Monday, January 2, 2017

I Have A "Dream" for 2017

Good morning Y'all!!!   I hope everyone had a Merry "Christ"-filled Christmas and a Happy New Year!!    We have been experiencing a wet season here in my neck of the woods.   Not a real happy camper, but I'll manage.    hahaha    Looking out side this morning, we're in for another gloomy day.   But, ever the optimist, the "Son" is shining on the inside!!!!     Woohoo!!!   That's always good to cheer about!     Was fixing coffee this morning, and my little coffee maker went "ka-put"!     No coffee for me.    Well, that's not quite right, I did use hubby's pot and made my decaf after he got his high octane, but, I will be out in a bit looking for another little coffee maker for me.    I had one of those little Black and Decker one cup thingies and that's what I want to get again or something similar.   We'll see.

We have been without our internet service for a few days and just got it back on.   That's why you didn't hear from me on New Year's Eve.     I am a lot disappointed in AT&T these days.    We don't have many options here in my neck of the woods for internet service, just AT&T or ComCast and neither one are "consumer friendly", but I'll tell you what, right now I'm not a "friendly consumer".   "Reach out and touch someone", yeah, that would make me pretty happy!!!    hahaha     We can live without the internet, but our home phone is over the internet, so if a dr or the hospital or some kind of an emergency had come up, we wouldn't have known.   Oh well, it's over now.     I did laugh and tell hubby that I had missed all the spam/scam calls we were getting.    There is a certain amount of power in hitting the "call block" button.      In the last year and a half leading up to the election, I reckon every "scam bag" (hahaha) that could, got their hands on our number and called and called and called.     I would google the number and it would be scammers.    Our old house phone was old enough that it didn't have call block.   When I get stuff like that on my cell phone, I put the # in my Kaspersky and it stops all that.    Well, with the old house phone, we just got to where we wouldn't answer unless or until they started leaving a message and if it was someone we knew we picked up and if not, we hit the delete button.    Sooooooo, here back, we went to Wal Mart and picked up a new phone.    The base has a big "call block" button, and I must say, I'm in love!!!!     And each handset has a "call block" button on them!!!     hahaha     Oh yeah, there is a LOT of power in that little button.     Now,,,,,,,,,,,,,I feel a little bit Clint Eastwood-ish, you know what I'm talkin' 'bout.    "Go ahead, make my day!!!!!"      So, when someone has already been blocked, it just rings once and they are gone "bye-bye", and if it's a # I don't recognize, I will google it and then they are gone "bye-bye"!     I just have to tell you, I do love power, I really do!    Our new phone has given me so much power, I just can't get over it!!!   I find myself during a time I may be a bit bored, saying "come on call, my "block" finger is needing some more exercise!   hahaha    That is true y'all.   (thinking out loud to self: I really believe all that power has gone to my head just a bit.)    hahaha    No, just kidding about that.    But it feels really  good to have some control over who calls our phone now.    So, the moral of the story is this, you don't have to take all the spam/scam calls, you can take matters in your own hands, and we did.   There is one small draw back.    Remember the days of the really old rotary phones, you could really slam that sucker down in someones ear, with call block, you can't slam the phone down.    hahaha     But.........I have heard of people wearing those little whistles around their neck and when they get a spam/scam call, they blow a whistle in the phone.      Oooooh mmmmmy ggggggosh, I think I may feel more power coming my way!!!!   hahahahaha

So, we was out and about over the Christmas holiday and driving thru town, we seen a sight that has always intrigued me!     We see it all the time, but it's a lot more fun to see with each other in the vehicle, because we always laugh and start talking about when we first started seeing this particular sight.    I believe everyone is probably familiar with seagulls, right.     They are a "normal" sight around or near the ocean, right, right, yeah right.     So, about 25 years ago we was in the Rivergate area.     In the mall area, to be exact and we seen a sight that wasn't normal for us.    We are country folk.    Just sayin', straight up country folk y'all.   And I'm VERY proud to say that!!!!!     Being a country gal, most things don't raise a brow for me.    But, when I see "sea gulls" in an area that is very "main land", no ocean for many many many miles, it's different, to say the least.     So, hubby and I started calling them the Rivergate Seagulls.     A few years later, we was driving thru our town and we seen these big birds flying around in the K-Mart parking lot!     Guess what, they were seagulls, and they are creeping further and further north, farther and farther away from the ocean.     Now, remember I have just proclaimed myself, straight up, a country gal, so forgive me, but I just crack up when I see this sight, still, even after all the years.     We started talking about the seagulls, hubby and I.   We decided that these are descendants of the ancient Rivergate seagulls.   Probably 20 generations or more removed.   They have evolved their diet over the years from healthy fish and aquatic ocean life, to thriving on "whoppers and french fries"!    Seriously!!!!    I just keep waiting to see if we hear of any of them having open heart surgery or some kind of a "gizzard" attack or something like that. Seriously!!!   We need to change our eating habits so the gulls stay as healthy as possible.   Someone will call PETA on us!!!!     I tried to get one in the bed of the truck, but it kept flying out!!!!  Well, if you don't believe me, pictures are worth a hundred words!    hahahahahaha
 Here, some of them are still air bound and coming in for landing.
 They are not afraid of us anymore.     They come right up to the vehicle looking for a whopper!
This is just a few of them, there are lots of them, but they are discriminating though, it's only the "really bad for you" fast food places that they hang out.     Subway has nothing to worry about.
They do keep the parking lot nice and clean though.    I don't think the city ever has to use the street sweeper on that parking lot.   hehehe
I really tried to get one to come home with me, but it just kept flying out of the bed of the truck.   hahaha   Next time I will toss a whopper back there!!!!
They will follow you all over the parking lot, wanting scraps, oh heck, they want the whole burger and fries and a lot of people do just that.    hahaha     Oh well, I do find it amusing, why, I just don't know.    Ever once in a while we will see some out at the lake in the city park, so that gives me a little hope that they haven't lost their sense all together, but I don't guess they will ever find their way back to the ocean, they have the good life here, so why leave it.

With the New Year comes resolutions, right?     Well, I don't make New Year resolutions, haven't in a very long time!!!!    Just a little research on the subject and I found that it was an ancient Babylonian tradition, so I decided to let that tradition die with the ancient Babylonians a long time ago.    I figured if it was something they done, I didn't need to do it!!!  

So, I see the New Year as "opportunity".      I see the New Year as a time for "dreams" to be fulfilled. Most every one has had a dream of some kind.     And most of us have had a few of those dreams "shot down like a seagull over the parking lot"!   ggg     Well, it's true.   People love to toss water over someone else's dreams and dash their hopes.     So, instead of telling other people what my dreams are, I have decided to share my dreams with Yahweh, Father God!!!     I have asked Him to help me dream big for myself.    I have asked Him to enlarge my circle of influence for Him.     I have asked for more personal dreams to be fulfilled, but that is between He and I.    I think sometimes we loose the ability to dream dreams.     So, if you fall into that category, not knowing how to dream for yourself, then I invite and encourage you to share that with God.    Ask Him for God-sized dreams!!!! We limit ourselves by asking for this or that, just ask Him for whatever He sees for you.    So, this year, my word for the year is "DREAM", and it's not my dream, but what God has dreamed for me!!! I have asked Him for only what He has envisioned for me, all my life.     This year just might as well be the year that I start walking His dream for me out, what ever it looks like.     I encourage you to do the same.    We are NEVER too old to reach for the dreams that God has for us.    I don't have any idea of what this year holds for me, but I know the One that holds my year in His hands.    He will not put any thing before me that He has not equipped me to do.     It may require me to stretch my faith muscles, but I'm willing to do that.     I hope and pray that y'all will join me for the journey that lies ahead in 2017!      It will be a fun bumpy ragged ride, for sure.   I'm game, if y'all are game.     Let's make plans today, to ride in to the end of 2017 knowing that it has been a year well spent with God dreaming dreams for us!!!!!     DREAM!!!!!!!!      Ask God for His dream for you!!!!!

Well, there you have it.    Not what I was planning on when the last few days of the old year came and went without internet service, but this is what I finished with this morning.    I hope you found a bit of humor and truth and lightheartedness in the mess I will call a blog post.   hahaha     Hopefully, I can put my creative hat back on and get to making fun messes to share with y'all in this new year.  

Remember, in everything you do, God loves you and wants to have a relationship with you thru His Son, Yeshua, Jesus Christ.    I love y'all too.   Till we meet back here again "DREAM"-ing , hugs, Patty


  1. I'm on board with you. Let the mighty hands of God increase my territory in any way He sees fit for me to handle it. Thanks for the laugh about the seagulls. Your shopping environment sounds like the one I go to and it appears to be always near a Wal-Mart (lol).

    1. Thanks Lois, I really appreciate you and your support. Seagulls.....who knew? hahaha They may just come with the territory now. Lazy birds. hehehe When God does give us increase, it will be for His good and glory, for sure! hugs, patty