Thursday, October 31, 2013

Show and Tell, again

Well, greetings, one and all, Y'all!!!  I hope and pray that this visit finds everyone high and dry.  It's been raining all day in my neck of the woods and they say it's not gonna stop just yet.  We have to work with what we have, so, I have hunkered down and tried to get a few more cards made.  They are extremely fun, but time consuming.  I do enjoy making them, so, they are right up my alley.  I just get in my "happy place", just Jesus and me, and start working and, next thing you know, it's time to come up for air and I have a few cards to show for it.

I did take a few pics, and here they are.  The first card is my blue one:
Ok, so the first pic is actually the "blue" card on the red easel! hahaha I did get all the pieces put together right, in the end.
This is the inside top of the blue card.  The little reindeer stamp is a new fav.  If you could see it up close, it is actually stamped sheet music.  Cute!!!
The inside bottom of the blue card.  I took a Martha Stewart punch and punched around regular printer paper and then inked the edges so it would show up, instead of white on white.

This is the green card.  The reason I call them by colors is that I inked all of the edges of everything with a different color of ink, to tie all the pieces together.

The snowflakes used through out are Sizzix Embosslets.  They cut and emboss in one shot through your Cuttlebug or hand crank cutter of choice.  They are really neat.

This is the inside of the green card.  I really like those three stamps.  I think I picked those up at Joann's last week.
This is the red card.  I really like this one, I don't know why, unless it's the off set of the ribbon slider.
This is the inside top of the red one.

 This is the inside bottom of the red one.  I am still liking it more.
 This yellow one reminds me of a starry night, maybe the night Jesus was born.
 This one I put the piece on straight and not askew.  I like it really well, but I do think the others draw the eyes to it a little more.  Maybe it's just me.
And this is the bottom of the inside.  The yellow does not stand out in pics, but in hand, it does.
Ok, so this is my fav part.  When they are all in their boxes with bands on them.  I know they are finished.
I did the same on these as I did the first one I made a while back.  I used a glossy laminated sheet for the windows and attached them on the inside with score tape.

Again, I really think I'm leaning toward the red one.

But then again, the yellow one is starting to catch my eye.  I love that the word Jesus is prominent through the front of the box. 
Ok now I feel kinda bad.  I am looking at all four of them side by side, and I love them equally.  I can't choose.  That would be like picking a favorite child. gggg Well, not really, but you know what I mean.

I hope you have enjoyed what you have seen here this evening.  If you have, tell someone.  I do love comments.  So, if you want, just leave me a note, I would love it.

Well, October is just about over.  A few more hours and it will be history.  Did you do anything memorable this month?  Did you find time to commune and fellowship with God?  If you did, then you done something memorable!  God loves it when we take time for Him!  Have you ever picked up the telephone to call someone, only to get a busy signal.  Well, you can call on God 24/7 and I guarantee He will have time for you, the question is, "Do you have time for Him?"  Make time for Him, I promise you it will be time well spent.  God loves you so much that He provided a way for you and me, through Jesus Christ, to call Him, "Abba, Daddy!"  I just love that!!!  Thank you, "Abba, Daddy!"  Jesus used the word "Abba" to describe His relationship with God, the Father, and the word in the Aramaic means "father".  Some translate the word "daddy" to convey the close, personal meaning of the word.  Think about that as you start a new month in a few short hours.  Don't you want to call Him, "Abba, Daddy?"  Go for it, you won't regret it!

Be blessed y'all, hugs, Patty


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    1. Thank you Dorothy, that means a lot! hugs, Patty

    2. Thank you Sonia, I really appreciate your comment. Thanks again. hugs, Patty

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    1. Thank you Betty, I'm glad you like them. Sure means a lot! hugs, Patty