Saturday, February 11, 2017

"Unspoken Broken" and another Tip

Good Saturday morning from my lovely neck of the woods!!!   Hope and pray that you have an awesome day planned out for yourselves.   It is a little overcast, but for driving that's a good thing.   That's what we will be doing in  a few minutes.    Road trip!!!!!   woop woop!!!!   hahaha    You would think I don't never get out of the house, huh!     Oh well, it's always good to take a run up to see my Mom, and that's what we are gonna do today.     Hope every one has been doing well and having fun the first few days of the year.    Here it is, almost Valentines Day!     I have to tell you, I love my husband as my Valentine, but my true Valentine is the One who shed His blood for me!!!!     Jesus is my Valentine!     I sure hope He is yours too!!!     He never disappoints!!!    He's sweeter than the finest chocolates!    He always has your best interests at heart!    And He will never leave you, nor forsake you!!!   Those are shouting words, for sure!!!   Yay!!   WooHoo!!!   Praises!!!!

I recently heard the term "unspoken broken" and I turned the tv off.    God touched my heart at that time and I knew He wanted me to take the term and let Him show me what He wanted me to know about it.    I had no intention of even looking at it, but, I felt I had to do it.   So, with that in mind, where does your mind go when you read these two words, "unspoken broken"?     It's not fun to think about, to go to the darkest place and the most hurtful place in your soul.    But, it's there and it must be dealt with in order to move forward with the life that Yahweh wants you to live.   But I will have to say right about now, that most of us are not able to deal with it ourselves.    We need a trusted friend; a Christian Counselor who counsels directly from God's Word; someone who is strong enough and has vision enough to lead us thru the minefields of the enemy.  

What are some words that describe "unspoken broken"?     Hurt, anger, pain, shame, guilt, pressure, sorrow, darkness, alone, drowning............and many others words that I just left unspoken.

"The Lord is close to the broken-hearted and saves those are crushed in spirit."  Psalm 34:18

"Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me....   The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise."   Psalm 51:10, 17  

What does a contrite heart or a spirit of contrition look like?    It looks just like something that God likes.    It is closely linked to humility and brokenness and a deep healthy fear of God's Word.    In my search, I found that in the Hebrew and Greek, the words most often translated mean crushed, crippled or broken.    In a word picture, you would see someone whose conscience is crushed by the weight of its own guilt, who takes full blame and offers no excuses.

We have a tendency to look at things that are broken as useless, worthless and despised; something to be tossed out.     Praise God that He doesn't do the same with us!!!!!    Some of our bad habits, sins we live in and commit, pride, broken marriages, broken relationships, boastfulness, personal effort, self will, busyness of our lives, arrogance, stubbornness and a multitude of other personal attributes need to be broken in order to fulfill the ministry and mission of Christ in our lives.     On the other hand, broken is not necessarily a bad thing.   Sometimes you break a piece of bread to share with someone.    That's what Jesus did with the loaves and fishes and it was an awesome experience that we can be a part of today.    You may break away from the old crowd to make the necessary change. Sometimes we may break a line to let someone in front of us at checkout.   Sometimes we may break away from the norm and do something unexpected, for all the right reasons.    Even breaking a piggy bank to get at the hidden treasure inside.     There are many forms of broken that bring great joy.   Most of the time, we can't experience great joy for those around us, until we have experienced great brokenness.

Even when we think of our personal service and ministry for the Lord, there has to be brokenness of our own "self will" in order to serve and minister to others in a pleasing manner that represents our Lord.   Brokenness is a hard place to be, unless it is Yahweh that is getting us to the point of useful service.  

Most of us can relate to brokenness in some way or fashion.     It is the process of becoming useful to God.    But what about some of the "unspoken broken" that has taken place in our lives.     Most of us have some kind of "unspoken broken".     Something that someone else has done to us, abused us, hurt us, mistreated us.   It is the stuff that you poke down and bury and won't even allow yourself to think about.   Most of us have it.   We just do.     The people you see that have the thickest and highest walls around them, usually have "unspoken broken".    I have known people my whole life and never really known them because of those walls.     People have known me my whole life and never really known me because of those walls.    It's not easy letting people into those ugly places and seeing exactly what it is that has made us into the people we are.    It has to be a matter of trust when you let people in.   Just because someone wants to befriend you, ask the Holy Spirit if it's for the right reasons.    Build those friendships and proceed cautiously before inviting them into your "unspoken broken".   

Only you know what your "unspoken broken" is.    Someone else can't name it for you.     Your trusted friends can be in prayer for you, but you are the only one that can walk to the throne of God with it and give it to Him.     Once you have done that, as hard as it is, leave it in His hands.    Yes, there will be times you will be reminded; give those times to God, He can deal with them, you can't.   There may even be times He wants to take you a step further in the healing process; if so, do it.     I will tell you that you must never dig around in the "unspoken broken" that the blood of Christ has covered without Him with you.    If the enemy convinces you to dig through it by yourself, he will get you deeper into your unspoken broken than you was before.    A trusted Christian friend, one who is in the Word of God and on their knees daily can help you in this process, if you feel the Lord wants to take you to the next level of healing.     You know, I've heard it said that when God heals a broken place in out heart and in our lives, that if we don't fill that place with Him and let Him reside in that healed place, then something far worse and more evil will eventually take up residence.   I believe that with all my heart.    When we give something to God, thru the blood of Christ, we must make sure to fill that void with Him and never let that be exposed to the enemy again.     The enemy plants seeds of deceit and doubt and we are all to quick to water it.     Lets plant seeds of love, mercy and grace and water those seeds and watch them grow and flourish, so we can be all God wants us to be, and so we can point others to the only One that is the healer of the "unspoken broken".

Be careful and cautious of who you let into your lives.     Most of us have never had any more than two or three really trusted friends in a lifetime.    Oh, we all have lots of fair weather friends and people who just want the latest gossip.    But it's rare to find the people who will love you EVEN when they know your full story of unspoken broken.   Those people will be praying for you  even when the night is still the darkest.     Those people will be taking you to the throne of grace when you cry out for help.    Those people will be holding your hand when no words can suffice.     They will be wiping their own tears while you are wiping yours.   They are the ones that you know are sent into your life, personally, by God.     Those are the people who will help you get to the point of allowing God to turn your "unspoken broken" into "holy ground".    Let Jesus into your "unspoken broken".   Only God can take us from "unspoken broken" to "better" to "holy ground"!    Praise God for holy ground!!!!!    Praise God for healing!!!!

I have a "tip" to share with y'all again today.    A lot of times when I am crafting, I want to put a clear smooth finish on something, like a piece of jewelry.     I have several different kinds of lacquer right now, but I may not always have the same supplies so I am always looking for things that will give the same look.    Right now I have glossy accents, crystal effects and diamond glaze.   Each one works awesome.     But, to be honest with you, something I have found that works equally well is clear nail polish.    I buy two or three bottles at a time from Dollar Tree and use it on what ever I want a clear finish on.     If I want it to look like a thick layer, I will put two or three coats on and let it dry well between coats and then let it cure well after the last coat.    I honestly have not found the situation where nail polish isn't just as good as the ones I mentioned earlier.   The nail polish is a whole lot less expensive than the other products.   Just sayin'.    So, if your budget is tight, and who's isn't, then keep a jar or two of clear nail polish on hand and if you get if from the Dollar Tree, it's affordable.

See if you can pick which one is which.    One of these has nail polish as a finish, two have crystal effects and one has glossy accents.     Look at the close ups and see if you can tell which one has nail polish as a finish.     Click on the pictures to bring up larger pictures of each one.
 These are one and two.  
These are three and four.
Close up of number 1.
Close up of number 2.
Close up of number 3.
Close up of number 4.

You can check out the other pictures also to help you decide which one is which.     I really wish you could hold them in your hand and feel them to make your choice.    They all feel so great.     The texture on each is very similar.     Very shiny and smooth and they just feel rich with each of the different finishes on them.  I can assure you that your eyes can not make choice, the feel can not make the choice.     Only you knowing for yourself which is which, it the only way to know for sure which one has nail polish.     But, since I am the only person that knows for sure, I will tell you.

Numbers 1 and 2 have crystal effects as the finish.     They feel really nice and look beautiful up close.    Number 1 and 2 actually have the flattest finish.    It doesn't seem like there is as much shine on those as there is on the others.     Number 3 is finished with glossy accents.    To be honest, this one is my least favorite of the finishes.    In hand, it doesn't look as nice as the others, but I believe that's only because I have first hand knowledge of all 4 of them.    It is still very beautiful!!!!   Number 4 is finished with clear nail polish from the Dollar Tree.     Number 4 feels the best in hand and it looks the best.    Because nail polish is much thinner than the other two finishes, I put two layers of nail polish on it and let it cure and it is awesome.    Also, nail polish by nature, is really shiny.    So, if and when I can't afford the other products, I know beyond a shadow of doubt, that nail polish will work fantastic!!!!      Make your own comparisons and see what you think.    I believe it is more than satisfactory when and if funds get tight.    Been there, and yes, I used that!     hahaha     So, hope you like this money saving tip as well as I do.     Yay!!!!

Well, there you have it, another day in my adventure thru this thing called "Life"!    I hope you enjoyed your visit with me and I look forward to you stopping by again real soon.    Just know that God loves you and He loves the brokenness that you have, when you let Him in it.   He always uses every little nick and chip for His glory!   Tell someone you know that God loves them, they need to hear it.    I love you too and will see you back here real soon, y'all!!!    hugs and love, Patty 


  1. I read every word and enjoyed it because I had never heard "unspoken broken" used together. Your explanation really puts it in perspective. Great reading and something to ponder on until your next writing. The tip you gave is awesome. I'm always fascinated with great money saving ideas. Thanks again and yes, I love you!

    1. Thanks so much Lois!!! I hadn't heard it either, I don't think. But it really made me pause and think about it. And God showed me what He wanted me to take away from it. Yes, I love money saving tips too and I'm glad you liked this one. Love you Lois!!!! hugs, patty

  2. Great devotional Patty. I REALLY needed that today.

    1. Thanks Tina!!! I needed it too!!! You know I always come from a place of God showing me what I need and passing it on to y'all. I love you girl! God is good! hugs and love, patty