Sunday, May 18, 2014

Happy Sunday....

Hello to all of y'all and "Happy Sunday"!    Do you fell blessed to have the breath of life in you today?   I sure hope so.   I always say that every day I open my eyes after a night of sleep and rest is a "good" day.   If my feet hit the floor, then that's a "great" day.   So, if your feet hit the floor this morning, then my friends, it's a great day.

I got to go to church this morning, that makes it even a greater day.   It's always great to be with our Christian brothers and sisters and spend a bit of time with them and just be in the presence of God and study His Word and worship and praise Him for all He's done in our lives.

I know that each one of us has prayer needs and requests.   There are many in my church that are sick and need lifted in prayer.   Some are going thru illness and have uncertain days ahead of them, and some are in life transitions, and still others just need encouragement.   So I ask you to help me pray for all who need prayer, which in essence is all of us, the planet wide.   We all need prayer.  So my friends, just know that I have been, I am, and I will continue to lift all of you in prayer.   I do have 2 special prayer requests that I ask you to pray specifically for.  Both are young men with illnesses that God is taking care of even as I type this.   One is "K" and one is "M".   Please lift these in prayer.   God knows who they are.

I wanted to share a project with you today.   I think I have mentioned having a small collection of Spectrum Noir alcohol markers.  Well, I keep plodding along and trying my best with them.   I have decided that practice may not make perfect, but it sure can't hurt.  hahaha
This is a kit from Crafters Companion.  They are listed on the left hand side of my blog page.   They have issued 3 projects of the month so far.  My prayer is for them to keep doing that.  You get everything to make a card, all the pieces for it, plus, this one had two markers in it.  I got another kit that had six markers in it.  And then another one that had three markers in it.  
So, I colored my butterfly, best as I could, anyway.   The butterfly was to be purple, so I used the accent pieces that came with the kit to cut different colors of accent pieces.  I used purple and pink cardstock instead of what came with the kit.   I will use what came with the kit on another card.    I also used some clear, square, faceted stones, but I colored them with my SN alcohol markers and got the perfect color stones.  Yay!!!
As you can see, I used my Cuttlebug and an embossing folder on some of the accent pieces.   I love the look of that.   Then I took one of my little ink pads and rubbed it over the top of the embossing to make it pop a little and then I inked the edges a bit, too.
I put a light coat of faux stickles, glitter glue, on top of my butterfly.   For some reason, the camera did not pick up the glitter like it usually does.   My bad.
I still have a time with getting my coloring and blending to the point of seeing a lot light areas amid the darker areas, highlights.   It just looks like one big blob, but hey, I keep trying.  And I keep asking if any of y'all have any suggestions, besides, just "give up".   hahaha   Well, I ain't gonna quit, at least not just yet anyway.   Clicking my purple sparkly shoes together and saying; I "will" get it right, I "will" get it right.............

I hope you have enjoyed taking a peek at my project.   I have more in store, so just keep checking back every once in a while, ok.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.   I hope and pray that you will take a minute of two to thank God for all He has done for you in your life.   We must remember, always, that the ground at the foot of the Cross is level for each and every one of us.   No matter your status in life, rich, poor, popular, unknown, millionaire, pauper, free, behind bars, saint, sinner,  we all come to God the Father, the same way, by way of the Cross.   There is no other way known by God, to come to Him, except by and thru Jesus Christ.   I hope and pray that if you don't know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, that you will repent of your sins and ask Jesus Christ to forgive you and to cleanse you and to become Lord of your life from this day forth, to be a living sacrifice for Christ, pointing others to Him, by the way you live.    Living for Christ will not be the easiest thing you've ever done, will be the most rewarding thing you've ever done.

I pray for y'all to have a wonderful rest of the day.   I challenge you to do this:  the next person that you see, with your own eyes, tell that person: "Jesus Christ loves you, and so do I."

Ladybug, I hope and pray today has been a most spectacular day for you!  Sweetpea loves you bunches.

Be blessed, y'all!   God love y'all and so do I.   Till we meet again, right back here, take care.   hugs, Patty


  1. Oh my, Patty, it's gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Debbie!!!! I appreciate you looking and leaving me some blog love! ggg Thanks. Hugs, Patty

  2. Oh so pretty, Patty, and springy, too..I think you're doing fine my friend..Start with light colors first and then gradually go to the darker markers..Maybe that will help, but as I said, it looks wonderful..Love the layout..

    1. Thanks Kathy! Thanks for the pointer. Thanks for looking and leaving me some blog love! I appreciate it. hugs, Patty

  3. Wowza!!!!! Those are beautiful!!!

    1. Thanks Kathy! I finally checked and found where I had some comments awaiting moderation. I'm sorry that I hadn't seen it till now. Thanks for leaving me some blog love. hugs, Patty