Saturday, February 7, 2015

Couple of things to share

Hello everyone!     Hope y'all are enjoying this lovely day.    It sure is a beauty here in my neck of the woods.    It really is a keeper.    Actually, it got up to 65* today, pretty awesome.    I hope where ever y'all are that you are having a lovely day too.    My hunny has the weekend off from work, YAY!!!!    So, we are just chillin' and enjoying being in the same room.    Most of the time, at this time of the day he is getting ready for work, so we just enjoy days like today.

I have a few projects to share with y'all.    I got so far behind on stuff I wanted to share, so I am doing double and triple time just to get a lot of stuff up on here so y'all can see.    I had posted a pic of a bookmark and mentioned that I made several, but hadn't shared the pics yet and one of my pals was interested in seeing them so that is what I'm gonna share first.  
I am just so tickled with how they all turned out.   On most of these, I took a tag and tore it in half with interesting edges and inked the torn edges and then glued the top half to a tag and the bottom half to another tag and then inked the edges all around.   I had gotten a small EK Success punch at Wal Mart for about $3 and punched a bunch of crosses from scrap cardstock and used those and stamped images and used ribbon from the Dollar Tree. 
This is the one that is orange and blue inked in purple.    The orange looks more brownish in the pic but it really is orange and it has my fav verse on it, so I have latched on to this one.   One thing that I don't want to forget to tell y'all is that when I started making these tags/bookmarks, I threw all tradition out the door.   I put color with color that you would not NORMALLY put together and then used ink on the edges and none of the colors would usually go together.    So, for me, this was really freeing.    Tossing out the color wheel and just going with what I had wanted to do for soooooo long, but didn't want to break the color rules.    I just found out for myself that when we are doing what we love, "THERE ARE NO RULES!!!!"   And I love it!!!!     Look at some of color combinations.    In real life they would never go together.   
These here are all rub ons.   I picked those up at Mighty Dollar when I was up for a visit at my Mom's.   That is a great place for crafting supplies.   It's kinda like Forrest Gump's box of chocolates, "You just never know what you'll find".   But I really love how those turned out too.
These here are double embossed.    I used embossing folders in my Cuttlebug and the I used my Versa Mark and Embossing Powders and heat embossed them also.   They turned out quite nice.   I may do that again.   I had wanted to try that and see how they turn out and I liked it.
These are some of my all time favs.   I just love using the sand dollar stamp and then embossing it.   These really makes me happy.
These here were two different cross dies that I used.   The top ones I cut of of patterned cardstock.  Don't know that I will do that again.    They were ok, but they were not my favs.   The two bottom ones are better, I think.   And again, that's just me.    But.....the ones on the bottom have "goosebumps" spray on them, so I really love the feel of them.   Just little shiny glossy spots on them.   For me, it makes them fun. 

The first batch of about 35 or 40 I did not photograph.   I could really smack myself silly for that.    But I won't bother, one good smack is all it would take and it's just not worth the effort!   hahaha    Anywho......this batch had about 33 or 34 in it.   It's really fun and a great way to spend time in prayer while I am making them.

I wanted to show y'all something really neat I snatched up from the Dollar Tree!   It is supposed to be for your nails, but.......hey, I know I can use it on cards, bookmarks, just anything.    The really neat thing about these little vials is that they are glass with a plastic stopper.   They are so small (click on a picture and it will bring it up larger) and cute and they can be used as a decoration once they are empty.    How neat is that?  They have all these little shapes, aren't they cute?    They have chunky glitter that is really great and they have a fine glitter, plus micro beads.    They all come in these little vials and they are sooooo great.    Don't tell anyone, but I have a collection of 32 now.   hehehe   I love 'em and I bet y'all will too.
As you can imagine, the little pieces are really tiny, so I have these tools that I will use to apply the tiny little bits.    One of them is the Silhouette tool that can be gotten at Joanns and the other is a Quick Kuts product.   They are the same thing, exactly.   One has green sticky and the other one has white sticky.   Very valuable tools for working with these tiny little things.   Also very helpful for arthritic hands.   Anyway, next time you are in your Dollar Tree, look for these little vials of goodness, they are so great.   I'm gonna go back and see what all the shapes and colors are.   They had several racks of them.

Anyway, this is just a "partial piece" or a little bit of a little bit of what I have for y'all, but I'll try not to burn y'all out in one setting.    Besides, if I post everything all at once, I might run out of stuff to show.   I have some weather shots to show soon and that's what I was gonna actually show you today, but I'll show them later.   Maybe this summer when it's so sweltering hot and we are wishing for something cooler and I can share them to cool us down.   gggg   Oh well, it's all good, whenever we get to 'em.

I pray that y'all will have a great rest of the evening.    Don't forget to thank God for the day.    No matter what your day looked like, God was in it and has gotten you thus far.   I was at Wal Mart just a bit ago and was checking out and I ask the young lady how she was doing.   "Ummm, I've had better days", she said.   I said, "In the name of Jesus, it just got better".   The smile on her face was priceless.   She said, "It did, it just got better".    That's what Jesus does, that's what Jesus does.  

Anyway, it has been fun getting this together to share with y'all and I hope you have enjoyed it.    See you back here real soon with some more good stuff and probably more bookmarks.   gggg

Ladybug, can't wait to see you soon.   Sweetpea love you lots!   

 Always remember, God loves y'all so do I!!!   hugs, Patty


  1. Blessings forward! Keep those fun little vials that the finger nail glitter stuff comes in! Those buggers are hard to find in the jewelry findings! They make all sorts of wonder vial pendants for necklaces, doll house sized apothecary jars, you name it! Check Pinterest for pleanty of tiny vial ideas! I've even seen tiny terrariums in them!

    1. Thanks Bonnie! Oh yes, that's what I was thinking. I don't know what all I'll do with them, but I know I can do something with them. I was even thinking of earrings too. It will be fun trying to figure out ways to use them. Thanks again Bonnie. hugs, patty