Friday, January 22, 2016

Wanna Build a Snowman?

I don't know what y'alls answer for that question is, but I don't want to!!!!   I could if I wanted to, but I don't want to.    You know how when you hear the weather news and you're thinking, "naw, that ain't gonna happen here", well, it happened here!!!!   hahaha    Yes, it did!     It just came a blizzard and it's still coming down as of 6:57 pm.     My youngest brother texted me a while ago and said, "Years from now people will be asking you if you remember the blizzard of 2016".     I texted him back and said, "I haven't survived it yet; people may be saying "the blizzard of 2016 took her out, remember that?"   hahahaha  

I did get out and walk around and took a few pictures this morning before noon.     It's always fun to do that.     Last year when we had one of our snowfalls, my winter boots had blow outs and I had to order a new pair and they got tied up in a snow bank somewhere before they finally made it to me.     I can report to y'all, they work really well!!!     I had fun in them today and took a few pictures. and wanted to share them with y'all.    Enjoy!
The snow on this rail is another 2-3 inches higher than it is there.   uggghhhh
This is in front of the garage door.   I was still on the deck and didn't know how bad it was.
 I was still on the deck here looking back between the garage and the house just to see the weight on the pine trees.
This is the partial fence that we have at the back of the house for just a bit of privacy.   It always makes for some fun pictures.
This is almost out to the road.    I didn't go all the way out.    It was really hard trudging thru the snow and I forgot my glasses too, so I was in a hurry to get back closer to the house.
This is looking down our driveway.   You can see all the pine branches broken off the neighbors pine trees.    It will take quite a bit of time for hubby to get all this cleaned up.    Thank you snow.   hahaha
This was just a little bit of a branch that had broken off and was about to be covered by snow.    I took a pic before it was completely covered.
This was another branch about to be hidden by the snow.
This is behind the garage looking at the fence area.   You can see the branches down  and more will be down before morning.
 This is really such a shame.    The last three years has really taken its toll on the neighbors pine trees.
This is another branch that has broken off.   There was 3 or 4 big ones that broke off so far, as well as as many smaller ones.
This is one of the holly trees on either end of the front of our house, taken from the back side of the tree.
This was just an iced over twig of a lilac bush.    I took a bunch of pictures close up, but it was with a new camera, and I'm not good with it yet, but this was one of the better ones.
This is some ice "tickles" hanging on the partial fence at the side of the house.    I call them "tickles" because they tickle me.   I love seeing them.   I don't enjoy the large ones that can be dangerous, but I do enjoy the smaller ones.    That's why I call them ice "tickles".   hahaha
 Just a few more ice "tickles"'
Another shot of the ice and snow covered lilac bush twigs.

Well, this is all the news that is the news from my neck of the woods.     I hope and pray that where ever y'all are tonight that you are warm and safe.    I am always reminded that while I may be safe and tucked away in the warmth of my home, that there are others that are not so fortunate.

Thinking about all the snow today got me to reminiscing about the days of yore!    hahaha      Makes me sound ancient, doesn't it.    It actually was quite a few years ago.    Where did the time go?   Oh well, the year I was the sophomore and my brother was a senior, it snowed a blizzard just before we was to go back to school from the Christmas break.     It was the perfect storm, so to speak, for snow. It was a snow that packed really well.    It was wet and heavy.   I got out and built a snowman that was as tall as I am.    It was really heavy for me to get it stacked, but I managed to do it all by myself.  I was so proud of my snowman!!!!!    He had everything that made him special.   A hat, a scarf, stick arms, a coal face and a carrot nose and coal for buttons down his belly.    He was quite the snowman.   I admired my snowman and watched him every day, for sooooo long!!!!     School was actually out for quite a bit of time.     But, the weather got better and we got back to school.     Every day the sun would shine and my snowman would refreeze at night.    No significant melting took place for weeks and weeks.    It finally turned into an ice cube snowman.    January ended, February came and went, March came and went and my snowman was still standing tall and strong.    April came and he started melting bit by bit.    He started getting skinny, but he was still holding his own.     One day my brother and I got off the school bus and he tossed his books to the ground and went running toward my snowman and done a kung-fu kick in the air and destroyed my snowman!!!!!    Boy was I mad!!!!!     I was so hot under the collar, I just couldn't believe he had done such a thing!!!     How could he!!!!!      I wanted to see just how long he would last, but nooooo, he had to destroy my snowman!!!!     Sounds kinda like I still hold a little grudge doesn't it.    hahaha    Well, I do, just a little.    hahaha     Not really.     I just thought about that after he texted today and I laughed about it.   So I thought I would share it with y'all.

I hope and pray that every one has a blessed, warm and safe night.    I know they are calling for really bad weather along eastern and north eastern area of the US.    Parts of the area are already without electricity.    I pray for safety for all of those people and for the people that will be out in this weather trying to fix what the ice and snow has torn down.    Take care every one.    

Stay safe Ladybug!!!    Sweetpea loves you and is sending warm thoughts your way and still counting the days!     Yay!!!!

Thanks for stopping in this evening y'all.    Just remember, God loves y'all and so do I!   hugs, Patty


  1. Hoping you all don't lose power Patty!!!! Stay warm and tucked in!!!!!

    1. Thanks Penny!!! I'm in for the long haul, for sure. I hope your bunch stays safe too. hugs, Patty

  2. Loved seeing your photos, Patty. I love everything about winter, never get tired of the cold weather but then again, I live in Texas. We are to get our first freeze tonight with lowest temp to be 28. No snow but high winds and a chill factor of 20. Stay warm, my friend and stay inside. Maybe go out just to build another snowman and count the days until he disappears. Take lots of photos. Later.....Patsy

    1. Ohhh Patsy, it is sooooo awesome to hear from you!!! You know, I do love the snow and always have and I guess I always will to some extent. It just seems now I realize how I'm not as young as I used to be. I would love to build another snowman just like the one I built many years ago. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a message. Keep warm when your cold weather rolls in. hugs and love, Patty

  3. It looks like you all received more snow than we did in Virginia. The report is calling for more today (Saturday). Keep safe and warm!

    1. Hi Lois. Thanks for visiting and you stay safe in the cold weather too. So thankful for heat on days like this!!! hugs and love, Patty

  4. Gorgeous pictures but not so much for the cold and yuck!
    Be safe!

    1. Hi Dorothy!!! Thanks so much!!! This is nothing compared to what you are used to living with. But, it's different for us for sure. It may become the new norm for us for a while. We'll see. Thanks for visiting. hugs and love, Patty

  5. You stay warm and safe. I think you got more ice than we did. Hugs.

    1. Thanks Tina!!! That's what we have planned for the weekend. Hubby will have to cut up some of the branches, but that will be easy for him. We had between a half inch to an inch of ice. Then the snow stopped around 9pm last night. You stay warm and safe too. hugs and love, patty