Thursday, April 14, 2016

Seeing Stars and "You can't do"..............

Good afternoon Y'all!!!    I hope and pray that y'all are enjoying this day, where ever you are in the world.    While hubby and I were setting in the living room just a little while ago, we could hear the sounds from outside.    A lawnmower in the distance coming from one direction, a weed trimmer coming from another direction.     Birds singing loudly, proclaiming that they are happy that with each passing day Spring gets a little warmer.      Amidst all the noises, there is a lone little frog that has made his or her home in a shrub just under the living room window.     And when all the other noises are taking place, this little frog is making noises just as loud and making itself known.     When everything else quietens down, so does this little frog.    I would love to know what's taking place in this frogs mind.       It really doesn't matter, I don't guess.      I think God put it there for me to hear and take pleasure in.     If we delight ourselves in the little things that God puts before us, think how much easier it is for us to delight ourselves in the bigger things He does for us.     I got out of the car yesterday and noticed some of those little wild purple violets in the yard and oh my, it just thrills my soul to see those things.      Along with the wild strawberries that are in bloom, just gorgeous.      And then there is a tennie tiny little 5 petal flower weed in the yard that is also in bloom.   It's little bloom is no bigger than my little finger nail, but it really stands out in the green grass.     I just love the little things that God puts in front me, waiting for me to see and then thank Him for those things.     So, today Father God, I thank you for the small things that you put before me!!!!!

I have a craft project I wish to share with y'all today.     I had seen the sizzix five pointed star die and wanted it, but not bad enough to pay the price, so I went to ebay and looked for it and found it for 5 bucks and I snatched that thing up!!!!      Quicker than you can say"snatched that thing up" 5 times!!!   hahaha     Anyway, I had in mind of making some of the stars to put in our Country Bazaar we will be having at our church in June as a fundraiser.     I quickly got busy and made some and I have to say, the image I had in my mind, manifested itself in the finished pieces.     I love it when that happens.     In one of the pics you can see what all I used on them and it was basically the same on all of them.    Other than the clear crackle paint.      I just used it on 2 of them.      One of them I just put one coat of it and just got small fine cracks.     On the other one I put two layers of it and got big cracks that allows some of the coloring I done to shed off and then I had to put a finish over the top of to prevent any more from coming off and it looks like an old weathered piece of metal that has tons of peeling paint and rust on it; JACKPOT!!!!!    That is what I was going for, yay!!!!    Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pics.
So, the pic above is the first one I made.    It is just a frozen pizza box chipboard with aluminum foil glued to it and then die cut using the sizzix 5 pointed star die and my old worn out cuttlebug.     I cut five points and glued them together.     The star itself is about 8.5 inches across, point to point.     I used a chicken wire embossing folder for this one.    Then I put the first layer of color on and it was one of the folk art colors.      All the colors I used were metallic in nature.      Blingy, you know.    hehehe    After the first color, I just started putting a drop of color on an old cd and using that as my palette and spritz the color with water till I got a real soupy runny mixture and then started smearing and dobbing with my fingers.      I done that about 15 to 20 times alternating colors and just doing spots here and there but making sure all the foil had color on it.
 The above star is actually my fav.     I put two layers of the clear crackle paint on it and let dry really good between coats and brushing off some of the crackle after each time.    Then I went back in and put on just a really watery layer of some of the colors and actually left some of the aluminum showing then I put two coats of diamond glaze over the top of it to seal it and keep any more crackles from falling off.     This one looks just old painted and rusty metal, where there is layers and layers of all diff colors paint showing.     Hubby could not believe the texture and color of this one!!!!     I really wish you could see and feel the texture on this one, it is amazing.
 I tried to get a good shot of some of the colors and textures on this one.    I used a paisley embossing folder on this one.
 It looks just like rusty old painted metal and it feels like it too.
The above star I did not use any crackle paint nor much of the folk art paints.    I did use a copper folk art, but I thinned it down to really watery consistency, just like I did with the Inka Gold metallic rub.     That stuff is better than squeeze cheese!!!!    No joke, I just love it!!!!!
I used a quilt embossing folder and put the pieces in the same place on the embossing folder each time.      I had no Idea that the center point would match up like it did!!!!!!     If I had planned it that way, I guarantee it would not have worked out like it did.     The foil on this is the tape foil I got at Lowe's.     It worked so much better than the others with the foil that I glued on.     It wanted to tear the foil when I bent it in the scored marks after die cutting.     But the foil tape didn't tear and it also made a little firmer star.      This is what I will be using from now on instead of glued on aluminum foil.
 This one I used a brick pattern embossing folder.    I like the way it turned out too.    I just used all my fav colors on the four of these stars and I'm thrilled with how they turned out.      I made a wire hanger and glued it inside one of the points on the backs of each one.
 You can see a little of the cd pallet on the left.    They are really great for that.   When the paint dries on it, just use it again for a diff color.     On some of the places on the palette that I used inka gold, I would just re-wet it and used till it was all gone.      So if some is still on there a month from now, I can re-wet it and use it till it's all gone.
This all four of the stars I have made so far.      Each one is different and unique.     Each one was fun to make and I hope to make a few more between now and June.      Just trying to get a few things made to put in the bazaar.    

What have you or someone else told you that "you can't do"?

Imagine yourselves, if you will, at 8 months old, but with one have all the life experience in your head, of all the years you have already lived.   Chew on that idea for a second.    I know, it's not the usual thought and until the Holy Spirit led me in this direction, I had never thought about it either.    Now, with this really weird image of yourself in your mind (hehehe), what have you done or accomplished in your life that you would have told your 8 month old self that you couldn't or would never ever do?    What about the simple basic stuff.    Would you have ever learned to walk, by taking the "risk"  of falling?    Would you learned to talk, by taking the "risk" of not saying words correctly?    Would you have ever learned to feed yourself, without the the "fear" of dropping food on your clothes?    These are just some of the basics of life that we learned to do without having to tell ourselves that we can or cannot do those things.   We just DID  those things and more out of basic necessity.    Now I realize that at 8 months old, we didn't have rational thoughts like that.    Survival instinct kicks in and has a lot to do with what we learn at the encouragement of our parents and those around us.  

But, at some point we learn or are taught to be "afraid" to take a chance or a "risk" at doing something.  How old were you the first time someone else told you that "you can't do" that?    I'm not talking about doing something harmful to ourselves or someone else.     I'm talking about the things that we would have loved to do, but for some reason, someone told us "we can't do"  that.     What dreams have we or someone else kept us from living?????     When did we stop taking the "risk" simply out of "fear" of failure?

What if we tackled life as adults, with the mind set that there are NO limits to what we can do, what we can learn and always telling ourselves that we CAN do those things.     That no dream is too big or too small.    What about "perfection", has that ever gotten in your way of doing something?    I'll bet it has!!!    "Perfection" is one of those words that can suck the life right out of a dream or desire!!!!     Did people ever praise you for coloring "outside the lines"?     Probably not!    And that's what I'm talking about.    Of all the things that people may have said to you, what are you most likely to remember?     The time the teacher wadded up your coloring sheet and tossed it in the trash because you colored outside of the lines?     What about the time someone told you that you can't sing, or you have no musical talent?     Or you can't draw good enough.    Or you are not smart enough.    You get the jist of it.     One person, at some point in time, having said "You can't do".... has shattered more dreams than we can even imagine.    Why do we give others that much power over our lives?     As kids, we may not have a choice, but as adults we do!!!    

What I want us to see is this:   We are all teachers!!!!     We can teach those around us and maybe even ourselves to have the "courage" to pick up a pencil and just draw.    Pick up a brush and just paint.    Open a song book and just sing.     Walk out of our homes and just volunteer.    Go to the local area of higher learning and just take a course.     What ever your passion is, just do it.     Leave the "I can't do"..... in the trash.     Prove yourself and the nay sayers wrong.    Will you be great at what ever it is you desire to do?     Maybe so, maybe not.    But we'll never know!!!!     Why?     Because we have told ourselves and listened to others that have said "You can't do".......!       Does being great at something really even matter?      NO, it does NOT matter!!!!     Willingness to take the "risk" is all that matters!!!!    Who am I writing this for?     ME!!!!!!!    And, who knows, maybe you.    
Philippians 4:13 I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me!!!!!

Psalm 37:4  Delight yourself in the Lord. and He will give you the desires of your heart. 

Do you tell God about your dreams?    Do you just enjoy spending time with Him?   I do and I enjoy telling God how I love to do the things He has allowed me to be blessed enough to do and I also enjoy telling Him about the things that I would love to do.     So, for myself and all those out there that have told themselves or had others tell you "you can't do"......, DO IT!!!!!!!     Dream big!!!!!     Give that dream to God!!!!    I have a friend, and she will know who I am talking about when she reads this, who has taken up ball room dancing and she is so beautiful!!!!   I haven't seen her dance yet, but I hope to one day.    I have seen pictures of her in her ballroom dresses and she could be on Dancing with the Stars, easily!!!     She finally told herself that she could do it, and she HAS!!!!     She has also started painting and loves that!!!!!     We just need to realize that, as adults, we are the ones that set limits to what we can do.    God doesn't!!!!     He wants us to dream big.     He doesn't want us to limit our dreams or anyone elses dreams.    Let us be encouragers to those around us and to ourselves.    Step out and do that thing that you had dreams of doing years ago.    Or, it may be a new dream.     Talk to God about it.    Do it!    Go for it!    I feel like every time I go into my craft room and do something, "I win"!     Dream big, share the dream with God and just do it!!!      Live life with God sized dreams!!!!!     God sets no limits on dreams because He is limitless!!!   WOOHOO!!!!!!!   Shout that to the mountain tops!!!      There has got to be someone that can say "Amen" to that!!!!

I went to church last evening and while walking thru the Fellowship Hall, I noticed some vases of fresh cut flowers on most of the tables.     They were beautiful.     I took a few pictures and wanted to share this one with y'all.     It just wanted to have it's picture taken, so I obliged and I'm thrilled I did. Hope you are too.
How's that for a beautiful dogwood?   I couldn't believe it when I got home and looked at it on the computer.     I even love the white background of the table.     I was so tickled with this and I hope y'all enjoy seeing it too.

As I leave you, I would like to ask you to remember the ones that are sick or going thru tough times, whatever the situations, remember them in prayer.     One of my Mom's really good friends is in desperate need of prayer!!     Please remember her in your prayers.      God knows who she is.     Another one of her friends was at church Sunday, the first time in a very long time and she didn't think she would ever be back.    "But God!"      Don't you love that!!!!    I do!!!!     Just pray for God's will in all circumstances.  

That's just about it for this afternoon.     I hope you seen something here that inspires you to just do something, something for others or for yourself.     Tell a friend about what you seen here, share it with someone.     I hope to be back soon with some crafty goodness and maybe a word or two that will encourage us all along this road of life.     Remember, God loves y'all and I do too!!!    hugs, Patty


  1. Love your blog Patty... I think all of us have been limited by the 'you can't do that'... Your stars and flower are beautiful!!! hugs

    1. Thanks Tina. It's sad to say, but you are right. We just have to go on and ignore it. I had a ball making the stars, I just hate drying time!!! hahahaha Thanks again Tina!!! hugs, patty