cards.   I wanted to show them to y'all.

The little penguin was made from an owl punch.    We just trimmed the tufts of feathers that look like ears from the owl and then you have a penguin.  ggggg   I love the owl as well as the snowmen.   Very appropriate cards considering we've had very cold weather and some ice and snow.    I hope you enjoyed looking at the cards we made at church.

As I leave you today, I would like to remind you once again, that joy in your heart is one of the blessings from God that is so amazing.   How can someone struggling with some of the tragedies that life throws at us have joy in our hearts while dealing with death and sickness.   It doesn't make sense to the world around us, and it is even unexplainable, unless and until you experience it for yourself.   It only comes from God and having a relationship with Him through the blood of Jesus Christ.

Philippians 1:21 For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain.

Paul knew that joy.   He said, "if I live, I will live for Christ; if I die, I will be with Christ (gain)!"   My friend, that is JOY!    I hope and pray that you, too, have that joy in your heart!

Have a wonderful day, praise God in it, and be blessed, Y'all!   hugs, Patty

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