Saturday, March 31, 2018

Some Projects, This and That, and a Tip

WoW!!!!  2 posts in 2 days!!!!!   Am I sick, or what?     Blessed to say that I'm not sick, so I guess it's "or what".   hahahaha     Yesterday when I was getting the pictures together, of some of my beads, I realized I had missed several projects that I really had intended to share.   So, since this morning is a slow morning, I thought I would use the time wisely.    We did make a quick run early this morning to have a tire looked at on my car.   It had been causing some warning lights to come on, on the dash.  Hubby had aired the tire up 2 times since last weekend, so today was the day.   We took the car out town and then I fixed breakfast when we got back home and while we were eating, the phone rang.  It didn't take long for them to fix it.    They are pretty good like that.   I do feel better knowing that it is fixed now.    

It is a sunshiny day today.   Right now, anyway.   It makes me feel good just to see some sunshine.    Perks up my spirit a whole lot.   Our back yard is full of those little Johnny Jump Ups.    They are the prettiest little purple flowers, kinda like miniature pansies,  that just makes a purple  carpet over the whole back yard. with a smattering of the white ones scattered in.   I thought about getting some glitter and sprinkling it  on them to make them even more beautiful.   hehehe   Purple and glitter does this heart good, for sure.     See, I took a picture of one of the larger little clumps.   Looks kinda like a miniature Begonia.   I am not a flower person, I just love the beauty they possess.   hehehe
I hear a few lawn mowers in the distance, in every direction.   Just another reminder that Spring is definitely here and that will be an all to familiar sound very soon.    I looked out the kitchen window this morning, and one lone Dandelion had changed from the yellow flower to the puff ball, just over night.   It is quite pretty amidst the luscious green of the grass.    I wish I had a penny for every puff ball that I have blown off in my life time.   Funny at the things you remember at the most odd times.   But it's fun to remember the simple things in life that puts a genuine smile on your heart.   When we can smile and be thankful for the small, simple things, then we know that we can and will be all the more grateful for the big things in life.    Even the things as simple as smiling at a puff ball, is God ordained.    Do you believe that?    I sure do.    I try to take notice every day of simple things and just thank God for them.   Sometimes I will hear the neighbor children out playing and they will be giggling and hollering like kids do, and almost instantly I'm transported back to the days of being a child myself and recognizing the sounds of familiar and happy times.   Again, those are things that I thank God for.   I hope you have a lot of fun times in your memory bank that you can thank God for too.    If not, then today is the day to start taking notice of the small things, the simple things around you, and thanking God for them.   Some day soon they will become pleasant memories for you to think about and share with someone else that may not have very many fond memories.
So, back to some of those projects.    I love to play.   That's about all I do.    I am not an expert at anything, but I do love to play!!!   So, this is what I'm sharing, some play time.    
This is one of a set of 4 atc's.   I used a number of different items on these and I love how they turned out.
All different colors of sprays and inks and rubs on these.
 Little punched flowers and punched butterflies, feathers and a cross.
A small gemstone and some stickles and some of the nuvo products to make the little 3 little raised dots on each one.
 I was pretty happy with these.

I am gonna throw out my tip for this blog post right now.   I do enjoy making atc's, artist trading cards.   Since they are 3.5" x 2.5", if I am making cards or some other paper craft, when I'm done, sometimes I will take the larger scraps and cut them down to the proper size.   I will even cut scraps of watercolor paper to that size too.   Then when I make my atc's, if I'm gonna use the watercolor paper as the base, I can easily cut 1/8" off a long side and a short side of my decorative papers to get my ever so slight border, then attach the trimmed layer to the watercolor paper layer.   But I have a lot of atc bases cut and ready to be arted on and in lots of different colors.   Some of them are already sprayed for the background or they may have texture paste already.   I also punch lots of extra pieces when I am punching flowers, or feathers or leaves or crosses, or just whatever.   I have a small drawer that I can pull small items for atc's in and it makes it really handy.   I hope this is of a help to anyone who has a lot of good sized scraps from other paper crafts and don't know what to do with some of them.   Now you can use them for atc's. 
This is the base for my easel Easter Card.   I put some texture blue glitter paste that had sand in it around the edge of the base.   Oh yes, I did say glitter.   hehehe    When I got these 2 pieces layered together, I cut a piece of 140 lb Canson watercolor paper to size and used that as my card base and easel.   I inked the edges of the watercolor paper base with bronze metallic ink pad.
I used many of my small, made by my hands, flowers and leaves around the edge of the piece.   Then I dug out my shell chips and put several pieces around with the flowers.   I painted some stickles on the flowers to make them firmer to the touch.    
This is one of 2 art journal pages that I done for a friend to put in her art journal book.   The theme of her art journal is Wings, so I knew what I wanted to do for her.    It is an 8" x 5" watercolor paper.  The background is sprayed lightly with different colors of mica sprays.   I used some stencils and texture paste.   When that dried, I rubbed some bronze inka gold rub over the stenciled areas.   Then I used random feathers.  Pulled out some of my shell chips and finally I made the sentiment piece, (my own quote just for this piece,) and adhered it with foam tape to elevate it a bit, and then I added dots of paint in and around the sentiment.   I am very happy with it, I hope my sweet friend is too.
This is the second one.   It was done exactly the same way as the first one, but this one is butterfly themed.   The quote on this one is my own quote too, specifically for this page.   All the butterflies are fussy cut.   I did draw in the little antenna for the butterflies.
This is the 2 of them side by side.   I was very happy with the outcome of these art journal pages.   I have a couple more sets to make for 2 more ladies and who knows, maybe more for others as time allows.   It is a fun easy way to relax, stretch my artistic skills and share my art with others.   It's a win, win, win situation for me.   Woop Woop!!!!  Be sure and click on the pictures and it should bring up a larger picture for you see the detail real good.

Well, as I said earlier, I am certainly not a pro at this mixed media stuff, but I do hope that my love for trying shows through anyway.    I love playing.   I love playing with a purpose.   And I love to try new things.    I also enjoy writing my own sentiments from time to time.    I am going to turn them into stamps so I can use them more now.  Feel free to use them, just remember they are my original quotes.    hehehe  
I hope you have a great rest of today.   I hope and pray that tomorrow will be an awesome Resurrection Sunday for you.    Find some time to thank God for the un-derserving love that He has bestowed upon you.    Thank Him for the Resurrection of our living, loving and reigning, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.   Jesus Christ!!!!    The cross could not hold Him and the tomb could not keep Him!!!   Hallelujah!!!!     Thank You!!!!  Praises to Your name, Yeshua!!!! 

I hope you have enjoyed your visit here today.  I know it was pretty recent since the last update, but I never know when I'll have time to get still enough to make a post.   Check back frequently, hopefully there more new stuff pretty soon.    I appreciate your visit.    Remember that God loves you and so do I.    hugs and love, patty


  1. LOVE those ATC's - they're just so filled with promise!

    1. Thank you so much Win Dinn, I sure appreciate your visit and encouragement. hugs, patty